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I totally fell off the National Blog Posting Month bandwagon. I keep thinking about writing a long catch-up post, but now I can't remember what all I even wanted to write. *sigh*

I am trying to get a handle on cleaning my house, but somehow there is never enough time and when I do get a little while to work on it, I do nothing more than scratch the surface. And then the kids come home and mess up what little progress I made. I got a reasonable amount of vacuuming done yesterday, but tomorrow I'm volunteering at the library at the elementary school again for a couple of hours before I pick up Ian from preschool, so I won't have much time to make any more progress. I vacuumed the living room (main floor anyway; I didn't move all the toys to do that area) but didn't have time to dust under the couch where the dust bunnies collect -- so now there are dust bunnies all in the middle of the floor again. Something about the way the kids play blows them out from underneath. And as usual, I do dishes and laundry. Some days, I feel like dishes, laundry, meals, and driving are all I get done. And then I do it all again the next day.

Since I can't think of what all I wanted to ramble about any more, I'm gonna go make the boys' lunches for tomorrow and get to bed. Should have done that a while ago. Instead, I was watching the mid-season finale of Revolution -- I'm all caught up on that one now. Only another FOUR MONTHS until March for it to pick back up again! I'm sure I'll have forgotten all about the helicopters by then. :P

I wish the TV I was interested in was more kid-friendly, so I wouldn't have to save it all 'til after the kids are in bed. Ultimately, though, it's better this way -- less tv-watching for them. And me, too.


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