Week in sum

Jan. 3rd, 2009 09:26 pm
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I'd like to try to sum up the past few days, but not sure how to do so without spending the rest of my awake time this evening doing so. We've spent most of the past week in Austin for our Rice friends' annual New Year's shindig. Essentially what happens is that events are scheduled (or not...some things happen last minute) and folks are notified and can go or not as they please. Various folks open up their houses on different evenings, and folks hang out, eat, play games, chat, etc.

Here's the highlights version. It got long. )

My only complaint about this Austin visit was a complete lack of downtime for me that wasn't spent sleeping or attempting to sleep. I didn't get any computer time at all after the first day except for the time I spent checking the party planning document and printing out maps to various locations. And any freetime (i.e Corwin nap time) I had was spent either sleeping or socializing with my family. So my introvert recharge meter is a little low right now. :(

I'm SOOO not ready for Andrew to go back to work on Monday!
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We were supposed to be heading to Austin this afternoon after lunch to be there in time for dinner with my family this evening. BUT, Corwin is now on Day 8 of a cold and not sounding better (in fact, he sounds worse to me, though he isn't acting like he feels especially bad...aside from sleeping past 9 this morning). Normally I wouldn't worry about it as he doesn't have any really disturbing symptoms, but since we're planning to go out of town I went ahead and called his doctor this morning, and the nurse thought we should have him seen due to the aforementioned going out of town. He now has a 4:15 appointment (the earliest available was 1:45, but that's right in the middle of naptime).

So we won't be getting to Austin until late tonight or tomorrow depending on how the appointment goes. I'm pulling for tonight, but we'll see.

He's not allowed to be sick and cause us to miss New Year's again this year! :P
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I'm happy I got to stay in bed a little late this morning while Andrew got Corwin up and fed him breakfast, and apparently dealt with a strange poopy diaper while I was in the shower, so I didn't have to help. I'm happy we're back home in Houston, and that we didn't encounter any heavy traffic on the way here. And I'm happy that Corwin napped for about an hour in the car (best nap he's had in the last 4 days, which is sad...) and I got to close my eyes and doze for a little while in the car, too. :)

And I'm happy my house has working heating! :)
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We're home.

Had Thanksgiving in Austin as usual. Was nice to see most of my extended family for Thanksgiving. Corwin had a bit of trouble adjusting to Austin this time around. He cried for nearly a full half-hour the first three times (bedtime, nap, bedtime) we put him to bed at my parents' house, then just for a few minutes the rest of the time. He was too distracted by the people to eat Thanksgiving dinner and only ate a few bites of pineapple and nothing else that was on his plate. But later when it was just the immediate family for dinner he decided he really did like mashed potatoes and roasted turkey. He even ate broccoli and rice casserole at one meal (and then refused to touch it as leftovers at subsequent meals).

He was mostly settled by Saturday, but I opted to leave him home with my parents while Andrew and I went down to [livejournal.com profile] liz_gregory and [livejournal.com profile] brittonblog's place for an "Eat the leftovers" game night, since I didn't want him to AGAIN not eat anything due to the new surroundings and lots of people, and then have trouble going to sleep in his pack and play in a strange place as well. Turns out this was a good decision on my part, as when we got home my parents said they were pretty sure he was getting sick as his nose started running after we left and he had hardly eaten any dinner, even the things he liked. And sure enough....he woke crying at 4 a.m. and Andrew and I got up with him. He was drooling like a madman and obviously congested enough that he was having trouble sleeping. I hunted up the old diaper rags my mom still has around from when we were kids (as I'd neglected to pack any), took him to the bathroom, washed his face, suctioned out his nose, gave him some water to drink and a diaper rag to take to bed with him for wiping his face, and propped up the head of his bed with books. He fussed a little once I put him back to bed, but did go back to sleep and (while he did make noise a few times) woke for the morning around 8:00. Obviously still sick. Poor guy.

We had a miserable drive back to Houston today. We hit the post-Thanksgiving traffic jam on I-10 and it took us nearly an hour to get from the 71/I-10 junction to Sealy. Traffic started moving again on the other side of Sealy. Poor Corwin had been trying to doze off most of the trip, but would wake up pretty quickly due to congestion, and by the time we got moving again on the other side of Sealy he was closing his eyes like he was going to go to sleep, but after a minute or so he'd just start crying, with his eyes still closed. We couldn't tell for sure if he was asleep or awake. Let me just say, it was really hard to concentrate on driving with that going on. Fortunately Andrew was able to more or less keep him calm until we could get home. Once we got home we go the car unpacked and ourselves more or less settled in, and then did dinner, bath, bedtime in quick succession since the poor little guy was so tired and so miserable. He was to bed by 7:30 and has only fussed once briefly since then.

I, on the other hand, got to make the grocery store run for the week (it was just going to be a quick trip for milk, but given the odds of one or both of Andrew and me coming down with Corwin's cold in the next day or two, I figured it the better part of valor just to do the week's grocery shopping so we won't be forced to leave the house later on if we're miserable too), and had to move the car seat back to my car once I got back from shopping. Now I need to shower and get to bed, and stop procrastinating by writing this lj post. No telling how well Corwin will sleep tonight, and I get to be home alone with him all day tomorrow as per usual.

I did get to go shopping on Friday and Saturday. The big exciting purchase for me was BRAS, which may be TMI for some of you. Oh well. Let me just say that it is SO NICE to have real, non-nursing bras that fit again. :) [livejournal.com profile] beckyboo83 and I went shopping for the bras and other clothing type stuffs on Friday afternoon (nothing was especially crowded then). Saturday Andrew and I went to Toys R Us and Terra Toys to shop for gifts for Corwin, and we got all his presents save the tricycle we want to get for him. We were unimpressed with the selection at Toys R Us so we'll try to find something we like online and order it.

Think that's the trip in a nutshell. Now off to shower and bed for me. 'Night all! :)
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So Andrew and I are finishing up getting ready to leave for DragonCon tomorrow. We're spending the night tonight with Corwin at Andrew's parents' house (saves us from having to get up butt-early tomorrow to drive up there in time to drop Corwin off and get to the airport on time), and we'll leave from there in the morning to catch our flight. Flight leaves at 12:40, so I'm guessing we need to be at the airport sometime around 11?

Of course, Corwin is still suffering from his runny nose which needs to be wiped fairly regularly, and he's drooling enough that a bib is prudent, but still not the copious rivers like last time. In general he doesn't act like he's feeling bad, though he does seem to cry over little things that he ordinarily wouldn't. Some of that could be tiredness, too, though -- he's been sleeping fine at night, but his naps for the last several days have been terrible. He's been sleeping about 45 minutes and then waking up and crying. Yesterday I went and sat and rocked him in his room for around 15 minutes trying to get him to calm down so he could go back to sleep, but he never stopped crying that entire time. He did stop once I gave up and brought him downstairs to play. *sigh* It's really frustrating that he doesn't yet comprehend that crying makes him more congested. :(

And on top of that, there is Hurricane Gustav threatening the Gulf Coast. At this point, landfall seems to be projected for Monday, which is when we should be flying home from Atlanta. So now I'm also worrying that we'll end up stuck in Atlanta for an extra day or something because our plane doesn't want to fly through a hurricane. (I assume hurricanes result in flight cancellations...) And then of course there is the chance that Gustav will be the one that actually does visit Houston, and we won't be here to prepare for it (board up the house and the like). And we are supposed to help Ralph board up Bob & Nancy's house also in the event of a hurricane while they are in Turkey...as long as it doesn't occur this weekend while we are also out of town. *sigh*

So, rationally, we keep an eye on the weather while we're in Atlanta, and if it looks like the hurricane is actually going to come here, we reschedule our flight back and come home early. Otherwise, we pack extra clothes in case we have to stay an extra day in Atlanta due to flight cancellations. And my worries about Corwin are probably just typical mom worries about being away from him overnight for the first time -- just exacerbated a bit by him being not totally healthy. He's going to be with his grandparents, though, who love him and are perfectly qualified to take care of him having raised three kids of their own already. He'll be in the same town with his pediatrician, and we're leaving them with a "consent to treat" note in case of emergency. So everything SHOULD be fine. So says my logical brain. :)

Momma brain just wants to hold onto Corwin tightly and not leave him.
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Corwin and I arrived safely in Austin this evening, after taking a 40 minute tour of Houston in the rain before we were able to get properly on the road (I forgot something important and didn't realize it until we were nearly to Katy, thus a 40 minute round trip ensued). Corwin tried really hard to stay awake for the entire drive, but finally dozed off around 3:45 (just as I was about to stop at the McDonalds in LaGrange to feed him his snack since he wasn't sleeping and get me some french fries to appease my need to buy something since I'd be using their air conditioning and restrooms). He slept for about an hour, maybe a little longer, and woke up after we were well on our way through Austin to my parents' house. So aside from my forgetfulness making the trip longer than necessary, it went well.

I've stayed up way too late tonight watching the Olympics with my mom.

Austin folks: any gamenights happening that I should know about between now and Sunday?

Home again!

Jul. 8th, 2008 05:15 pm
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We're back at home. We got here shortly before 4:00 I think.

However, we all slept really badly last night so are feeling pretty zombified this evening. Despite going to bed around 10:30/11:00, it was 1:30 by the time I figured out I had to set the thermostat all the way down at 65 in order to get the room cool enough to be comfortable for sleeping. After that, though, I couldn't tune out Corwin's tossing and turning and occasional talking/yelling/fussing, and finally got up again around 3 to put a towel in between his mattress and his bedsheet -- the bed as we received it had no bedpad on it. I foolishly assumed he'd be okay that way since he still sleeps in long-sleeved footed pajamas, but after hours of listening to him toss and turn I decided maybe the lack of bedpad was keeping him awake after all (I can't sleep worth beans if theres not something between mattress and sheet to keep me from feeling hot and sticky). So we all got up and I made that change, and then we all went back to bed and listened to Corwin toss and turn a bit more. I'd guess sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 I finally fell asleep, for what I'd seriously guess was the first time all night. I woke briefly at 7 long enough to note the time and that my compadres both appeared to be asleep, and then again at 7:50 when Corwin declared himself awake for the day.

Andrew got up with Corwin and I got to stay in bed, dozing, until just before 9:30. Since I was the one with more sleep (sad when somewhere in the 5 to 5.5 hour range is MORE sleep between the two of us) I got to drive today. And boy could I tell I hadn't slept enough....every time Andrew would try to be helpful by reminding me of something I'd get cranky and snap at him. And Corwin was a fussbudget, too....he didn't really get enough sleep either. He actually did as well as usual in the car, but he was major cranky while we were packing up the hotel room and getting ready to go. Kinda like yesterday, but worse I think.

Now we are sitting around the house trying to summon willpower to make dinner and unpack/put away stuff. And we're also trying to summon energy/willpower to enforce all the home rules that Corwin has forgotten after being gone for over a week. We're both so tired that it's really tempting to just let him get away with stuff so we don't have to discipline and physically remove him from situations. *sigh* Parenting is hard, and doesn't go away when you're tired. :(


Jul. 7th, 2008 08:49 pm
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I'm writing from our hotel in Lafayette, LA tonight. We left the beach house around 10:30 this morning and arrived here about 5:30 this evening. Corwin was fussy this morning (apprehensive about us packing up and getting ready to leave I guess) but has been fine all day once we got in the car and got on the road. Lunch was at a Barnhill's buffet restaurant (kind like Golden Corral, for you TX folks), where Corwin ate a TON of food. He ate a whole plateful of fruit, diced ham, rice, and macaroni & cheese, plus two watermelon wedges. We couldn't get him to STOP eating until his plate was clean. Andrew and I thought it was okay, but probably not something we'd pick to eat at again if it was just the two of us.

This evening we met up with [livejournal.com profile] xalupi and Erin here in Lafayette for dinner at Prejean's, which was good but a bit disappointing because they didn't have their regular menu available tonight. Their gumbo was awesome, and I had a duck dish that Erin knew about since she has been to the restaurant semi-regularly -- something on the regular menu but not on the menu for today. The duck was good, but a little fatty. I wasn't thrilled with the sides though. Just looked at the web site (linked above) and see several things on the menu there that sound yummy -- but they weren't on the menu for today so I didn't have the option to order them. Including Red Snapper Pontchartrain, which is what I would have had if I'd had the option. There were also a couple of shrimp pasta dishes that sounded good in their descriptions.

We ordered the popcorn shrimp for Corwin, but when they arrived they were regular-sized shrimp rather than what I usually think of as popcorn shrimp. He refused to touch them, though he was happy to eat the french fries that came with them. *sigh* He also had some fried cheese and the peas we had brought for him. But I didn't really expect him to eat a ton since he'd had such a huge lunch.

We got an actual crib from the hotel this time. Though it's still not a normal full-size crib. It's narrower than a standard crib, but I think it's the same lengthwise. *shrug* He didn't put up much fuss at all when I put him to bed in it a little while ago, though, so hopefully it will be okay. He's sleeping in the same room where we will be sleeping (we're in a suite again; Andrew and I are out in the living room at the moment), though, so we'll see how it goes after we go to bed. Having his stuffed dinosaur and his blanket in there with him really seems to make a difference.

And now I should be good and relinquish the laptop so Andrew can get back to playing EVE Online (or check in on WoW if he intends to). I have toddler dishes to clean up for tomorrow, and a book to read anyway. Good night all. We'll be back in Houston tomorrow.
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We are at the beach. Our house is SUPPOSED to have internet access, but thus far it has been terribly spotty. We had it the day we arrived (Saturday), and for an hour or so around dinner time on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, we were over at the other house (which is also suffering with really spotty internet access) eating dinner during that time, so not able to DO anything with our internet. This afternoon, it seems to be working.....but I'll make no guarantees as to how long it might continue to do so.

Aside from lack of Internetz (which is driving both Andrew and me crazy), we are having a good time. Corwin seems to be strongly water aspected (whatever that means) like his mother. He LOVED the ocean yesterday. He was a little tentative about going in the water at first, but by the time we were ready to go back to the house and get cleaned up he was about waist-deep in the waves and pointing out to sea and trying to go out further (Andrew and I had a good grip on him and weren't about to let him). He likes playing in the sand, too. We had a sand-covered boy when we left the beach. Andrew's dad took some pictures, so I'll try to post some whenever I get copies (it may be a while).

We took him to the kiddie pool today, but he didn't like that nearly as much. Unfortunately, the kiddie pool was 2 feet deep (rather than 1 foot like I was expecting) which is chest height on Corwin. So all he could really do was walk around, and he slipped a couple of times and got his head in the water. He didn't cry about that, but he didn't seem very happy about it, either. I think we'll go back to the beach tomorrow. Easier to clean up after the pool (no sand), but I think we all had more fun at the beach.

This afternoon I'm cooking my mom's chicken & rice dish to feed the group for dinner tonight. I think that's something on the order of 14-16 people. Whee. I need to go get started on that soonish.

I've had a really bad headache off and on since we've been here. I suspect it's sinus related because right now, when my head isn't hurting, I still feel a bit of sinus pressure and have a slightly runny nose. I took a Claritin a little under an hour ago, so we'll see if that helps any. Fortunately, Advil has so far been sufficient to knock it out when it rears its ugly head (another reason I suspect sinus/allergies, as Advil doesn't do much for my usual headaches).


Mar. 9th, 2008 01:31 pm
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Corwin and I made it back to Houston on Friday without too much trouble. He got a bit whiny about an hour and a half or so into the drive, but fell asleep around the two hour mark and I was able to get us the rest of the way home without incident. We were on Richmond when he woke up from his doze, so really close to home.

There was one really cute incident at my parents' house before we headed home. He's not allowed in the kitchen at our house, but he was at my parents'. He discovered the fridge magnets, and was absolutely fascinated by them. At one point, he grabbed his favorite magnet off the fridge and started going around the kitchen attempting to make it stick to other things -- the oven, the door to the hallway, etc. It was really neat to watch him go around testing what the magnet would or wouldn't stick to, and nifty to see the thought process of "if this sticks to the fridge, it should stick to other things, too!" even if it wasn't an accurate idea.

I've been working this weekend, as per usual. I got quite a bit done this morning at home before coming to work, also, so I'm feeling accomplished this afternoon. I slept in 'til 10:00 or so (yay Andrew for getting up with Corwin!), had a shower, had breakfast, unloaded/reloaded dishwasher and handwashed dishes, made tea, put away some odds and ends, and worked in the flower bed out front for half an hour before it was time for me to have lunch and head out the door for work. In that half hour, I pruned back most of the Mexican Heather to close to the ground and pulled out all the weeds in that area. I still have a couple of Mexican Heather plants to do, though, and LOTS more weeding and pruning in general. But I made a start. And I'll probably have a sore butt and thighs tomorrow from all the squatting -- as I was avoiding sitting or kneeling so as not to get my pants dirty before work.

Nothing else really to report.

Heading out

Mar. 4th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Gonna shut down the laptop and pack it up and then get Corwin and myself on the road to Austin. I'm a little apprehensive since I won't be able to entertain Corwin, hand him new toys, or feed him Cheerios to keep him happy while we're en route. So wish me luck that we'll arrive in Austin with my sanity intact!

[EDIT: We made it! The drive took just over 2.5 hours, and I was able to drive straight through. Corwin didn't go to sleep, but he never got fussy either. He played with his toys until he dropped them all (I was able to hand a few back to him once we got to Austin and started hitting stoplights, but he never fussed about not having them), looked out the window, and babbled at me occasionally. I think the trip went as well as I could have possibly hoped for, if not better. Now if only I can get a repeat performance out of him when we go home on Friday!]

Got another recorded call today from Barack Obama informing me that it's election day in Texas. At least today should be the last day of these for a while.
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Today is my long day at work; I'll be here 'til 6:00 this evening. For some reason today I am really really tired. I've wanted a nap ever since I got here this morning. :P And being tired hasn't helped my patience with some of the patrons today, either. My coworker who is here with me 'til 2:30 just left, but I don't think she was feeling any more awake than I do today. But at least she gets to go home now. :P

Corwin suddenly started screaming and crying at 5:15 this morning by our bedside clock (so really more like 5 a.m. by any other clock). I got up and fumbled for pants, but by the time I got them oriented properly to put on, he suddenly stopped. So I went to the bathroom and went back to bed. He was quiet for 15 minutes or so, and then started in on his usual morning half-awake grizzling and babbling. He didn't need anything....but he kept me awake. So I've essentially been awake since 5:00 this morning, with a bit of dozing between then and 7 or so. No wonder I'm dragging.

Plans for next week
Plans for next week have been firmed up a bit. Current plan is that Corwin and I will travel to Austin on Tuesday afternoon. I'll teach the class for my mom on Wednesday morning. We'll head back to Houston on Thursday or Friday, depending on how I'm doing as a single parent. I'd like to go to the game night on Thursday evening, so if Corwin isn't driving me too crazy with refusing to sleep we'll try to stick around for that and head back here on Friday. I'd like to go spend some time with [livejournal.com profile] sunflowerkwm, probably on Thursday, if she hasn't had her baby yet (or if she has and wouldn't mind a visit anyway).

Should try to get some work done to prepare for my presentation while I have the computer to myself for a while, but I'm so tired I'd rather just read my book until someone else needs help with something. We'll see what I get done.
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We headed to Austin on Saturday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner with my family Saturday night. After getting Corwin to bed, Andrew and I ran off to the Gregorys' house for some socialization and game playing. We got home around 11:30 to find Corwin awake and drinking a bottle in my mom's lap. We all got to bed by shortly after midnight, and I was up again with Corwin at 2. He didn't sleep terribly well, as I heard noise from him after 3 and after 4 as well, but at least those times didn't require getting up.

Sunday, we all noticed that Corwin had a runny nose when he woke up. Since he otherwise seemed fine, we went ahead and took him to church that morning. After church and lunch, he actually took a nap! It wasn't even a struggle to get him to go to sleep -- surprised the heck out of me.

When he woke up from his nap, we headed out to Zilker Park to meet up with some of our other friends with kids. There's not a lot for Corwin to do there since he's not walking yet, but we were looking forward to being outside and spending time with friends we don't see very often. Corwin did spend some time in the kiddie swing, and he got to ride on the Zilker Zephyr (the park train) thanks to the generosity of the Haunspergers. He wasn't that enthused by the swing -- he swung for a little while, never looked thrilled, and decided he wanted mommy pretty quickly. He LOVED the train, though, if I can judge by the amount of smiling, babbling, and armwaving that went on while we were riding. I'm glad we took him for that alone.

Pictures from the park are here )

From there we headed to the Haunspergers' house, where we had Mangia Pizza for dinner. Yum! After dinner, I took Corwin home to put him to bed, and Andrew stayed and played a game of Talisman with folks. Once I got Corwin home, it became very clear that he was in fact getting sick. He was a BEAR to get to sleep for the night, and once I did so his breathing was "snifflesnifflesniffle." When I went and stood outside the door after he'd been asleep for about 15 minutes, he was mouthbreathing. I headed back over to the Haunspergers' to pick up Andrew, leaving my parents with strict instructions to call if anything came up that they couldn't handle. I ended up over there for a couple of hours waiting for Andrew's game to finish (it never did; they ended up calling it when I and [livejournal.com profile] liz_gregory were both ready to go home and went to retrieve our husbands).

On Monday, Corwin was pretty miserable, so we ended up skipping the New Year's festivities and staying in with him at my parents' house, as detailed in my previous post.

Tuesday morning, I had a sore throat from drainage when I woke up. I stayed in bed for a good while while Andrew and my parents wrangled Corwin. Tuesday afternoon, we packed up our stuff and headed back here to Houston. Corwin conked out in the car almost immediately (having refused all naps offered prior to that), but he only slept for 45 minutes or so before being awake the rest of the trip. But he was at least pretty happy, so the drive wasn't a miserable one.

Today, I am definitely sick. Congestion is crazy ick. And I can't really take a decongestant because pseudoephedrine is potentially bad for my milk supply (which I can't afford) and the phenylephrine substitute doesn't work. So I feel bleh. Corwin is still congested also. We called his doctor's office, but they said unless he runs a fever or starts acting like either of his ears is bothering him, he doesn't need to go in. Fortunately, Andrew had planned to take today off work, so he's home to take care of us. But he's supposed to go back to work tomorrow; we'll see if that happens.
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This weekend was our annual trip to Austin for Christmas with my family. This year, my cousin Edward and his gf Marcia (who live in Seattle) were visiting my aunt and uncle in Seguin, so they hosted an extended family Christmas at their house as well. Since it wasn't on Christmas Day, we actually got to go this year (we are always in Houston with Andrew's family on Christmas Day).

Merry Christmas!

A few more pictures are here )

We got more presents at my parents' house later that evening. Corwin got a couple of 18-month size outfits, a three-headed dragon puppet, two Fisher Price carts with animals in them, a rocking ring stacker, and several cds that I requested that I remember loving as a child -- some Joe Scruggs and Leroy Anderson (composer of "Sleigh Ride," "The Typewriter," and "The Syncopated Clock," among others). Oh, and a very cute Baby's First Christmas ornament.

The biggest downside of the trip is that Corwin doesn't sleep well when he's not at home in his own bed. He actually slept great at night this trip, in spite of getting to bed late both nights. Friday we got to Austin about 10:15, and didn't him to sleep 'til almost 11:00. He slept straight through 'til 6:45 or so, but that's normal wake-up time for him and he refused to sleep any more after that, in spite of being about 3 hours short on sleep. And then he REFUSED to take a nap at all, all day. He dozed for about a half hour in the car on the way to Seguin, and that was it for napping on Saturday. We tried to get him to nap in his pack and play at my aunt and uncle's house, but it wasn't happening. Then we had to keep him up once we got back to my parents' house to participate in the second round of gift exchange. We thought about putting it off 'til this morning, but my sister had to work today so last night it was. He got to bed just after 8:00 last night, and was so exhausted that his protests were feeble and he fell asleep right away. He woke up once around 10:00, and then slept through 'til 6:30. And once again refused to nap, in spite of being obviously still exhausted. I FINALLY got him to sleep again around 11:30 when he just conked out while nursing, and he did take a 2 hour nap. But oh did we have to fight for it. I'm somewhat dreading the return trip this coming weekend for New Year's. The kid has got to learn to sleep elsewhere than his own room. *sigh*
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Head is better today. I had the headache still when I woke up this morning, but it went away on its own a couple hours after I got up.

Tomorrow I get us ready to head to Austin for family Christmas stuffs. We'll head that direction after Andrew gets off work in the evening.

I might bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies during one of Corwin's naps. We'll see how motivated I am and how much other stuff I need to do to get us ready to go.

We're taking double layered pajamas for Corwin (his fleece sleepers plus short-sleeved onesies to go underneath) and the space heater, so hopefully he won't sleep badly there due to being cold. I may take a long-sleeved onesie also just in case, though I suspect that would be overkill.
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I finally got the pictures that [livejournal.com profile] asharperfocus took of Corwin while we were at the beach during the week of the 4th of July. Some of them are really cute, so I'm going to subject you to some old(er) pictures of the baby boy.

Before anyone gets upset or worried about the little guy getting too much sun by being at the beach in only a diaper -- it was after 7:00 in the evening (getting close to sunset) and he was only out for about 20 minutes total.

Beach pics here )

You can view the full July gallery at:

Home again!

Jul. 7th, 2007 09:55 pm
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We arrived safely back at home in Houston today around 3:30 this afternoon.

The drive back went pretty well. Corwin's getting to be an old pro at long car rides. The fact that he can hold, inspect, and chew/lick/suck/drool on his toys now helps a lot -- sometimes he gets bored and fusses until I give him a toy he hasn't seen in a while, and then he gets all interested in it and stops with the fussing. :)

We stayed at the Drury Inn & Suites in Lafayette, LA last night. Making the stop was definitely a good decision on our part, and the hotel met our needs wonderfully. We got a suite (only $15 more for the night than a single room), so we were able to put Corwin to bed at (almost) his usual bedtime, but still stay up ourselves and get some reading and computer time in. We tried having dinner at the Cracker Barrel next door (first time we have braved a sit-down restaurant with him), but he melted down about halfway through and I took him back to the hotel while Andrew finished eating. In retrospect, it might have gone better had we gotten to the restaurant a little earlier. We didn't get there 'til 7:00, and Corwin's usual bedtime is 8:00, so he was really tired to begin with.

We strongly suspect Corwin is teething, as he's been chomping on all sorts of things: mom and dad's knuckles, his teething book -- both the cloth pages and the plastic teething bits that stick off the top, the chilled teething fishes, his own hands, and he's biting my nipples when nursing a couple of times each nursing session. I'm trying to nip that in the bud because while it's mildly painful now, I imagine it will be many times worse when he actually has teeth. Ugh. [livejournal.com profile] liz_gregory: any hints?

He's also been extremely fussy at random times when we can't see that anything is really wrong with him -- he's eaten recently, has a clean diaper, and has no obvious injuries or other discomfort. Combine that with the chomping -- and that the chomping sometimes calms the fussiness, and we suspect teething. Plus his grandma commented this week that his gums feel "hard." However, there aren't any obvious visual signs of teeth just yet.

We've ended up giving him tylenol before bed the last couple of nights because the last hour or so before bedtime is when he's the most fussy. I need to ask his doctor about the Hyland's Teething Tablets at his 4-month appointment on Tuesday (and hopefully his doctor can confirm or deny the teething theory, as well), as Andrew doesn't want to try them until they've been given a stamp of approval.


Jul. 1st, 2007 09:03 pm
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So far this vacation is not going as well as we'd like.

Corwin slept pretty well last night, was a happy boy this morning, and took his morning nap with no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, this was all while I was stuck over in the small house where we're staying because Andrew had gone on an 8:00 a.m. grocery run and didn't get back until after 11. And I hadn't had a shower before he left, which meant I couldn't head over to the big house with Corwin to socialize because I felt grungy and unpresentable.

This afternoon, he was a pill, and refused to nap in the pack and play at the big house. We headed back over here around 7:30 to give him a bath and try to put him to bed....only to find that the AC over here had stopped working. We thought the house seemed warm when we got back over here, but didn't realize there was really a problem 'til after Corwin's bath when it hadn't cooled off at all since we'd gotten back and set the AC down.

So I ended up sitting out on the porch for a good while with Corwin, stripped down to his diaper, while he slept on my lap. Turns out something in the AC unit had frozen over. Andrew's Uncle Bill and the maintenance guy have been outside messing with it for a good while now (an hour?), and it is finally cooling off in here. Corwin's in his pack and play now, but still stripped down to his diaper, so I'm expecting him to wake at some point due to being cold, and I'll put his pajamas back on then. I just hope whatever fix they've enacted lasts through the night -- and we don't have the AC just freeze over again.

The most frustrating thing is just that we don't feel like we're getting to do much due to the baby being fussy and refusing to nap at all in the big house, where there are other people around who can help take care of him or at least listen for him to wake up if Andrew and I were to, say, wander down to the beach for a while. Heck, I don't even feel like I'm getting to socialize very much, because Corwin is always monopolizing my attention, and won't nap at the big house so I can't socialize during his naps, either. But...I guess that is life with a 4 month old baby.


Jun. 30th, 2007 09:16 pm
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Well, we have arrived in Gulf Shores and are now firmly ensconced in our rental house at Martinique on the Gulf for the week. We stayed last night at the Woodridge B&B in Pearl River, LA, the same place we stayed a month ago when we were there for Andrew's cousin's wedding. Today we drove the leg from the Louisiana border to Gulf Shores, AL.

Travelling yesterday went pretty well; Corwin did pretty darn well for spending almost an entire day in the car. However, he slept in the bottom of the pack and play for the first time last night (with the exception of a couple of short, and not too successful, naps prior to this), and he did not sleep well. He woke up every hour and a half from the time he went to bed until sometime around 4:30 in the morning. At 4:30, he ate and then proceeded to be awake and babbling happily...kinda like what he did at my parents' house last weekend. I was up with him 'til 5:30, when I put him back in bed, still babbling but pretty calm at least. I'd guess it was close to 6 when he finally stopped babbling and went back to sleep; I wasn't looking at a clock at that point so can't say for sure. He then slept through 'til almost 9 a.m.

We got on the road again around 11 this morning, and he slept another hour or so...and that was about it for his sleeping for the day. He dozed briefly a few other times in the car, but for the most part he was awake...and he fussed a lot of the time he was awake. I was the one sitting in the back seat with him, and trying to calm the fussy baby was nearly as tiring as doing the driving would have been, I think. At any rate, between not sleeping well last night and fighting with a fussy baby all day, I am totally drained tonight.

Even after we got here this evening, we haven't been able to get Corwin to sleep. He dozed off nursing right when we first got here, but he slept all of 20 minutes or so after we put him down in the pack and play. I just FINALLY got him to bed at 9...after letting him sleep in my lap for a full half-hour after he fell asleep nursing. I hope he sleeps like a log tonight. He and I both need it.

That said...I think I am gonna head toward bed. Need to get as much sleep as I can, so I can be un-grumpy and enjoy myself tomorrow.
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This weekend, we headed to Austin so that Corwin could be baptized at Gethsemane Lutheran, the church where I grew up and where Andrew and I were married. We had an uneventful drive Friday evening. Since we didn't get on the road 'til around 7:00, Corwin slept the entire trip, and we made it in under 3 hours.

Saturday, Corwin and Andrew stayed at my parents' house in the afternoon, while I went shopping at the Round Rock Premium Outlets with [livejournal.com profile] sunflowerkwm, [livejournal.com profile] beckyboo83, [livejournal.com profile] liz_gregory, [livejournal.com profile] onefishclappin, and [livejournal.com profile] onefishclappin's son Alex, who rode along on Christi's or Liz's back in his Ergo. I was able to fill out Corwin's 9-month wardrobe, and get a good start on his 12-month wardrobe. I suspect he'll need some warmer clothing in 12-month sizes (since I suspect it will at least begin to cool off while he's in them, even if he doesn't make it through the winter in them) and he still needs footed sleepers. I was taken by surprise that that snap-front footed sleepers only go up to 9-month sizes; the 12-month ones all have zippers and treaded feet. So I suspect Corwin will end up with zippers and treaded feet...but that wasn't what I'd been planning to get for him, so I ended up not getting any this trip. Guess I just need a little time to get my not-always-so-flexible brain around the unexpected change.

We also stopped in Harry & David where I picked up a 1-lb bag of chocolate truffles in Milk, Dark, and Mint Chocolate flavors. Unfortunately, I forgot them when we were packing up to go home on Sunday, so they are still sitting in my parents' refrigerator. Hopefully they'll still be there next time we go back!

Saturday night, Corwin didn't sleep well at all -- he woke up every 2.5 hours or so, and at 4:00 a.m., he decided that it would be a good time to stay up and babble happily. He wasn't unhappy as long as someone was holding him, but he wouldn't go back to sleep, either. We eventually got him back to sleep around 5:30, but it made for two very tired parents when our alarm went off at 7:30 to get ready for church.

We had a large crowd for the baptism -- my whole extended family with the exception of 3 of my cousins, plus Andrew's parents and his sister [livejournal.com profile] asharperfocus. My Grandma Elaine was even able to make it from Dallas, which I am just thrilled about. I'm so glad that she was able to meet Corwin finally! Andrew was baptized privately before the service, and then it was off to get Corwin dressed in his baptismal gown. I'm so glad he only has to wear that the one time -- it was a pain to get on, and then because it's so long it was hard to carry him without getting it all bunched up. The service went fine; I had to take Corwin out midway through the homily to eat (Andrew and I were both amazed that he lasted that long, since he'd last eaten when he got up around 8:30 a.m.), and he fell asleep nursing and slept through the rest of the service.

After the service, we all headed back to my parents' house for a huge dinner. We finally got on the road to head back to Houston around 4:15 or so in the afternoon, so we weren't able to stop by [livejournal.com profile] onefishclappin's to get hand-me-down baby clothes from her and [livejournal.com profile] liz_gregory. I think most of what they had on offer was 12 and/or 18-month sizes, though, so it wasn't an urgent thing. Corwin slept through the first two hours of the trip home, waking when we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Sealy to get some dinner. That DQ is now officially off the list of baby-friendly places to stop -- the women's restroom wasn't even handicapped accessible, so not only did it not have a changing station, it had no floor space to change a baby on, either. And the men's room was apparently not suitable either -- it had floor space, but wasn't very clean.

We got home around 7:30, and spent the rest of the evening vegging before we crashed out and slept like the dead...except when awakened by the hungry baby, of course. ;)

More pictures from the baptism are here )

You can see a few more shots from the day in the gallery here.


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