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Pictures of my two favorite men in their World of Warcraft gear )

Note for anyone who might be considering ordering onesies from they run small. Very small. The outfit Corwin is wearing is size 12-18 months. We thought he'd grow into it. But actually, it fits the same as all the other 3-6 month clothing he's currently wearing. Order BIG!
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Sorry this week's posts have been so full of me whining and complaining about various aches and pains and emotional instability and lack of sleep. I know I should be more positive, but this week I'm just not feeling it.

My litany of complaints is under here. )
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So when I left off on my previous post, Andrew and I were getting in the car to drive to Belton for [ profile] beckyboo83's graduation. Friday afternoon -- driving )

Friday evening -- pinning )

Saturday )

Sunday -- going home, and some World of Warcraft )

And I think this is where the overly detailed weekend update shall end. I hope to post some pictures from Friday night's pinning ceremony (and the one decent shot I got on Saturday) later, but I need to find time to edit and upload them first. this space!
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This turned out to be a long and busy weekend.

Thursday -- Dentist and World of Warcraft )

Friday morning )

Andrew worked late all week so that he could take off at noon on Friday. We got on the road around 1:30 for the drive to Belton, TX for the weekend's big event(s) -- [ profile] beckyboo83's graduation from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Looks like I'll have to make a separate post about that later, though, since I have a reference desk shift at 11:00 today that I need to get stuff together for.
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Well, we ended up once again not going out and doing anything fun this weekend. Instead, we did more useful home improvement type things.

Saturday -- shopping )

Sunday - installing ceiling fans, with pictures )

It was once again quite the productive weekend. I didn't really do very much cleaning, though (aside from the usual laundry and dishes, and maintaining the cleanliness of the bar and breakfast room table). Oh well. Next weekend we go to Austin for [ profile] beckyboo83's graduation, and the weekend after that I'll have to get lots of housecleaning done, in prep for [ profile] gwentevis' visit and hosting Carly's shower.
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Today is Andrew's first day at his new job. I don't know what kind of Internet access he has at work, so no telling if he'll be able to check lj, talk to me on ICQ, or whatever. So far, he's not been online, though I have had an email from him with his new phone number and email address.'s hoping he has a good day :)

This weekend was really nice -- we had the whole time to ourselves, with no planned activities to schedule around. I've been feeling better, so it was nice to be able to get useful things done and goof off, without feeling like I did too little of either.

Saturday )

Sunday )

So far, it's been a decent day at work. We got donuts this morning for someone's birthday. :) And my boss volunteered to cover my Wednesday afternoon desk shift for me (I had a conflicting meeting come up), without asking me to cover something else for her in exchange. So that's nice, too. And because the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, I don't have to work late tomorrow (4:30-5:30 tomorrow was one of the possible meeting times). So good things all around. However, I have things I ought to be working on now, so I should get back to it.

Tonight, I am meeting Carly at 7:00 for her wedding dress fitting (for alterations). Other than that, not much going on here.
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I haven't written a weekend update in a long while, so here ya go:

Friday night, we skipped out on a party we could have gone to, and stayed home playing World of Warcraft. I was tired after my sleep-depped three-day week (trying to get back to getting up at 6:30 on a regular basis after regularly sleeping 'til close to noon for a week and a half was not fun!) and didn't really feel like going out, drinking, etc. Especially after getting sick New Year's Eve after only 2 1/3 hard ciders and a wee bit of champagne. I don't know what my body's deal with alcohol tolerance these days is. If I'm drinking mixed drinks, I can have 2-3 and be fine. I'm wondering if throwing that wee bit of champagne into the mix was what did it. *shrugs* At any rate, now I'm wary about drinking.

Saturday we met up with folks at Dave & Buster's for lunch and games for [ profile] zhaph's birthday, and followed it up with board games and dinner at [ profile] mahtab's. No especially exciting stories to tell, but Andrew and I both enjoyed ourselves. I hope Phil had a good day! :)

Sunday we stayed home and played World of Warcraft again, and I leveled my hunter to 50. We also did a Zul'Farrak run with [ profile] mahtab, [ profile] zhaph, and [ profile] sirbobsalot, which was a lot of fun. We'll plan to meet up again tonight and do the same, hopefully getting a bit earlier of a start.

In addition to WoW'ing, we also accomplished some useful stuff around the house yesterday, namely:

list of accomplishments )

Unfortunately, there's still lots more that needs to be done. But then, isn't there always?

Now I must buckle down and face my five-day workweek. Ack...I have to be here five whole days this week! At least next weekend is a three-day weekend. Yay MLK Day! :)
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So you've most likely already seen Andrew's post about the internet and cable being out at home, and Time Warner not having any plans to do anything about it until after we're in Germany. This is extremely annoying...I was mentally preparing for Internet withdrawal while in Germany (since I'll be limited to Internet cafes for access), but it wasn't supposed to start FOUR DAYS AHEAD OF TIME. Especially as I hadn't yet sent out itinerary information to the people I wanted to have it. And it's all typed up nicely on my computer at home with no way for me to get it off said computer. Merg. May have to resort to a floppy...except that my computer here at work doesn't have a floppy drive, so that won't work.

I don't think Time Warner understands how dependent we are on our Internet access. Having the cable out for several skin off my back. No Internet? That's a different story. At least I'd cleaned the last of the really old stuff out of my World of Warcraft mailboxes on Sunday and Monday, so that none of it will get returned to people while we're gone.
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We sold the Saturn Friday evening after work. The check we got is now in an envelope to be mailed off to the credit union tomorrow. I'm putting it back in the same account we took the money out of to buy the Toyota.

My rubber plant is growing. The plant food spikes I put in the pot a month or so ago appear to actually be helpful. :) Now if only I remembered exactly when I put them in, so I'd know when the two months are up and it's time to put more in. Guess I should have marked it on a calendar somewhere.

This weekend has been mostly relaxing. Cleaned up around the downstairs yesterday, and Andrew got his hair cut. Last night, we went to Joan's going-away party. Two friends leaving in the same weekend, makes me sad. :( [ profile] min_phoenix left yesterday to go to Maryland for training for her new job. She and Joan both will be missed.

Today we lazed about the house, did laundry, and spend way too much time playing World of Warcraft. Lalonde, my night elf hunter on Alleria, is level 20 now, and my right hand isn't very happy with me. Yay for the beginnings of carpal tunnel. :P
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Had an overall productive weekend. Friday night Andrew and I stayed home and played World of Warcraft like the lazy bums that we are, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Saturday afternoon I had to go to work, in spite of having myriad other things I would rather have been doing with my time. However, it turned out to be a rather uneventful shift (and slow, to boot!), and I picked up a really interesting little book off the "New Books" cart that sits next to the Reference Desk. It's called The M-Word and consists of several essays by prominent writers containing their thoughts on the gay marriage issue. There were a couple that I found really thought-provoking and that I may write more about at a later date if I can find the time. I ended up checking the book out so that I could read the rest of it, but I haven't actually done so yet.

Sautrday evening, Christi and David came over and we went to Carrabba's for dinner. We had vague plans to do something else afterward, but they had to be somewhere at 6:00 Sunday morning, so those got ditched since it was 9:45 by the time we got back to our house after dinner. Andrew and I went to bed shortly after they left; we've both been more tired than usual lately, and I don't feel like I've been sleeping all that well. Andrew ended up skipping the Cthulu LARP Saturday night/Sunday morning 'cause he didn't think being up for 24 hours would be a good idea given the general state of tiredness (and in his case, congestion) we've been in lately. Probably a wise decision.

Sunday we did laundry and other general housekeeping tasks. Andrew built one of our three new bookshelves and got it installed next to one of the old ones; now we only have two more to go. I suspect that the third one is going to be a doozy to get attached to the other three. Ah well...I trust that we'll get it done somehow. And then I get to re-arrange all the books on the bookshelves, and there should actually be SPACE left over for us to grow into. I know we'll eventually outgrow it (and possibly sooner than later), but as it is right now we're out of shelf space completely, and books were just getting piled on top of other books. Also last night Bob came over and did our taxes. We owe the IRS a small amount of money that will get paid when it gets a bit closer to April 15. Nice to have that out of the way, though, and to know that we don't have to cough up large sums of money like we have the past couple of years.

As I was driving to work this morning, I found myself repeatedly next to and just behind a small Mazda Protege with a bumper sticker on the back. The type on the sticker was pretty small, so I was having a hard time making out what exactly it said, but I think it said the following:

Librarian, Pst.
[some URL I couldn't read because it was in an even smaller font than the rest]

Anyone have any clue what that was about? Made no sense whatsoever to me, but being a librarian I'm rather curious.

House work

Jan. 4th, 2005 06:17 pm
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My day got better yesterday; after I posted, Andrew came home for lunch and loved on me a bit, and after he went back to work I shoved the cleaning into high gear. I vacuumed the entire first floor, the stairs from the first to the second floor, and the half of the third floor nearest Andrew's desk (after he got home from work and threw and/or put away all the stuff he had on the floor in that area). Now I just need to get [ profile] spritenox to do the same with her pile o' stuff on the floor by her desk, and I need to clean up my pile o' crap also. And THEN I can vacuum all of the third floor, and not just part of it. I also mopped the kitchen, breakfast room, and half the living room. And tested out the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that my mother recommended; she has made a convert out of me! I used 'em on the wall behind the trash can, the wall underneath the bar, the wall with the thermostat and phone stand (which was the worst), and the wall underneath the big window in the living room, and it took the dirt (but not the paint) off like a charm. There's one spot where I think I might have scrubbed too hard or something, but it still looks better than it did before the cleaning. My walls are actually white again!! Now I just have to find the time to attack the rest of the walls in this house...particularly the post by the stairs from the second to third floor. I still need to finish cleaning off the breakfast room table (though it's in much better shape than it was this time last week) and putting away Christmas gifts, and then I think I'll really be happy with the state of the first floor. Then I need to find time to work on the second, particularly my bedroom and bathroom.

Andrew and I are planning to move the wooden chest that's been sitting on the second floor up here to the spot next to the couch that had been occupied by the box full o' junk, which has now been cleaned out and put away. Then we just need to figure out another spot to keep the toolbox in, and we'll be able to get more bookshelves to put along that wall on the 2nd floor.

I'm still obsessed with World of Warcraft and feeling generally antisocial. I tend to get that way whenever I have a game, book, or tv series that is really holding my attention -- people are such a distraction! They want me to pay attention to them, and stuff. Actually, I feel kinda bad about it, but hopefully my friends know me well enough to know that I still care about them even if I'm not being particularly social at any given time.


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