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Turns out that tickets for Madonna in Houston went on sale this morning. I didn't find out about it until I talked to Andrew at 12:30 and he said he'd seen something about it in the Houston press. Since they'd already been on sale for 2.5 hours and I REALLY wanted a nap, I opted to wait 'til this evening to check Ticketmaster to see if there was anything left.

Well, there are tickets left. But the "best available" are $95 seats in the highest balcony. They look to have a decent viewing angle, but the show would be REALLY far away. I think I have decided not to get the tickets. I've seen her before, and I'm not sure it's worth $95 (x2) to see her from really far away. AND Ticketmaster has parking passes on sale for the show for $50 per vehicle (and that's NOT a typo on my part). I think that's what really made me decide no. $50 to park is insane! I may check periodically just to see if something better opens up, but I don't think that's likely.

If anyone knows how to get better seats for non-scalper prices, please let me know. Otherwise, we're probably not going this time.
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In a discussion this evening with [ profile] kaerukami and [ profile] ehcnalava, I mentioned that Madonna had not been to Texas since 1987. I got that data point wrong. The 1990 Blonde Ambition tour was the last time she performed in Texas. However, her 1985 Like a Virgin tour was the last and only time she performed in Austin, which is where I was living back then. Considering that I was 9, there's no way I could have gone, and there's no way my parents would have let me travel to Houston or Dallas at 11 or 13 to catch Who's That Girl or Blonde Ambition! ;) She hasn't performed in Texas since I've been old enough to actually go.

(I pulled my data from Wikipedia, but I generally trust them on pop culture stuff.)

I get 1987 stuck in my head because that's the year I attended my first rock concert -- Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour. My dad went with 10-year-old me, and hated every minute of it, to hear him tell it. Just recently Cyndi Lauper was doing a tour (also called True Colors for some reason) with some other artists of the era, and I asked my dad just for grins and giggles if he wanted to go to it with me. The expression on his face was priceless. :)

Also for Tim & Jamie: The Cruxshadows. They are one of the attractions we go to DragonCon to see, and generally put on an awesome show. Though they have had an almost complete turnover in their lineup this year, so we'll see how much that changes things. They tour also -- we've seen them here in Houston twice.


May. 15th, 2008 03:15 pm
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November 16, Minute Maid Park.

It's a Sunday.

I'll post ticket prices when/if I can find the info.

[EDIT: No ticket price info to be had, other than from brokers, which is scary high and I'm not sure how they're selling tickets now anyway since they are not on sale yet. However, I was able to pull pricing for the Denver, CO show from Ticketmaster and those are listed at US $55.00 - US $350.00. So that should give you a ballpark (no pun intended) idea.]

At this moment, no idea how many arms and legs you'll be required to sacrifice to go. But if you're interested, holler! :)

This is her only TX date.
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We had a Kirby Vacuum salesperson show up at our door yesterday evening. Andrew answered, and from the other room I heard the man ask, "Are your parents home?"

I am starting to get real tired of Barack Obama's campaign. We get a flier in the mail almost every day, and a phone call at least once a day. We've gotten two phone calls today. We probably won't vote in either primary since we don't have or want a party affiliation, and I am getting really tired of hearing from Mr. Obama's campaign. There is such a thing as overkill!

I watched Madonna's Truth or Dare movie last night on Fuse, as I had never seen it and it's something I've been vaguely curious about for ages now. It was either heavily edited or it wasn't nearly as risqué as I'd been led to believe. That or I'm just a lot less innocent than I was 15 years ago... ;) Fuse was having a Madonnathon weekend, and I caught most of the Who's That Girl? movie which was on before Truth or Dare. I had the Who's That Girl? soundtrack on tape as a kid, but had never seen that movie all the way through either. Was amazing how I could sing along with the songs as they came on in the movie even though I haven't heard them for years. Now I just need to manage to watch Desperately Seeking Susan one of these years...
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The masses have been clamoring for a writeup of my trip with [ profile] beckyboo83 to Las Vegas two weeks ago to see Madonna's Confessions tour.

It went well, though we ended up walking so much that our feet were killing us Saturday night after the concert. I don't think either of us were wearing the proper shoes for that much walking, though, so that was probably a major contributing factor.

We stayed at the Stratosphere on the far north end of The Strip (that's what's in the picture above) because it was the cheapest hotel that got decent reviews online. It turned out to be a pretty nice place to stay, though I suspect it's old enough that it's got some mold or something else that I'm allergic to in it, because I was sneezing the entire time I was there and woke up congested Sunday morning. I sneezed much less during the day on Saturday when we spent most of the day on the south end of The Strip, and my congestion had cleared up by the time we got home on Sunday. We had a $60 (for two) lunch at their Top of the World restaurant on Saturday before we trekked off to the southern end of the Strip; the service and view was excellent, the food was good, and we enjoyed our chocolate Stratosphere dessert way too much. A couple pictures from up top are below the cut (down below). Definitely worth doing if you have the money to blow on it -- we were glad we'd chosen to have lunch there instead of dinner, though.

The concert was worth making the trip for. I was amazed by their lack of security, though. It being Madonna, I was expecting security to be really tight, so I'd left my camera and my cell phone (which is a camera phone) in the hotel room all day -- missing out on many opportunities to take pictures during the day as a result -- since the tickets clearly said "No cameras." We got to the show, and all we had to do was walk through a metal detector. No searching of our bags, no patting us down, no nothing. Inside, cameras were all over the place. As we were leaving the show, we walked past two girls who'd handed their camera to an usher and were having him take their picture for them. I grumbled.

For the show, she performed most of the songs from her newest album, interspersed with one song from most of the rest of her albums (except Ray of Light, where she did two -- Ray of Light and Drowned World). I don't know if you've heard anything from the new album or not (singles so far have been Hung Up and Sorry), but Hung Up uses a sample from ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight). For the finale of her show, she started out with Lucky Star, sung over that sample from ABBA, and transitioned that into Hung Up. Amazingly, it worked. Overall, it was definitely a "show" -- it was all very choreographed and worked out ahead of time -- but very well done. There was no encore.

You can read a review/description of the show here:
That link goes to a review of the Los Angeles show, which was the first one for this tour, but it's the same show she did in Las Vegas.

Pictures behind the cut; a few bronze butts, so maybe NSFW )

You can see the full gallery of pictures here:
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Madonna Tour Tickets Selling Quickly - April 15, 2006 )
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I've just made the travel industry very happy!

I've booked flights and hotel for Vegas for [ profile] beckyboo83 and me for May 26-28. We're seeing Madonna Saturday night!

I also purchased memberships for Andrew and me for DragonCon 2006, and booked flights and hotel for that, too. We're flying out Thursday night after work (arriving 10:15 p.m., so I'm sure we'll do nothing Thursday night except get to the hotel and crash) and home again Monday evening (flight departs at 5:10 p.m.). And we got a room at the Hyatt this year, so no uber-long walks Of Doom for us this time around. :)

And's time for my shower and bed!


Apr. 8th, 2006 11:51 am
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Here I am...waiting for the clock to tick over to noon. Hopefully I can snap up a pair of tickets to Madonna, and then get out the door. I have somewhere to be this afternoon, and getting these tickets is making me cut it real close on my arrival time. But...not passing up these tickets just for that.

Waiting.... *twiddle*

[EDIT: Tickets are gotten! Wheee!]
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Grrr, Arggh
I tried to make dentist appointments for me and Andrew today. We haven't been in...let's just say far too long, and it's time for me to overcome my fear of dentists and go see one. So I called the insurance company to find out what primary care dentist we'd signed up with, got the info, and called the dentist. Dentist office confirmed that they do have some Saturday/evening hours, but said I'd have to call again tomorrow to make an appointment because they hadn't received their April roster yet. *sigh* So now I have to re-motivate myself to try this again tomorrow. Joy.

While several folks have expressed interest, I haven't yet found anyone other than my sister who was willing to definitely commit to going with me. And I'd be paying for her, as a graduation present (which I don't mind doing at all!). I wish I could afford to pay for everyone who's expressed interest, but alas, we are not that rich! Unless I hear from someone else that they will definitely do the July show in Miami with me, I'm going to be trying to get tickets for [ profile] beckyboo83 and me for May 27 in Las Vegas come Saturday. From the MGM Grand site, I've found the ticket prices are: $375; $265; $175; $75.

Tell me about Las Vegas!
So here's my next question for the group -- to be answered by anyone who's familiar with the area. I've been poking about at room rates for Las Vegas for those two nights (Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th). I'd assumed they'd be cheap, but it turns out rooms in Vegas are only dirt cheap if you stay there Sunday-Thursday nights. Friday is moderately expensive, and Saturday is obscene. Staying at the MGM Grand itself is right out (would be over $500 for the two nights); across the street at the Tropicana would run $300. Nearly three miles away (but still on the strip) at the Circus Circus is around $220 -- but I'm wondering what the transportation is like on the strip. What are our options for getting from someplace like the Circus Circus to the MGM Grand? A three mile walk sounds like a bit much. Does anyone have any nearby but cheaper places they can recommend?
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Okay, I can't believe I'm seriously considering this, but Andrew said I wouldn't be TOTALLY crazy if I did, so here goes:

The two shows I'm contemplating trying to go to are the Saturday, May 27 show in Las Vegas, or the Saturday, July 22 show in Miami. Their being on Saturday evenings means less work would have to be missed (fly out Friday afternoon/evening missing at most one day of work, or Saturday morning missing no work, and return on Sunday). I'm leaning towards Vegas because I think that it would have cheaper accommodations (I've never been, but what I've heard is that everything is cheap there because they expect to make their money off of gambling). Additionally, my sister thinks she'll start work in June, so she'd be more likely to be able to go to the May date than the July one. The Miami show has the advantage of slightly cheaper tickets, but they're not enough cheaper for that to give it any serious edge.

So, here's what I know about tickets for those shows:

Saturday, May 27, 2006
Las Vegas - MGM Grand Garden Arena
Tickets on sale to the general public: Saturday, 4/8/2006 12:00 noon CST
(fanclub presale starts tomorrow morning)
Prices: $75-$375

Saturday, July 22, 2006
Miami - American Airlines Arena
Tickets on sale to the general public: Monday, 4/10/2006 9:00 a.m. CST
(fanclub presale starts tomorrow morning; "venue presale" starts Friday morning)
Prices: $55-$350

I don't want the cheapie tickets. I'm not positive I want to pay for $300+ tickets either, but I don't know what the options are in between. And if this ends up being a once in a lifetime thing, which I suspect it might, it might be worthwhile to get the expensive tickets, if they're gettable.

So here's the deal: If any of you folks who commented earlier (or anyone who didn't) feel like being crazy with me, speak up. Let me know if you have a preference for one show over the other, and I'll see about getting tickets when they go on sale. Also, let me know your upper limit on what you're willing to spend on your ticket, if the most expensive ones aren't okay with you. I'll worry about flights and lodging after we get the tickets (since there's no point in arranging that if tickets aren't gettable).

Another plug for Vegas -- if we flew out on Friday, we could catch another show that evening; dunno what the options for that might be, though.
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I have no information on ticket prices [though they are likely to be horrendously expensive (in the $200-$300 range, based on what I've seen in the past)], but I've pasted the tour dates from for Madonna's upcoming tour behind the cut. Anyone interested in travelling with me for this?

I dunno if travelling for this is really do-able or not, but I'd love to discuss with anyone for whom this might be viable. Seeing Madonna in concert is on my list of things I really really really want to do once (and of course, she never comes anywhere near Houston).

Tour dates and locations are here )


Mar. 23rd, 2004 08:17 am
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Heard on the radio this morning driving into work that Madonna has announced her North American tour dates, for a tour starting in May. Tickets start going on sale for it this weekend. The problem? Not a single date in Texas. The closest is probably either Atlanta or Miami, or maybe Las Vegas. *grumbles*

I suppose one could still be added, but she didn't come to Texas last time she toured either. I remember, 'cause her last tour was right around the time Andrew and I got married. I tried to talk him into going to Boston to see her for our honeymoon, but I couldn't get him to go for it.

Seeing Madonna is one of the things I want to do before I die (or maybe that would be better put as before *she* dies?). It would make it a heck of a lot easier on me if she would freakin' come to Texas!


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