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He pedaled his tricycle on his own today for the first time! He even got it started from a full stop by himself once, though I couldn't get him to repeat the accomplishment.

He's starting to use complete sentences some of the time when he speaks. He has said things like, "Dada ate all his food." His cadence when speaking still doesn't sound natural much of the time, but the words are coming. He's also starting to use the word "the." Next thing I'm ready for him to figure out is how to properly use the pronouns "I", "me", "mine", "you", and "your(s)". Right now, he generally repeats whatever he hears me say, which means he usually gets them backwards. My mom the former elementary school teacher says he just needs time and he'll figure it out. And I'm sure she's right. :)

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I haven't taken the time to make a post in a while. Since I need to be getting to bed soon, here's the quickie update version:

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He kept his diaper clean and dry all day today, for the first time ever!!

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I'm sure I've just jinxed any chance of having a repeat tomorrow (especially as he'll hopefully be well enough to go to MDO and he's still having problems with the big potty there), but I'm just so proud and excited I had to share! :)
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Today was Corwin's first day of Mother's Day Out. It sounds like it went pretty well overall. Problem areas seem to be going potty and nap time. Their nap time is scheduled to start at noon and go to 1:30. Corwin's normal nap time is more like 1:30-3:00 or later. So, he didn't sleep today, though his teachers did say he wasn't disruptive about it...just every time he heard a noise he would perk up to see what it was. With regard to going potty -- This part is cut 'cause I know some of my friends aren't interested ) Having him nap at home after MDO works fine for me, but I'm not sure what to do to work with their earlier nap time. I LIKE the schedule we've gotten into at home, and don't really want to adjust it, especially as that would likely involve a consistently earlier wake-up time for me.

As for my kid-free morning, I spent it doing errands and enjoying the freedom to get in/out of the car without also having to get Corwin in/out of his carseat every single time. Oh, was that nice...but weird. I kept thinking I was forgetting something, and it was odd not having someone in the car to talk to. But I got my state inspection done and an oil change for my car, both things I hate doing with him in tow. Then I stopped by Williams Sonoma to check whether the gravy separator I got for Christmas was defective (it wasn't; just for some reason they ALL look different in reality than they do on their packaging materials), went by Corwin's doctor's office to pick up his health form for MDO, and went by the post office to mail some checks I have been holding for nearly a week (that's a rant for another day, unless you are [ profile] destroyerj who facebook chatted me at just the wrong time, or my husband). Then I came home and had lunch and a brief break, and then got to work cleaning out Corwin's closet further and vacuuming/cleaning in his room. Sadly, I ran out of time before I got completely finished. Oh well.

On Monday, I think I'm going to get my car washed (see a theme here?) and drop a shirt off at the dry cleaners, and then spend the rest of the time cleaning/organizing here at home. Have to get the house ship-shape for Corwin's family birthday party on Saturday the 21st and continue getting it ready to go on the market. I have a vague mental goal of the beginning of March for that, but somehow I doubt it will happen. If nothing else, I suspect getting the glass replaced in our master shower will be a holdup.

And now, I should go get ready for bed as I am back to full-time child-care tomorrow.
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The phone rang sometime between 12 and 12:30 last night. It took a couple rings for me to wake up and realize it was ringing, but once I did I jumped out of bed and began the 'hunting for clothes' and 'digging my glasses out of my purse' process to go down and see what the emergency was. Partway through the process the phone started ringing again, so I knew there must be a real emergency and whoever was calling really wanted me to answer the phone. I cursed at them (I was coming, I'd get their message and call them back in a minute) because I was afraid the repeatedly ringing phone would wake Corwin.

Well, I got downstairs, and NOT EVEN A MESSAGE!!! Apparently it was a wrong number, in the middle of the night, who felt it necessary to dial my number repeatedly before concluding they had it wrong. And the worst part is that I had trouble falling back asleep afterwards. I guess on the bright side, there was no emergency. Or at least, it wasn't my family's emergency.

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