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I'm at work this afternoon, but since it's the last day of finals for the semester, we're not very busy. Most of the questions we're getting are of the "Where do I return my books?" variety; nothing very challenging. We did have one Ask A Librarian email question this morning asking how to find a particular kind of psychology article, and that caused us to do a double-take: "Really?! It's 8:30 on the morning of the last day of finals and you haven't even found your ARTICLE yet?!" Ah, well, it's their problem. We did answer the question, of course.

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I had an eventful day today.

On my way to work this morning, on the ramp from 610E to 59S, I came around a curve to see a car, facing me, up against the sidewall and partially blocking the left lane. One rear corner of the car was smashed into the wall, and there was debris scattered on the ground. No emergency vehicles were present, and I was going fast enough and startled enough that I didn't notice if there was anyone in the car or not. It took me a minute or so to process what I'd seen, and I ended up calling 911 to report the vehicle once I got to work (about 5-10 mins later). Even if there was no one in it, it needed to be moved since it was blocking a lane of traffic. Ever since, I've been trying to decide whether I should feel guilty about not pulling over and calling immediately once I was off the ramp.

I got a missed call a couple of minutes later from an unknown number while I was walking up to the library; I tried to return the call but it just rang and no one picked up. Then a couple minutes later, another missed call from the same number -- and it seems that my phone was failing to vibrate even though I double-checked that's how it was set. I tried calling it back again, but it still just rang and no answer. So I googled the number, and it looks like it belonged to HPD. The page I found featured many folks describing experiences just like the one I was having (callback after a 911 call, no answer if they tried calling the number back). So I stopped worrying about it, and about 20 mins later had yet another missed call from the same number, even though I had been sitting RIGHT NEXT to my phone the entire time and am absolutely certain it never vibrated. (Unfortunately, leaving the ringer on in the library is a big no-no.) So not sure what's up with my phone, and I haven't heard anything further about the car.

After that, I worked. The library was crazy busy, since it's two weeks before the end of the semester. And there was a jackhammer going outside for much of the time I was there. That didn't help things any.

After work, I headed over to the housewarming of newlyweds Melody & Griffin. It's been a while since I've gotten to catch up with them, so it was nice to chat and see their new house.

Then I drove home, had dinner with the family, and then built a small Christmas Lego set with Corwin. Ian really wanted to help, too, which resulted in lots of fussing when it came time to actually build with the pieces he'd been playing around with. We got our two Christmas trees up and decorated yesterday (not a huge feat, as we have a 4-footer and a 2-footer), and got the garland on the stair railings and the stockings hung. Now I just need to clean off enough horizontal surfaces to get the rest of our decorations up!

Day 7

Nov. 10th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I skipped posting Day 6 yesterday. Bad me!

Yesterday, Corwin's school had a Storybook Parade, where all the kids dressed in a costume and carried a book that their costume was from. Corwin went as the "stalking and lurking adventurous cat," Slinky Malinki. Essentially, this means he wore the black cat costume that Ian wore for Halloween -- and Ian put up such a fuss about Corwin wearing the cat ears that I had to go dig out some old Cheetah ears I still have from a costume I wore in college for Ian to wear.

Ian was quite the sight yesterday -- he was wearing a Cars shirt that is really a pajama top of Corwin's. It was size 6 when I bought it last year, but has shrunk so much that it now fits Ian, who normally wears 2T these days, just fine. And the cheetah ears. I took some pictures on my ipod, but I haven't bothered to try transferring them to the computer yet to see if they're worth posting. Maybe tonight.

Since it was just Ian and me who needed to get up to the school yesterday morning for the parade, we went on the bike. That was a good decision both logistically (avoided the whole trying to find a parking place in the street and cajoling Ian to walk instead of staring at trees, bugs, and cracks in the sidewalk) and in that it got me a little bit of exercise. :) I haven't been doing too well with my exercise regimen lately. Motivation has been lacking, and being sick this week hasn't helped.

I went to bed at 10:15 last night, which is late compared to what I had been doing this week (9-9:30ish). Fell asleep just fine, but then spent a couple hours awake in the middle of the night coughing. I contemplated just getting up, but I really wanted the sleep. I finally found a position on my stomach that alleviated the coughing...and then Ian started coughing. Fortunately, he didn't cough for long and I was able to fall back asleep after that. Ready for my family to be healthy again!

Today I'm at work all day, so doubtful there'll be much of interest for me to post about tonight. But you never can tell!
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So this month is National Blog Posting Month, in addition to being National Novel Writing Month. No, I'm not going to write the abbreviations. For some reason, they really bug me. I can't really explain why, but it's my blog and therefore I don't have to write them. :)

I'm getting a bit of a late start, but I think I'm going to try to participate in the Blog Posting -- write a blog post each day for the month of November. I've been neglecting this, my blog, a lot lately, posting once or twice in a given month most times. The most likely reason is Facebook -- the ease of typing up a short couple of sentences whenever the mood strikes me takes less time and effort than writing an actual blog post. Add onto that that almost no one reads on LJ any more, and motivation is low. But I don't keep a blog just for other people -- it's also a record for me of the goings-on in my life, so I shouldn't let a lack of readers stop me. :)

Today is the first day of "Daylight Wasting Time" (as a friend on Facebook amusingly put it) and I'm at work this afternoon. The time change means it will likely be dark when I leave here at 6:00 today -- not something I'm a huge fan of. I'd rather stick with "Daylight Savings Time" and have more sunlight in the evening. I'm not doing anything but shuttling kids to school in the morning -- I don't need super-early daylight for that! Losing the daylight early also seems to affect my motivation to get things done -- once it's dark, I have no desire to venture out of the house, and I have low energy for being productive at home, either. I sometimes wonder if I have a touch of SAD, though I'm sure it's not enough for an actual diagnosis.

Today's theme at work: PowerPoint assistance. They all need it. Ugh.
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I'm tired today.

Corwin woke up in the middle of the night (around 1:15 a.m. or so) crying again. I think he's having nightmares. It's not night terrors because he's awake, but he still isn't really able to tell me what he dreamed or what else is bothering him. I just get crying and "Corwin doesn't want to sleep" and "you don't want to sleep" (which translates to, "I don't want to sleep" -- he's still not got his pronouns figured out) over and over again. This was pretty much a rerun of the time a few weeks ago when he woke up at 5 a.m. I rubbed his back and sang to him until he had calmed down, but just when I was ready to leave the room he asked to go to the bathroom. So I took him. He was shaky and unsteady on his feet like he is when he's very tired. After he peed and I said it was time to go get back in bed, he climbed up in my lap (I was sitting on the edge of the tub) and started crying all over again and repeating that he didn't want to sleep. I took him back to his bed and tried to calm him down, but failed and eventually just left to see if he'd calm down on his own once he no longer had an audience.

He didn't. Just kept repeating that he wanted me to scratch his back and that he didn't want to sleep. After 10 or 15 minutes Andrew got up and took him to go listen to some music for a while, and some unknown by me period of time later put him back to bed. He went calmly that time, but talked to himself for a while before falling asleep. He must have been awake for at least an hour, maybe more like 1.5 hours. And he was up and playing in his room at the stroke of 7 this morning. Needless to say, I hope he's taking a nap for Andrew this afternoon.

I'm at work today in the library. I expected it to be a quiet day due to the Super Bowl, and indeed we're not that busy in terms of students actually IN the library. But my phone is ringing off the hook with actual reference questions today. Guess lots of folks are studying at home before the game instead of driving here.
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There's a "probable" case of swine flu at the university where I work. As of 5:00 p.m. today they hadn't yet gotten test results back from the CDC to confirm it or not. So I'll be checking email tomorrow morning to make sure the university isn't closed. Apparently administrators are going to be available all weekend to handle results if they are received. Whether the university closes or not if the case is confirmed is apparently up to the Health Department. So we'll see. Tomorrow could be entertaining if the university is open -- either dead quiet due to scared people staying home, or lots of panicky people asking questions.

We went to Lowe's this morning, and then worked in the yard after we got home. I've pulled out the pansies we had in the back beds and planted vinca, which are supposed to do well in full sun. I planted a couple new begonias in the bare spots in the front flower bed as well. Then we mulched both back beds and part of the front, until we ran out of mulch. We also put down some more dirt in the back yard in the spot where we're trying to get grass to grow. A lot of it got washed away in Tuesday's rainstorm, so it needed replenishment. I bought way more vinca than I needed, though, so I think I'll be going back to the store on Monday to get some large flower pots to plant them in. Unfortunately, they'll have to go on the back patio because our front porch definitely does not get "full sun."

We talked with the realtor this afternoon, and we still have a ways to go in terms of removing clutter and depersonalizing. But she was very happy with the progress we've made since last year at this time. :) We're looking at putting our house on the market for $210k or so. So we'll see how it goes. Current timeline looks something like this:

Monday, 5/4: Flooring guys come and fix Pergo.
Tuesday, 5/5: Oven repairman comes to fix convection oven.
Somewhere in the range of 5/8 to 5/12: Handyman is hopefully recovered from the flu and we get our odd jobs taken care of.
Week of 5/18: Maid service does deep cleaning, we get house on market!

In the meantime, I need to additionally schedule to have our windows washed and try to clean outside the front door where the doorframe is really dirty. And we have to finish our decluttering and depersonalizing. AAAAAAGGH!

One quirky thing I noticed on the report the realtor gave us when I was perusing it in detail after she left: the only two houses in our neighborhood that have sold recently were on the market for 4 days and 6 days respectively. All the others either expired or were terminated (i.e. they were taken off the market and did not sell). I'm not sure I'm prepared for our house to sell in a week....but I do want it to sell!
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Well, I've actually had a weekend worth speaking of, for once. It has been a busy one.

Friday evening, we re-dyed my hair, so I'm now a dark redhead again. It'll fade back to the color you're used to seeing on me soon enough, but I get to enjoy being dark and redheaded for a day or two first! :)

Saturday, I went to work in the afternoon as per usual. Nothing really worth mentioning happened; it's mid-Summer II session right now, so the library was a bit busier than it was last weekend (when it was dead). After work, [ profile] ehcnalava and [ profile] kaerukami came over to babysit for us while Andrew and I went out to a club, for dancing and that sort of thing. How amazing is that? We got to go OUT. And be ADULTS! Yay! They had an easy babysitting job, too, as we put Corwin to bed before we left (but after they arrived, so he'd not be totally shocked if he did wake up and found himself attended to by someone other than Mom or Dad), and he apparently didn't make a single peep the entire time we were out.

Today we went grocery shopping this morning, and then hosted the usual (though it hasn't happened for the last three weeks due to us being in Alabama for two of them and being lazy and taking the day off last weekend) group for boardgaming and conversation. We tried out Sucking Vacuum (whose title never fails to inspire the image of a vacuum cleaner in my head in spite of the fact I know it's a game set on a space station) for the first time. It played pretty well, though we had some trouble figuring out how exactly the rules for controlling Annabel worked. Then [ profile] ehcnalava and I played Qwirkle while the rest of the group played Last Night on Earth. I enjoyed Qwirkle, though it took me just long enough to figure out the strategy that I made a pretty big strategic error near the beginning that I never recovered from....and [ profile] ehcnalava thus defeated me roundly. After we finished our game (which was much shorter than Last Night on Earth), we played with Corwin for a while and chatted.

After we got Corwin to bed this evening, I spent the 40 minutes to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which for those not already aware (I wasn't until mid-day yesterday) is a three-part supervillain musical helmed by Joss Whedon (and starring Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris -- yes, Doogie Howser -- and Felicia Day). It's only available until midnight tonight (and no mention of in which time zone), though, so if you haven't seen it yet, you better get on it!

And the craziness isn't over yet. Tomorrow (that would be Monday), I finally have my dentist appointment with [ profile] scarlett_sage's dentist, who I am paying out of pocket to see. This will be my initial consultation, and if he concurs that I do have a cavity (or heaven forbid, more than one!) I'll have to have a follow-up appointment to get it fixed at a later date. Corwin is going to stay with [ profile] scarlett_sage while I go to my appointment; we're going to head up there in the morning and have lunch with her first. Then tomorrow evening (as a reward for my dental fortitude?!), Andrew and I are actually going to go to the movies!! We're seeing The Dark Knight with [ profile] sirbobsalot and [ profile] kaerukami. [ profile] ehcnalava, who doesn't have any interest in the movie, has graciously agreed to babysit for us again. Hopefully Corwin will do okay with being away from Mom & Dad twice in one day. I'd forgotten about my dentist appointment when I made plans to see the movie, but he knows his grandma pretty well, and it'll be the third time in 3 days that he's seeing Jamie, so I think he ought to be all right.

And I think that about covers it. I actually felt like I have a life this weekend!


Apr. 19th, 2008 08:58 pm
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Went to work today. Functioned okay. My sore throat has pretty much disappeared as the day progressed, but I am still having plenty of runny nose, sneezing, and general foggy-headedness. I took a Claritin this morning in case it was allergies. Dunno if it made a difference or not.

Suspect I'll be fine for going to work tomorrow also. But need to not stay up too late tonight.

Andrew has been a wonderful hubby.

And in reply to a comment [ profile] onefishclappin made elsewhere: yes, working is less stressful than childcare....most days. :)
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Today is my long day at work; I'll be here 'til 6:00 this evening. For some reason today I am really really tired. I've wanted a nap ever since I got here this morning. :P And being tired hasn't helped my patience with some of the patrons today, either. My coworker who is here with me 'til 2:30 just left, but I don't think she was feeling any more awake than I do today. But at least she gets to go home now. :P

Corwin suddenly started screaming and crying at 5:15 this morning by our bedside clock (so really more like 5 a.m. by any other clock). I got up and fumbled for pants, but by the time I got them oriented properly to put on, he suddenly stopped. So I went to the bathroom and went back to bed. He was quiet for 15 minutes or so, and then started in on his usual morning half-awake grizzling and babbling. He didn't need anything....but he kept me awake. So I've essentially been awake since 5:00 this morning, with a bit of dozing between then and 7 or so. No wonder I'm dragging.

Plans for next week
Plans for next week have been firmed up a bit. Current plan is that Corwin and I will travel to Austin on Tuesday afternoon. I'll teach the class for my mom on Wednesday morning. We'll head back to Houston on Thursday or Friday, depending on how I'm doing as a single parent. I'd like to go to the game night on Thursday evening, so if Corwin isn't driving me too crazy with refusing to sleep we'll try to stick around for that and head back here on Friday. I'd like to go spend some time with [ profile] sunflowerkwm, probably on Thursday, if she hasn't had her baby yet (or if she has and wouldn't mind a visit anyway).

Should try to get some work done to prepare for my presentation while I have the computer to myself for a while, but I'm so tired I'd rather just read my book until someone else needs help with something. We'll see what I get done.
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I'm at work today. I have a headache this afternoon, and no Tylenol on me. *sigh* No drugs of any kind, actually, other than some Sudafed, which isn't helpful.

Andrew and I are going to DragonCon over Labor Day weekend this year. We have our memberships and our hotel room booked already. Corwin will be staying with one or both sets of his grandparents (details still need to be worked out as to whether he'll be staying in Houston or Austin, and if Houston, where), and we still need to make our flight arrangements (these are dependent on whether we're flying out of Houston or Austin). But we're going! :) Yay for an adult vacation!
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I am happy. I have a wonderful son and a wonderful hubby who is a good daddy to our son. I'm just really happy with our family and my life right now. Yeah, I'd love to have a cleaner, neater house, but I've always wanted that but I've never had the time, energy, or motivation to really whip it into shape. I can live with it the way it is. :)

Amazing the perspective a few hours out of the house by myself (work) gives me :)

Ask me again at about 6:00 a.m., and I'll probably be ready to sell Corwin to the gypsies for a quarter. (Okay, not really, but I'll threaten to!) Sleep stuff )

We've done a lot of shopping this week. Details! )

Andrew's computer is still at Fry's. He's been calling every 2 days to check up on it. Today they said they think it's the motherboard, but they still have a few other things to eliminate first to be certain. Andrew's (rightfully) a bit grumpy at me for throwing out the receipt for his computer upgrades at the end of last year. I'm gonna be a bit grumpy at me, too, if they would have been covered under warranty still, but we can't prove it. *sigh*

Work's been going well for me so far. This weekend is my first to work both Saturday and Sunday. I'm amazed at how tired I feel this evening, when I only worked 5 hours and they hardly qualified as stressful (I actually got to spend a fair chunk of time just sitting and reading, as there weren't many questions and there were two of us manning the desk). I think the tiredness is probably more due to my interrupted sleep than the actual working. I'm still awaiting my first paycheck, though. Hopefully soon! :) Tomorrow the new Electronic Resources Librarian (my former position) is coming in to pick my brain about ER stuff. That's going to be odd. It still feels a bit weird to me not to be doing that job any more. It was especially strange the first time I got an email from the new person with Electronic Resources Librarian listed as her title. Ah well. I wouldn't be happy working full time right now, and I well know it. :)
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Today was my first day of work now that I'm a Weekend Reference Librarian. The day went pretty darn well. The only real snafu I ran into was that the university was locked up tight when I got there just after 12:30 (my shift started at 1:00, but I planned to be there early to have time to get logged onto the computer, make sure my accounts worked, stuff like that). I walked around the building and checked 4 different entrances before I found one (#5) that was unlocked. It was a good thing I'd gotten there early, as hunting for an open entrance ate up about 15 minutes of my extra time. :P I was also glad that I'm an old pro at this university, and knew where the various entrances were to check. I can just imagine if this had been my first day at a place I'd never worked before....I'd have been freaking out. :P

It was a downright relaxing day at the reference desk...I didn't really get anything terribly difficult thrown at me at all. Biggest problem was that I've been away for 6 months, so wasn't entirely up-to-date as to which databases the library has available. They've added several new ones since I left.

Corwin was hard to leave this morning; he was in a really happy mood (contrasted with most of yesterday) so I just wanted to hang out with my happy baby rather than leave him and go to work. :P Andrew took him up to his grandparents' house this afternoon, so Corwin got to hang out with his grandma and grandpa and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Weston (who was in Houston this weekend). Andrew said he didn't nap well (either at his parents' house or at home this evening) and he got rather fussy after a while. But other than the not napping he did pretty well. Andrew seems to have survived his first day as a solo parent, too.

Other news of note, for those few of you who know Andrew's sister Sarah, she's engaged! This is not a big surprise, as she and Sean have been dating for something on the order of 6ish years, but it's exciting nonetheless. They are doing essentially what Andrew and I did, and waiting 'til they are both done with school. I don't think there's a wedding date yet, but I've been told a vague "sometime after Sean graduates in May."
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The university got back to me today and said the hourly rate I asked for was fine ($1/hr more than they offered). That was so easy (no dickering at all) that I'm now left wondering if I should have asked for more. Oh well.

Now they just need to do a background check (currently waiting for HR to email me a form for that) and send me an offer letter that I get to sign and send back. My current tentative start date is September 8. Once I get the offer letter taken care of, I'll have to go in during the week to get keys, do HR paperwork to get paid, and the like. I'll probably take Corwin with me for that, though, since I know several of the folks in the library will be interested to see him.

He's currently fussing in his bed, as per usual when I try to put him down for a nap. His refusal to nap in his bed except on rare occasions is very frustrating, and I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to just let him CIO for however long it takes him to go to sleep (I've let him go for a half-hour once or twice, didn't like it much at all, and that apparently wasn't long enough for him to give up and go to sleep), but I'm not sure what other options I have. I sit in the room with him sometimes, and sometimes he falls asleep with me in there...and other times he doesn't. It doesn't consistently work. And occasionally he puts up so much fuss that I start second-guessing myself that maybe he wasn't REALLY tired after all -- but then as soon as I get him up and nurse him or lay down with him in our bed, he conks right out.

Making it darker in the room (we have hung sheets over the window) has helped somewhat, but it hasn't been the cure-all that I hoped.
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HALLELUJAH! Corwin is taking a nap in his bed, for the first time this week! It's substantially darker in his room today (due to the storminess) than it usually is during the day, so I'm wondering if that is what has been causing the problem. We may need to put blinds for his room on our shopping list. He has curtains in there now, but while they block some light, they're far from completely opaque. On the other hand, I'd be unhappy if we go spend money on blinds and that doesn't turn out to solve the problem. So...*shrug.*

I've decided to apply for the weekend reference librarian position I posted about previously. Going to go do that as soon as I finish typing this post. I think I'm fairly certain to get it...I imagine if they had other folks beating down the door for the job they wouldn't have come asking me this close to the beginning of the semester if I wanted to apply for it. But I'm trying to be good and not count my chickens before they hatch. Also on the bright side, it turns out that since it's a quarter-time position, it's not benefits-eligible so I won't be contributing to a retirement plan at all...thus I won't get shunted into the Teacher Retirement System and locked out of ORP for the future. Never thought I'd be happy not to be benefits-eligible. It's paid hourly, so some months I'll make more than others. But oh's a little extra cash that we won't be depending on to pay the bills, it gets me out of the house and away from the baby for several hours most weeks, and it lets me keep my foot in the door of library land. :)

I suspect that most people for whom this is relevant are aware that we're not going to DragonCon this year. :( I'm actually kinda bummed about that, but Corwin is definitely not ready to be away from us for 4 days in a row (heck, we haven't left him for more than about 4 hours at a time yet), and taking him to D*Con would be far more trouble than it's worth. Plus it would completely cut us out of nighttime activities, since he goes to sleep around 7:30-8:00 at night, and as far as I can tell D*Con only offers childcare during the daytime hours (and not for kids as young as Corwin anyway).

So we'll miss all you folks that we only see once a year or so. And I'm bummed that we're going to miss out on the "Girls of DragonCon" calendar that [ profile] spiritchaser1 and [profile] amazing_tito have been part of the team for this year, too. :( We're hoping we'll be able to go again next year, though! :)


Aug. 13th, 2007 10:47 pm
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There's a Weekend Reference Librarian position open at the university where I used to work. I've been contemplating applying for it ever since shortly after Corwin was born when I found out that one of the former two people in that position was leaving it. However, Andrew had pretty much talked me out of it, because it would essentially mean we were both working 6 or 7 days a week (counting childcare as work, of course...which it SOOO is), and we aren't certain whether the stress of that will be worth the small additional amount of money I'd bring in. However, there is a part of me that wants to do it, both to be contributing some amount of income, and to keep my foot in the door of library-land in case I need to go back to work full time somewhere down the road.

Well, tonight I got an email from the Assistant Director for Public Services (who supervises the Weekend Reference Librarians) asking me if I wanted to apply for the position. So it's apparently not been filled yet, and the new semester starts Monday. So now we are discussing it all over again. I think I'm going to call the AD tomorrow (assuming I can get Corwin down for a nap so that I can make the call, of course) and talk to her a bit about the position and see what I can find out -- when they'd want a person to start (I'm assuming weekend after this coming one, if I got hired that quickly), exactly how much it pays, whether there is any way to get around having to switch to the Teacher Retirement System for my retirement plan rather than the ORP [403(b)] I previously had, etc.

If I took the position and it still works the same way it did six months ago, I'd be working 9-6 on Saturday one weekend and be off Sunday, and work 5ish hours in the middle of the day the next Saturday and 1-6 on Sunday. So between us, we'd have one Sunday and one Friday where we were both off together...hopefully on alternating weeks, if we can get the timing worked out right. I think I'd have both days off on some holiday weekends and during intersessions when the university is closed, and in the summer the library is only open 1-5 on Saturdays, so I'd presumably have every other weekend off then.

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Well, I have completed the process of officially quitting my job. I took Corwin up to the university with me today, and ran around all over the place getting the required exit signatures. The HR lady was nice and let me skip the "exit survey" since I had the baby with me and there were a bazillion people already in the room that they use for the survey. I expected an exit interview, but I guess they typically use a survey instead. Oh well.

It feels very strange not to have keys and parking priveleges, etc. there any more. The practicalities of being a stay-at-home-mom don't feel weird at all to me, but the idea of no longer having a job/career is taking a bit of getting used to. I don't get to say "I'm a librarian" any more, and I don't get to check the "employed full time" box on surveys any more. Yeah, I'm a little sad.

Corwin was a little overwhelmed by all the people fawning over him while we were up there. He really lit up for the Director of Contracts and Compliance, though, probably because she was so excited and exuberant about seeing him...she was smiling and making a huge to-do over him, and he really got into it. I think she was the only one he actually smiled for. He's definitely smiling socially now. I tried to take some pictures of him smiling yesterday, and he wouldn't do it for the camera. But as soon as I set the camera down and got up in his face, he'd just light up.

The only thing I'm unhappy about is that I didn't get to sit down and talk with my boss like I had wanted to. It turned out that the chunk of time she had free was the same chunk of time I spent running around the building collecting signatures. And when I got back to the library at 3 and was going to sit and talk with her anyway (even though I'd have to do it at the library entrance where she was promoting the library survey), Corwin decided he'd had enough and started to get really fussy. So I had to change course and get the stuff out of my office and head home instead. I'd really like to keep in touch with her, though. I also should bother to ask her for a letter of recommendation I can keep on file in case of future need (she's looking at retiring fairly soon, I think).

So yeah, no more job for me. I'm a full time mom now, officially.
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Well, I just got off the phone from giving my boss notice that I'm not going to go back to work. I was dreading that call, because I love my boss, and while I don't love my job all the time, in general it hasn't been a bad gig. I just know I can't handle going back to work full time in two weeks. I'm barely getting enough sleep now to function staying home with the baby (today has been BAD), and while that could change in the next two weeks, I'm not crazy enough to count on it. Plus there is the fact that I just really don't want to put my child in day care for close to 10 hours/day 5 days/week. That's too much time, IMO, and since we don't NEED my salary, I don't see the point in putting him and me through it.

I did mention I could work part-time from home either indefinitely or until they replaced me, and my boss sounded like she'd love that. But I'm kinda doubtful it could happen in reality since it's a state-supported institution, and they're not known for their flexibility.

It is a load off my mind to finally have that phone call made, though.

Well, Corwin's awakened from his nap now, so I'm back to baby-wrangling.
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So I checked my work email a few nights back when I was sitting up way later than I wanted to be with Corwin. The system requires us to change our password every so often, and when I logged on I was informed that my password was going to expire the next day, and did I want to change it? Since I had no idea if I'd have time the next day to log on and mess with it, I went ahead and changed my password.

And now I have no idea what I changed it to.

This is highly annoying, as I actually have a few minutes at my disposal when I can type with two hands, and I could get some stuff checked and either deleted or forwarded as needed. Instead, I'm going to have to wait until Monday and call the help desk and inform them of my stupidity. :P

For future note: don't change passwords when you are fighting to stay awake!
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Stayed home from work yesterday due to acid reflux stuff keeping me awake all night again Tuesday night.

I didn't sleep well last night either -- had trouble falling asleep when I went to bed, probably due to napping too much during the day (but dammit, I needed those naps after not sleeping the night before!). And when I did sleep, I had stressful dreams. I'm taking a midterm I didn't study for! )

So then, I got to drive to work in the rain again this morning. Then I got stuck at the light under I-10 because the train that sometimes goes through about a block down from there and holds up traffic for a couple of minutes had actually STOPPED, blocking the street completely. I sat there for about 10 minutes until the traffic ahead of me finally cleared out enough that I could go somewhere (there are a couple of sidestreets between the light and the train, one of which was the one I needed). So it was 8:30 by the time I got into the parking garage, and there was one covered parking space left. Unfortunately, it was between a large F-150 parked nearly on the line on the left side, and a support post on the right side. I figured I could still get in there since I drive a small car, but I didn't pull close enough to the F-150 when I turned and ended up scraping up the paint on my right rear door. That was just the capstone to my morning. *grumbles*

And now that I'm actually in my office, Andrew has informed me that they're now blocking lj on the internet filtering at his office. So...if you need Andrew's input during the day for any reason, you'll need to either call his cell phone, catch him on ICQ, or ask me to relay a message.

Hopefully the day gets better from here. Please?
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I finally got to meet with the HR person yesterday afternoon, right at the end of the day. Her advice was that I don't need to fill in the dates on the paperwork now, but just call on the first day I am out and let her know and she will do it at that time. So I'm sticking with March 2 being my last day in my head. If I need/want to go out earlier than that, it sounds like it should be no problem at all...I'll just ask for a doctor's note at my weekly appointment and go from there (I start weekly appointments next week...eek!). Of course, she also handed me another form to have the doctor fill out -- this one a pre-approval for short-term disability pay, since I want to take 10 weeks of leave, but only have enough sick/vacation time to be paid for 7. Yay for paperwork!

The HR person said I don't look very big. I feel HUGE!

I also finally stopped procrastinating about calling a pediatrician, and called the one that Dawn takes her son Jack to this afternoon. I have an appointment to meet with him on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 15...sounds like we should be able to get in there, assuming that we think he is as wonderful as Dawn does. From everything she said, it sounds like he would be great -- supportive of breastfeeding, good with the kids, and has a good plan in place for keeping the well kids from being exposed to the sick ones, and the under 3-month olds away from everybody else. She said some other things about him that I liked as well...I just can't now remember what they all were. His office is on I-10, which is not the most convenient place in the world for us, but it could be a lot worse, too. It's actually probably about halfway between where we live and where Dawn lives, so not off in the NW part of town where I assumed her pediatrician would be. So I feel good that I have at least taken a step in that direction. Ideally I'd talk to some other pediatricians as well, but I don't have recommendations for any others.


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