Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:08 pm
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You're getting this rant because Andrew is in a meeting all day and doesn't have ICQ open at his desk so I can't even send him my rant in comments for him to read later. :P

Last Thursday while Corwin was at MDO, I drove to a couple glass places to talk to them about replacing the glass or installing a new shower enclosure in our master bathroom. One of our existing pieces of glass has a big crack in it so definitely needs to be replaced. On top of that, the glass is dirty and waterstained and the caulking around the existing frame is looking rather grody and my attempts to clean it haven't accomplished much. And some of the gold-colored finish is also coming off part of the frame around the shower door down at the bottom...probably a side effect of my attempts to clean down there. *sigh*

One of the places I visited said they would send someone out today or Tuesday to take measurements so they could give me a quote for the work. I told them today between 10 and 1 while Corwin was at MDO would be great, or any time on Tuesday. Corwin is home sick today with a cold, so didn't end up going to MDO after all. But they called me at 2:00 (exactly when I would have been out picking up Corwin if he weren't sick) to say they'd be here in 45 mins or so. SOOO not according to my instructions. And to top that off, it's now 3:15 and they haven't showed yet.

The other place I visited I left some guessy-guessy numbers for them (as I hadn't measured before I went out....which I probably should have done, but oh well) and they were going to call me with a quote. I called them back Thursday afternoon after I got home and did measure to give them the more accurate numbers, but the person I needed to talk to was on the phone. I was told she'd call me back but she never did. Until today at 1:30, with an estimate based on my guessy-guessy numbers. *sigh* I asked about redoing the estimate with the new numbers, or been better sending someone out to measure, but she didn't want to do that. Just said the numbers she had given me would be close enough as they were within an inch or two of my new numbers. So yeah, they do not have my confidence, and I suspect have just knocked themselves out of the running for the job.

I need to call a couple more glass places now for estimates, but have been holding off thinking I'd do it after the guy who's coming to measure has gone (so he doesn't catch me on the phone, which I'm sure is exactly what would happen were I to try to call now). But at the rate they're going Corwin's going to be awake before he ever gets here. *sigh* *grumble*

End rant.
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The phone rang sometime between 12 and 12:30 last night. It took a couple rings for me to wake up and realize it was ringing, but once I did I jumped out of bed and began the 'hunting for clothes' and 'digging my glasses out of my purse' process to go down and see what the emergency was. Partway through the process the phone started ringing again, so I knew there must be a real emergency and whoever was calling really wanted me to answer the phone. I cursed at them (I was coming, I'd get their message and call them back in a minute) because I was afraid the repeatedly ringing phone would wake Corwin.

Well, I got downstairs, and NOT EVEN A MESSAGE!!! Apparently it was a wrong number, in the middle of the night, who felt it necessary to dial my number repeatedly before concluding they had it wrong. And the worst part is that I had trouble falling back asleep afterwards. I guess on the bright side, there was no emergency. Or at least, it wasn't my family's emergency.

Potty training update )

Mother's Day Out visit )


Feb. 21st, 2008 08:56 pm
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I am really really good at hitting web sites during their maintenance window, it seems.

Just tried to re-order checks for one of our checking accounts and got the following message:

"Check Order Application Unavailable
The check order system is not in service at the moment. We apologize for the interruption.
Please try again later."

It's really frustrating to keep bumping into this when I'm trying to get things done in the evenings.


Jan. 4th, 2008 10:59 am
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Should you ever decide just for shits and grins to ring someone's doorbell repeatedly at just after 7:00 in the morning, PLEASE make sure you are at the right house first! Waking a houseful of sleeping sick people (including a baby) does NOT earn you brownie points.


Oct. 24th, 2007 04:44 pm
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Today was another not-good morning.

I hate fire alarms )
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I shouldn't have mentioned Corwin was sleeping through the night. He woke up fussing just before 1:00 a.m. last night. :P

We got up at 7:40 today, and Corwin has done nothing but be a fussbudget since then. Most days he gets up and eats between 5 and 6 a.m. and then plays in bed with me for an hour or so before falling back asleep for a couple more hours. Since Andrew doesn't have work today, I couldn't let Corwin play in bed with me after his 6 a.m. feeding, so it was back to his own bed for him. Where he slept until the aforementioned 7:40 and then started screaming. Since he'd already gone back to bed after the 6 a.m. feeding, I figured it was time to stay up. So we got up and I fed him. Andrew was in the shower during all of this.

So Andrew got out of the shower (he was up this early because he has a doctor's appointment this morning). I handed him Corwin, planning to go work in the front bed for a half hour and then take my shower, all of which would have been doable and allowed Andrew to leave for his appointment at 9:00. But...turns out his appointment is at 8:45, not 9:15 like I thought. So working in the yard gets scrapped, I get grumpy, Andrew seems grumpy too, and I go take a shower.

After my shower, I come downstairs and Corwin is fussbucketing. And he hasn't let up, except for brief periods when he is being held by standing parent. I just put him back in his bed thinking maybe he is still tired and needs more sleep. But he's just fussing up there. I'm thinking maybe I need to go lay down with him in our bed. Except I have wet hair and I don't really want to sleep on my wet hair when we're having pictures taken this afternoon.

I'm grumpy, you're grumpy, we're all grumpy around here. :P
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Today has got to have been about the most frustrating day ever. I should have just stayed in bed.

I didn't sleep well last night, between a bazillion trips to the bathroom and my left hip bothering me as seems to be becoming normal lately (I suspect my ligaments are relaxing, finally, as they are supposed to do sometime before baby is born). *sigh* That may be part of my problem -- I don't FEEL all that tired, but tiredness tends to amplify any feelings of frustration I might otherwise have.

So, our goals for today were to go shopping -- to the Galleria so I could try on some pants at Gap Maternity for fit in the waist and to look elsewhere in the mall for a dress or nice skirt/top combo for me to wear to a wedding in two weeks, and to JC Penney so that Andrew could use some gift cards we had to buy some new pants. Gap Maternity only had one pair of jeans in my size with the full belly waistband that I wanted to try, but I tried them and it seemed like it was going to stay up MUCH better than the pants I currently have. So I left there happy, planning to order a couple pairs of pants online tonight in the tall size that I need. From there, it was off to Mimi Maternity, where I found a skirt and top that I liked and was ready to buy...until I noticed that the top had some spots on the front of it. It was a $78 dry-clean-only top, so that was a deal-breaker. And of course, the one I'd picked up was the only one in the store in my size, and A Pea in the Pod (a store elsewhere in the same mall that also carries Mimi Maternity brand) didn't have that top either. The skirt was on clearance (marked down to $25 from a sky-high price that I can't even remember now, but there was no point in buying it without a top to go with it. So then we went to Motherhood Maternity, where I found a dress that neither Andrew nor I liked as much, but had the virtue of only costing $30 and fitting well enough. In other words, it will do.

Then we drove over to JC Penney at Meyerland and picked out some pants for Andrew. We were able to use our JC Penney gift card, but they refused to take the American Express gift card that Andrew won as a door prize at his company Christmas party. I thought those things were supposed to be usable anywhere that took American Express, but the clerk we had said that while they accept American Express credit cards, they don't take the gift cards. So I left there frustrated as well.

Then, we came home. Turns out the top from Mimi Maternity is available online, but they'll charge me $10 shipping for it. And as much as I liked the outfit, I'm not sure I can really justify spending over $100 on an outfit I'll likely wear one time. So I'm still toying with the idea of ordering the top and going back and getting the skirt from the store (the skirt wasn't available online), and returning the $30 dress I bought (I have 10 days to return that). I want to....but probably won't.

So then I went to order my pants from the Gap. And got burned there, too. There were only 5 pants styles on the site in my size to begin with -- two styles of jeans and three of slacks. I picked out a pair of jeans and a pair of slacks, but when I went to check out, the site removed the jeans from my cart and said that due to unexpected demand they were no longer available. I don't like the other pair of jeans they had, don't really want to buy two pairs of slacks, and even if I did buy two pairs of slacks, they weren't quite expensive enough to qualify me for free shipping. So I can't buy pants either. This was the straw that broke the camel's back, and sent me off on another crying jag. I want to buy clothes that make me feel attractive, dammit! Why won't anyone let me?! *sigh*

So then I decided I'd go play Disgaea 2, as something different to do (didn't want to read, as I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep my mind from dwelling on my disappointments rather than the book). I played through all the tutorials, and then went to save the game before moving on, and....NO ROOM ON THE MEMORY CARD FOR ME TO SAVE!! GRRRR! ARRRRGGGH!

Andrew's now gone and cleared space on the card, but I'm still going to have to start the game over and play through the tutorial maps again (though at least I don't have to watch the tutorial dialogues, too).
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Someone wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the Houston Chronicle online today. The letter was relating to division within the Episcopal church regarding the acceptance of homosexuality and female leaders by the church. This letter made me more furious than anything I've read on the topic of homosexuality and gay marriage in a long time.

The letter is behind the cut )

This man's use of the terms "gender disorientation disorder" and "gender dysfunction" just make me furious. So homosexuality is a disease now, is it? Are there drugs to "treat" it? Should people of non-hetero persuasions be sent to mental hospitals where they can be kept from "hurting" themselves? I know I'm stretching a bit here, but I seriously have not heard homosexuality talked about in these terms before (and I hope never to hear it again...but that seems unlikely).

I think that by couching non-hetero sexual orientations in terms of disease, he's hurting his own case. Why prevent people with one specific disease from taking roles in church leadership? It seems like we'd have to extend his logic to prevent people with bi-polar disorder, depression, cancer, etc. from such things also, to be consistent. If you have a disease that causes you to sin, isn't that out of your control? If you buy into this logic and obligingly go to some treatment center to be "cured" of your homosexuality and it doesn't work...wouldn't that seem to be out of the homosexual's control? If homosexuality is not a choice (as he would seem to imply with his "disease" terminology), how is it a sin? Jesus accepted lepers...so why not people with "gender disorientation disorder?" Gah.... (so maybe I'm being far-fetched here....I'm livid, so my brain is probably not at its most logical)

Ultimately, I agree with the writer that a church has the right to make judgment calls like this. However, the church also has a right to grow and change -- and if Mr. Kelly doesn't like the path his church ultimately chooses, he has the right to leave that church and find a new one that is more closely aligned with his beliefs. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW for certain what God/Jesus really wants for us (if they even exist at all). Religion = faith. There are many many different religions in the world, all with varying beliefs. Everyone who adheres to a particular religion believes that theirs is the right one. If only one IS the right one, all the others are wrong. But no one knows which one it is that's right (remember, everyone believes that THEY are right). Or maybe they're ALL right, or it doesn't matter, or they're all wrong and there is no God at all, and everyone going around pointing fingers at each other and calling each other heretical are all engaging in pointless hateful activities.

Can't we all just get along and stop labeling each other and finding reasons to hate?
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I've been paying $8.00/month for 200 minutes of long distance, with some per minute charge for every minute over 200 (no idea what the per minute rate was, since I never came anywhere close to using 200 minutes).

This months bill notified me that my monthly charge for that plan was going to go up to $11.00/month in July. Well...this plan was $5.00/month when I originally signed up for it. No way in heck I'm paying $11.00/month for a bunch of minutes I don't use.

So I switched to the $2/month + $0.10/minute plan. I make so few long distance calls that I'd be really surprised if I spent $11.00 in a month on this new plan.

So...AT&T had me for $8/month even though I really wasn't taking advantage of what I was paying for. Now, they tried to charge me $11, and ending up getting $2 instead. Way to go!
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You know, it really sucks to drive down Richmond at 2:40 a.m. on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Lots of random people dressed in dark clothing expressing their deep-seated death wishes by walking across the street in the middle of traffic. That, and the u-turning folks who may or may not be drunk, and who may or may not suddenly cut you off.

It sucks even more when you are stuck driving down Richmond at 2:40 a.m. because of a double-parked silver Ford F-150 that prevented you from leaving your location when you wanted to, at shortly after 1:00 a.m. We called the towing company that serves the apartment complex we were at. We hope it was towed.
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A little while ago, when I stepped out of my office into the hallway on my way to get my lunch, a random woman (presumably a student, since she had one of those wheeled backpacks) walking by said something to me that I didn't quite hear. I asked what she'd said, thinking she may have been asking me for directions (as that happens occasionally). "How do you stay so skinny?" she'd asked. I didn't have an immediate response at hand, so must have looked at her a little funny. "You just don't eat, do you?" she supplied, and then walked off. The whole thing just left me speechless.

Here's this woman I've never seen before, a total stranger, and she's accusing me of being anorexic?! Maybe I should have pointed out to her that I was on my way TO LUNCH, or the fact that I'm 5'10" tall (and about 6' in the boots I'm wearing today), which contributes to my looking skinny. Or maybe I should have explained how many of my SIZE 10 pairs of pants are way tight these days, and I've been trying to get into going to the gym on a regular basis so that I don't have to go buy new SIZE 12 pants! GAH! And that doesn't even get into how RUDE it is to say something like that to someone you've never spoken to or seen before and don't know a thing about!

Clothed, I think I look like a perfectly healthy-sized woman. Many people see me as skinny -- maybe because I'm tall; maybe because they're used to looking at overweight people. The fact is, there's a lot of flab on my body that I'd rather wasn't there. I could eat more healthily than I do, and I could definitely stand to exercise more. But my goal is to firm up my flabby butt and thighs; some weight loss may go along with that, but really, weight is just a number! If all that flab turns into muscle and I end up weighing more than I do now, so be it. "Not eating" is nowhere in the plan!



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