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I totally fell off the National Blog Posting Month bandwagon. I keep thinking about writing a long catch-up post, but now I can't remember what all I even wanted to write. *sigh*

I am trying to get a handle on cleaning my house, but somehow there is never enough time and when I do get a little while to work on it, I do nothing more than scratch the surface. And then the kids come home and mess up what little progress I made. I got a reasonable amount of vacuuming done yesterday, but tomorrow I'm volunteering at the library at the elementary school again for a couple of hours before I pick up Ian from preschool, so I won't have much time to make any more progress. I vacuumed the living room (main floor anyway; I didn't move all the toys to do that area) but didn't have time to dust under the couch where the dust bunnies collect -- so now there are dust bunnies all in the middle of the floor again. Something about the way the kids play blows them out from underneath. And as usual, I do dishes and laundry. Some days, I feel like dishes, laundry, meals, and driving are all I get done. And then I do it all again the next day.

Since I can't think of what all I wanted to ramble about any more, I'm gonna go make the boys' lunches for tomorrow and get to bed. Should have done that a while ago. Instead, I was watching the mid-season finale of Revolution -- I'm all caught up on that one now. Only another FOUR MONTHS until March for it to pick back up again! I'm sure I'll have forgotten all about the helicopters by then. :P

I wish the TV I was interested in was more kid-friendly, so I wouldn't have to save it all 'til after the kids are in bed. Ultimately, though, it's better this way -- less tv-watching for them. And me, too.

Day 3

Nov. 6th, 2012 08:06 pm
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Today is Election Day. Hopefully by later tonight the wait will be over. Fingers crossed for the outcome I prefer! :) Andrew & I voted last week on Thursday, so it's been pretty anticlimactic since then.

Today, I am sick. Drainy with a scratchy throat. And unenergetic this evening. I really feel like watching some mindless TV, but the only shows I have been following lately are Bones and Revolution (both via Hulu). Unfortunately, I watched the latest ep of Revolution this afternoon, and the latest ep of Bones is currently only on Hulu Plus; I'll have to wait 'til next week for it to be free. Revolution is....hard to watch. It's both very violent and very emotionally wrenching. And the science feels 'off,' too, though I'm hoping ultimately they'll be able to explain that. Since I'm not an electrical engineer or anyone else who knows the intricate details of how it all works in the real world, it's not TOO terribly hard to suspend disbelief. Though I'd still like to know why there are no alternative energy sources in use (steam, diesel, etc.). For some reason, in spite all of the above, I'm hooked. Guess I want to know what happens. And Billy Burke (Miles) is pretty easy on the eyes, too. :)

I took Corwin to the doctor after school today. He has a sinus infection, so gets a round of antibiotics. I'll pick those up tomorrow; we had gymnastics after the doc appointment today, and both boys were pretty much "out of control" all afternoon. No way sick, run-down me was spending extra time sitting in rush hour traffic to then drag them into the grocery store to pick up a prescription. Ugh.
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As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to go take my shower and get ready for bed, since I have to get up for work tomorrow.

I watched Dollhouse tonight. Maybe mild spoilers )

Regarding our house progress: we finally got the handyman out today. One of his many jobs was to install blinds in four of our windows that have up til now had either nothing or those temporary paper blinds that we put up when we first bought the house. This meant that Corwin and I had to go buy blinds at Lowe's this morning. When the handyman got to installing them, he said that the blind for the 3rd floor window had been cut too short. *sigh* No idea how that happened as I told the girl who cut them that both sets of blinds needed to be cut to 58 1/4" wide. No clue why she would have changed her settings between jobs. But she did, so we had to go back tonight and return the too short ones and buy another set. The handyman will be back again next Friday to hang them and do touchup painting and one other job that he wasn't able to finish today.

Corwin was horribly cute as usual. He kept calling the handyman the "AC guy" (because we had an AC guy out a couple weeks ago -- I'm sure you recall my rant on that topic) and I kept correcting him: "No, this is Daniell, the handyman." Finally he compromised and started calling him the "handy guy."

We had our convection oven repaired on Tuesday. That embarrassed me, as it turned out the reason the convection fan was making a horrible banging noise was that the fan cover was bent and thus the fan blades were hitting it. The solution for this was removal of the cover (involved a few screws), bending it back into shape, and replacing it. For this, I paid $92. I so wish that rather than just assuming the problem was something horrible and ignoring it for several years (because we never use the convection oven; it was our former housemate who discovered the problem because she used it) I'd taken the time to look in there myself. Oh well. *shrug*

Still waiting on my floor to be fixed. This is the problem with warranty repairs, I think. The guy from the company that installed our flooring came out on Monday and looked at it and said he would call me to schedule a time to have the work done. Not having heard from him since and it now being Friday, I gave them a call this afternoon. The relevant guy was out at an appointment, so I left my number and was supposed to get a call back later. No call came this afternoon.

Our deep cleaning from the maid service is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20. So I anticipate us going on the market on Thursday or Friday that week. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (I'm a bit frightened, especially since as soon as we get on the market we get to start figuring out where we go if the house sells....i.e. we get to start the new house shopping process.)

In other news, my parents will be here tomorrow night. They are coming to Houston to attend my brother's girlfriend's graduation from the UT Houston Medical Branch (or whatever it is properly called....I don't have the announcement in front of me) where she has gotten her Masters. That's Saturday afternoon, and my parents will be staying with us Saturday night.

I think that is all the news with us for the moment. :)


Sep. 12th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Cable TV seems to be gone. Internet still working, though. Odd.

Unrelated aside: FOX on Demand has the current week's episode of Bones available (and older eps also...I'm annoyed as it currently only has selected episodes from Season 3 rather than all of them). At any rate, I may be able to keep up with Season 4 after all, in spite of it showing on Wednesdays, and even without a DVR! :)
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So I picked up the August issue of Starlog magazine over at Bob & Nancy's house tonight, and saw way too many mind-boggling things in skimming the first few pages:

-there's a live-action movie of Fraggle Rock in the works...

-in addition to Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse is also going to have Amy Acker in it! I'm having geek-gasms already....and I still have to wait 'til January for this thing to air. On the downside, apparently only 7 episodes have been ordered to start with.

-Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has Shirley Manson joining the cast this September!!!! o.O I think this one broke me. I have never seen a Terminator movie as I assume them to be too violent for li'l ol' me, so I know absolutely nothing about these Sarah Connor Chronicles and previously had no interest in them whatsoever. I may be watching in the fall regardless, though. The first two sentences of this writeup pretty much sum up my feelings on the subject.
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So I have started watching my Gilmore Girls DVDs while feeding Corwin (which is something I spend a lot of time doing these days). I went ahead and started with Season 1, since it's been years since I watched it on TV when it originally aired.

Now, I am doing a fair amount of my watching in a sleep-deprived haze. However, I would swear I spotted a major continuity error. At the beginning of the series, I would swear that somewhere in there it was stated that Rory is 16. Midway through the season, she has two birthday parties. Then, in the episode with The Bangles' concert, which takes place after the birthday parties, it's explicitly stated that all four girls in the room (Rory, Paris, Madeline, and Louise) are 16. So unless I'm wrong about her being 16 at the beginning of the series, it would appear that Rory had a birthday but failed to age a year.

Of course, I could also just be sleep-deprived and crazy ;)
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I called the cable company, and their diagnosis is that our cable box is FUBARed and we need to take it in and exchange it for a new one. Whee! One more thing to add to our list of things to do this weekend, I guess. Fortunately we don't watch much TV, so aside from 8-9 tonight when I want to be watching VM, I doubt we'll miss it before then.

I'd like to solicit some advice from those who know about such: we're contemplating setting up wireless in the house after we get the new laptop.

Our two desktops are both set up for wired internet access, and don't have wireless capability currently (we'd have to buy new cards for them both). So we probably want to continue using our existing wired router for them. So if we only need wireless for the laptop (and any other laptops that folks might bring and use in our house), do we need a wireless hub or a wireless router? Can we use wireless and wired at the same time, and have all three machines interface with each other (i.e. be networked)? Can you recommend a good hub or router for this situation?
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Work has been keeping me busy enough lately that I can only spare the time for quick updates.

I'm feeling pretty good this week:

  • The house is LOTS cleaner than it's been in several months (though we are still working on it a little each evening to try to get it into even better shape) due to diligent work on both our parts this weekend.

  • I got some of my Halloween decorations put up last night. I'm hoping to finish 'em off tonight, but we'll see.

  • First Season 3 episode of Veronica Mars is on tonight! (hopefully I can remember to sit down and watch it)

  • New Evanescence CD is out today. We'll pick that up sometime this week, I'm sure. [EDIT: Andrew stopped and got it on his way home from work. Yay! (Best Buy has it on sale for $9.99 this week.)]

  • Big ultrasound tomorrow afternoon! Not only do we (hopefully) get to find out Baby's sex, but it also means Andrew and I get to spend the afternoon together.

  • My parents are visiting this weekend. I'm actually looking forward to it -- I'm going to drag them off shopping, and they're going to help me make heads and tails of all the baby stuff that's out there. Thus far, I've only looked at Target, and I found that overwhelming. No way am I braving Babies R Us without someone with experience along for help!

Home Sick

Feb. 19th, 2006 07:49 pm
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I feel like I've been under the weather in some sinus-related fashion for the last two weeks now, or thereabouts. First it was the excruciating headaches, then sinus pressure and drainage resulting in a sore throat, and today it seems the gunk in my sinuses has finally decided it's time to come out. So now I have a runny nose, sinus pressure, and some drainage (though the sore throat seems to have gone away, for the time being).

As a result of this, I've done a whole lot of sitting around like a lump this weekend.

Veronica Mars -- no spoilers )

Mundane weekend update )

Ah well. Here shall end my oh-so-exciting weekend update.
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Okay, this is gonna be quick, since I spent way too much time replying to a private post by [ profile] moonsinger and I still need to go take a shower before I head to bed. Work was still stressful (gee, I've been saying that a lot lately....hopefully only a few more days to go), but we got a decision made, and hopefully that shoud be taken care of by Friday. So hopefully, this weekend will be for relaxing, and maybe some drinking too :P

This evening was pretty relaxing. Had a mostly yummy dinner at Bob's....I wasn't sure about the meat we had, but the potato and WATERMELON! that went with it were good. :) Then I watched the 2-hour pilot movie for the Lone Ranger on the WB with Nancy, which actually turned out to be pretty good. Chad Michael Murray looks a lot better in it than he did when he was on Gilmore Girls; I think the non-spiky hair has a lot to do with it. However, given my taste for Hispanic guys, I have to say I preferred the guy who played Tonto (no idea what his actual name is, though I suppose I could go look it up). The actor may have actually been Native American rather than Hispanic, but either way he was still hot :)

Not much else to say. I was going to mention I was eating the elixer of life ice cream, but I finished it quite a while ago. It too was yummy! :)
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Well, jury duty today was much more interesting and held my attention much better than yesterday's. There's not a whole lot that I feel I can say about it in here (this is one time when I wish I was still motivated to keep a private diary...then I could talk about all these thoughts floating around in my head). Let's just suffice to say that today's testimony really made me think, and appreciate everything that I have. I tend to be fairly negative about things a lot of the time (at least according to Andrew...I think I'm less negative than he says I am), but I learned a lot about the value of a positive attitude today. I'm going to try to look on the bright side of things more often from now on....I'm sure Andrew will let me know if I'm at all successful.

We're off tomorrow, which means I get to go to work, and attend the librarians' meeting at which we're going to discuss how we're going to handle the budget cuts mandated by the state. Fun, fun. Monday is back to jury duty at 9:00 a.m. The judge said today that he thinks they're going to be able to hand things to us to deliberate on Tuesday, and then things just depend on how long it takes us to make up our minds. I just hope I'm not the would really suck to have sat through all this and then not be able to weigh in on the decision, or even to ever get to discuss it with other informed parties. *sigh*

Andrew and I watched the two hours of Stargate SG-1 tonight that we recorded on Monday since I didn't get home 'til after 7:00. Now I'm procrastinating from paying bills. Guess I should probably get back to it...need to keep up that credit rating so we can get our mortgage whenever the heck we end up closing on our house :P

And I leave you with a lemming )

TV Rambling

Feb. 5th, 2003 10:04 pm
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Well, [ profile] spritenox and [ profile] bindusara are here, in town for Owlcon a few days early. Andrew and I were lazy and never did get the vacuuming done, and he ended up going to the grocery store by himself later this evening since he was tired of Disciples II (for the moment) and didn't want to watch Angel with the rest of us. I don't really watch Angel, but since I'm getting into Buffy I imagine I'll end up getting into Angel as well. The show looks interesting; unfortunately, I just have no idea about all the stuff that's happened between "Band Candy" in season 3 of Buffy and what's happening now. I'd rather watch the stuff in order rather than jumping in in the middle...but heck, it's interesting and I was feeling sociable :). I ended up watching a current episode of Angel a couple weeks ago with Nancy anyway. That may become a regular occurrence, since Andrew and I are usually over there on Wednesdays and I haven't been much in the mood to play Magic with Bob, Andrew, and Ralph of late. *shrug* Oh well. It's TV, I shouldn't stress over it.

Anyway, we've just been hanging out in the apartment tonight, watching TV mostly (they're out there watching Berserk now, and I'm the one hiding out with the computers). We all seem to be too tired to do much else, though I have to admit to feeling a bit rejuvenated now that I've had a shower. Just in time to go to bed, of course :P.

In other news, read in the Sunday Zest section of the paper this morning a review of Erasure's new album of covers. At the end of it, in small print, it said that their March 14 show at Numbers is sold out. Darnit...wish I'd known they were doing a show at Numbers...that would've been cool!


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