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Corwin got new shoes on Tuesday. He was measured at a size 8 (his previous pair were 7.5), so I had to buy him 8.5s in order for him to have some growing room. Unfortunately, 8 is the cutoff for toddler shoes, which meant Corwin has to move into the bigger boy shoes already...and he's not even 2 yet. Wah! Unfortunately, the big boy shoes are a lot stiffer than his old shoes were, and we had to try on 4 pairs of shoes before we found a pair that didn't make him whine. And now that he's been wearing these for a few days, there's a spot where they're rubbing on one of his toes. *sigh* Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be bothering him any.

His favorite thing to say since he got his shoes is to sign "shoes" and then say aloud "new new." He's got his Spanish grammar down....if only he weren't speaking English. He also baffled me today by saying/signing repeatedly "more dada shoes" while he was sitting on the potty. He's combining words together, but not in ways that make sense to me. :(

We took him out to eat at Carrabba's tonight, and gathered further evidence that our son is strange. We ordered the calamari appetizer, and he ate three pieces of calamari and declared them good (I think he gave up on eating more because they're a bit difficult to chew). We ordered him the cheese ravioli for his dinner, with the tomato sauce on the side because he seems not to like tomato sauce. Well, he saw the bowl of sauce and wanted to try some on his spoon (I suspect it looked to him like funny-colored yogurt), so I let him do that and he made faces like he didn't like it very much and was never interested in eating any more. And he refused to even try the cheese ravioli. *sigh* His dinner tonight consisted of the dried peas we brought with us and the three pieces of calamari, and his glass of milk, of course. And one bite of tomato sauce, if that counts. :P

On the bright side, we got two separate compliments on how well-behaved he was, so I guess we must be doing something right. :P The man who was seated at the next table over (essentially right next to Corwin) said something about how when he sat down he thought sure he'd end up covered in something and was pleasantly surprised when he didn't [are people's expectations of a 2-year-old's behavior really that low?], and another woman who we hadn't even noticed came over as she was leaving and made a big deal out of complimenting us and Corwin on his behavior. We don't take him out to eat all that often because he gets distracted by the environment and doesn't eat (witness tonight's tiny meal), but he is generally well-behaved when we do. He isn't an extremely messy eater (and he's getting neater all the time...I was surprised at how little mess there was after he finished his yogurt this morning) and while he doesn't always sit still the entire time, he does stay in his seat and isn't loud. If he were, we'd take him out.

I guess in a nutshell, it was nice to get complimented, but I felt like the kind of behavior he exhibits shouldn't be so unusual that it NEEDS to be complimented?
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In non-potty news, I am pleased to report that Corwin can take his shoes off by himself now, and is expressing interest in trying to put his own pants on, though he hasn't quite figured out how to do it yet. He is very good about standing up and holding onto something while we pull his pants down and then lifting each foot in turn so we can pull them off. Essentially, he can't dress/undress himself yet (except for removing his shoes) but he's very good at participating and helping us do it.

This morning he fed himself almost all of his yogurt with his spoon. I had to scrape out the bowl for him for the last two bites, but I nearly had to pry the spoon out of his fingers to get him to let me do that. So it seems he is finally ready and interested in utensils, particularly the spoon (he's been stabbing stuff with the fork for a while now). This makes me happy. I think maybe I can finally reintroduce applesauce to his diet. :)

On the speech front, he still doesn't have a very large spoken/signed vocabulary (though his comprehension is excellent). Now that he's to the point where he should be gaining spoken vocabulary, he is finally interested in learning signs. He's picking up signs very quickly now, such that I am constantly having to go look up new ones to introduce (and try to remember them myself...ack!). In the past few days he's learned "shoes," "socks," and "car." And he's not picking up spoken vocabulary very quickly at all. He still doesn't use ending consonants, and I can't seem to interest him in repeating even words that contain sounds I know he can make (b, d, g, m, w, c, n). Guess we will keep trying and talk to his doctor when he's two if he isn't making progress by then.
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So I haven't really posted in a while. Sorry about that. I have pictures from my trip to Austin with Corwin a week or so ago, but I haven't done any editing or such on them yet so they aren't ready to be posted. It was a good trip, though -- I got to see all three of my girlfriends that I wanted to see while I was there, Corwin got to go to Radijazz again and play with Matthew and Alex, I got to meet my sister's boyfriend and actually spend some time hanging out with her and my brother, and Corwin got to spend time with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. :) I even managed to get a pedicure somewhere in there -- I haven't had one of those since [ profile] liz_gregory's bachelorette party, unless I've just completely forgotten something. Oh, and my dad grilled steaks for us on Saturday. :)

Corwin seems to be getting sick again, which is absolutely terrible timing on his part as we have been planning for months to leave him with his grandparents for 4 days starting on Thursday so that we can go to Atlanta for Dragoncon for our first adults-only vacation since he was born. So far it seems to be just a clear runny nose and some sniffling (and not nearly as bad as the last time he was sick -- i have to wipe it occasionally, but it's not a faucet and he's not drooling bucketloads). So we'll see. Hopefully he'll be on the downside of whatever this is by Thursday. I really don't want to have to cancel a trip Andrew and I have been looking forward to for months.

In more exciting news, he finally used the sign for "more" today (to ask for more Cheerios to put in his chair instead of eating them, *sigh*). And he's using "milk" more often as well (he used it the one time I previously wrote about, and only once or twice since then). In fact, I had a mini-conversation with him as we finished reading Goodnight Moon before his nap just a bit ago. When we got to the end of the book he pointed at the endpapers which are just plain yellow and I said "yellow." Then he flipped back a page and pointed at the blank white page. I said "white," at which point he signed, "milk." I said, "Yes, milk is white. Very good." There are very definitely some connections being made in his brain, and it's exciting to get the occasional glimpse of them. In this case, he's thinking about things that aren't visibly present right at that moment, AND possibly starting to learn his colors.

He's also starting to climb. He has been having a grand time lately climbing into the rocking chair in his bedroom, sitting in it for a few seconds, getting out and then climbing right back in again (lather, rinse, repeat). I've caught him trying to climb into the rocking chair in the living room, which results in immediate time out (as it isn't very stable when weight is on the front edge and I'm afraid of it tipping over on him and/or our laptop). And he can climb onto the couch as well.

He'll be 18 months old tomorrow. :)
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Corwin is trying really hard to turn into a toddler before my eyes. He's not quite there yet, but he looks and acts less like a baby every day.

He's now toddling anywhere from 4-6 steps at a time to get from Point A to Point B. And he's defaulting to attempting to walk more and more often (instead of staring at Point B like he's thinking about walking and then getting down and crawling instead). He often stumbles after a step or two and crawls the rest of the way. But he's getting really really close!

He has started to do more with his toys than just chew on them and chase them around the room, too. He's starting to be able to nest his cups. For example, the other day I handed him all the cups nested together except for the largest one, and I handed him the largest one separately. He successfully put the stack of nested cups into the largest cup. He's starting to try to stack things more often in general (as opposed to just knocking them over) -- trying to set cups on top of each other and the like.

He's also enjoying having books read to him. He'll grab a book and come drop it in one of our laps, and then stand next to us waiting to be picked up. When I pick him up and then pick up the book to read to him he bounces and grins happily. :) He's even helping to turn the pages sometimes. And he wants us to read the same books over and over again. I read him "Five Little Pumpkins" 2 1/2 times before work today, and "Halloween makes me batty" 3 times right after I got home from work yesterday. Not sure why he likes the Halloween books so much, but there it is. Guess he takes after his mommy. To be fair, he's been asking to read his Colors book and the Dr. Seuss ABC book a fair bit as well (though the Dr. Seuss is long enough that he often loses interest partway through).

"Z....z....Z...What begins with Z? I do. I'm a Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, as you can plainly see."


Jan. 5th, 2008 08:52 am
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I think the little guy has just discovered climbing.

He just climbed up on top of the box his booster seat came in (which box I've been keeping around for him to play with) in order to better explore the phone jack on the wall behind it.

Then he tried to stand up while on top of said box, at which point I removed him before he could fall off. Thus far he has remained on the floor since.

*knocks on wood*
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I have been meaning to post a Corwin update for several days now, but it keeps getting put off in favor of Christmas prep of one sort or another.

He is crawling fairly regularly now. And standing. And making attempts at walking. )

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth! )

He eats food. Read about all the fascinating minutiae here! )

And last, but not least, he sleeps, too! )

I'm thrilled that we finally seem to have settled into a (fairly loose) schedule that works for us! Now I just need to work on coming up with more activities for us to do during the day to keep him entertained so he isn't bored and fussing at me so much.

The pictures you know you wanna see are back here! )


Nov. 12th, 2007 11:39 am
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I wonder if our crappy time last night was due to Corwin working on a milestone.

Corwin started fussing again this morning at 5:50 a.m. Andrew said, "How does he manage to wake up 1 minute before my alarm is supposed to go off?"

"He's talented," I replied.

So I went in to get him up, and he was SITTING in the middle of his bed. With both feet in front of him. :)
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Today Corwin is 5 months old!

It has been an odd and eventful week. We had a visit from his grandma (my mom) and Aunt Becca ([ profile] beckyboo83) this week -- they arrived on Tuesday and went back home today. Corwin has finally started sleeping through the night -- he's slept between 8 and 10 hours straight for the last three nights (starting Monday night). Last night Mom said he woke up around 1:30 and talked to himself a bit, but it wasn't loud or prolonged enough that I even noticed (i.e. hearing it on the baby monitor didn't wake me up). So he was down from 8:00 until 5:30 this morning. He's been waking between 5:30 and 6:30, and then going back down for 3-4 more hours (talking to himself a bit before going back to sleep), and waking up enough to also wake me up between 9 and 9:15 a.m.

The down side to this new sleep schedule is that his naps have gotten even more irregular and close to nonexistent. I can still get him down for 3 naps most days, but none of his naps tend to be longer than half an hour. Thus he's a real pill most of the day due to being tired. Mom suggested I vacuum today after I put him down for his naps, since he just kept fussing instead of going to sleep. So I did, and he did go to sleep both times I tried it. But he didn't sleep any LONGER. If I have to vacuum for all of Corwin's naps, my house is soon going to be a pretty clean place. That wouldn't be a bad thing, especially if he gets mobile soon. Less dirt on the floor for him to eat and all.

We've started working on the baby signs with him. Just started that on Monday as well, so of course he hasn't learned any yet.

He also laughed for the first time on Tuesday. He didn't seem too happy about Mom and Becca being here...Tuesday when they arrived he kept crying if they even tried to talk to him; by the time they left today he would let them hold/play with him for a little while, but he still mostly wanted his mama. Tuesday evening my mom tried to talk to him while I was holding him, and he just suddenly started laughing. Surprised the heck out of me, as she wasn't being particularly funny, and he has never laughed before. Wednesday morning he laughed at her again. This evening I got him to laugh by saying "Peek-A-Boo" to him on the changing table in a funny voice (I wasn't actually hiding at all). So that's new, too.

I wonder if he is starting to be wary of strangers, which is why he didn't take to Mom and Becca like he has in the past. He's still fine with his dad, so I know it's not ME in particular he's attached to.
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Yesterday, Andrew and I went baby-stuff shopping. We picked up baby-proofing supplies from Babies R Us, and our big purchase was a MacLaren Volo umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller we used at the beach house had handles that were just a tad lower than either Andrew or I liked (we both felt like we had to hunch over just a little to reach them), and the stroller was narrow enough that we had a little trouble maneuvering Corwin in and out of it (and subsequently wondered how soon his body would be too wide to comfortably fit in it). Turns out the umbrella stroller at the beach house was one of the ones you can get at Babies R Us for $19.99 -- one of the real cheapo ones. So we looked at our other options, and ended up going with the Volo. It's the cheapest of the MacLaren line (which I've seen many positive reviews of online), but it can hold a child up to 55 lbs (as opposed to 35, for the next-in-line contender, a Chicco brand stroller), and had just that extra bit of height that made us feel more comfortable pushing it. I was a little concerned about the 5-point harness, given how much trouble we have getting Corwin to do "gumby-arms" to get him in and out of his car seat, but you can actually hook and un-hook the shoulder straps, so no gumby-arms required. Corwin still slumps quite a bit in it, as he doesn't have the torso strength and balance to sit on his own, but with the 5-point harness he's definitely not going to fall out, and I imagine in another month or so he won't have any problem with the sitting up, either. AND it's super-light (not quite 9 lbs) and super-easy to collapse -- it can even be done one-handed without having to bend over. :)

We also looked at Exersaucers, but decided not to buy yesterday. They're pretty expensive, and I didn't want to come home and find the same thing we'd just bought for $15 less on like I did with the play gym a while back. It's also really hard to tell which one Corwin will like the best -- it didn't help that he hadn't had a nap when we were at the store, so was too grumpy to give us any kind of accurate reading as to whether or not he liked any of the floor models. We or I will have to take him back sometime this week or next weekend to make a decision, I guess. It doesn't hurt that we have a 15% discount coupon that's good starting tomorrow, either.

The other thing I got done yesterday was boxing up all of Corwin's 3- and 6-month sized clothing, and got his 9-month stuff organized and into the easily accessible drawer. Next on the agenda is sorting through the stuff we have on loan from [ profile] liz_gregory (thanks, Liz -- I picked the boxes up from Dawn on Thursday) to see if any of it duplicates anything I recently bought, and figure out which things I want and which things I want to offer to [ profile] onefishclappin. Then all the 12-month clothes need to get organized and into their appropriate drawer, so as to be available whenever Corwin gets big enough to wear them.

Today we had [ profile] staticeel and [ profile] mahtab over for some gaming and dinner. We played Fury of Dracula, a cooperative board game based on the Dracula mythos. Since it was cooperative, it actually worked fairly well for something to do while Andrew and I were intermittently baby-wrangling also -- if one of us needed to step away, the other vampire-hunters could easily play our turn for us. It took a bit to get through all the rules, but once we actually got to playing, it was a lot of fun. I think Andrew and I are both thirsting to try our hand as Dracula now, though. After that, we tried out a party game that Jamie had, called "What's It To You?" (I think...I might be misremembering as googling that isn't turning up anything). I liked that one, too. :) Good short, quick game, and relatively easy to play even while juggling a fussy baby.

Speaking of Corwin, he hit another milestone today -- rolling over back to tummy. I didn't see it happen, unfortunately, but I'd left him on his back on his blanket in the living room while I went to put a load of laundry in the dryer, and when I came back in the living room, he was mostly off the blanket and on his tummy. We haven't gotten any repeat performances, yet. Good thing we are kicking the childproofing into gear, though. Tomorrow evening's agenda: vacuuming!
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I forgot to mention in last night's post that Corwin has finally decided that rolling over from tummy to back is a "good thing." He did it multiple times for his dad (finally!) yesterday morning in our hotel room, and today we haven't been able to get him to stay on his tummy for more than a minute or so, if that. I'm hoping it's just a new and novel thing to do and he'll go back to regular tummy time once the newness wears off -- otherwise, how is he supposed to learn to crawl?!

He also seems to be working on rolling back to tummy: several times today when he was laying on the floor on his back, he was rolling up onto his left side repeatedly...but he never went all the way over onto his tummy.

Do I need to be concerned that he always rolls to the left? I'll ask his doc on Tuesday.
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I didn't realize before we came out here that being "on vacation" with a 4-month old really just means you do the same child-care activities you do everyday, except you're in a strange place which makes it even harder work than usual. I was really kind of resenting Corwin yesterday because he was keeping me from being able to take part in any "vacation" activities, or really even being able to socialize with the folks we're here to spend time with.

Today, I decided when I got up this morning that I did not want to spend the rest of my vacation feeling that way, and therefore I was going to enjoy my son today, even if that turned out to be the only thing I ended up doing. And I did.

Corwin's still not napping well, but he's doing a little better with it. I got a half-hour nap out of him at the big house while everyone except for me and his nana (great-grandmother) were out shopping. I might have gotten a second nap out of him there as well, if it weren't for an ill-timed spat between Andrew's cousin's 6- and 4-year-old daughters. I'd just gotten him into his pack and play over there, and he'd been quiet (and thus I assume asleep) for about 5 minutes when the two of them got into it. I dunno if they really woke him up, or their grandmother woke him when she yelled at them to cut it out, or if he just woke up on his own or hadn't actually been asleep. But there was no getting him back to sleep after that.

He rolled over again today, tummy to back. He did it four times in one day a couple weeks ago, and then hasn't done it since. Until today. Only me and Nana were there to see it...but at least someone other than me has seen it now. I have a witness! :)

We took him down to the beach this evening, and let him stand in the sand at the edge of the surf. He really liked it for a good 10 or 15 minutes, and then he got tired of sinking into the sand, I think. Either that, or that's just the limit of his attention span. [ profile] asharperfocus took some pictures, so I'll probably post a few of those whenever I get them from her. That may not be 'til after we get home, stay tuned! :) I finally got to play in the water for a few minutes, too. Want more! Hopefully Corwin will be in a good mood again tomorrow evening and we can head back down there again.
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Aaaand...Corwin can roll from his tummy to his back now! :)


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