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Since it's been several days, I figured I'd give you a (hopefully) brief update on what's been going on here of late.

First off, I've started an attempt to get myself into slightly better shape. I'm starting to get too big for my britches -- my largest pairs of pants are fitting well, and my smaller pairs are uncomfortable. And my largest pairs of pants are generally in the worst shape of all the pants I own, so if I don't get just slightly smaller soon, I'm going to have to go buy new pants to replace the ones that are wearing out! So, I'm cutting out my afternoon junk food snack (except for when I'm at work) and getting strict about my one Coke per day rule again. I've been slacking a bit on that one recently, especially on weekends. And I've started taking Corwin out for a walk around the neighborhood in his stroller each evening. So far I've kept it up for four days in a row, which is a good start for me. Unfortunately, tomorrow evening we go to Bob's, so I'll have to either skip tomorrow or maybe do the walk in the morning instead. We'll see.

We've started in earnest trying to get our house in shape to put it on the market. We've had our lawn professionally mowed and fertilized, and had a handyman out to fix various things inside that needed attention. The house is going to be powerwashed outside this coming Saturday, and we've contracted with someone to put two crepe myrtles in the backyard and fix up the border around the bed in the front yard. Date for that work still needs to be set, but that will be done soon.

Still to do:
-schedule an HVAC inspection (and cleaning?)
-get master shower glass fixed/replaced (handyman is supposed to be lining up glass people to come look at it, but I guess I probably should call and nudge him about that)

After we move out (or sooner, if we decide to go ahead and put the house on the market before we move out, as it is now sounding like it may be June before we can move into the in-laws' place and I don't want to wait that long to put our house on the market if I can help it):
-get flooring guys out to fix the Pergo downstairs
-schedule thorough cleaning from a maid service
-touch-up painting indoors (will be done by aforementioned handyman)

We have started using time-out as consequences for Corwin when he repeatedly does things after we've told him "no." The major application of this so far has been trying to get him to stay out of the kitchen and/or stop touching the trash can, as he seems to have forgotten his previous training on this point. For time-out, he spends a minute in one of the purple chairs in the living room. It's too early for me to tell if it's making a difference, as we just started this yesterday. In general, he's doing very well, but there's not anything really earth-shattering to report. He's just as cute as ever! :)

And now, I must be off to the shower. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little reading in before Andrew comes to bed, too.
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I never knew that weeding and pruning the flower bed would be such a good workout. At any rate, my legs and butt have been IN PAIN since Saturday evening, and the only thing I can think to chalk it up to is all the squatting and standing I did while I was working on the flower bed for an hour Saturday morning.

I also took my car in for its 75k maintenance on Saturday. I managed to get there not too long after the heavens opened up and it started pouring rain, so they weren't busy at all and I was in and out in about 45 minutes. Impressive, especially since the guy behind the counter said they were insanely busy in the morning and I'd have been there for two hours at least if I'd come earlier. My car is still in perfect working order, except that 3 of my 4 tires are at their minimum wear (the fourth tire is the one I replaced after I ran over a nail not too long ago), and thus I need new tires sometime in the next couple of months. Whee...more large non-recreational expenses!

Sunday Andrew and I went bowling with [ profile] mahtab, [ profile] zhaph, and [ profile] sirbobsalot. I bowled a 118 for my last game, which I think might be my best score ever (yes, sad I know). I actually won the first and last games we played...also a first for me. I'm never the best bowler in a group I'm in. My right arm is twinging at me today, so hefting and swinging that 10-lb ball around must have been a bit of a workout also. I seem to have escaped pain in my left hip this time, though -- usually I get pain there also after bowling, but either my movements were less strenuous this time, or the workouts I've been doing are accomplishing something (even though I can't SEE it or feel it in the way my pants fit).

I think that is about it for news here, though. Today is really a wasted day to be at work. My desk shift from 8-9 this morning was COMPLETELY dead -- not a single question or person wanting to be logged onto the computers. Another librarian came up here a bit ago to drop something off, and said she'd walked around the library and that she only saw 1 patron in the entire place.

Tomorrow we will likely spend playing WoW and cleaning house in preparation for [ profile] onefishclappin and [ profile] krikwennavd to visit this weekend. It'll hopefully be a fairly relaxing, if not particularly patriotic, day.
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I'm allergy girl again today. Runny nose and irritated nasal passages that result in frequent sneezing. The eyes aren't too bad so far, but they're slightly irritated, too.

We re-joined the gym last night. Well, I rejoined it; Andrew joined for the first time. It's a lot cheaper than fencing was, and he was getting kinda fed up with fencing anyway by the time he had to quit for financial reasons -- it was aimed more at folks who want to fence competitively, rather than recreationally. Plus the gym has the advantage of being 5 minutes from the house, rather than partway across town. So we'll see how this goes for a while. Hopefully we'll use it consistently and get ourselves in a bit better shape than we're currently in. :)

59-S is open to (what I believe is) its final state between Fannin and Kirby now, so my evening commutes have been heavenly this week. Not having to sit in traffic while we crunch down to two lanes in there has shaved about 10 minutes off my trek home. They haven't opened up the northbound stuff yet, though, so the morning commute is still about the same (though it's been light this week due to lots of places being on Spring Break). This morning, however, was a dream! It was like driving to work on a Saturday. Better than a Saturday even -- I got here in 23 minutes; best time I made on a Saturday was 25. :) Likely due to the combination of spring break, the fact that friday traffic is usually lighter than the rest of teh week (flex-time), and the fact that the UH main campus is completely closed today and a lot of folks here took vacation today. Wish my commute could be like this all the time -- it'd make me quite happy, 'cause I like being able to get on a freeway and just drive for a while. :) know, I really have nothing exciting to report here. I just feel the need to write sometimes -- partly so you, my readers, know I'm still here, and partly because sometimes if I start writing, I'll hit on something that I really wanted to ramble about. But that doesn't seem to be happening today. Or rather...I'm writing a fair bit, but it's not very interesting or substantial. So I guess I'll go do some work instead. :)
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I went to the gym tonight, for the first time in about two months. Blech.

I've been feeling fatter for the last week or so, but it turns out I only weighed in at 1 lb more than I did last time I weighed myself (2 months ago). And that's a small enough change that it could be accounted for by my normal monthly weight fluctuations. There's another reason to go to the gym more regularly -- so I can get a feel for what my normal weight and fluctuations are, so I can tell if I'm net gaining or losing over time. I also think I may have lost a little bit of stamina since last time I went. Whee!

I know I'm talking about weight, but what I really want is to look better. If I can turn some of my flab into muscle and end up weighing more in the process, I'm fine with that. I really just want to be less flabby, more toned. Unfortunately, I need to exercise consistently to do that, and thus far I haven't been very successful at that. Here's hoping this month goes better. :)
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I finally went to the gym again last night, after a week and a half hiatus. I went to the AbXPress class, which has a different instructor now from the one it had when I last went (a month ago?!...argh!). The class seemed harder this time than it did last time -- the new instructor did different exercises, and I had trouble even doing some of them at all. In particular, there's one where you lay on your back with your legs straight up in the air, and you are supposed to raise your butt off the floor multiple times. I could not get my butt off the floor hardly at all. There were other people in the room who didn't look they were in particularly good shape, and they weren't having problems. So now I'm wondering if my abs are just really wimpy, or if my crooked spine has something to do with it. I have both scoliosis and kyphosis in my back (they both refer to curvature of the spine; they differ in the direction of the curvature -- side to side vs. front to back), so it's not quite the normal layout back there. I'll probably ask about that next time.

After the ab class, I stayed for "Jump N' Jab" which turned out to be a combination of kickboxing and jumprope. THAT drove home to me just how out of shape I am. Wow. I can't even jump rope for two minutes straight. I was, however, happy that I still know how to jump rope -- when I'd stop, it was 'cause I was too tired to keep going; others were stopping because they were getting their feet tangled up in the rope. At least I'm still good at something? ;) Anyway, that was definitely a cardio workout...need to get myself going to the gym more frequently than once/week, so I can start improving on my wimpy self.
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Feel like I'm coming down with a sore throat this afternoon. Blah. I'm about to finish the Dr. Pepper I brought for lunch (bought Dr. Pepper last night 'cause I've been craving it lately and it was $2.50 vs. $3.69 for Coke; hopefully my hubby and [ profile] spritenox will forgive me), and am going to be sorely tempted to go get another one from the "carbonation feels good on sore throat" standpoint. Hopefully this is just a passing thing and I'm not getting sick.

Last night I went to the gym and did a little over a half-hour on the treadmill (dunno exactly how long, 'cause I had to restart the thing three times 'cause I didn't understand how it worked at first, and I had to figure out how to convince it I could walk faster than 2.5 mph). I did 1.5 miles once I figured out how the thing worked, and an unknown distance before that. Then I tried the stair-climbing machines -- the first one I tried I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to work. The second one I tried actually had physical stairs that rotated around (basically a treadmill, but with stairs) and I could figure out how to use that one. Unfortunately, wussy me was doing good to last 2 minutes on the thing. I think I may make that something I do before and after walking on the treadmill, and see if I can't build up to last a bit longer than that. A less challenging intensity setting would probably help, too.

I have an appointment for 7:30 next Tuesday with one of the gym's personal trainers. We'll see how that goes. I'm afraid they will spend a lot of time lecturing me on my eating habits, which I don't really want to hear. Is it bad of me to not want to change my eating habits?

This Thursday, there is a Homeowner's Association meeting scheduled at 7:00, which conflicts squarely with both Andrew's fencing and my weights/abs class, that I'm actually excited about going to. Merg. I'd like to just skip the HOA meeting, but I dunno if we really should. Maybe we can send [ profile] spritenox in our stead? ;)
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A couple of people asked how my class at the gym was last night. It turns out they do provide mats, so I was fine on that front. The classes I went to last night were an AbXPress class at 6:30, which continued into a weights class at 7:00. The AbXPress class did exactly what it sounds like -- a very intensive ab workout, which I am definitely still feeling today. I also discovered just how much of a wimp I am strength-wise -- during the exercises that were supposed to strengthen the obliques (I think that is the right name -- stomach muscles on the side of your body), I was having more trouble with holding myself up on my elbow than I was with the actual ab muscles (though those were hurting too -- I was definitely working them). After the ab workout was the weights class, which I also felt like I got a lot out of. We did a lot of lunges with weights, as well as arm exercises with the weights, and I was definitely feeling it by the time we were done. I'm surprised my muscles aren't more sore today, though. I can tell that I did something with them, but they aren't owie! sore, just kinda stretchy sore if that makes any sense. The abdominals are the worst...every time I use them, they kinda twinge a little and feel like they're taking their time straightening themselves out. Definitely kinda uncomfortable.

On top of the sore muscles, I have a headache today, and the Excedrin I took with lunch doesn't seem to be having much of an effect on it. Pretty sure that's not related to last night's workout, though.

Gym stuff

May. 5th, 2005 10:17 am
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Well, I haven't gotten around to writing about Sunday yet, and I'm thinking I may just skip it. Suffice to say it was busy: I slept in, we went to Dawn & Bryant's baby shower where we saw pretty much the same group of people we saw on Saturday, and Andrew and I managed to get most of the laundry done in spite of not being home half the day. ;)

Monday Andrew and I stayed home and played World of Warcraft; after the busy weekend, we weren't at all inclined to go out, and thus we skipped going grocery shopping when we should have. Tuesday, Andrew went to fencing, and I went to the gym for the first time. The class that was offered at 6:30 turned out to be a hip-hop/pop dance class. Not my first choice of things to do, but the music did have a good beat, and I did end up getting a pretty good workout (as my sore butt, thighs, and upper left arm can attest). I did, however, prove to myself that I am still uncoordinated and my sense of rhythm could be better. I also now have a lot more respect for high school drill teams. Not that I thought that what they do is easy, but I never realized how difficult it can be to learn an entire routine and manage to perform it in sync with everyone else.

Tonight I'm supposed to go to the gym again. There's something called AbXPress at 6:30, and then a rep class that uses weights at 7:00. I'm thinking of going to both; since the same instructor is teaching both, it must not be too much to do at one time. However, I'm a bit worried about the Ab class, 'cause working on the abs usually involves doing crunches. And because of my back, I can't do crunches on a hard floor -- my spine sticks out a bit, and thus my spine hitting the floor is very uncomfortable and I end up with bruises along it. The last time I had to do crunches in a group setting was in middle school, and I used to take a pillow to gym class with me then. I guess I will probably do that tonight, but I wonder if there is some other, less bulky equipment that would do the trick -- I wonder if a mat would offer enough padding if I were to acquire one?
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Andrew and I didn't get up 'til noon today, and boy was it nice. Andrew usually wakes up on weekend mornings long before I do, fidgets and snuggles me for a while, which is more annoying than not because he keeps moving around and causing me to have to move around when I'm still mostly asleep, and then finally gets up and leaves me to sleep for a couple more hours. This morning we a both woke up at about the same time, making for lots of luxurious semi-awake, non-fidgety snugglage :)

The rest of the day was spent by Andrew playing Mega-Mek online and me doing various useful stuff about the house -- doing laundy, doing dishes, making tea, treating Solomon's fish water, and cleaning off one of the many cluttered horizontal surfaces in our apartment. To be fair to Andrew, he did help with the laundry, and he also helped cook dinner. I'm very proud of us -- we didn't eat out at all this weekend. Of course, I bought my lunch three days last week while I was on jury duty, so that probably used up any savings we got by not eating out this weekend. Darn taxes! :P We also got up off our butts and went out and walked around the apartment complex several times, since it was another gorgeous day outside. I wish I'd gotten a chance to spend some time outside yesterday as well.

All in all, a very nice productive yet restful day off.


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