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Corwin seems to really be enjoying preschool so far. He was so excited when I dropped him off this morning that he didn't even say "bye" to me. It tugs at my heartstrings a little, but I know he's developing independence like he should and that he's just so excited about his day that being separated from mom isn't really on his mind. And I am thankful that he's not a crier. :) He's told me he mostly plays with Jack and Noah in his class, and that Jack was out of town today. I need to figure out a way to get acquainted with some of these kids' parents, but I'm not sure how to do so with the advent of carline -- see the next paragraph for my rant about that.

Today was the first day of "carline" -- where instead of parking and going in the building to drop off or pick up our children, we all sit in line in our cars to pick up/drop off under the covered area of their circle drive, and the staff help the children get in/out of the car. This morning when it was pouring cats and dogs and we arrived at school about 10 minutes early and there were only about 7 cars ahead of us carline was very welcome -- meant I didn't have to get Corwin out of the car and into the building in the rain. Though we were already fairly soaked from getting to the car since there's no covered parking at our apartment, but who's counting right? This afternoon, though, I was less than pleased. I arrived at 1:55 and got in the line (out in the street; I couldn't even get in the parking lot at that time), and it was about 2:15 when I finally drove out with Corwin. On previous days when I have arrived at 1:55 (before carline started), I was able to get out more quickly than that. Even if not by much, at least I was DOING something other than sitting in the car polluting the environment while it idled. *sigh* Apparently carline is supposed to somehow be more convenient, but I can't say that I see how. Yes, there is less trying to dodge kids and parents in the parking lot, but it doesn't save time and it can't be good environmentally to have that many cars (mostly SUVs and minivans) idling for 20+ minutes to pick up their kids. Getting there earlier seems moot since they don't start bringing the kids out 'til 2:00. I'd get out of the parking lot earlier, but I'd probably spend an equal amount of time sitting in the car to get there early enough to be near the head of the line. Plus, you know, I'm paying for child care for my kid until 2:00, so I shouldn't HAVE to be there at 1:45! :P

Okay, rant over.

Naptime is still an issue for us. He seems to be napping somewhere in the range of 2-3 days a week, usually at the beginning of the week. He slept yesterday, and today I didn't get him in bed 'til shortly after 3:00. And he proceeded to take an almost 3-hour-long nap He got up just before 6 (after I went and made a concerted effort to make lots of noise outside his room). We decided to let him stay up until 9, since having him go to bed 2 hours after he got up just seemed silly. But even with not going to bed 'til 9, he's still carrying on and talking and stuff and it's after 10:30. *sigh* I just wish we could figure out a way to get him to nap consistently. Unfortunately, on preschool days, getting him in bed for nap before 3 is fairly unrealistic. We get home from preschool around 2:30, he eats a small snack and talks to me for a bit (as it is hard to talk to him much in the car -- his voice is quiet and hard to hear from the drivers' seat, plus he gets distracted by all the cars around us and starts telling me about them rather than his day), then we go potty and do his naptime routine. They're supposed to have a nap at preschool, but that starts at 12 or 12:15 which is just too early for Corwin. We have trouble getting him to sleep at 2 at home (and there have been preschool days already this year when he didn't nap after he got home); I don't see 12:15 happening.

I was gonna say something more, but it's now slipped my brain. Gonna go stick my head in and tell Corwin to quiet down and go to sleep and then try to go to sleep myself. I'm hoping I'll be able to get us moving early enough tomorrow to make it to the library for storytime. But we'll see. Odds of Corwin sleeping past 8 tomorrow morning, even with being up as late as he is? Still virtually nil.

Oh, I remember what else I was gonna say. We haven't had a pair of wet underwear in about a week. I've probably just jinxed the streak by saying that, but I'm still excited about it! It's been nice not having to do a warm load nearly every day to clean that evening's wet underwear. :) Corwin has 4 pairs of summer pajamas, and he actually wore all 4 of them before I had to do laundry yesterday! :)
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We are in Galveston this weekend with the [ profile] onefishclappin and [ profile] krikwennavd and their two boys (ages 4 and 2). We arrived Thursday afternoon and are renting a little house that is right across the street from the beach. We're quite a ways down toward the West End, so the beach here is fairly empty, at least compared to that down in the main part of town. And MUCH nicer than that down by the Seawall. I've always hated the beach down at Galveston, but I didn't realize there was this nicer part down here.

Thursday night wasn't a good night, as Corwin took a LONG time to go to sleep, and then woke up around 3 in the morning saying "mommy mommy mommy" so I had to get up and take him to the bathroom and help him get re-settled to go back to sleep. I think part of the problem is that his mattress was hideously uncomfortable -- I'm wondering if they didn't have him sleeping on a box spring rather than a mattress. His room has a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom and a twin on the top, and I could feel springs on the double bed mattress any time I put any of my weight on it. It's either a box spring or a really thin, worn out mattress. At any rate, the twin on the top felt MUCH nicer, so we moved that down on top of the double bed mattress before naptime yesterday, and he's slept much better since then.

Yesterday morning there was a thunderstorm that rolled in just as we were getting the boys ready to head down to the beach, so instead they played in the rain and the subsequent mud next to the foundation, and got themselves horribly horribly dirty and had a general blast. Then, once the rain had stopped and the thunder had passed they all (except me, as I wasn't dressed for it) headed over to the beach for an hour or so, while I sat on the porch and read for a while and relaxed while watching the waves. It was nice. Corwin took a nap yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks, which was awesome....but he was definitely tired out from all the playing in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon we hit the Aquarium Pyramid at Moody Gardens, which I think we all enjoyed, and then took the kiddos over to a playscape that was near the parking lot. Dinner was at Fish Tales, which was better than its online reviews indicated. Though it was also pricier than we expected. After getting our bill (we both ordered the snapper special), Andrew and I decided that THAT would have to qualify as our anniversary dinner. It was close to the same price as Brennan's (*sigh*) but not as good. Corwin had chicken strips, and actually ate a whole one of them like it was good. I had one, too (he had 3, which was WAY too much food for him) because they looked yummy, and they really, really were. Wish I got chicken strips like that more often when I order them at restaurants. Bedtime last night was a dream -- I didn't hear a single peep out of Corwin after Andrew left his room after putting him to bed. And he slept straight through until 7 this morning.

Today, unfortunately, has not gone nearly so smoothly. This morning we went into town and took a Duck Tour -- which is a tour of the town in a DUKW -- a refurbished WWII amphibious vehicle. Our tour took us both on land and into the water in one of the bays, and provided us with a lot of interesting information about Galveston. Then we came back here for lunch and naps, and that's when the day went south. Corwin wasn't all that interested in his lunch, was continually defiant when we gave him instructions (like "face forward in your chair and eat your food"), and we eventually ended up ending lunch and putting him to bed for his nap. During which he fussed and cried and kicked his bedrail and generally did anything he could to keep from going to sleep and get attention from us. We finally told him we were closing the door and we were not coming back regardless of how much fussing he did, and Andrew told him that if he didn't at least try to sleep he was going to be too tired to go to the beach this afternoon.

So the other two boys and their parents are just now coming back from their afternoon jaunt to the beach, while my family just hung out in the house. And the worst part of this is that Corwin spent the time happy as a clam playing with the cars we brought from home and the cars that Matthew and Alex brought, and didn't even seem fazed that he wasn't going to the beach. *sigh* He's been really excited about the beach while we've been here and often says he wants to go in "the motions" (ocean), so I thought that would be an effective incentive/consequence. But apparently not. Apparently the opportunity to play with the cars by himself is even spite of the fact that he can and does do that any day of the week when we're at home. Wish I had a clue what an effective consequence for Corwin would be.

This evening we're planning to cook dinner here in the house and I'm not sure what else. There may be another beach excursion; still debating whether I'm going to let Corwin go on that one or not. He's definitely in the doghouse.
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The morning nap was a good thing for both of us.  I'm doing much better this afternoon, and Corwin hasn't been nearly as clingy and fussy.

The ice maker in our freezer is broken -- it won't STOP making ice.  The stop bar won't stay up if we put it in that position, and the big ol' pile of ice in the ice container pushing it up apparently also isn't triggering it to stop making ice.  So every time we pull out the top freezer tray, we get ice EVERYWHERE.  I'm getting really tired of picking up ice off the floor every time I need to get something from the freezer.  Looking online didn't turn up any useful information for this problem, so we'll be having a repairman out Wednesday morning. Yay for $60 diagnostic fees.

On a random tangent, I've been listening to one of the Joe Scruggs cds that Corwin got for Christmas.  It was published in 1984, and while the music is still good, some of the lyrics are surprisingly dated.  There' s a song on there called "Peanut Butter" that is all about how yummy peanut butter is. I bet that wouldn't go over very well these days when peanuts seem to be all but outlawed at schools and daycares due to allergy issues.  And there's another track called "Please don't bring your Tyrannosaurus Rex to Show and Tell" which has a verse admonishing the kid to "Please don't take your brontosaurus through the lunchroom line." My paleontologist friends tell me that there is no such thing as a "brontosaurus" any more.  It's a diplodocus, or an apatosaurus.  Apparently the creature formerly known as "brontosaurus" was really the same species as the apatosaurus and some scientists just mistakenly thought it was different.  You can read the wikipedia explanation here:
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This weekend was our annual trip to Austin for Christmas with my family. This year, my cousin Edward and his gf Marcia (who live in Seattle) were visiting my aunt and uncle in Seguin, so they hosted an extended family Christmas at their house as well. Since it wasn't on Christmas Day, we actually got to go this year (we are always in Houston with Andrew's family on Christmas Day).

Merry Christmas!

A few more pictures are here )

We got more presents at my parents' house later that evening. Corwin got a couple of 18-month size outfits, a three-headed dragon puppet, two Fisher Price carts with animals in them, a rocking ring stacker, and several cds that I requested that I remember loving as a child -- some Joe Scruggs and Leroy Anderson (composer of "Sleigh Ride," "The Typewriter," and "The Syncopated Clock," among others). Oh, and a very cute Baby's First Christmas ornament.

The biggest downside of the trip is that Corwin doesn't sleep well when he's not at home in his own bed. He actually slept great at night this trip, in spite of getting to bed late both nights. Friday we got to Austin about 10:15, and didn't him to sleep 'til almost 11:00. He slept straight through 'til 6:45 or so, but that's normal wake-up time for him and he refused to sleep any more after that, in spite of being about 3 hours short on sleep. And then he REFUSED to take a nap at all, all day. He dozed for about a half hour in the car on the way to Seguin, and that was it for napping on Saturday. We tried to get him to nap in his pack and play at my aunt and uncle's house, but it wasn't happening. Then we had to keep him up once we got back to my parents' house to participate in the second round of gift exchange. We thought about putting it off 'til this morning, but my sister had to work today so last night it was. He got to bed just after 8:00 last night, and was so exhausted that his protests were feeble and he fell asleep right away. He woke up once around 10:00, and then slept through 'til 6:30. And once again refused to nap, in spite of being obviously still exhausted. I FINALLY got him to sleep again around 11:30 when he just conked out while nursing, and he did take a 2 hour nap. But oh did we have to fight for it. I'm somewhat dreading the return trip this coming weekend for New Year's. The kid has got to learn to sleep elsewhere than his own room. *sigh*
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I have been meaning to post a Corwin update for several days now, but it keeps getting put off in favor of Christmas prep of one sort or another.

He is crawling fairly regularly now. And standing. And making attempts at walking. )

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth! )

He eats food. Read about all the fascinating minutiae here! )

And last, but not least, he sleeps, too! )

I'm thrilled that we finally seem to have settled into a (fairly loose) schedule that works for us! Now I just need to work on coming up with more activities for us to do during the day to keep him entertained so he isn't bored and fussing at me so much.

The pictures you know you wanna see are back here! )
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Corwin has his 6-month checkup tomorrow. More vaccination shots, yay! :P Andrew and I also have dentist appointments tomorrow -- Andrew's is in the morning before Corwin's appointment, and mine is in the afternoon after Corwin's appointment. *dread*

I made oatmeal for Corwin today, but I wasn't very successful in feeding it to him. I had trouble getting him to open his mouth for the spoon after the first couple of bites. Telling him to open wide and say "ahhhh" has no apparent effect. :P I wonder if he's just not really ready for solids. We'll ask his doctor tomorrow.

He took two naps in his bed today. They were only about 30-40 minutes each, but hey, they were naps that didn't require Mama's presence. I caught him sleeping on his tummy during the second nap. My mom keeps asking me if he sleeps on his tummy; I guess now I can tell her he does, at least occasionally.

We had an HOA board meeting tonight. The guy whose house it was at smelled strongly of air fresheners; I noticed the scent as soon as I walked in the door. I felt fine while I was there, but now that I'm home I have a headache. *sigh* Darn sensitivity to scents. He didn't have the air fresheners at the previous meeting I attended, so hopefully it won't be a regular thing. If it is, I may have to try hosting the meeting at my house. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how well that will work with Corwin - whether he'll let Andrew feed him a bottle and put him to bed and the like if I'm nearby.
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This part is probably only exciting if you're also a parent, or you're one of Corwin's relatives. )

Sunday (yesterday) wasn't terribly exciting. Nothing really to report. We hung around the house, and cleaned up a little.

This afternoon we had the usual gang (minus [ profile] staticeel and plus [ profile] kaerukami's wife Jamie) over for board games and pizza. Corwin actually took a half-hour nap around 4:30, which I found impressive. We put him in bed around 1:30 also, and he stayed there for about an hour, but it was storming at the time and I'm not sure he really slept -- there were stretches when he was quiet, but he was also making noise and fussing periodically, so no way to tell if he was asleep or just laying quietly during those times. It was nice to see folks, and I had fun with the games. :)

I don't know what it is with our pizza delivery places around here, though. We have pretty much quit ordering from Sarpino's, in spite of their pizza being excellent, because there is always some problem with our order -- either they can't find our house in spite of having the directions in their computer, they screw up the credit card payment (once they denied all my cards when the problem was really that their card machine wasn't working, and once they doubled the tip), or they deliver us a pizza with green peppers on it instead of beef (and this happened more than once!). Pizza Hut is the fall-back option, and we had gotten decent service from them up until recently. A few weeks back when my cousins + gf were visiting we ordered from them and it took them over an hour to deliver. Tonight, it took them an hour to deliver (when we'd been quoted a 35 minute delivery time) and got two of the four pizzas we ordered wrong. Basically, we got two each of two of the pizzas we ordered, and none of the other two. It's very frustrating.

Tomorrow I need to call the university and figure out when I need to go in to get my keys, pay for parking, and do any other administrivia that's required for starting work in theory this coming weekend. This was probably my last free weekend for a while. My current plan is to stick it out through this semester and see how it goes; if Andrew and I hate it, I'll consider resigning again at that point; if it turns out to be not a big deal, then I'll probably keep at it indefinitely.

I'm off to take a shower now. Might hop on WoW after that.

I'm sad that we missed DragonCon this weekend. :(
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The university got back to me today and said the hourly rate I asked for was fine ($1/hr more than they offered). That was so easy (no dickering at all) that I'm now left wondering if I should have asked for more. Oh well.

Now they just need to do a background check (currently waiting for HR to email me a form for that) and send me an offer letter that I get to sign and send back. My current tentative start date is September 8. Once I get the offer letter taken care of, I'll have to go in during the week to get keys, do HR paperwork to get paid, and the like. I'll probably take Corwin with me for that, though, since I know several of the folks in the library will be interested to see him.

He's currently fussing in his bed, as per usual when I try to put him down for a nap. His refusal to nap in his bed except on rare occasions is very frustrating, and I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to just let him CIO for however long it takes him to go to sleep (I've let him go for a half-hour once or twice, didn't like it much at all, and that apparently wasn't long enough for him to give up and go to sleep), but I'm not sure what other options I have. I sit in the room with him sometimes, and sometimes he falls asleep with me in there...and other times he doesn't. It doesn't consistently work. And occasionally he puts up so much fuss that I start second-guessing myself that maybe he wasn't REALLY tired after all -- but then as soon as I get him up and nurse him or lay down with him in our bed, he conks right out.

Making it darker in the room (we have hung sheets over the window) has helped somewhat, but it hasn't been the cure-all that I hoped.
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I didn't realize before we came out here that being "on vacation" with a 4-month old really just means you do the same child-care activities you do everyday, except you're in a strange place which makes it even harder work than usual. I was really kind of resenting Corwin yesterday because he was keeping me from being able to take part in any "vacation" activities, or really even being able to socialize with the folks we're here to spend time with.

Today, I decided when I got up this morning that I did not want to spend the rest of my vacation feeling that way, and therefore I was going to enjoy my son today, even if that turned out to be the only thing I ended up doing. And I did.

Corwin's still not napping well, but he's doing a little better with it. I got a half-hour nap out of him at the big house while everyone except for me and his nana (great-grandmother) were out shopping. I might have gotten a second nap out of him there as well, if it weren't for an ill-timed spat between Andrew's cousin's 6- and 4-year-old daughters. I'd just gotten him into his pack and play over there, and he'd been quiet (and thus I assume asleep) for about 5 minutes when the two of them got into it. I dunno if they really woke him up, or their grandmother woke him when she yelled at them to cut it out, or if he just woke up on his own or hadn't actually been asleep. But there was no getting him back to sleep after that.

He rolled over again today, tummy to back. He did it four times in one day a couple weeks ago, and then hasn't done it since. Until today. Only me and Nana were there to see it...but at least someone other than me has seen it now. I have a witness! :)

We took him down to the beach this evening, and let him stand in the sand at the edge of the surf. He really liked it for a good 10 or 15 minutes, and then he got tired of sinking into the sand, I think. Either that, or that's just the limit of his attention span. [ profile] asharperfocus took some pictures, so I'll probably post a few of those whenever I get them from her. That may not be 'til after we get home, stay tuned! :) I finally got to play in the water for a few minutes, too. Want more! Hopefully Corwin will be in a good mood again tomorrow evening and we can head back down there again.
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So why is it so hard for me to get my kid to take a nap anywhere that isn't my arms? *sigh* If I get him to sleep, it seems like about 2/3 of the time he wakes up as soon as or very shortly (within 5 minutes) after I set him down somewhere. Just now, I put him in his swing, which is where he naps best, and he woke immediately. He looked around quietly for about 10 minutes, and now he's fussing.

If I just set him down somewhere awake, he fusses about not being held. Makes it very hard to do things like eat lunch, much less pack and get ready to go to Austin this evening.


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