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Hey Andrew -- you were right about the lead singer of The Dreaming (I finally looked at the album cover to find the band's name today) sounding like the singer for Stabbing Westward. It is in fact the same guy:
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In a discussion this evening with [ profile] kaerukami and [ profile] ehcnalava, I mentioned that Madonna had not been to Texas since 1987. I got that data point wrong. The 1990 Blonde Ambition tour was the last time she performed in Texas. However, her 1985 Like a Virgin tour was the last and only time she performed in Austin, which is where I was living back then. Considering that I was 9, there's no way I could have gone, and there's no way my parents would have let me travel to Houston or Dallas at 11 or 13 to catch Who's That Girl or Blonde Ambition! ;) She hasn't performed in Texas since I've been old enough to actually go.

(I pulled my data from Wikipedia, but I generally trust them on pop culture stuff.)

I get 1987 stuck in my head because that's the year I attended my first rock concert -- Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour. My dad went with 10-year-old me, and hated every minute of it, to hear him tell it. Just recently Cyndi Lauper was doing a tour (also called True Colors for some reason) with some other artists of the era, and I asked my dad just for grins and giggles if he wanted to go to it with me. The expression on his face was priceless. :)

Also for Tim & Jamie: The Cruxshadows. They are one of the attractions we go to DragonCon to see, and generally put on an awesome show. Though they have had an almost complete turnover in their lineup this year, so we'll see how much that changes things. They tour also -- we've seen them here in Houston twice.
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So we went back to the mall and shopped for me and I got three pairs of jeans, a clearance-priced purple sweater for next winter, a dress to wear to [ profile] asharperfocus' wedding, and a bra to go with said dress. I tried to buy a bathing suit, but the department store options just weren't going to work for me. I want a one-piece, and I am going to have to have a long-torso'ed Becca is gonna come back in June and we'll go look at some swimsuit specialty shops and see if there is something there. From the selection available in the places we looked (Target, JCPenney, and Macy's), it's obvious that EVERYONE should be wearing bikinis or tankinis. I could wear a tankini.....I just don't particularly want to. :P

Random observations made while shopping:

We were amused by the pair of moms pushing strollers, obviously together, but both of them talking on their cell phones as they walked along. Becca and I decided we must be sadly out of fashion if we were actually bothering to talk to EACH OTHER when out in public together!

We encountered another Mom in New York & Company who really upset us. She had her son (who looked to be at least Corwin's age if not a bit older) in a stroller, and he was crying and crying and crying. And she was just going about her business, not doing a damn thing to try and comfort him or get him to stop crying. Nor was she taking him out of the store for throwing a fit. After she finally left the store, it turned out that Becca and I both wanted to go over there and try to comfort him ourselves....but we're both smart enough to know that a total stranger trying to talk to him or pick him up wasn't likely to help matters any. I suspect that poor kid had just been in his stroller for too long and needed to get out and run around for a while.

Macy's was playing Garbage's "Androgeny" at one point while we were shopping. I was amazed to hear something post-Version 2.0 being played, since beautifulgarbage and Bleed Like Me got little to no exposure in Houston. Someone who works for Macy's has good taste! :)

Thursday night and Friday night we opted to take advantage of Comcast's On Demand movies, since we had such a terrible time trying to watch anything on DVD the last time Becca was here. Thursday night we watched one of the free options, Short Circuit. Johnny 5 is alive! :) I hadn't seen that one in years, and was prompted to re-watch it since I have heard rumours that someone is intending to remake a modern version of it. It was a cute movie, definitely enjoyable...but most of the acting was terrible. I didn't remember it being quite that bad. I think Ally Sheedy's character was the worst....and I didn't have any impression going in of her being a bad actress. Oh well. The strains of El DeBarge's "Who's Johnny?" had me singing along....and my sister once again in shock and awe of my '80s music knowledge (she was born in 1983). This of course prompted me to spend the rest of the evening trying to dredge up the name of the hit song that was performed by DeBarge (rather than El by himself). It finally came to me as I was going to bed:

The Rhythm of the Night )

And for good measure, 'Who's Johnny?' )

Surprisingly, once I started watching them, I realized that I remember both of these videos from back when they originally aired. How sad is that? ;)

On Friday night we opted for a paid-movie, and paid $4.99 to watch Becoming Jane. Considering that the last movie I saw in a theater was Atonement, I have concluded that James McAvoy really needs to do a movie with a happy ending for his character. Anyone know any to recommend?
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1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, iPod etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Meme behind the cut )
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The morning nap was a good thing for both of us.  I'm doing much better this afternoon, and Corwin hasn't been nearly as clingy and fussy.

The ice maker in our freezer is broken -- it won't STOP making ice.  The stop bar won't stay up if we put it in that position, and the big ol' pile of ice in the ice container pushing it up apparently also isn't triggering it to stop making ice.  So every time we pull out the top freezer tray, we get ice EVERYWHERE.  I'm getting really tired of picking up ice off the floor every time I need to get something from the freezer.  Looking online didn't turn up any useful information for this problem, so we'll be having a repairman out Wednesday morning. Yay for $60 diagnostic fees.

On a random tangent, I've been listening to one of the Joe Scruggs cds that Corwin got for Christmas.  It was published in 1984, and while the music is still good, some of the lyrics are surprisingly dated.  There' s a song on there called "Peanut Butter" that is all about how yummy peanut butter is. I bet that wouldn't go over very well these days when peanuts seem to be all but outlawed at schools and daycares due to allergy issues.  And there's another track called "Please don't bring your Tyrannosaurus Rex to Show and Tell" which has a verse admonishing the kid to "Please don't take your brontosaurus through the lunchroom line." My paleontologist friends tell me that there is no such thing as a "brontosaurus" any more.  It's a diplodocus, or an apatosaurus.  Apparently the creature formerly known as "brontosaurus" was really the same species as the apatosaurus and some scientists just mistakenly thought it was different.  You can read the wikipedia explanation here:
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Was given the new Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight cd as part of the holiday loot. And wow is that a good CD from start to finish. So listening to it again while trying to find willpower to do anything resembling work today before having the week or so off.

"In Pieces"

Telling me to go
But hands beg me to stay
Your lips say that you love
Your eyes say that you hate

Theres truth in your lies
Doubt in your faith
What you build you lay to waste
Theres truth in your lies
Doubt in your faith
All I've gots what you didn't take

So I, I wont be the one
Be the one to leave this in pieces
And you, you will be alone
Alone with all your secrets and regrets
Dont lie

You promise me the sky
Then toss me like a stone
You wrap me in your arms
And chill me to the bone

Theres truth in your lies
Doubt in your faith
All I've gots what you didn't take

So I, I wont be the one
Be the one to leave this in pieces
And you, you will be alone
Alone with all your secrets and regrets
Dont lie

So I, I wont be the one
Be the one to leave this in pieces
And you, you will be alone
Alone with all your secrets and regrets
Dont lie 

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Stolen from [ profile] omorka because it is teh awesome and [ profile] mahtab at the very least has to watch this:

YouTube vid behind the cut )

It's really nifty a capella Christmas caroling!
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Garbage has a new release coming on July 17: a greatest hits collection called "Absolute Garbage." There's one new track on the album, a song called "Tell Me Where it Hurts"...which means the completist in me has to get it. There are 2 versions of the album -- a regular version with the greatest hits tracks and the new single, and a "limited edition" version with a second disk of remixes. We have all the remixes already save one or two that I don't recognize (I suspect they were b-sides on early singles that came out before I was a completist). There is also a DVD release with 15 videos on it. Making me grumpy is that the North American version of the DVD doesn't have the video for the new single on it, and since DVDs are region-encoded I can't just pick up the UK/European version of it instead. *grumbles*

According to Wikipedia, there's also a UK single release of "Tell Me Where it Hurts." doesn't have it, and I don't have time to hunt it up for sale elsewhere right at the moment (my fallback site -- -- isn't loading right now). But I will have it!!!!

YouTube video for 'Tell Me Where it Hurts' is behind the cut )
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Did anyone know that Ace of Base did a cover of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer"?
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Stole this one from [ profile] omorka as I am in the mood to futz with iTunes.

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) of the first 25 songs that play
Step 3: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Guess as many as you can!

I'm going to screen replies.

Lyrics are back here )
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Ayria = perky goth (Andrew likes the term "bubble gum goth")
Good beats to their music; would be lots of fun to dance to...if only I were up to dancing.

Cruxshadows = the show was not quite up to par with the other shows of theirs I've seen. However, it was the first show on their 2007 US tour (first time I've ever been to anyone's "first" show), and Rogue said they were a little rusty since they'd last performed in Europe before Christmas. Also, Rogue mentioned he was losing his voice, and I could tell. Rachel was being highlighted more than she has been in previous shows -- she was up front next to Rogue fairly frequently, and almost always center stage whenever he wasn't on stage at all. And they did a lot of their violin-heavy stuff, so she got to play the heck out of it. I'm still sad she's leaving. :(

It's very odd to be standing next to Sarah and Rachel shortly after they started letting people into the club, and both of them are smoking. Especially Sarah -- you'd think someone who danced for a living would have more respect for her lungs. But to each their own, I guess. I wasn't happy about all the smoke in the place last night (I thought there was an ordinance now that smoking wasn't allowed anywhere...but maybe it hasn't gone into effect yet), but I'm assuming that a few hours of exposure one time won't hurt the baby too much. many things to worry about when pregnant.

Numbers = ugh! I haven't been there in years, and many of our friends like to refer to the place as "Scumbers." I thought they were referring to the crowd that hangs out there, but they may as well have been referring to the building itself. The restrooms were nasty, even right after the place opened. Does anyone clean in there, ever? Last night was one night I wished HaVoK was still being held at club Encounters -- all their comfy chairs would have been nice for pregnant me. Numbers had ONE stool with a padded seat, which I was fortunate to be able to claim after a wonderful gentleman offered it to me. Otherwise, the seating was all on non-padded surfaces, and sitting on them did nothing to relieve my aches.

Overall, I'd say the evening was still worth it. It was fun to dress up and go out, and be drooled over by my husband. :) And we saw a good (if not great) show, as well. :) I told Andrew that now we can tell our son that he's been to two Cruxshadows shows before he was even born! :)
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I had an excellent birthday weekend, and I want to thank everyone who celebrated it with me, along with all of those who posted, emailed, texted, or called with birthday wishes. I was approaching the big 3-0 with some trepidation; on the one hand, I know plenty of people already in their 30s, and none of them seem particularly old to me. But on the other hand, it's a psychological milestone, and it's kinda unnerving to be leaving my 20s behind.

Saturday, my birthday proper, started out with fleurs from my wonderful husband:

Click here for pretty blue fleurs! )

They were accompanied by a card from him and a present from [ profile] beckyboo83 that my parents brought with them when they visited a couple weeks ago, and sneakily handed off to Andrew.

We spent Saturday afternoon on a shopping expedition for various things, some of which we found and some of which we failed miserably at finding. Click if you're interested in the shopping rundown )

And then, it was off to Carly's for dinner, and we were there until sometime around 11:00. I had a really good time chatting with people and catching up with a few folks from the Rice crowd that I hadn't seen in a while. :) I wasn't expecting any presents, but I even got a couple of those -- a Borders gift card and Season 1 of Lost on DVD.

The only downside to my birthday is that I seem to have gotten an unwanted present along with all the good stuff -- Saturday was the first day I've had any real back pain since I've been pregnant. Last year it was the news at work that we were going to have to start having all our contracts reviewed by legal counsel (the straw that turned my job into a bureaucratic nightmare). This year -- back pain. Yay! :P

Sunday, Andrew and I went up to [ profile] mahtab's for the usual Sunday boardgames. [ profile] zhaph grilled hot dogs for dinner, and Jamie had an ice cream cake for me -- yum! :) That seems to be one sweet-tooth craving that we both share. Again, I wasn't expecting any presents, but I ended up with a few -- a metal pumpkin-shaped candle holder, Season 2 of Veronica Mars, and a Halloween My Little Pony:

Click here for Abra-ca-dabra, the be-witching Halloween Pony )

I had a really good time Sunday afternoon.

We had to run off a little earlier than we otherwise might have in order to catch the Evanescence concert at the Verizon Wireless theatre downtown at 8:00. As usual, they were really good. Amy Lee's amazing set of pipes continues to just blow me away. My back mostly cooperated, so I was able to stand for the whole thing (not counting the opening band, Revelation Theory -- they were actually not bad, but Andrew and I chose to sit in the back for most of their show just to preserve my energy). I didn't do as much dancing as usual once Evanescence was on, but I enjoyed the concert very much nonetheless.

I took today off from work to recuperate from the busy weekend. I slept in 'til around 10:00 this morning, and was mostly productive around the house for the rest of the day. I did the laundry we didn't get done over the weekend, did the dishes we didn't get done over the weekend, cleaned off the breakfast room table in an attempt to keep it mostly clear for another week, went to the bank and Office Depot, supervised Pest Control and the guy who came to measure the rooms for flooring, did some ironing, cooked dinner, and did a few other useful things that are now completely escaping me. As usual, I can still think of a bunch more things I would have liked to get done, but didn't have time to get to. Ah well. My back bothered me less today, I got a lot done, and I feel fairly well rested. All in all an excellent three-day weekend. My only regret is that there are a few additional people I wish I'd been able to spend time with, but the weekend was already crammed so full I don't know when it would have happened.
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My knee is feeling better today, and didn't bother me at all last night.

I slept like a log last night, and boy did it feel good! Unfortunately, due to the ZG raid not finishing up 'til shortly after 11, I didn't get to sleep long enough, so I'm still a bit tired today.

How odd is it that a Friday the 13th in October is turning out to be the best day I've had all week, and in a good way?

For Andrew: Hang on Sloopy
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Work has been keeping me busy enough lately that I can only spare the time for quick updates.

I'm feeling pretty good this week:

  • The house is LOTS cleaner than it's been in several months (though we are still working on it a little each evening to try to get it into even better shape) due to diligent work on both our parts this weekend.

  • I got some of my Halloween decorations put up last night. I'm hoping to finish 'em off tonight, but we'll see.

  • First Season 3 episode of Veronica Mars is on tonight! (hopefully I can remember to sit down and watch it)

  • New Evanescence CD is out today. We'll pick that up sometime this week, I'm sure. [EDIT: Andrew stopped and got it on his way home from work. Yay! (Best Buy has it on sale for $9.99 this week.)]

  • Big ultrasound tomorrow afternoon! Not only do we (hopefully) get to find out Baby's sex, but it also means Andrew and I get to spend the afternoon together.

  • My parents are visiting this weekend. I'm actually looking forward to it -- I'm going to drag them off shopping, and they're going to help me make heads and tails of all the baby stuff that's out there. Thus far, I've only looked at Target, and I found that overwhelming. No way am I braving Babies R Us without someone with experience along for help!

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Went to the NIN concert last night, as my hubby succinctly stated earlier. I had entirely too much fun, and I think it was BECAUSE we had lawn seats, and I could get up and dance and MOVE! Trent ended his show again with "Head Like A Hole" which is my absolute favorite. So happy Paulina! :) I enjoyed hanging out with [ profile] min_phoenix, her hubby Lee, [ profile] ravenessasashes, and [ profile] bindusara, too. It was almost like being out at a club and dancing, except not. We need to make more of an effort to get out to HaVoK again, or somewhere else so I can get my dancing fix more regularly.

I was also able to shift my work schedule today, so I got a little extra sleep and got here at 10:15 today. I'll be stuck here 'til 6:45 to make up for it, but I'm not a zombie, and am in fact in a surprisingly good, non-stressed mood. Which is good, since I'm back to dealing with all the same crap I left on Friday.

We stopped in at Andrew's parents' house on Sunday on our way to see NIN. His parents and sister are just back from Italy, so we got to hear about their trip and were treated to a yummy steak dinner to boot. It was good to spend some time with them, too, since we don't do so nearly often enough.

We saw X-Men 3 this weekend also -- we caught the Saturday afternoon matinee at the Tinseltown by our house. We both enjoyed it. I'm not up on my comics, though, so had to have Andrew explain some of the inconsistencies to me. I found all the background information fascinating, too -- am now tempted to go buy X-Men comic anthologies. Like I'd have time to read them. :P

Home Sick

Feb. 19th, 2006 07:49 pm
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I feel like I've been under the weather in some sinus-related fashion for the last two weeks now, or thereabouts. First it was the excruciating headaches, then sinus pressure and drainage resulting in a sore throat, and today it seems the gunk in my sinuses has finally decided it's time to come out. So now I have a runny nose, sinus pressure, and some drainage (though the sore throat seems to have gone away, for the time being).

As a result of this, I've done a whole lot of sitting around like a lump this weekend.

Veronica Mars -- no spoilers )

Mundane weekend update )

Ah well. Here shall end my oh-so-exciting weekend update.
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This song has been getting stuck in my head a lot lately, so I thought I'd look up the lyrics to clarify some of the words I haven't been able to figure out from just listening. Turns out I was off on a couple of things I thought I did understand -- namely the following:

Can you hear the gears of evolution
Grinding toward divinity
Can you hear the voices of creation
And the science crawling from the seas

As you'll see below, I was just off on a couple of words, but they kinda change the meaning of the lines a bit.

*shrug* Anyone care to offer up your own interpretation(s) of this?

Love and Hatred Lyrics )
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The bayou is back down to normal levels today. You wouldn't know it had been high yesterday except for a large deposit of sand with wave-looking imprints in it sitting on the sidewalk in one spot. It's a bright sunny day out.

Strange encounters
I was looking at a poetry web site (The Poetry Archive) that I was thinking of adding a link to from the library's web site. Then I glanced at the Terms & Conditions, and found the following:

"The Website is provided for the benefit of residents of the United Kingdom. If you are not a UK resident or do not agree to be bound by the Conditions, you may not use or access the Website and we will have the right to restrict or prevent your access to the Website."

I have no idea how they'd technically go about banning access by those not residents of the UK, but this is enough to prevent us from linking. I hope I don't get in trouble for having listened to several recordings and having poked around on the site fairly thoroughly before I read the Terms & Conditions! [/end sarcasm]

Having an odd combination of The Cruxshadows "Love and Hatred" and the traditional "Deck the Halls" stuck in one's head is very, well...odd. Be glad you're not here to be tormented by hearing me attempt to sing this!
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LONG rambling about my Thanksgiving Holiday and plans for the next month )


Oct. 21st, 2005 08:05 am
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Let me just state again, for the record, just how much Shirley Manson rocks! :)

So my sister sent me a couple of bootlegged recordings of Garbage shows that she got from a friend of hers. One of them is from the 2002 Voodoo Fest show in New Orleans (which was part of the No Doubt/Garbage/Distillers tour, which Andrew and I caught here in Houston) and the other is from August 30, 2005 in Vancouver (so pretty recent, and, judging by, probably the last show they did before "taking a break"). I listened to the Vancouver show yesterday on the drive to/from work (yes, my commute was long enough that I got through all but the last 1.5 songs yesterday), and started listening to Voodoo Fest this morning. Now Shirley rocked in both shows -- I'm continually amazed by her poise and sense of humor, and how she handles herself on stage -- the things the fans throw at her (literally and figuratively) and the band screwing up. However, the band itself sounded many times better at Voodoo Fest than they do on the Vancouver recording. It's possible it's just a bad recording, but I don't think so. The show just doesn't have the same energy that the Voodoo Fest one does, and you can hear the band screwing up in various places. In fact, there's one spot where Shirley actually sounds frustrated with them. I suspect THIS is why they're now "taking a break."

I hope it's really just a break, and not the end of Garbage.


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