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I'm at work this afternoon, but since it's the last day of finals for the semester, we're not very busy. Most of the questions we're getting are of the "Where do I return my books?" variety; nothing very challenging. We did have one Ask A Librarian email question this morning asking how to find a particular kind of psychology article, and that caused us to do a double-take: "Really?! It's 8:30 on the morning of the last day of finals and you haven't even found your ARTICLE yet?!" Ah, well, it's their problem. We did answer the question, of course.

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May. 14th, 2010 09:38 pm
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This morning we had our mid-pregnancy "big" ultrasound, and found out we're having another boy. So no shopping for girly stuff for me! :P (But I'll love another little boy just as much, and save $$ since we can re-use most of our existing stuff to boot!) Now we have to pick out a name.

This afternoon we had new evaporator coils installed for our AC unit because it had a freon leak. Fortunately, this is covered by our builder's warranty so we didn't have to pay for it. I think everyone (AC company included) agrees that this sort of thing should not happen to a 6-month-old system. :P Monday I get to begin the process of bugging the builder's warranty guy to get the water damage in Corwin's bathroom fixed. Hopefully that won't turn into an extended nightmare. But we'll see.

This evening we went to Carrabba's for dinner. Corwin ate like a little piggy -- LOTS of calamari, including the legs that I'm not a fan of, 1 1/2 chicken strips, and a reasonable amount of broccoli. Plus a cup of lemonade and a cup of apple juice. Not the most balanced meal ever, but much better than he has done the last couple of times we took him to a restaurant.

After dinner, we returned home to drop off our leftovers, and then ventured back out into the impending thunderstorm (yay, rain!) to shop for a nightstand and headboard for Corwin's room. We bought Corwin this twin bed frame (without the underbed storage part) and the nightstand that matches it:

The bedframe can be mounted high enough that our existing trundle should fit under it. And it approximates the color of the rest of the hand-me-down furniture that Corwin has. Furniture should be delivered Wednesday.

We still need a ceiling fan for his room (and our guest room), but the lighting store I want to go to closed early tonight and isn't open on Sunday. So not sure when we're gonna get that shopping done.
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Mother's Day sucked this year. Corwin was up too late Saturday night, and still awoke around 7:00 as usual on Sunday morning. So he was short a couple hours sleep, which led to him being a defiant pill to deal with all day. This made Andrew and me into grumps, too, which just generally doesn't make for a good day in our house at all. I made waffles for dinner, since those are a kind of comfort food for me; I figured if no one was going to spoil me, I may as well pamper myself a little, even if I did have to do the work. :P

This morning was much better. Even after getting put to bed at 7:00 last night, Corwin didn't come in to get me up 'til about 8:45 this morning. I guess he was finally bothering to make up for his sleep debt. And of course that meant I got to sleep in, too, which was GLORIOUS! :) Andrew was a bit annoyed that Corwin decided to sleep late for the first time in ages on a day when he had to get up early for work anyway.

Corwin and I ran errands this morning -- the main ones being to Home Depot for AC filters, and Pottery Barn Kids to pick up the finials for the curtain rod and tiebacks in Corwin's new room. These errands were broken up by lunch at Jason's Deli and playtime at the children's playscape at the mall. Which has a new sign at the entrance saying "Children under 6 only" and no longer has the 42" max height requirement. Yay for Corwin (who at 3 is already 41" -- he was going to outgrow the place by height long before he was too old for it developmentally)! We also stopped at the Crocs display just inside the mall entrance, as I was thinking about getting him some to wear for water play this summer. But after waiting 15 minutes for the clerk to check her inventory (elsewhere in the building) we were told that they don't have his size in the color he wanted. But she did give me a coupon for free shipping if I want to order them from their web site. So I need to look into that option.

We also met the new neighbors on the far side of our house this morning, as they were coming back from a walk as we were leaving for our errands. There is a newly 1-year old boy named Christopher living there. Lots of kids around age 1 here -- Christopher, Jack's little sister Taylor on the other side of us is 10 months, and just around the corner there is another little girl who recently turned 1. And across the street is a set of twins who I haven't managed to meet yet, but they also appear to be somewhere in the 1-year age range. Too bad Corwin's too old and my next kiddo will be too young to play with them (at least for a while still). At least there is Jack next door who is only 2 1/2 months older than Corwin. :)

We also met last Friday, around the corner, a set of 5 1/2 year-old twin girls, who were outside playing in their sprinkler. Corwin wanted to say hi, and the girls were very friendly and kinda took him under their wing. They played with him a bit in the front yard, and then took him in the back to show off their swingset and their garden boxes. Corwin actually interacted better with them than he does with Jack next door, but I think that's because they're old enough to have learned to share and have more patience with Corwin than Jack does. Jack tends to grab toys away from Corwin, not always even because he wants to play with them -- I've seen him grab something out of Corwin's hand and immediately just toss it away. His mom disciplines him for this behavior, but it still frustrates Corwin. Of course, Corwin is not good at standing up for himself yet, either, so maybe he'll learn that skill from interacting with Jack. Hopefully he won't un-learn sharing. :P

Our AC seems to be struggling in the last several days or so -- I noticed the upstairs was too warm in the middle of last week, but I had it set way high (mid-80s) and thought it may have just been the way it anticipates what temperature you want it at next. But then late Friday afternoon, the downstairs temp was about 3-4 degrees higher than where we had it set, which was uncomfortably warm. We changed most of the AC filters this weekend, but couldn't change one because we didn't have the right size filter on hand. Picked that up this morning, and hopefully Andrew will get it changed tonight. The AC did fine this weekend because it was cool, but this afternoon we're back up to 77 in the house when I have the AC set to 75. Gonna see how it does tomorrow after we get the last new filter in place, and if I don't see improvement I'll be calling the warranty folks for our house to get someone out to look at it. Our AC -shouldn't- be failing, as we're in a brand new house that was completed in November. *sigh* Ah well, at least if there IS a problem, it should be covered by the warranty.

Great day!

Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:05 pm
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I had a really awesome day today. It totally feels like today was Saturday and not Friday, but then I have to work on Saturdays so not really. *shrug* It felt the way a good Saturday should feel? It was Andrew's first Friday off in about a month, so we got to spend lots of good family time together today.

I broke the news to Corwin this morning that I had failed to find a pumpkin costume for him yesterday when I went looking, and he took the news surprisingly well. When I asked what he wanted to be instead, he immediately said, "a cat." Which is what he was last year, so I already have the necessary pieces. Yay! This morning we had to go buy him a new black t-shirt for his costume (since the one he had last year is not in his drawer, so I can only assume it got packed away with the too-small stuff and is inaccessible in our storage unit), and then we went over to Sears and picked out a new refrigerator for our new house. It's almost exactly the same as the one we had at the old house, except it's black because the new place comes with black appliances. I think it might be a tad smaller than the old one (sadness!), but the only way to get a larger one was to get a through-the-door water/ice dispenser, and we don't really have any desire for one of those. Now I just need to buy a dryer and our appliance needs will be taken care of.

After buying the refrigerator, we took Corwin over to the playscape in the mall because he was a bundle of energy this morning and DEFINITELY needed to spend some time running around. Andrew and I enjoyed just sitting and watching him enjoy himself. :)

Then we headed home for lunch and naptime (during which he did not sleep, *sigh*), and then headed back out again to go visit our new house. The kitchen countertops have been removed, and we should be getting countertops with the correct bullnose edge installed sometime this coming week. Our construction supervisor seems to think that the house will be essentially finished by the 30th, which leaves a couple of weeks for inspections and finishing up minor things before our scheduled November 13 closing.

After we visited the new house, we decided to take Corwin to the playground in the new neighborhood. Andrew missed the turn for the one we were aiming for, but this resulted in us stumbling across a new playscape to explore. It was fairly small, but Corwin had a blast climbing up the ladder and going down the slide. (Aside to [ profile] onefishclappin: There are *three* play areas we have found so far in our new neighborhood, so we won't be at a loss as to where to go next time your family visits!). When we finished up at the playground, I wasn't ready for family exploring time to end, so we headed off to Old Town Spring to check out a game store that we've noticed a time or two as we drove past. Turns out they have an incredibly cramped space (so much so that I could hardly walk through it carrying Corwin and my purse at the same time without knocking stuff over), which didn't win them any brownie points. They did get points for having gaming tables outside on the front porch, though. With weather like today's, it would have been great to sit outside playing games.

Then we decided to head to Carrabba's for dinner, so I got my belated birthday dinner today, too. From there, we came home, bathed Corwin, and put him to bed. The little guy was exhausted -- busy day and no nap.

I'm still congested and prone to sinus headaches as a result, but I'm fairly functional most of the time. Nighttime is actually the worst -- I wake up after sleeping a few hours and I can barely breathe. Once I'm up and have cleared out my head, I'm not doing too badly. Here's hoping the weekend brings further improvement!
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I'm itching to shop for something. Bargain-hunt. Or the like.

But don't have much that I can think of to shop for.

I need a new bathing suit sometime in the next 3 weeks or so, but I'd like to shop for that with a buddy. Not sure what my odds are of finding one for such a shopping trip are, though. My sister needs to visit me!

I need a lamp for my apartment living room. Currently sitting here in the dark with the laptop and the TV on, and not liking it much. The lights from the dining room and kitchen just don't cut it. But any lamp I buy for this room needs to be cheap (like ~$10 cheap) or free, since I'm doubtful we'll need it at the new house. I've been thinking of hitting up some thrift stores to search for that, but not sure how much fun that would be with Corwin in tow. Unless I could maybe get away with buying a matched pair of Tiffany-style bedside lamps and parking them in the living room for a few months (they'd be too small for the space, but better than nothing -- and would have a place to go in the new house). That's another thing that's been on my wishlist for years and never been purchased. I'd love to have a Tiffany-style lamp on each of our nightstands in the bedroom.

I suspect I need a new desktop machine. Mine is more than 5 years old, reboots itself at random, and spent the last couple of days off and on making a strange noise that is either a hard drive getting ready to fail or a fan blade rattling against a cord or something else that Andrew and I haven't imagined yet. But I don't want to spend the money on a new machine right now. I want to SAVE money during these few months we're in the apartment. (Thought -- wonder if we could get a docking station or such that would allow me to hook the laptop up to my desktop monitor and keyboard?)

I need a new refrigerator and dryer for the new house, but not sure there's much point in shopping for those now, since I don't have anywhere to put either if I found a good deal on them now, or anytime in the next 3 months or so. Guess it's a good thing we sold our refrigerator with our house, though, since the kitchen appliances at the new place will be black, and our old white fridge would thus be mismatched.

Other stuff for the new house -- landscaping for the yard. Window coverings. Would love a nice entertainment center and flat-screen tv and Xbox for the living room, but this has been on our wishlist for years and we just never seem to budget for it. Probably need more bookshelves, as we were getting very close to running out of space on our existing ones (which we are taking with us to the new house -- at least for long enough to SEE if they fit anywhere).

Need to figure out how to move a piano from Dallas, and then get it tuned and possibly restored once it's here. My mother-in-law told me today she has the name of someone she can give me for the tuning/restoration work, so not much to worry about on that front at this point. I'll worry about the moving after I have a house to move it to.

Not immediately, but near future -- new bedroom set for Corwin so his potential future sibling (still very potential, this is NOT an announcement of any sort) can have the baby stuff. If we go for a twin bed for him, we'll definitely spring for the Twin XL mattress, since he's on track to be 6'2" and would have his feet hanging off the end of a regular twin in no time. Means he'll miss out on a few years of "cutesy" sheets, but hopefully he won't miss those too much. [I was always mad growing up that there were never any "cute" sheets for a double bed, which is what I had.]


Jul. 5th, 2009 09:37 pm
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Apparently I am not yet recovered from the stress of the rest of my weekend. I don't think I would have won any mommy awards today, though I think my frustration can be mitigated slightly be the fact that I am parenting a 2-year-old who hasn't gotten enough sleep lately and may be slightly sick to boot, and whose behavior was generally difficult today, as attested to by Andrew. Today is one of those days when I am REALLY REALLY glad I'm not a single parent. It was very nice to just let Andrew deal with him when I had reached my limit.

That said, no car pictures got taken today. Sorry to anyone who is dying of curiosity.

I did get a fair number of things done today, though:

-grocery shopped; a very SHORT list since we're trying to use up food we have in the house before our move next weekend

-washed the bedsheets on our bed and remade the bed

-put away 2 1/2 loads of laundry (the 1/2 was leftover from last night)

-made tea

-did dishes

-cut the last several weeks' worth of coupons from the newspaper and took newspapers outside to go to recycling sometime this week

-went through 3/4 of the clothes in my closet and tried them on and divided up the ones that either didn't fit (too small, *sigh*) or I never wear into boxes to go to storage or bags to be donated. Need to finish off the last 1/4 tomorrow if I can manage it.

Tonight I need to order the washing machine we want at our new apartment; we've decided to just rent a dryer while we're in the apartment (they only have connections for electric ones) so that we can buy a gas one once we have our new house. [EDIT: Check! Washing machine ordered. Delivery will be Wednesday, July 15, as that is the first day one of us (me) can be in the apartment at whatever time is needed.] I also need to see if I can transfer any of our utilities online or else figure out who I need to call tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to call our insurance agent to get the new car onto our insurance and the old one off, as well as get our renters' policy finalized for when we move.
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Today I am happy because I found 12-packs of Coke and Barq's for $2.50 each at HEB. They were on sale 3 for $10, with a "buy 3, get 1 free" in-store coupon on top of that. Given that Coke has been $4.00+ for the last several weeks, this makes me very happy (and tempted to go back tomorrow to see if I can nab some more...if there is still any to be had).
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My missing package arrived today. I was about to go call the post office (per Amazon's instructions) but decided to check outside first just in case, and there it was. This is a happy thing! :)

Btw...why do package delivery services (UPS, post office, whatever) so often fail to knock or ring the bell when they drop off a package these days? We've gotten five packages in the last few days, and only for one of them did anyone bother to knock or ring the bell. Would be nice to know something's there so I'll know to check. :P
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I'm having a stressball day. Glad I'm not doing the Week of Happy meme as I'd have a hard time finding something to feel happy about right now. On the other hand, maybe it would be good for me?

I thought I had a good handle on my Christmas shopping (ordered stuff I need for this weekend and for Christmas Day about a week ago; should have been plenty of time), but apparently I was wrong. Amazon has informed me they are unable to obtain one of the items I ordered and has thus cancelled it from my order. And the gifts I ordered for my brother and sister (and thus that I need by Friday morning at the latest) are "delayed" and will be here by December 24. But the order is being prepared for shipping, so I can't cancel them and go get them something else from a brick & mortar store, either. *grump*

[EDIT: Add to my Christmas shopping woes that one of my shipments from Amazon is showing as having been delivered on Saturday last, but I've seen neither hide nor hair of it yet. Have emailed their customer service and am awaiting reply.]

Corwin got down for his nap late (due to our need to go to a store that opened at noon) and woke up after less than an hour crying. I've just spent a good 20 minutes in his room holding him while he alternately cried and hiccuped, and am momentarily taking a break to see if he'll calm down on his own and go back to sleep (he needs at least 1.5 hours and preferably 2 hours to have had a good nap), but it's not sounding like he's going to. *sigh* Dunno if it's bad dreams or what, but he occasionally wakes up from his naps crying (though usually after a normal length nap) and is very hard to calm down. It usually takes me getting him up, getting him downstairs, and sitting in my lap and reading for a bit. He'll kinda cry and hiccup through the first book or two and eventually stop. Lovely day.

So much for getting the gifts I do have wrapped and Christmas card envelopes addressed today. Off to get my son up and see how long it takes him to finally calm down.


Dec. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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This is one of those days where I feel the need to post about my accomplishments. It'll probably be boring for most of you.

Today, I:
-put away a load of laundry that was in the dryer from yesterday
-did a complete load of laundry (all except for the putting away of Corwin's clothes, as I folded them after he was in bed)
-took Corwin to Target where I bought miscellaneous stuff we needed
-went to Randalls to pick up baby wipes (and stood in the Express checkout line behind a woman buying $100+ worth of groceries -- and WAY more than 15 items. *grump*)
-found the bike shop and ordered Corwin's tricycle for Christmas
-baked Spritz cookies for tomorrow and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards
-cooked dinner
-got Christmas stockings hung and the banisters decorated to my satisfaction
-updated my Christmas card address list with all the folks who have so far responded to my request for updates. I think about a 3rd of my list must have moved in the last year. Y'all stay put, y'hear!!!

Now I am wasting time because I am TIRED, when really I should be trying to make a little more progress of some variety before it's time to shower and head to bed. I have to be at work at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Stuff I wanted to get done today but haven't yet (and may not): pay bills, vacuum the kitchen (after I spilled little candy cookie decors while baking), clean off the bar, buffet, and mantel, put up Christmas decorations on the mantel and buffet, and wrap Christmas presents.

I think my list is just too long.
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We're home.

Had Thanksgiving in Austin as usual. Was nice to see most of my extended family for Thanksgiving. Corwin had a bit of trouble adjusting to Austin this time around. He cried for nearly a full half-hour the first three times (bedtime, nap, bedtime) we put him to bed at my parents' house, then just for a few minutes the rest of the time. He was too distracted by the people to eat Thanksgiving dinner and only ate a few bites of pineapple and nothing else that was on his plate. But later when it was just the immediate family for dinner he decided he really did like mashed potatoes and roasted turkey. He even ate broccoli and rice casserole at one meal (and then refused to touch it as leftovers at subsequent meals).

He was mostly settled by Saturday, but I opted to leave him home with my parents while Andrew and I went down to [ profile] liz_gregory and [ profile] brittonblog's place for an "Eat the leftovers" game night, since I didn't want him to AGAIN not eat anything due to the new surroundings and lots of people, and then have trouble going to sleep in his pack and play in a strange place as well. Turns out this was a good decision on my part, as when we got home my parents said they were pretty sure he was getting sick as his nose started running after we left and he had hardly eaten any dinner, even the things he liked. And sure enough....he woke crying at 4 a.m. and Andrew and I got up with him. He was drooling like a madman and obviously congested enough that he was having trouble sleeping. I hunted up the old diaper rags my mom still has around from when we were kids (as I'd neglected to pack any), took him to the bathroom, washed his face, suctioned out his nose, gave him some water to drink and a diaper rag to take to bed with him for wiping his face, and propped up the head of his bed with books. He fussed a little once I put him back to bed, but did go back to sleep and (while he did make noise a few times) woke for the morning around 8:00. Obviously still sick. Poor guy.

We had a miserable drive back to Houston today. We hit the post-Thanksgiving traffic jam on I-10 and it took us nearly an hour to get from the 71/I-10 junction to Sealy. Traffic started moving again on the other side of Sealy. Poor Corwin had been trying to doze off most of the trip, but would wake up pretty quickly due to congestion, and by the time we got moving again on the other side of Sealy he was closing his eyes like he was going to go to sleep, but after a minute or so he'd just start crying, with his eyes still closed. We couldn't tell for sure if he was asleep or awake. Let me just say, it was really hard to concentrate on driving with that going on. Fortunately Andrew was able to more or less keep him calm until we could get home. Once we got home we go the car unpacked and ourselves more or less settled in, and then did dinner, bath, bedtime in quick succession since the poor little guy was so tired and so miserable. He was to bed by 7:30 and has only fussed once briefly since then.

I, on the other hand, got to make the grocery store run for the week (it was just going to be a quick trip for milk, but given the odds of one or both of Andrew and me coming down with Corwin's cold in the next day or two, I figured it the better part of valor just to do the week's grocery shopping so we won't be forced to leave the house later on if we're miserable too), and had to move the car seat back to my car once I got back from shopping. Now I need to shower and get to bed, and stop procrastinating by writing this lj post. No telling how well Corwin will sleep tonight, and I get to be home alone with him all day tomorrow as per usual.

I did get to go shopping on Friday and Saturday. The big exciting purchase for me was BRAS, which may be TMI for some of you. Oh well. Let me just say that it is SO NICE to have real, non-nursing bras that fit again. :) [ profile] beckyboo83 and I went shopping for the bras and other clothing type stuffs on Friday afternoon (nothing was especially crowded then). Saturday Andrew and I went to Toys R Us and Terra Toys to shop for gifts for Corwin, and we got all his presents save the tricycle we want to get for him. We were unimpressed with the selection at Toys R Us so we'll try to find something we like online and order it.

Think that's the trip in a nutshell. Now off to shower and bed for me. 'Night all! :)
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Wow...he's grown!

Just looked back at his vital stats from 6 months and 12 months. He grew 2 3/4" from 6 months to 12 months. From 12 months to 19 months he grew 4 1/2". I thought their growth was supposed to slow down once they hit 12 months -- but apparently not Corwin's. No wonder he's back above the 97th percentile. :P

I went to Carter's today to get Corwin some more pajamas (he got Halloween pajamas as they literally didn't have any others in the style I wanted in his size -- oh, it was terrible!) and some more warm clothes for this winter. Looking at the height and weight guidelines on their clothing, he is 3T already by weight, but he's still 2T by height. I bought him all 2T stuff, as some of his 18-month summer stuff still fits (separates...the rompers are definitely too short for his torso), though it is starting to look short. I was a bit frustrated as there wasn't much to choose from in the way of elastic-waistband pants in 2T. It looks like once you hit the toddler sizes, you start getting more of the straight waists with a zipper and a snap, and less of the easy-on stuff. I guess most people's kids have more advanced fine motor skills than Corwin does by the time they get big enough for 2T? For me, it was frustrating because when I'm still removing my kid's pants multiple times a day to change his diaper, I want them to be as easy on and off as possible.

On the vaccination front, things have gone very well this time -- no unexplained, unconsolable crying fits to deal with. Yay! He was basically his usual self all day yesterday and today as well. Unfortunately, this evening when Andrew got home from work he noticed that Corwin's right thigh is very red and swollen around the injection site. He got DTaP and Hep A shots yesterday, one in each leg. I'm not sure which leg got which shot, but based on what I read online it sounds like it is the DTaP that he's having the reaction to. I ended up calling the doctor's message service and talking to a nurse after finding a note under "Immunization Reactions" on the Texas Children's Hospital web site that "redness or red streak around the injection site bigger than 1 inch" is a reason to "call your doctor now (night or day)." Further down the page (that I didn't see before I called) it lists common (mild) reactions for DTaP, that include the following:

-Redness or swelling where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)
-Soreness or tenderness where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)

It goes on to explain that these problems occur more often after the 4th and 5th doses of the DTaP series than after earlier doses. Sometimes the 4th or 5th dose of DTaP vaccine is followed by swelling of the entire arm or leg in which the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 30).

I'm not sure how many DTaP shots he's had already, but that sounds like what he's experiencing. He hasn't had a reaction in the past, aside from fussiness.

Anyway, I did talk to a nurse who basically confirmed that it isn't anything immediately threatening or worrisome, and I should call his doctor's office tomorrow to see if they want to see him to follow up. So that's the plan. Corwin wasn't running a fever this evening, and he wasn't any fussier than he usually is. The only sign we could see that his leg was bothering him at all was that he would periodically pull his shorts leg up like he was trying to get the cloth off of the irritated area.

And now, it is bedtime for me!
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So this morning I decided to brave the Houston roads and take Corwin to the library for story time and then to the park next door to play.

We had no trouble getting to the library at all, and the toll road is even still free so I didn't have to pay for that part of the drive. However, when we got to the library, it turned out they were having an abbreviated story time because the building had no AC. I suspect they must be part of the 25% of the city that is still without power. I did notice a CenterPoint truck outside when we were leaving, so hopefully they'll have it back soon. Maybe they do already.

The second part of my plan to take Corwin to the park was also scuttled by the fact that the park was closed. It was surrounded by yellow "caution" tape and I could see driving by it that it hasn't yet been cleaned up since the hurricane came through. Dead branches down everywhere, and some of the play equipment didn't look like it was in very good shape either.

So we changed course and headed over to the Memorial City Mall instead, so that Corwin could play on the playscape there and burn some energy that way. While we were at the mall, I stopped in the Stride Rite store to have his feet measured since it was right next to the playscape. My mother-in-law had said a few weeks ago that she thought his shoes were getting small, but I thought they were still okay and between Corwin being sick and then the hurricane shutting everything down I haven't had an opportunity to have him checked until now. Well, they measured him and said he is a size 7 1/2. Since his existing shoes are 6 1/2, I went ahead and got him a new pair of shoes today. They're a size 8 to give him some room to grow.

I didn't realize quite how fast young children would go through shoes. The shoes he has outgrown were new (and too big) for him in mid-late May when we bought them. It's been just over 4 months. That's crazy!
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So we went back to the mall and shopped for me and I got three pairs of jeans, a clearance-priced purple sweater for next winter, a dress to wear to [ profile] asharperfocus' wedding, and a bra to go with said dress. I tried to buy a bathing suit, but the department store options just weren't going to work for me. I want a one-piece, and I am going to have to have a long-torso'ed Becca is gonna come back in June and we'll go look at some swimsuit specialty shops and see if there is something there. From the selection available in the places we looked (Target, JCPenney, and Macy's), it's obvious that EVERYONE should be wearing bikinis or tankinis. I could wear a tankini.....I just don't particularly want to. :P

Random observations made while shopping:

We were amused by the pair of moms pushing strollers, obviously together, but both of them talking on their cell phones as they walked along. Becca and I decided we must be sadly out of fashion if we were actually bothering to talk to EACH OTHER when out in public together!

We encountered another Mom in New York & Company who really upset us. She had her son (who looked to be at least Corwin's age if not a bit older) in a stroller, and he was crying and crying and crying. And she was just going about her business, not doing a damn thing to try and comfort him or get him to stop crying. Nor was she taking him out of the store for throwing a fit. After she finally left the store, it turned out that Becca and I both wanted to go over there and try to comfort him ourselves....but we're both smart enough to know that a total stranger trying to talk to him or pick him up wasn't likely to help matters any. I suspect that poor kid had just been in his stroller for too long and needed to get out and run around for a while.

Macy's was playing Garbage's "Androgeny" at one point while we were shopping. I was amazed to hear something post-Version 2.0 being played, since beautifulgarbage and Bleed Like Me got little to no exposure in Houston. Someone who works for Macy's has good taste! :)

Thursday night and Friday night we opted to take advantage of Comcast's On Demand movies, since we had such a terrible time trying to watch anything on DVD the last time Becca was here. Thursday night we watched one of the free options, Short Circuit. Johnny 5 is alive! :) I hadn't seen that one in years, and was prompted to re-watch it since I have heard rumours that someone is intending to remake a modern version of it. It was a cute movie, definitely enjoyable...but most of the acting was terrible. I didn't remember it being quite that bad. I think Ally Sheedy's character was the worst....and I didn't have any impression going in of her being a bad actress. Oh well. The strains of El DeBarge's "Who's Johnny?" had me singing along....and my sister once again in shock and awe of my '80s music knowledge (she was born in 1983). This of course prompted me to spend the rest of the evening trying to dredge up the name of the hit song that was performed by DeBarge (rather than El by himself). It finally came to me as I was going to bed:

The Rhythm of the Night )

And for good measure, 'Who's Johnny?' )

Surprisingly, once I started watching them, I realized that I remember both of these videos from back when they originally aired. How sad is that? ;)

On Friday night we opted for a paid-movie, and paid $4.99 to watch Becoming Jane. Considering that the last movie I saw in a theater was Atonement, I have concluded that James McAvoy really needs to do a movie with a happy ending for his character. Anyone know any to recommend?
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[ profile] beckyboo83 came to visit me on Thursday and is heading back to Austin today. We took yesterday and made it a "shop 'til you drop" kinda day.

In the morning we hit the mall with Corwin in tow; he got his first pairs of "real" shoes with rubber soles -- one pair of tennies in navy blue for everyday wear and one pair of nicer shoes in dark brown to wear to his Aunt Sarah's wedding in a few weeks, plus any other occasions that might warrant "nicer than tennies" shoes. I took him to Stride Rite, since that is where I remember shopping for shoes as a kid. I found them quite expensive, but they sized him as a 6 1/2 extra wide, and I figured the odds of my finding extra wide shoes by looking around elsewhere were probably kinda slim (and might wear out Corwin's patience if I tried). If folks reading this know where to get other children's shoes that come in widths (or if all children's shoes come in widths and I'm just ignorant), please let me know! After shoe shopping, we took him to the big playscape in the mall and let him run around for a half-hour (with mommy or aunt right behind him the whole time). He had a grand time, though he had to run around and investigate the wheels on all the strollers before he got around to actually trying to climb on the playscape. I've contemplated taking him there on my own before yesterday, but after being there I'm not quite sure how I'd manage by myself. I can't run after him very well while hauling around my purse, a diaper bag, and the stroller. I guess I'd have to leave the stroller and diaper bag unattended (which makes me a bit uncomfortable) and just run around after him with my purse. And he's not ready to try to climb on something like that by himself.

After the playscape we headed to Macy's and got him an outfit to wear to Sarah's wedding. I managed to get that for nearly 50% off the list price, so that made me happy. And Corwin is now all set for the wedding.

By the time we got the outfit picked out, we'd been at the mall for an hour and a half, and it was time to head home for lunch. After lunch, we left Corwin at home with Andrew and headed back to the mall to shop for me.

More later, in another post.
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Today I took Corwin up to the Galleria and we got to see Andrew's office (finally!) and had lunch at the Chili's in the food court. This was the first time we attempted to take Corwin to a sit-down restaurant (aside from the Cracker Barrel we went to when he was 4 months old, which didn't go so well), and it went quite well. The greeter looked at me funny when I told her not to give us the crayons because Corwin didn't know what to do with them yet (if we gave him crayons, he would either eat them or draw on everything he could reach -- paper? hah!), but she acquiesced. Of course, she then didn't give us the children's menu either, so we opted to just feed Corwin the food I'd brought for him rather than try to order him a chicken breast/broccoli meal to try, which was what we'd been considering. He was very well-behaved the whole time we were there. He was harder than usual to feed due to the distraction factor, and he yelled a few times, but it was so loud in there that it didn't really matter. But he didn't cry, didn't fuss, and sat in his high chair the whole time. I was quite proud of him.

After Andrew went back to work, I went by Bailey Banks & Biddle for my semiannual ring cleaning and inspection, and then went to babyGap and Naturalizer for shopping. Corwin got a little fussy during the shopping, but nothing that a few minutes out of his stroller couldn't fix. I spent too much money at babyGap, but I got him some cute things. I got him a pair of overalls and a pair of jeans in the next size up from the ones he has now, a pair of swim trunks with fish on them and a matching t-shirt (so he'll be stylin' at the beach next summer), and a blue stripe long-sleeved onesie and a blue-stripe one-piece romper outfit. There was a hat that matched the trunks and t-shirt, but they didn't have Corwin's size. I may just have to keep my eye out for it elsewhere. I'm no good at resisting cute baby stuff!

After shopping for Corwin, we headed over to Naturalizer where I picked up two new pairs of loafers for work, as my current pair are scuffed pretty badly and really need to be replaced. I got to take the brown pair home with me today; the black pair is on order and will be shipped to me as they didn't have it in stock.

Then it was back home, where I put Corwin down for his afternoon nap and proceeded to be productive around the house. In addition to all the usual daily chores (dishes, laundry, cooking food for Corwin), I got all the newspapers and bags loaded into the trunk of my car so we can take them to recycling tomorrow.
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Andrew has the family cold now also, so ended up staying home from work today being sick with the rest of us. That said, I'm actually feeling reasonably decent -- pretty much functional, except for frequent stopping to blow my nose. :P I can only hope this lasts (or improves!).

For no good reason I can explain, I feel compelled to record what I got done today:

-slept in (with interruptions) 'til 11:30 while my hubby wrangled the baby
-went to Target and bought two humidifiers (one for Corwin's room; one for our room) and some Robitussin (guaifenesin 100mg) for Corwin to try (haven't given it to him yet; probably tomorrow).
-set up both humidifiers; so far Corwin does seem to be sleeping better with that.
-vacuumed the living room rug, breakfast room, and kitchen
-mopped the kitchen
-two loads of laundry
-unloaded/reloaded/am now running dishwasher
-made oatmeal for Corwin

And now I am off to bed, since if Andrew is going to work tomorrow, I'll likely have to be up at 6:30, if not earlier.
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I am happy. I have a wonderful son and a wonderful hubby who is a good daddy to our son. I'm just really happy with our family and my life right now. Yeah, I'd love to have a cleaner, neater house, but I've always wanted that but I've never had the time, energy, or motivation to really whip it into shape. I can live with it the way it is. :)

Amazing the perspective a few hours out of the house by myself (work) gives me :)

Ask me again at about 6:00 a.m., and I'll probably be ready to sell Corwin to the gypsies for a quarter. (Okay, not really, but I'll threaten to!) Sleep stuff )

We've done a lot of shopping this week. Details! )

Andrew's computer is still at Fry's. He's been calling every 2 days to check up on it. Today they said they think it's the motherboard, but they still have a few other things to eliminate first to be certain. Andrew's (rightfully) a bit grumpy at me for throwing out the receipt for his computer upgrades at the end of last year. I'm gonna be a bit grumpy at me, too, if they would have been covered under warranty still, but we can't prove it. *sigh*

Work's been going well for me so far. This weekend is my first to work both Saturday and Sunday. I'm amazed at how tired I feel this evening, when I only worked 5 hours and they hardly qualified as stressful (I actually got to spend a fair chunk of time just sitting and reading, as there weren't many questions and there were two of us manning the desk). I think the tiredness is probably more due to my interrupted sleep than the actual working. I'm still awaiting my first paycheck, though. Hopefully soon! :) Tomorrow the new Electronic Resources Librarian (my former position) is coming in to pick my brain about ER stuff. That's going to be odd. It still feels a bit weird to me not to be doing that job any more. It was especially strange the first time I got an email from the new person with Electronic Resources Librarian listed as her title. Ah well. I wouldn't be happy working full time right now, and I well know it. :)


Sep. 14th, 2007 08:14 pm
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Andrew's computer is FUBAR'ed. He's just run off with it to Fry's to see if they can diagnose what's wrong with it. And of course I don't have the receipt for the hard drive 'cause it was purchased in 2006, and I threw out the 2006 receipts when it turned out we didn't need them as support for our 2006 federal tax return.

When I was at Target on Wednesday, I noticed that they had the Britax Marathon, the carseat I want for Corwin, on sale for $229.00, down from $269.99 through Saturday. So Andrew and I went back tonight to try to get one. Well, turns out that Target won't let you test the display model in your car to see if it fits, which is a genuine concern for us with our two small cars. I've seen anecdotal evidence online that it fits rear-facing in a 1999 Honda Civic, but I'd really like to know for certain before I spend $200+ on it. And not only will they not let you test the display model, the sign noting the sale price was missing, and the sales associate we commandeered scanned the barcode and said it wasn't coming up for the sale price. So we didn't buy a car seat tonight. When I got home, the Marathons are still on sale on the Target web site for $229, and it says they will be on sale for that price through tomorrow. So I'm a bit confused as to what was going on at the store. I have now called Babies R Us, and was told that they DO let you test the models in your car. So we may end up doing that, and then ordering online if I can find it somewhere where the sale price + shipping isn't more than $269.99. Unfortunately, I work 9-6 tomorrow and we're having people over on Sunday afternoon, so I don't see us getting it done this weekend.

In slightly less blarg-worthy news, Corwin and I went and visited Dawn at the hospital this afternoon. She's pregnant, with her son not due 'til December 9. However, her water broke this past Sunday, so she's been in the hospital on bedrest since then. So far the baby and Dawn are both doing well; she's hoping to be there for several weeks, to give baby Ben time to develop as much as possible so he'll have a better chance of survival in the big bad world. Dawn is doing extremely well so far...very upbeat and calm and happy. She has a huge support network (one I envy) so has had a nearly continuous stream of visitors; she said she hasn't been alone long enough to get bored yet. I plan to go back next week if she is still there (which we are all hoping she is).
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This part is probably only exciting if you're also a parent, or you're one of Corwin's relatives. )

Sunday (yesterday) wasn't terribly exciting. Nothing really to report. We hung around the house, and cleaned up a little.

This afternoon we had the usual gang (minus [ profile] staticeel and plus [ profile] kaerukami's wife Jamie) over for board games and pizza. Corwin actually took a half-hour nap around 4:30, which I found impressive. We put him in bed around 1:30 also, and he stayed there for about an hour, but it was storming at the time and I'm not sure he really slept -- there were stretches when he was quiet, but he was also making noise and fussing periodically, so no way to tell if he was asleep or just laying quietly during those times. It was nice to see folks, and I had fun with the games. :)

I don't know what it is with our pizza delivery places around here, though. We have pretty much quit ordering from Sarpino's, in spite of their pizza being excellent, because there is always some problem with our order -- either they can't find our house in spite of having the directions in their computer, they screw up the credit card payment (once they denied all my cards when the problem was really that their card machine wasn't working, and once they doubled the tip), or they deliver us a pizza with green peppers on it instead of beef (and this happened more than once!). Pizza Hut is the fall-back option, and we had gotten decent service from them up until recently. A few weeks back when my cousins + gf were visiting we ordered from them and it took them over an hour to deliver. Tonight, it took them an hour to deliver (when we'd been quoted a 35 minute delivery time) and got two of the four pizzas we ordered wrong. Basically, we got two each of two of the pizzas we ordered, and none of the other two. It's very frustrating.

Tomorrow I need to call the university and figure out when I need to go in to get my keys, pay for parking, and do any other administrivia that's required for starting work in theory this coming weekend. This was probably my last free weekend for a while. My current plan is to stick it out through this semester and see how it goes; if Andrew and I hate it, I'll consider resigning again at that point; if it turns out to be not a big deal, then I'll probably keep at it indefinitely.

I'm off to take a shower now. Might hop on WoW after that.

I'm sad that we missed DragonCon this weekend. :(


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