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For those few of you who still read this...

I am still pregnant. Ready to be done. Due date isn't 'til October 2, so I technically still have just under 2 weeks to go, but I'm really hoping for this one to come early. I feel like a whale. I told Andrew the other night we should just scrap the name we picked out and call the baby Jonah. :P

I don't remember feeling this cumbersome and achy with Corwin. Doesn't mean I didn't...but I don't remember it.

I'm done with work for now; I'm supposed to go back at the beginning of April. So 6 months of weekends off....of work, at any rate. Not that taking care of an infant isn't a darn lot of work! But at least in terms of scheduling stuff, I'm free on the weekends for the foreseeable future. Right now, though, I just have no energy for doing much, and what energy I do have I have been trying to put into getting the house cleaned up and organized. "Ferociously nesting," says Andrew.

Corwin is still doing very well. Preschool has started back up again, and he's going on Mondays and Wednesdays this year. So far, he seems to like his new preschool just fine. I'm enjoying that he's capable of telling me a lot more about what he did while he was there than he was last year. I feel like I'm getting more details from him, at any rate, though I know I'm not getting everything (and never will).

He's also taking a gymnastics class at The Little Gym, which so far he seems to love. And I'm definitely seeing improvement each time he's incremental, but it's there. I kinda wish the class was twice a week instead of just once, as I think he'd progress faster with more exposure, and he likes it enough that I don't think he'd mind going twice.

We had to take him to the doctor a couple weeks ago, and he weighed in at 43 lbs and 42" tall. Compared with his measurements at his well check last April, he's grown nearly 2" since then. No wonder I think his pajama pants are looking short! I guess I'm probably gonna need to go buy him new clothes for winter soon, as I suspect all his stuff from last year is gonna be too short, too.

He is fascinated by numbers. He can count past 100, can read four-digit numbers correctly, and can do very basic addition and subtraction. He does still have trouble counting objects in front of him because he tends to lose track of which ones he's already counted once he gets up to around 10, but if you remind him to slow down and focus he does it correctly. He very recently started doing more than just scribbling with writing implements -- and what is he doing but trying to WRITE numbers? He's been very intently working on learning to write 1, 4, and 5. To be fair, he's been writing a few letters, too (capital A and H are the main ones), but he's definitely more focused on the numbers. He's also been practicing circles and ovals. But he hasn't yet tried to draw a picture of anything.

He also knows all his letters, both upper and lower case, and most of the letter sounds. I'm trying to work on applying that to reading words with him, but aside from a few that he's memorized, we're not making a lot of progress on that front yet. We've been working a lot on the "what letter does 'word' start with?" but he seems to be having trouble hearing or distinguishing the beginning sound to identify the letter. For example, if I ask him what 'bird' starts with he'll just guess random letters, but as soon as I ask him what letter says 'b' he gets it correct. He does spend a lot of time asking me how to spell various words, and some of them seem to stick. His memory amazes me -- we've been reading some nonfiction from the library, and right now we have out a book on Apatosaurus. It's a chapter book (short chapters...the whole book is 40-something pages) with quite a few words in it, compared to most of the picture books we've read, but we've read it enough that he can complete many of the sentences in it as we are going along. One page has a map of part of the western US (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana) and he can identify all of those states correctly (and Mexico, too). He's just a sponge....seems to soak up everything. I wonder how much of it is going to stick, long term.

And now that I've rambled for a while, I really should get to bed, so I can get up to get him to gymnastics in the morning.
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Whining...skip this if you don't want to hear it )

In less whiny news, [ profile] beckyboo83 is coming to visit me this weekend. :)

We've been getting packages, too. We got a third package from [ profile] e_why earlier this week, and a package from [ profile] wingsrising yesterday. She sent a handmade baby blanket with a purple and blue fish pattern; it's very soft and nice-looking. :) And this morning one of my coworkers brought me another gift -- a small baby quilt made by his wife.
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I had my 38 week appointment this week. Believe me, it was not exciting. No change from last week on the dilation/effacement front. My blood pressure was still good, urine test was fine, baby's heartbeat was "in the 130s" so still normal. Only thing even vaguely noteworthy is that I apparently managed to LOSE 3 pounds this week. *shrug*

Would be nice if baby came this weekend since my sister will already be here, but I'm not holding my breath. He seems perfectly happy just hanging out in there for now.

In other news, I just finished off The Meaning of Night. It was a good read, but I found the major plot "twist" all too predictable. I'd figured it out by the time I was about halfway through the book. Maybe my brain is just too devious.
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My 37-week appointment was yesterday. I am 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced, so I guess my body is doing something after all, in spite of the fact that I don't feel like it is. I mentioned the mild swelling and hot flashes to the doc, and she said neither was anything to worry about. She said I look really good for 37 weeks as far as swelling is concerned, and the hot flashes are just due to hormone craziness. I guess it is better than crying for no reason, which I haven't done in the last week or so. *knocks on wood*

[EDIT: Forgot to mention, my Strep B test came back negative, so I don't have to deal with antibiotics during labor. Yay!]

This evening we are interviewing a pediatrician for the baby. Hopefully that will go well :)

Yesterday was a remarkably good day for me. I think I slept better Tuesday night than I have in a while. I still woke up a few times in the night, but I didn't feel exhausted all day yesterday like I have been recently. I had a bizarre but good dream Tuesday night as well Here's a quick summary )

Now if only I could figure out why this particular guy is showing up in my dreams again lately. I haven't seen him IRL in at least 15 years. I wonder if it is subconscious fears about the change that having baby will bring to my life, and insecurity as to whether I'll be able to handle it, so my subconscious is hearkening back to the time of my life when I still lived with my parents and had them to take care of me?

I didn't get home 'til 6:00 last night 'cause the doctor's office was running behind, and traffic was pretty bad once I finally got on the roads. But once I got home, Andrew made me sit in the comfy chair with my feet up while he made pesto pasta with chicken for us for dinner. That was really nice of him. :)
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I feel like a hormonal crazy woman.

Am I having hot flashes? )

And now I'm worrying about the baby for no good reason )

Slept badly, and had an odd dream )

This morning, I'm still warm )

And there was a poor lost possum on the freeway this morning )

I think hormones are making me overreact to just about everything right now.
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I had my 36-week appointment yesterday afternoon, a couple days earlier than usual since my doctor is going to be on vacation Wednesday-Friday this week (my appointments are usually on Wednesdays). Everything's still normal, baby's fine....he started kicking when the nurse was trying to listen to his heartbeat, and she commented about him not liking pressure on my belly. That seems pretty much exactly any rate, it jibes with my general experience so far. His heartrate was 138 seems to me that his heart rate is slightly slower each time I go in, but no one seems to find this worrisome at all. *shrug* I vaguely wonder what the range of "normal" for a fetus' heartbeat is.

[EDIT: Some quick poking on the 'net turns up 120 to 160 (and as high as 180 in one place) as the normal range for baby's heartbeat. So it seems that 138 is in fact nothing to worry about.]

I got the Strep B swab done at the appointment yesterday; the results of that determine whether I get to be on antibiotics via IV during labor or not. I'm hoping for a negative result. I want to be mobile during my labor for as long as possible (as long as I can stand it?) and being hooked up to an IV just doesn't seem like it would be conducive to that.

Possible TMI here - internal exam stuff )


Feb. 4th, 2007 09:22 pm
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I hurt, just about everywhere from my butt on down to my feet. *sigh* All I did today was go shopping with Andrew, but that much time on my feet seems to have done me in. We hit the grocery store first, and then came home and took a lunch/laundry/strategic planning break. Then we headed back out: to Borders, where we used some of our gift/discount cards; to Michaels, where we bought frames and archival glass for 6 of the 7 prints we have for the baby's room, and dropped off the 7th for a custom framing job; to Wal-Mart, where we found some but not all of what we were looking for; and then to Target, where we found some more, but still not all, of what we were looking for.

Here I ramble about shopping )

Yesterday, I had intended to spend the afternoon working on finishing off the closet organization/consolidation and writing the thank-you notes from the baby shower last weekend. But I realized on Friday that my car inspection is due in February (rather than March as I had in my head; turns out it's my registration that comes up in March), and I figured I better get that taken care of now, just in case of an early baby arrival or other complications that could come up between now and the beginning of March. So I ended up spending the afternoon getting my car inspected (it took the place over an hour 'cause they were incredibly busy and only had one tech who was certified to do inspections working), getting a birthday present for Erin, and getting my car washed. I had time to make some minute progress on the closet stuff, and I started writing the thank-you notes, but neither project is yet finished.

We met a group of folks at Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant, last night for dinner for Erin's birthday. For those of you who know me well enough to be familiar with my lack of adventuresomeness when it comes to food, you know this is a big deal for me. I had a lamb dish which wasn't bad, but I ended up eating mainly meat and bread. It's now on the list of places I CAN eat if a group outing is proposed, but I wouldn't choose it on my own.

We had a couple of options for things to do last night -- a party at [ profile] bindusara's, or adjourning with the birthday group to someone's house after dinner. Unfortunately, both options involved freely flowing alcohol, and I ended up opting out just because it's really not all that fun for me to be around lots of drunk people when I can't partake myself. I was also tired (it was after 10:00 by the time we finished dinner). I've never been a heavy or frequent drinker, and honestly I haven't really missed it since I've been pregnant...up until the last month or so. It seems like in the last month or so opportunities for such keep throwing themselves in my path, and it's driving me crazy that I have to keep turning them down. I think the craving may be being made worse by the fact that I can't do (or can't do without serious effort/contortions) several things I enjoy right now due to my body being a completely different shape, feeling unwieldy, and feeling tired a good chunk of the time due to not sleeping well. I'm ready for the baby to come out; wonder when he will agree with me? ;)

I have the first of my weekly appointments tomorrow afternoon (the doc is on vacation Weds-Friday this week, so my appointment isn't on a Wednesday for once). I still need to pack my bag for the hospital, and we still have some shopping we need to finish to be ready for the baby. We picked up a few of the things I want but don't already have for my hospital bag today, but failed to find a couple of them. Guess we'll end up getting them next weekend, when we do the rest of the baby shopping as well. We also need to install the car seat.

Even though I've tried really hard to plan ahead and have stuff done ahead of time, I feel like I'm getting down to the wire and there's still a ton to do. I just keep telling myself that the house doesn't have to be in tip-top shape before the baby arrives; we will all live if parts of it start out being messy or unorganized. Now I just have to convince myself to believe it! ;)
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I finally got to meet with the HR person yesterday afternoon, right at the end of the day. Her advice was that I don't need to fill in the dates on the paperwork now, but just call on the first day I am out and let her know and she will do it at that time. So I'm sticking with March 2 being my last day in my head. If I need/want to go out earlier than that, it sounds like it should be no problem at all...I'll just ask for a doctor's note at my weekly appointment and go from there (I start weekly appointments next week...eek!). Of course, she also handed me another form to have the doctor fill out -- this one a pre-approval for short-term disability pay, since I want to take 10 weeks of leave, but only have enough sick/vacation time to be paid for 7. Yay for paperwork!

The HR person said I don't look very big. I feel HUGE!

I also finally stopped procrastinating about calling a pediatrician, and called the one that Dawn takes her son Jack to this afternoon. I have an appointment to meet with him on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 15...sounds like we should be able to get in there, assuming that we think he is as wonderful as Dawn does. From everything she said, it sounds like he would be great -- supportive of breastfeeding, good with the kids, and has a good plan in place for keeping the well kids from being exposed to the sick ones, and the under 3-month olds away from everybody else. She said some other things about him that I liked as well...I just can't now remember what they all were. His office is on I-10, which is not the most convenient place in the world for us, but it could be a lot worse, too. It's actually probably about halfway between where we live and where Dawn lives, so not off in the NW part of town where I assumed her pediatrician would be. So I feel good that I have at least taken a step in that direction. Ideally I'd talk to some other pediatricians as well, but I don't have recommendations for any others.
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I realized I forgot to write anything about my 34-week appointment on Wednesday. Of course, there still isn't anything noteworthy to report. I'm up 21 lbs for the pregnancy so far (still on track for 25-35 total), and all the things they check are still normal. Baby's heartbeat was 140bpm, and he's been moving around like crazy lately.

I told the doc about my episode on Monday, and she wasn't worried. She said they'd worry about the cramps if I was at 24 weeks, but at this stage of pregnancy they're fairly normal and not a concern. As for the lightheadedness, she didn't have any explanation for it, but again wasn't worried because everything tested normal at my appointment (blood pressure, urine, weight, etc.). So I guess I won't worry about it either, unless it keep happening or something.

We had the second session of our breastfeeding class Wednesday evening. We spent a lot of time on the various kinds of breast pumps and nipples for bottles and the like. Useful stuff. I now feel less at a loss for picking out bottles to put on the registry (or more likely, buy ourselves at this point). Unfortunately, the ones the instructor seemed to like the best don't seem to be available from Babies R Us (at least, not online). I suspect there is another trip out there in my future...though honestly I am not all that excited about it.

Also, I had a light bulb go on in my head while I was there. One of the things that the instructor mentioned is that while you are breastfeeding, your estrogen levels are pretty low, which can lead to lack of interest in sex (no, I'm not particularly thrilled about that part). Earlier, we'd talked about how studies have shown that the more time a woman breastfeeds over her lifetime, the lower her risk of various cancers (breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer). AND I remember someone saying many years back when my grandmother got breast cancer in her 80s that she had probably gotten it because her estrogen levels were way high for someone her age. So it seems that there is a link between estrogen and the various feminine cancers; it is a double-edged sword for us women. I think in the process of treating her cancer, they put my grandmother on some drug that was supposed to lower her estrogen levels. Up 'til that point, she'd been very spry and energetic and generally healthy; afterward, she has just gone downhill. I suppose it could be related to the cancer treatment, or perhaps just a coincidence that her body started giving out at that time, but I've always associated it in my head with the estrogen decrease.

The floor seems very far away to me now. I can still get down there to pick things up, but I always have to summon the will to do so first, and then it is a big, not entirely comfortable, production. In the past, I've been the sort who will stop and pick up trash on the ground and throw it away if I'm not in the middle of a crowd where doing so would disrupt foot traffic and/or possibly cause me to get trampled on (things like cups and paper left in the stairwells at work, for example). Now, I find myself walking past those things because it is too hard to bend over to pick the stuff up.

I talked to my parents on the phone last night, and told my dad that I'm ready for "Timmy" to come out and play with him now. Unfortunately, "Timmy" doesn't seem to quite be ready yet. ;) Ah well...only 3-8 more weeks to go!
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Cut for health stuffs )

Blah. Here's hoping today is better, and I can get through the day without feeling icky in the middle of it :)
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Andrew and I attended the first session of a 2-part breastfeeding class offered by the hospital last night (the second part is next week Wednesday). I think we got some good information, and I felt fairly confident that I'd be able to handle it when we left the class (though the idea of feeding my son every 2-3 hours around the clock for the first two weeks is a bit overwhelming and frightening from a lack of sleep standpoint). I suspect I will spend a lot of that two weeks napping whenever the baby does.

Last night, I didn't sleep well again. My left hip was bothering me more than usual, and even my whole left leg got into the act to some degree. But I know I slept some, only because I had a distressing dream that I had twins (both boys) and was trying unsuccessfully to breastfeed them. They were 36 hours old, and I hadn't even tried feeding them yet. I decided to try to feed them one at a time; since I hadn't done it before, I wasn't confident that I'd be able to get both of them latched on at the same time. So I tried feeding one twin at one breast for 10-15 minutes, failed to get him to latch, so then decided to try feeding the other at the other breast, and I did this alternately two or three times, each time getting more and more frustrated and scared because they wouldn't latch and they hadn't eaten in so long.

Other pregnancy-related stuff: I think my hips are finally doing that loosening-up thing I keep hearing they're supposed to do. Actually, I think they've been at it for the last week or so; in the last couple of days, my knees seem to be trying to get in on the act as well. I don't feel like my joints are going to go out of socket or anything, but they just feel "off" to me. The knees are the most bothersome, but I think that's because I have a longstanding paranoia that one of them will go out of socket, as I had that happen once with no warning and for no apparent reason when I was a kid -- I had been sitting on my bed getting some clothes out of my dresser, and when I stood up, my left knee popped out of socket and immediately snapped back in again. It hurt like all getout, and I ended up on the floor in tears.
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Ayria = perky goth (Andrew likes the term "bubble gum goth")
Good beats to their music; would be lots of fun to dance to...if only I were up to dancing.

Cruxshadows = the show was not quite up to par with the other shows of theirs I've seen. However, it was the first show on their 2007 US tour (first time I've ever been to anyone's "first" show), and Rogue said they were a little rusty since they'd last performed in Europe before Christmas. Also, Rogue mentioned he was losing his voice, and I could tell. Rachel was being highlighted more than she has been in previous shows -- she was up front next to Rogue fairly frequently, and almost always center stage whenever he wasn't on stage at all. And they did a lot of their violin-heavy stuff, so she got to play the heck out of it. I'm still sad she's leaving. :(

It's very odd to be standing next to Sarah and Rachel shortly after they started letting people into the club, and both of them are smoking. Especially Sarah -- you'd think someone who danced for a living would have more respect for her lungs. But to each their own, I guess. I wasn't happy about all the smoke in the place last night (I thought there was an ordinance now that smoking wasn't allowed anywhere...but maybe it hasn't gone into effect yet), but I'm assuming that a few hours of exposure one time won't hurt the baby too much. many things to worry about when pregnant.

Numbers = ugh! I haven't been there in years, and many of our friends like to refer to the place as "Scumbers." I thought they were referring to the crowd that hangs out there, but they may as well have been referring to the building itself. The restrooms were nasty, even right after the place opened. Does anyone clean in there, ever? Last night was one night I wished HaVoK was still being held at club Encounters -- all their comfy chairs would have been nice for pregnant me. Numbers had ONE stool with a padded seat, which I was fortunate to be able to claim after a wonderful gentleman offered it to me. Otherwise, the seating was all on non-padded surfaces, and sitting on them did nothing to relieve my aches.

Overall, I'd say the evening was still worth it. It was fun to dress up and go out, and be drooled over by my husband. :) And we saw a good (if not great) show, as well. :) I told Andrew that now we can tell our son that he's been to two Cruxshadows shows before he was even born! :)
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I had my 32-week doctor's appointment today. Everything is still normal. I gained 2 pounds in the last two weeks, blood pressure is still fine. Fundal height (that's the belly measurement) was 33 cm (I remembered to ask this time); it's supposed to be about 1 cm for each week along, but the doctor didn't make it seem noteworthy at all that I'm measuring 33cm at 32 weeks. If there's anything else I should be noting, I can't think what it might be.

My sister was born at 32 weeks. So I have confidence that if something happens and our baby is born early anytime from here on out, he'll likely turn out perfectly healthy in the long run.

I'm starting to get increasingly uncomfortable with this being pregnant state, though. I'm not miserable all the time or anything, but I'm getting tired of sleeping well at night being a hit or miss thing. I sleep fine whenever I manage to fall asleep, but every time I wake up, whether it's due to my hip hurting, or needing to go to the bathroom, or some other reason altogether, I then have to hope I'll be able to fall back asleep again. Baby movement is strong enough that it's hard to fall asleep if he's being active, which he sometimes does when I wake up in the middle of the night. And the longer I've been abed, the harder it is to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in ('cause once my hips start hurting, they will feel marginally better if I take pressure off the hurting one for a while, but they don't get 100% better until I get up in the morning), so I sleep better the earlier in the night it is. I'm not looking forward to this potentially getting more uncomfortable, and waking up to go to the bathroom even more often. I am thankful, though, that at least I'm not having uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks contractions, too. I assume I'm having them, but if I am, they still aren't strong enough for me to notice.

I also miss being able to bend in the middle without it being uncomfortable. And I have a lot less stamina for any kind of physical work. I can do stuff for an hour or two, but then my body starts telling me to stop. And if I ignore it (like I did a couple weeks ago, the day before we had the carpet cleaned), I'll be sore for a couple days afterwards.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to miss being able to wear my "goth" outfits. We'll see what I can throw together, and what I can accomplish with accessories and makeup, since I can still wear those things. :)

Can't think of much else to say baby-wise. He's an active little bugger these days. He's big enough now that he seems to get irritated by any pressure I put on my abdomen, even very light pressure. Resting a book on my tummy to read will set him moving, as will my belly pressing up against the edge of my desk at work.

Rough week

Jan. 9th, 2007 12:08 pm
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Sunday was much better than Saturday. I made significant progress on the closet re-organization, though I still have a fair bit to go. My back and round ligaments started complaining at me before I was finished, and I thought it best to stop and not push too hard.

Unfortunately, Sunday night was not so good, as I was awake nearly all night due to what I assume was acid reflux discomfort. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable, but it was enough so that it kept me from falling asleep. Not a fun way to pass the night. (I've never had this before, so I'm still assuming that's what it was as opposed to KNOWING, and we didnt have any antacids on hand to take since neither of us is prone to such.) I thought about just getting up and reading or something several times, but the thought that if I got up then I DEFINITELY wasn't going to fall asleep kept me abed. I ended up calling in sick to work yesterday, because I felt like I'd gotten 2-3 hours of sleep max....basically a lot like I used to feel during final exams week in college. I did some research online, and the basic suggestions were not to eat within about 3 hours of bedtime, and to prop up the head of the bed a few inches. We're not sure about this propping up the head of the bed thing -- seems to me it would lead to structural unsoundness of the bedframe after some period of time -- but I was good and didn't snack after dinner last night, and slept much better as a result.

So I'm working today, and planning to stay an hour or two late tonight as well. Andrew and I want to go the The Cruxshadows' show at HaVoK at Numbers on Thursday night, so we're trying to bank a few hours so we can go in to work late on Friday. Unfortunately, I have a 10:00 desk shift Friday morning, so I have to be in by then, which is only gonna let me sleep an hour or so later than usual. But I'm even more inclined to try to make this show since The Cruxshadows have announced that Rachel is leaving the band later this year (DragonCon 2007, which we aren't going to be able to make due to having a very young son, will be her last live performance), and she's one of the ones I really like seeing. I don't really know what I'm going to wear for the show, though, as none of the usual things I'd wear fit at the moment. I'll probably end up just throwing together something in black, and telling myself that I'm NOT going to be seen, I'm just going to hear a band I really like. I probably won't be able to do much in the way of dancing either...but oh well. Such is life. ;)

I tried again to order pants from The Gap yesterday, and they still don't have what I want in my size. At least they have removed the jeans I wanted from the listing of things available in my size, so they're not taunting me by letting me order them and then removing them from my shopping cart when I try to check out. But in the meantime, I still have no real prospect of getting any pants that fit better. :(
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My 30-week appointment was yesterday afternoon. It was another one of those very short, to the point appointments.

Weight: up 2 lbs from my last appt.
Blood pressure: good (I never remember the exact numbers)
Baby's heartbeat: 146 bpm, normal
Fundal measurement: again she didn't tell me what it was, but she didn't comment on it either so I'm assuming normal. I should remember to ask about this some day. :P

I'm still not experiencing anything weird or horribly uncomfortable. Baby's most active in the evenings, though he acts up sporadically during the daytime and nighttime as well. I'm definitely glad we got our glider, as I'm finding it to be about the most comfortable seat in the house in a reclined position, and having the ottoman lets me sit with my feet up, too. About the most noteworthy thing I can think of is that I have to make a conscious effort to not hunch over; baby's big enough now that hunching causes stuff in my chest to feel squished. And I'm asking Andrew to carry heavy things more and more often. Oh, and I get some lower back ache if I push myself too hard doing housework or spend too much time bending over the counter in the kitchen cooking. But it's nothing severe. Basically, I feel fine as long as I don't overdo it by exerting myself too much.

I did overdo it on Tuesday, trying to get the second and third floors cleaned and vacuumed in preparation for having the carpets cleaned yesterday morning. I was still having back twinges yesterday morning (usually, a good night's sleep takes care of the ache), which meant I spent the day taking it easy and reading (when we weren't out running errands) instead of making more housework progress. The carpets have been cleaned, and are looking MUCH better than they did beforehand. No more unsightly stains all over the place. :)

We also ordered baby furniture from USA Baby after my appointment yesterday. Turns out they actually had all the pieces we wanted in stock, which I wasn't expecting. Fortunately, they will hold the stuff for up to 6 months, so us either picking it up or having it delivered probably sometime in January will be just fine. We don't have anywhere to put it just yet, so taking it home yesterday wasn't really an option. Definitely a MUCH more pleasant experience than trying to order from Babies R Us.

Sarah's going to paint in Sprite's former room sometime next week, and after that we should be able to move the guest room furniture in there. THEN we'll have someplace to put the baby furniture :) I think I've decided to just dispense with redoing the flooring, as I still haven't bothered to call the flooring people to ask for a new quote, and I don't really want to mess with taking the time off work to have the flooring delivered, and then take more time off a few days later to have them actually do the installation work. I think I'm just feeling lazy mostly. *sigh* Everything is a big production, and I'm running low on energy.

I was supposed to organize the closets today, but I ended up getting very little of that done. I got some stuff moved into the closet in Sprite's former room, but I've still got a long way to go. I'll probably try to work on it some more tomorrow before we head to Austin, but we'll see. Probably depends on how quickly I get moving in the morning.
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I've spent virtually all of today so far outside of my office. I was in a meeting from 9-12, and then we had our Holiday luncheon that started at 12. I went a few minutes late because I needed some down time to sniffle in my office (yeah, I'm still sick), but I have just now gotten back to my office after the luncheon. And now, I suppose that I'm expected to actually do work for the next 2.75 hours. Unfortunately, my brain is fuzzy due to congestion, and my motivation to work is low due to having just come from a party. So we'll see how much actually ends up getting done.

I wish I could just cut out and go home early today, but I feel obligated to hoard as much of my time as possible, because every day I take off now, is a day I won't get paid for later. But I'm tired, and I don't want to use my brain. *whine*

Pseudoephedrine makes my baby wired. Between the sugar overload he got yesterday morning, and the pseudoephedrine I took yesterday evening to get me through Andrew's company party, he's been one active little bugger. I took more pseudoephedrine this morning so that I wouldn't sniffle through the entire meeting, and he was acting up during that, too. It's wearing off now, though, and I'm going to try not to take any more, since theoretically I get to stay holed up here in my office for the rest of the afternoon.

And now, a brief history lesson:
For the record, Benjamin Franklin was never President of the United States.

The September newsletter from one of the British-based publishers I deal with had a trivia question in it, with the prize being a $30 gift card. The question: What US President had also been a librarian? The December newsletter had the "correct" answer -- Benjamin Franklin, along with the name and university affiliation (also someplace in Britain) of the person who had provided that answer and won the gift card. I did a double-take when I read that. Methinks the British are not quite up to speed on their US history. :P I emailed the publisher and told them they were wrong, and provided them with a link to the listing of all US presidents on the web site -- of which Benjamin Franklin is NOT one. We'll see if they bother to respond.
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I had my 28-week appointment this morning, along with the gestational diabetes test. The GD test turned out to be not nearly as bad as I was expecting...the drink tasted pretty much like flat orange soda. While definitely not something I'd CHOOSE to drink, it wasn't so horrible that I had trouble getting it down or anything like that. So I survived. The baby did get really active after I drank it, though -- not sure if it was 'cause all that sugar was hitting him, or just a random time for him to be active. He's continued to be somewhat active throughout the day so far, though less than in that first hour or so. Only issue I had that MIGHT have been due to the glucose test was that shortly before 11 (right at about the 2 hour mark) I started to feel a little light-headed and shaky. I was back at work and in the middle of munching my animal cracker snack at the time, though, and it passed pretty quickly.

I'm up another 3 pounds, so about a total of 15 lbs for the pregnancy so far. Given that I've only got about 12 weeks to go, I should end up well within the "expected" 25-35 lb weight gain, barring something drastic happening. Baby's heartrate was good, my blood pressure was good, the belly measurement merited no comment from the doctor so I assume that wasn't unusual either. Ultimately, a pretty dull appointment -- which is good! :)

I'm still sniffly and sneezy and coughing some, though not excessively. Andrew's company Christmas party is tonight, and I think I'm going to be up to going to it. At any rate, I'm not feeling out-of-it and antisocial like I was last night, though I'd much prefer it if I could go more than 15-20 minutes without needing to visit a Kleenex box. I guess I feel like I may not make the best impression on his co-workers. But oh can't really be helped.

In other news, our glider has arrived. We need to make arrangements to go pick it up this weekend. I have a ton of things on a mental list that I want to get done in the next couple of weeks, but I somehow doubt they are all going to happen. I still need to call pediatricians and set up time(s) to interview them (I'd ask for recommendations, but I doubt anyone on here with kids takes them to a pediatrician anywhere near where we live), as well as call day cares and set up times to visit them. And make dentist appointments for Andrew and me (which would be easier if Andrew's new dental insurance card would arrive). And schedule someone to come clean the carpet in our house. And talk to the flooring people about a new price quote for just the baby's room. And I'm sure I'm probably forgetting some things, too. There is just too much to do when one is expecting a baby! (I know, there is even more to do once one actually HAS a baby!)
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This weekend was our baby shower in Austin, hosted by my sister [ profile] beckyboo83 and assisted by her generous housemate Carrie. I enjoyed it very much, in spite of the fact that i was in the midst of coming down with Andrew's cold. I'm glad I stayed away from Christi's baby Alex, in spite of the fact that I'd really like to be able to hold him for a bit. Pictures from the shower are here, if you're interested:

By Saturday evening, I had a full-fledged sore throat, and I haven't felt 100% great since then. Fortunately, however, this thing hasn't hit me nearly as hard as it did Andrew. I mostly feel like I skipped the being congested part of a cold, and went straight to the drainage-caused sore-throat, followed by the need to hack crud out of my lungs. I stayed home from work yesterday because I still had the sore throat and my voice was shot, but once I dragged my lazy butt out of bed around 11:00, I found that I didn't really feel all that bad -- I had enough energy to get some badly-needed housework done, and never felt completely wiped out. I probably could have gone to work yesterday, but I think the extra rest probably did me good. Plus there was the whole "not communicating very well" thing, too. I'm back at work today. Aside from my cough and my voice sounding "gruff," I'm pretty much back to normal.

My doctor's office just called me to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow. Apparently the doctor's had a death in the family. :( So I have my appointment (and my gestational diabetes test) at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday instead. The morning appointment isn't the best for me (means I'm going to miss 2-3 hours of work instead of 1.5), but having an extra day to work on getting over this cold before the GD test is probably a good thing. I've been a little worried that taking it while sick might affect the results negatively, and I REALLY don't want to have to do the 3-hour test.
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I had my 26-week appointment yesterday afternoon. Everything still seems to be perfectly normal. The nurse had some trouble finding the baby's heartbeat, and when she did find it she said it was off on the side at an odd angle. Considering he'd been moving around like crazy almost the whole time I was in the waiting room (almost an hour), I wasn't surprised. I seem to have gained weight as well -- up about 12 lbs from my 16 week appointment (yeah, that's the last time I was weighed). I'm not sure where the weight is going, since I don't feel like I've gained anything other than where the baby is, and I'd be surprised if that were 12 lbs worth. But body's doing what it's supposed to, right? :)

I get to go to every two week appointments now, which means I go back again on December 13 for the 28-week appointment. I get to do the gestational diabetes test then, too (drink a really sweet glucose drink and then wait an hour and have blood drawn). I'm so looking forward to that. However, my doc did say I could drink water after the glucose drink because it shouldn't affect my blood sugar any. So I'm thankful for that -- if I find the stuff nasty, I'll at least be able to get the taste out of my mouth afterwards.

I got congratulated on my baby by a random student at the reference desk yesterday. That was odd, but definitely preferable to having my tummy rubbed by a stranger.

And last but not least, on Tuesday I saw a student who was wearing bright red leg warmers with jeans and 2-inch stiletto heels. It was scary. *checks the calendar to make sure it isn't 1984*


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