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Corwin turned 2 years old on Thursday, February 26! We had a family birthday party for him the previous Saturday, which went well. He had a grand time being the center of attention. He finally figured out presents, too -- a big change even from Christmas. He was actually interested in helping open his birthday presents, pulling off bows and tearing paper. And then of course wanted the toys removed from their packaging ASAP! :) He had Spritz cookies rather than cake because he hasn't yet shown the slightest interest in cake; we're starting to get him to eat a little bit of some bready things (pizza crust, half a biscuit, the crust of french bread), but he's still not even eating much bread (he prefers crunchy crackers and chips). They'd had cupcakes at MDO for Valentine's Day a couple weeks before his birthday, and when I asked if he'd eaten his, his teachers said he didn't touch it. Didn't surprise me in the least.
We ordered pizza at his birthday party so that I wouldn't have to come straight home from work and hole up in the kitchen, and just cooked up some Buitoni tortellini with pesto sauce for him since I know he likes that and he hasn't yet learned to like pizza. Well, enter my mother, who can get Corwin to eat all sorts of things that Andrew and I can't. She was eating the "Spinach Special" pizza, which has a white sauce with spinach and garlic and feta cheese and I don't remember what all else, and he started acting interested in that. So she let him try some, and he ate a fair bit of it. The preponderance of evidence is looking more and more like he doesn't like tomato sauce. He won't eat pasta with tomato sauce on it (but will with pesto sauce), he tried a spoonful of tomato sauce at Carrabba's one night when we went and ordered him cheese ravioli with the sauce on the side, made a huge face, and refused to touch any more, and he's rejected pizza when we've offered it to him (took a small taste and refused to eat any more). But apparently pizza without tomato sauce is not too bad. *shrug*

He eats calamari, too. We took him out to eat at Rockfish on his birthday proper, and ordered the calamari appetizer. He had grabbed one off the main plate and popped it in his mouth even before we could get some onto a plate for him. I think that's the most enthusiastic about meat I've ever seen him be!

All that said, he had his 2 year well-baby checkup today (even though he's not a well baby; we've all got colds right now). He's now 38" tall and 34 lbs, 6 oz. He's completely off the chart on his height now. Based on the rule of thumb I've seen that says you can approximate their adult height by doubling their height at age 2, he's on track to be 6'4" as an adult. I think he must have gotten some Vinyard genes in there somewhere. :)

No shots today; he's apparently not due for any more vaccines until he's 4. That was a pleasant surprise. :)
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Wow...he's grown!

Just looked back at his vital stats from 6 months and 12 months. He grew 2 3/4" from 6 months to 12 months. From 12 months to 19 months he grew 4 1/2". I thought their growth was supposed to slow down once they hit 12 months -- but apparently not Corwin's. No wonder he's back above the 97th percentile. :P

I went to Carter's today to get Corwin some more pajamas (he got Halloween pajamas as they literally didn't have any others in the style I wanted in his size -- oh, it was terrible!) and some more warm clothes for this winter. Looking at the height and weight guidelines on their clothing, he is 3T already by weight, but he's still 2T by height. I bought him all 2T stuff, as some of his 18-month summer stuff still fits (separates...the rompers are definitely too short for his torso), though it is starting to look short. I was a bit frustrated as there wasn't much to choose from in the way of elastic-waistband pants in 2T. It looks like once you hit the toddler sizes, you start getting more of the straight waists with a zipper and a snap, and less of the easy-on stuff. I guess most people's kids have more advanced fine motor skills than Corwin does by the time they get big enough for 2T? For me, it was frustrating because when I'm still removing my kid's pants multiple times a day to change his diaper, I want them to be as easy on and off as possible.

On the vaccination front, things have gone very well this time -- no unexplained, unconsolable crying fits to deal with. Yay! He was basically his usual self all day yesterday and today as well. Unfortunately, this evening when Andrew got home from work he noticed that Corwin's right thigh is very red and swollen around the injection site. He got DTaP and Hep A shots yesterday, one in each leg. I'm not sure which leg got which shot, but based on what I read online it sounds like it is the DTaP that he's having the reaction to. I ended up calling the doctor's message service and talking to a nurse after finding a note under "Immunization Reactions" on the Texas Children's Hospital web site that "redness or red streak around the injection site bigger than 1 inch" is a reason to "call your doctor now (night or day)." Further down the page (that I didn't see before I called) it lists common (mild) reactions for DTaP, that include the following:

-Redness or swelling where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)
-Soreness or tenderness where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)

It goes on to explain that these problems occur more often after the 4th and 5th doses of the DTaP series than after earlier doses. Sometimes the 4th or 5th dose of DTaP vaccine is followed by swelling of the entire arm or leg in which the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 30).

I'm not sure how many DTaP shots he's had already, but that sounds like what he's experiencing. He hasn't had a reaction in the past, aside from fussiness.

Anyway, I did talk to a nurse who basically confirmed that it isn't anything immediately threatening or worrisome, and I should call his doctor's office tomorrow to see if they want to see him to follow up. So that's the plan. Corwin wasn't running a fever this evening, and he wasn't any fussier than he usually is. The only sign we could see that his leg was bothering him at all was that he would periodically pull his shorts leg up like he was trying to get the cloth off of the irritated area.

And now, it is bedtime for me!
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Corwin had his 19-month well-baby checkup today (it's at 19-months instead of 18 because he had to have one vaccination at 13-months and his doc wanted to see him 6 months after that).

He's still definitely on track to be a Vinyard male. He's above the 97th pecentile on both height and weight - 35 1/4 inches and 32 pounds. Based on his growth, we're doing a fine job of keeping him fed and watered. :)

Nothing else really to report. His doctor looked him over and declared him healthy as a horse. Apparently he's not really behind on language skills (especially in light of how good his comprehension is), he's just not ahead on them either.

He got two shots today and only cried for less than a minute total. He handled them very well I thought.

On an amusing note, the park next to the library (which is about a block from the pediatrician's office) was still closed this morning, so we headed back to the playscape at the mall after his appointment for him to run around for a while. As we were leaving he amused the heck out of me by taking a 90 degree turn and running across the mall walkway into the GameStop store. We've never been to Gamestop in that mall (in fact, I'm not sure Corwin has ever been in a GameStop at all), so I've got no explanation for it other than 'instinct.' He's definitely his father's son.
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but instead Corwin woke up screaming shortly after Andrew and I went to bed around 11:30, and we haven't yet really been able to calm him down. His temp is fine, his slightly wet diapers have been changed twice, we can't find anything visibly wrong, we've offered him milk in a cup, nursing, and a cold teether....and he is constantly either screaming or in that ragged breathing not-quite-calm state. We finally gave him Tylenol and he's now sitting with Andrew listening to music. I'm not in bed because I won't fall asleep until Andrew comes back to bed and Corwin is quiet anyway.

Corwin got his Hepatitis A vaccination this morning. When he got the rest of his 12-month vaccinations a month ago, he woke up screaming from his nap and it took over an hour before I got him to stop. I'm wondering if this is the same kind of thing...just delayed to the middle of the night instead of after his nap.

I have to go to work in the morning, and tomorrow is a long Saturday for me -- I'll be there all day 'til 6:00 p.m. *sigh* Ah well... at least my being a zombie will have justification.
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Corwin had his 12-month checkup today. Vital stats are as follows:

Height: 30 3/4"
Weight: 23 lbs 12 oz
Head Circumference: 18 3/4"

Oddly enough, he's no longer 90th percentile on anything; he's about 75% for height and 50ish% for weight.

He got lots of vaccinations today, and has to go back in a month for his Hep A vaccination because his doctor didn't want him to have 5 shots at one time, which is what he would have had if he got them all today. He was fine afterwards until he woke up from his nap this afternoon around 3:30; he woke up and would not stop crying. Even distraction didn't work; I got my keys and took him out to get the mail, and that distracted him until we got to the mailbox, at which point he started crying again. I couldn't even get him to nurse until I laid him down on his side in my lap...and he hasn't wanted to nurse in that position for months now! I checked his temp and it was normal, but I finally gave him some Tylenol anyway since it was obvious that SOMETHING was bothering him. After the Tylenol he stopped crying constantly, but he was still kinda whiny and not-happy seeming. He finally perked up and got back to being his normal self when I put him in his high chair for dinner, and he was fine from then until bedtime (though he was getting a bit fussier than usual by bedtime). So far (*knock on wood*) he's been sleeping fine, though.

If he has a reaction to the MMRV vaccine, his doc said it would show up in 6-13 days, and would be a fever and possibly a rash. Doc said the rash wouldn't be contagious, and that Corwin would most likely act like he feels fine. Mostly just making a note of that for my own reference if I need it in the next week or two.

Other Stuff
There's a strong possibility that Corwin and I will be in Austin midweek next week. My mom wants me to come be a "guest speaker" in the medical class she's teaching at the court reporting school where she works; I'd be giving a presentation on medical research. My sister's going to watch Corwin while I do the class. I'll post again when this gets finalized and I know when I'll be arriving/leaving. I'd love to see folks and maybe give Corwin a chance to play with/near some of the Austin kids while we're there if people are available -- either during the day or in the evenings.
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Corwin had his 6-month checkup today. Here are his stats:

Height: 28" (95th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (90th percentile)
Head circumference: 18" (90th percentile)

He's still giganto healthy Baby of Doom. ;)

He's getting close enough to the max height and weight for his infant car seat (29" or 22 lbs) that we're planning to get him a convertible seat sometime this month. I want to get him one of the Britax seats, but I'm a little concerned that they won't fit in my car. Guess I need to research that and see if it's a grounded concern or not. Whee!

His doctor suggested we start giving him sips of things like water and EBM from an open cup; he said since he's still breastfed we could probably skip the sippy cup stage altogether if we wanted to. I hadn't even really considered doing that, but it might be worth it to skip the weaning from sippy cup to open cup down the road. I think we'll probably give it a try and see how much work it looks to be. I know with an open cup we'll probably have to assist him with drinking for quite a while. He also suggested introducing soft finger foods for him to play with. So maybe we'll try some of that in addition to the cereals and see if any of that goes any better.

He got three shots today, and is starting to get a bit fussy this afternoon. He's in his bed now, still fussing a bit but hopefully calming down to a nap.

His next appointment will be the 9-month checkup on December 7. At that one he doesn't get any shots, just a finger-stick to check that he's not deficient in anything important. :)

Andrew and I have been to our dentist appointments also. Both our mouths were given a clean bill of health. Yay!
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Corwin had his 4-month checkup today. His current vitals are as follows:

Length: 26" (95%)
Weight: 17 lbs 7.6 oz (90%)
Head Circumference: 17.25" (don't know %)

He got 4 shots, and handled them better this time than he did at 2 months. He only screamed bloody murder during the shots and a short time afterwards. It wasn't any easier for Mommy, though. :(

He napped for an hour or so this afternoon, and was rather fussy after he woke up from his nap. Screamed at me almost non-stop starting shortly after 5 and going until around 6:45. I gave him some Tylenol around 6, so I'm guessing that kicked in and it took him a little while to realize it. Even nursing wasn't enough to calm him down; he'd nurse for 30 secs to a minute, and then pop off and start screaming again. :( He's calm now his pajamas listening to music with daddy. When I finish writing this post I'm going to go see if he feels like nursing now, and then probably put him to bed, barring a resurgence of upset-ness.

[EDIT: It's now 9:30, and Corwin has been asleep and awake again 3 or 4 times between when I originally posted this and now. I can tell something's bothering him. The boy is exhausted (judging from how quickly he falls asleep each time) but whenever he wakes up a little something's obviously bothering him enough to wake him up all the way and keep him from putting himself back to sleep. If he's still doing this come 10:00, we'll give him another dose of Tylenol. I hate vaccination days.]

While I was at the doctor's office, I got a call from my brother asking if I'd be a reference on the financing for his new car. So apparently he's buying a car today -- a Honda Civic. I was going to offer him mine in a year when we are ready to replace it, but his current vehicle died an ugly death a couple weeks ago, so he needs a new vehicle NOW and not a year from now. He'll probably be happier with a new car anyway (mine still runs great, but it's 8 years old already).

And then this evening I got a call from [ profile] beckyboo83 telling me that her flight home this evening had been cancelled, and she's stranded in the airport in Chicago. She's now on standby for a 10:00 p.m. flight, but if she doesn't get on that, she's likely going to get to spend the night in the airport. She asked the airline about accommodations, but all they will pay is half of the hotel room for the night; she'd be responsible for the other half, plus her transportation from/to the airport. I think that's absolutely ridiculous -- if the airline cancelled the flight, they darn well better take care of their stranded passengers. *grump* I told her that if she doesn't get on the 10:00 flight to ask to talk to a manager and give them hell. She's flying American, if that tells you who to avoid. :P

I also talked to my mom this afternoon, and she is recovering well from her surgery a little over a week ago. A little slower than she'd like, she says, but overall doing pretty well. She's still recuperating at home, and will be doing so through the end of this month; she's hoping to go back to work then, but said it's possible it'll be a couple weeks longer than that before she's ready to do so.


May. 5th, 2007 03:52 pm
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This has been a really good weekend so far.

Corwin didn't do so well after his shots on Wednesday. When I last posted, he'd just gone down for a nap. Well, the nap only lasted 30 minutes or so, and when he woke up he was crying, and did so off and on (but mostly on) for the next 2 hours, even after being given some Tylenol. He was pretty unhappy for the rest of the day Wednesday, and still a bit under the weather on Thursday. He was fussier than usual, though not crying nearly as much as Wednesday. I was glad that [ profile] beckyboo83 was here to help out a bit and give me moral support in dealing with him.

Thursday, we went to Babies R Us to get diapers (they are pretty cheap to buy in bulk there) and bigger socks. Then we headed over to The Galleria so Becca could look for shoes at the Naturalizer store, since they no longer have one in Austin. I also finally got to return some jeans I ordered online from the Gap that turned out not to be what I expected when they arrived. We were gonna take him by Andrew's office to show him off, since it's attached to the Galleria, but by the time we got through returning my pants he was pretty fussy and we decided we'd do better just to go home. It wasn't 'til after we were in the car on the way home that it occurred to me that I should have just gone and looked for the women's bathroom in one of the upscale department stores, since they usually have a pretty nice sitting area attached. I could have tried feeding him there and seeing if that would calm him down enough to go visit his daddy. Ah well. Will have to keep that in mind for future shopping trips.

Friday Andrew had a half-day since it was the first week of their new 9/80 schedule. After he got home from work, I headed off to get my hair cut. Then Becca watched Corwin for us while Andrew dyed my hair. So I feel like my hair is looking decent again, finally. Yay! :)

Friday evening, Becca and I headed to the video store and rented Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I was actually kinda disappointed by it, as certain parts of the dialog were difficult to follow, and I feel like I missed part of the plot (what exactly was the deal with the letters that Elizabeth Swann got signed at the beginning as she was making her escape?) as a result. That may be partly due to the fact that I was also juggling the baby while watching the movie, but I think Becca ended up a little confused also and she wasn't holding a baby. The other bad thing is we had to stop and take the DVD back to the store and exchange it partway through, as the original one we had was so scratched up that it wouldn't progress further than a certain point, no matter what we tried. Bleh.

Today, Corwin's been back to his usual happy self (he was a bit fussier than usual yesterday still as well). Becca hung out with us a bit this morning and then headed back to Austin. Andrew, Corwin, and I made another family trip to the grocery store, so that's taken care of for the coming week. Corwin's napping in his swing now, and I'm going to work on financial stuff once I finish writing this post. We're planning to go for a walk this evening. The main problem I'm having with staying at home with Corwin is that I feel like I spend a ton of time just sitting in the chair with him, and I want more exercise/movement than I'm getting. I do walk around with him some, but he gets heavy. And he wiggles a lot. I think I may break down and take him to A Woman's Work this week and try on some of the slings they have to see how they work. If I find something that works, I'll probably buy one there (I'd feel guilty trying on stuff there and then not buying anything from them, but they do tend to be on the expensive side) and order anything additional online where I can get it cheaper.

I want to go see Spiderman 3 sometime in the next few weeks. Anyone willing to babysit for a couple of hours to allow us to do that?
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Corwin and I are home from his doctor appointment (have been for a couple hours, actually). We both seem to have survived his shots, though they were plenty traumatic for mommy as well as baby. It's really hard to just hold your kid's hands while someone does owie things to them that make them scream. :(

His doctor asked us to skip the oral rotavirus vaccine. Apparently a previous incarnation of this vaccine was associated with intussusception, and the doctor doesn't feel like the new vaccine has been determined to be definitely safe just yet. Basically, he said he'd give it if I wanted it, but I got the strong impression he'd rather not. Since Corwin isn't going to day care, I figure he's at a lower risk of exposure anyway, so I don't mind forgoing it. The stuff I've read online since we got home gives the strong impression that rotavirus is a bigger problem in developing countries where access to medical facilities to treat the resultant dehydration is lacking. So even if he does come down with a severe case of diarrhea/vomiting from rotavirus, I feel confident that he can be treated and will ultimately be fine. There are a couple of articles about the vaccine (not from anti-vaccination sources) from the PATH Rotavirus Vaccine Program and Medical News Today.

So far Corwin seems to be doing okay. I fed him immediately after he got his four shots, and that mostly calmed him down. He was still a little fussy after I got him back in his car seat, but had fallen asleep even before I got him into the car (I had to stand around for a few minutes to pay the doctor's office and schedule his 4-month appointment). He was awake by the time we got home, but has actually been a bit calmer than usual (is that listlessness?). Then he got fussy again, but I think that was due to tiredness; he's napping in his swing now. The nurse said he'd likely take a good nap this afternoon, so we'll see if she was right. ;)

And now, his vitals that you have all been waiting for:

Length: 24" (95th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz (95th percentile)
Head circumference: 16" (75th percentile)

I'm surprised at his length, actually, as if that's correct he's only grown a quarter-inch in the last month. Given that we had to move him up a clothing size because the 0-3s were too short, and he's definitely looking longer in his car seat and bouncer, I was pretty sure he'd grown more than that. I suspect either the 1-month measurement wasn't quite right, or this one wasn't.


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