Day 7

Nov. 10th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I skipped posting Day 6 yesterday. Bad me!

Yesterday, Corwin's school had a Storybook Parade, where all the kids dressed in a costume and carried a book that their costume was from. Corwin went as the "stalking and lurking adventurous cat," Slinky Malinki. Essentially, this means he wore the black cat costume that Ian wore for Halloween -- and Ian put up such a fuss about Corwin wearing the cat ears that I had to go dig out some old Cheetah ears I still have from a costume I wore in college for Ian to wear.

Ian was quite the sight yesterday -- he was wearing a Cars shirt that is really a pajama top of Corwin's. It was size 6 when I bought it last year, but has shrunk so much that it now fits Ian, who normally wears 2T these days, just fine. And the cheetah ears. I took some pictures on my ipod, but I haven't bothered to try transferring them to the computer yet to see if they're worth posting. Maybe tonight.

Since it was just Ian and me who needed to get up to the school yesterday morning for the parade, we went on the bike. That was a good decision both logistically (avoided the whole trying to find a parking place in the street and cajoling Ian to walk instead of staring at trees, bugs, and cracks in the sidewalk) and in that it got me a little bit of exercise. :) I haven't been doing too well with my exercise regimen lately. Motivation has been lacking, and being sick this week hasn't helped.

I went to bed at 10:15 last night, which is late compared to what I had been doing this week (9-9:30ish). Fell asleep just fine, but then spent a couple hours awake in the middle of the night coughing. I contemplated just getting up, but I really wanted the sleep. I finally found a position on my stomach that alleviated the coughing...and then Ian started coughing. Fortunately, he didn't cough for long and I was able to fall back asleep after that. Ready for my family to be healthy again!

Today I'm at work all day, so doubtful there'll be much of interest for me to post about tonight. But you never can tell!

Day 5

Nov. 8th, 2012 08:44 pm
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Today I definitely would not be posting, were it not for this National Blog Posting Month thing. I don't think I really did much of interest. Here's the list, in bullet points:

- Took kids to school
- Got everything set up to cancel our current alarm monitoring contract and switch to a new company that will monitor us for less than half of what we're currently paying. I thought it was "too-good-to-be-true" but the new company has gotten lots of good reviews on our neighborhood message board, and they do have some upfront start-up costs that we did not have with the previous company. However, they'll pay for themselves in about 6 months, and there's no contract with the new company so we can always switch back if they turn out to be not as good as advertised. This is a change I've been wanting to try ever since this time last year when I first heard good things about the new company, but we still had a year left of our 3-year-contract with the current company.
- Did dishes and two loads of laundry
- Showered
- Picked up kids from school
- Helped Corwin with homework and practiced his spelling words
- Fixed dinner (bacon & eggs & biscuits! enjoyed by all!)
- Took Corwin to Family Night at the Book Fair at his school, where we bought a bunch of books. It was nice to have a little one-on-one time with him, too.

And I think that about sums it up. NOT an overly exciting day. Given that I'm still a bit sick, that's a good thing.

Day 4

Nov. 7th, 2012 08:12 pm
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....and nothing much to post today.

Obama has been re-elected for another 4 years as President of the United States. I shouldn't be, but still am, amazed by the amount of vitriol I have heard spewed today on this topic. I actually wished I hadn't picked Corwin up from school as a walker today, because some of the other moms' conversation while we were standing at the corner waiting for the kids disgusted me. They couldn't find a single nice thing to say, and managed to make me feel dirty for even being there. I briefly debated saying something, but decided nothing good would come of it and just stood by with my mouth shut. I've been lumped in with other Obama supporters and called a "blind idiot" on Facebook. I will admit to not understanding how Romney's supporters can think the way they do, but I don't talk about them using language like that. It really is hurtful, even when not aimed at me, individually, and even when it's just overheard.

I really, really hate that our country has gotten so polarized.

I'm still sick -- scratchy throat all day (mitigated somewhat by regular doses of Tylenol), hoarse voice, and I'm starting to have a "productive" cough. I seem to have mostly missed the usual "congestion" part of whatever-this-cold-is, though, so we'll have to see if my luck holds on that front. I picked up Corwin's antibiotic today and got him started on that tonight. And he got a (sorely needed) haircut this afternoon, too.

Ian has well and truly discovered the word "no." Tonight he was adamant that he did NOT want a rag in bed with him, but then as soon as I left the room without giving him one, he started fussing about how he wanted a rag. That was over half an hour ago, and he's still fussing. Ugh.

Day 3

Nov. 6th, 2012 08:06 pm
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Today is Election Day. Hopefully by later tonight the wait will be over. Fingers crossed for the outcome I prefer! :) Andrew & I voted last week on Thursday, so it's been pretty anticlimactic since then.

Today, I am sick. Drainy with a scratchy throat. And unenergetic this evening. I really feel like watching some mindless TV, but the only shows I have been following lately are Bones and Revolution (both via Hulu). Unfortunately, I watched the latest ep of Revolution this afternoon, and the latest ep of Bones is currently only on Hulu Plus; I'll have to wait 'til next week for it to be free. Revolution is....hard to watch. It's both very violent and very emotionally wrenching. And the science feels 'off,' too, though I'm hoping ultimately they'll be able to explain that. Since I'm not an electrical engineer or anyone else who knows the intricate details of how it all works in the real world, it's not TOO terribly hard to suspend disbelief. Though I'd still like to know why there are no alternative energy sources in use (steam, diesel, etc.). For some reason, in spite all of the above, I'm hooked. Guess I want to know what happens. And Billy Burke (Miles) is pretty easy on the eyes, too. :)

I took Corwin to the doctor after school today. He has a sinus infection, so gets a round of antibiotics. I'll pick those up tomorrow; we had gymnastics after the doc appointment today, and both boys were pretty much "out of control" all afternoon. No way sick, run-down me was spending extra time sitting in rush hour traffic to then drag them into the grocery store to pick up a prescription. Ugh.
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Today had been lovely, right up 'til the point where I realized about 4:30 that I had a scratchy throat. I've even been feeling energetic enough that I was going to try to go to my exercise class tonight, but now I'm not sure if I'm really up for it.

Ian and I did the grocery shopping this morning. The grocery store has Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths up all over the place already. It's November 5, for crying out loud!

This afternoon, Corwin had his first Destination Imagination meeting after school today, so I didn't have to pick him up 'til 4:00 (as opposed to the usual 3:05). That was lovely for me, because Ian slept all the way up 'til 3:45. I literally heard him make a noise a few seconds before my phone alarm to remind me to pick up Corwin went off. I used naptime today to work on building my Lego Vampyre Hearse and got almost all the way done with it; just a little bit more to go. Hopefully I can knock it out this evening.

Corwin was really excited when I picked him up after his meeting, and he said he'd had a lot of fun. Destination Imagination is supposed to help the kids work on their creativity and problem solving skills. DI for K-2nd grade isn't competitive, but the kids get a project to work on and they'll do an "exhibition" sometime in the spring. Corwin said today they made up a story about Roy G Biv's birthday party, and that over the next few months they're going to be putting together a play that they'll perform for the exhibition.

The downside came when I was picking Corwin up, and the parent leaders of Corwin's team told me they were going to be meeting on Tuesdays from here on out. Corwin has gymnastics at 4:15 on Tuesdays, and we won't be able to get there on time if he's at school until 4:00 for DI. Not to mention having two extracurriculars crammed into one afternoon sounds like a recipe for an overtired kid. And on the personal inconvenience side -- Tuesday is preschool day for Ian, and I pick him up at 2:00. Ian has his nap (such as it is) at preschool on that day, so he'll lose the opportunity to sleep late (and I'll lose the extra quiet time). Ah well. I'll need to look into whether there's another gymnastics class Corwin can switch into; we may end up just switching back to the 4:30 karate class on Mondays that Corwin was in last year.

Okay, I need to run off and give Ian a bath now and start herding the kids in the general direction of bed. Cross your fingers that my scratchy throat is just a fluke and I'll be feeling better tomorrow!
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Yesterday, August 4, was Andrew's and my 11th wedding anniversary. We're in the double-digits now, folks! :)

My parents came to visit for the weekend. The visit was actually planned before we found out Andrew was going to need to have surgery, but the timing worked out great. They were here to stay with Andrew and the boys while I worked yesterday, and then they were able to feed the boys dinner and get them put to bed while Andrew and I went out for the evening.

Our outing yesterday evening was looking a bit iffy, because I started to come down with a bit of a scratchy throat due to drainage on Friday, and it was not improving on Saturday. I was doing okay in the morning, but the throat kept bothering me more and more as the afternoon progressed while I was at work yesterday. Once I got home, I decided that we were going to go out even though I wasn't feeling great, because I was not so miserable as to be totally out of commission, and who knows when we'd next get another opportunity to go out together for fun and have it not get cancelled, since that's been the story of our life lately. *fingers crossed for Dragoncon at the end of the month!*

So we hit up Red Robin for dinner. Not quite our anniversary celebration restaurant of choice, but Andrew remembered them having a caesar chicken salad wrap on the menu that he liked and seemed likely to be reasonably low in fat. Well, it's been a long time since we last ate at a Red Robin -- the menu was different, the chicken caesar wrap was no longer on it, and they no longer use glass for their drinks -- my tea came in plastic. One of the things I really liked about Red Robin was that they have good tea, and it was served in glass. Oh well. Andrew tried a different chicken dish and said it was fine, and we treated ourselves to their ice cream pie at the end. Andrew was going to only eat a couple of bites, but ended up eating a fair bit more than that, and said he still felt fine afterward. So hopefully he'll have an easy transition back to more normal eating.

After dinner, we headed over to the home of our friends Tim & Jamie for Tim's birthday party. I had a lot of fun chatting with folks and playing Apples to Apples. Apparently I win that game a lot -- though I honestly have no recollection of this miraculous ability. But I really enjoy word play, and I did win last night. So *shrug*.

All in all, it was a fun night, and I'm glad we went out. Throat HURT when I got home, though, and I didn't sleep well last night because of it. But once I got up today and had some breakfast, it started to feel much better. Still scratchy, but not too bothersome, and I can still feel the drainage. I'm really not sure if this is a cold or just an allergy attack of some sort. I tried taking a Claritin this afternoon, but not sure it helped. I'm gonna try to get myself to bed around 10:30 tonight (so 20 mins from now) so that I can get a little extra sleep before I'm on my own with the kids all day tomorrow. And supposed to do grocery shopping -- we'll see if that gets done.

[ETA: And Ian has still not nursed. I'm declaring us done. He did ask once today, but I told him he hadn't nursed in almost 4 days, and he didn't need to start back up again. And he moved right along to something else and didn't even fuss at me about it.]
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I've spent all day today feeling like I might be getting sick. Scratchy throat that has come and gone throughout the day, and pressure behind my eyes for a while this afternoon as well. Hoping it's just allergies, or something mild that I can fight off, since I'm supposed to work tomorrow afternoon and then Andrew and I are supposed to go out to a friend's birthday party after I get home -- a night out *together* with other adults, for the first time in ages. My parents are coming for the weekend to be here with Andrew and the kids while I go to work (since Andrew's not yet supposed to lift Ian) and then babysit for the evening while we're out. Tomorrow is also our 11-year wedding anniversary. We were gonna go out to celebrate that on Sunday, but have decided to postpone those plans until Andrew is a bit more recovered from his gallbladder surgery.

I made pumpkin muffins this morning (with some "help" from the boys), and have so far eaten 3 of them today. They are yummy and I can't seem to stop eating them. Glad my parents are coming tomorrow to help eat 'em, since Ian and I are the only ones here who like them, and I have 2 dozen mini muffins and 1 dozen regular sized muffins (minus the 3 regular-sized ones I ate and the 2 mini-ones Ian has eaten).

I watched the first hour and a half of Olympic coverage tonight with Corwin, and it left me wondering if there were actually any Olympics today. :P The first half-hour appeared to be a Bela Karolyi retrospective, mostly focused on the 1996 women's gymnastics team. Then they showed a bit of women's volleyball, and then a reasonably long segment telling us what swimming events they are going to show at some unspecified point later in the evening. Then a cut back to more women's volleyball. After that was women's springboard diving, and then it was 8:30 and I put Corwin to bed. I've since turned the TV off in favor of computer time -- I think I may just be getting Olympic'ed out after watching each night this week so far.

Andrew's gone off to an RPG session at a friend's house this evening, so it's just me here with the kids tonight. Computer time, then shower, then reading and/or bed sounds like my agenda for the rest of the night, I think. There are some towels in the dryer that I'll have to put away before I can take my shower, too. Yay for housework. :P

[ETA: Also, today makes 2 days in a row that Ian did not nurse. I wonder if that means we're done.]


Jan. 8th, 2010 03:20 pm
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I'm sick, and this description might be TMI ) If I'm not feeling substantially better after the weekend, I guess I'll look into making a doctor's appointment.

And Corwin has a runny nose today, to boot. He told me before naptime that he was going to go straight to bed with no book and no singing (even though his behavior had been reasonably good and he hadn't been threatened with this as consequences at all), and when it got to be time for the naptime routine he crawled straight into his bed, said again he didn't want a book or singing, let me cover him up and give him a kiss, and leave the room. And he didn't start crying because I took him at his word, either. He babbled for a few minutes, and then went to sleep. So I'm pretty sure he's sick, too. Fun!

And now, I'm off to summon what little energy I have left to cook the chicken soup I got ingredients for at the store this week. I figured between Andrew and I having two full days at home this weekend and nowhere we were likely to want to go due to weather (i.e. shopping errands), I'd finally have the time to make a 3 hour stew. Sadly, I lack the energy or strong desire to make it now, but I need to get busy anyway since I won't have the time again any time soon. At least chicken soup is good when I'm sick. :)

Why, oh why must we be sick when we actually have time to get things accomplished around here?

Great day!

Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:05 pm
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I had a really awesome day today. It totally feels like today was Saturday and not Friday, but then I have to work on Saturdays so not really. *shrug* It felt the way a good Saturday should feel? It was Andrew's first Friday off in about a month, so we got to spend lots of good family time together today.

I broke the news to Corwin this morning that I had failed to find a pumpkin costume for him yesterday when I went looking, and he took the news surprisingly well. When I asked what he wanted to be instead, he immediately said, "a cat." Which is what he was last year, so I already have the necessary pieces. Yay! This morning we had to go buy him a new black t-shirt for his costume (since the one he had last year is not in his drawer, so I can only assume it got packed away with the too-small stuff and is inaccessible in our storage unit), and then we went over to Sears and picked out a new refrigerator for our new house. It's almost exactly the same as the one we had at the old house, except it's black because the new place comes with black appliances. I think it might be a tad smaller than the old one (sadness!), but the only way to get a larger one was to get a through-the-door water/ice dispenser, and we don't really have any desire for one of those. Now I just need to buy a dryer and our appliance needs will be taken care of.

After buying the refrigerator, we took Corwin over to the playscape in the mall because he was a bundle of energy this morning and DEFINITELY needed to spend some time running around. Andrew and I enjoyed just sitting and watching him enjoy himself. :)

Then we headed home for lunch and naptime (during which he did not sleep, *sigh*), and then headed back out again to go visit our new house. The kitchen countertops have been removed, and we should be getting countertops with the correct bullnose edge installed sometime this coming week. Our construction supervisor seems to think that the house will be essentially finished by the 30th, which leaves a couple of weeks for inspections and finishing up minor things before our scheduled November 13 closing.

After we visited the new house, we decided to take Corwin to the playground in the new neighborhood. Andrew missed the turn for the one we were aiming for, but this resulted in us stumbling across a new playscape to explore. It was fairly small, but Corwin had a blast climbing up the ladder and going down the slide. (Aside to [ profile] onefishclappin: There are *three* play areas we have found so far in our new neighborhood, so we won't be at a loss as to where to go next time your family visits!). When we finished up at the playground, I wasn't ready for family exploring time to end, so we headed off to Old Town Spring to check out a game store that we've noticed a time or two as we drove past. Turns out they have an incredibly cramped space (so much so that I could hardly walk through it carrying Corwin and my purse at the same time without knocking stuff over), which didn't win them any brownie points. They did get points for having gaming tables outside on the front porch, though. With weather like today's, it would have been great to sit outside playing games.

Then we decided to head to Carrabba's for dinner, so I got my belated birthday dinner today, too. From there, we came home, bathed Corwin, and put him to bed. The little guy was exhausted -- busy day and no nap.

I'm still congested and prone to sinus headaches as a result, but I'm fairly functional most of the time. Nighttime is actually the worst -- I wake up after sleeping a few hours and I can barely breathe. Once I'm up and have cleared out my head, I'm not doing too badly. Here's hoping the weekend brings further improvement!


Feb. 11th, 2009 09:47 am
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Corwin starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow. I'm very excited about this, both for me getting some time to myself and for him getting so spend time around other kids on a regular basis. However, I'm also worried that his teachers won't understand him when he tries to communicate and he'll have a frustrating time. He's still using a combination of speech and sign, and almost none of his signs are done "properly" even if the teachers are familiar with baby sign -- they're almost all just slightly "off." And he is still saying things like "guh" for "dog," which is also non-intuitive for the non-tutored listener. On the bright side maybe some frustration will lead to further speech development?

Corwin finally seems to be pretty much over the cold he's had for the past week+; he maybe has a little lingering congestion but nothing really noteworthy. I, however, may have developed a nice sinus infection. At any rate, I seem to spend the morning blowing crud out of my head, and then sometimes after lunch it clears out and I am fine with just the occasional nose-blow until bedtime, when I start feeling congested again almost as soon as I get horizontal. Today is supposed to be library day, but I'm not sure I feel decongestified enough to deal with it. I'm not too hot at singing right now, and I'm sure all the other parents and kids would just love me blowing my nose constantly. I'm thinking maybe we'll skip the library (since Corwin will be seeing other kids tomorrow anyway) and do a Whole Foods run instead, to restock on fresh fruit and some of the canned stuff that I get from there.
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We took Corwin to the doctor today and he does not have an ear infection. Apparently it's just a cold. No explanation for the weird behavior last night, unless it was just due to teething.


Sep. 7th, 2008 10:22 pm
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Hey, I've already spammed you today. What's one more post, right?

So, in my first post of the day I mentioned that I was still tolerably healthy.

Well, I take it back. I can't believe I said that. Got through work okay today, though I was sneezing a fair bit. But since I've been home this evening, things have been steadily going down hill. Breathe, what's that?

It didn't help that Corwin started crying when I put him to bed tonight and didn't stop for a very long while, in spite of us trying to comfort him, giving him Tylenol, etc. A couple of friends have suggested ear infection. He's never had one before (so presumably not prone to them) and we haven't noticed him tugging at his ears or anything like that. Of course, that doesn't mean he hasn't got his first ear infection. Gonna see what he's like tomorrow and call his doctor then if it seems warranted. He did finally stop crying and go to sleep after Tylenol, calmly sitting upstairs in my lap listening to music and watching Andrew play EVE Online, and then crying in his bed for another 10 minutes or so. It's also possible it's teething related, as he is cutting his eyeteeth right now. But he is sick -- he's had a clear runny nose all day.

Blah. Not looking forward to being home just the two of us all day tomorrow. :( Andrew has to go to work because he's got some things that really have to get done, but I may ask him to come home early if I or Corwin are much worse than we were today. I don't fancy trying to drag Corwin off to the doctor on my own if it's needed when I feel half-dead myself. :(


Sep. 7th, 2008 09:30 am
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I'd like for my household to be healthy.

Corwin presented with a runny nose on Sunday two weeks ago. It took him until this past Thursday to be completely over the runny nose/chest rattling/coughing, etc. Thursday he seemed completely well. Yesterday, his nose seemed a little runny in the afternoon, and today it's most definitely running again. *sigh*

And Andrew has been sick since Wednesday afternoon with a sore throat and head congestion that sounded absolutely terrible. He's doing better, but still recovering.

As for me, so far I've managed to remain tolerably healthy. Yesterday and today I have had a bit of a scratchy throat and today a bit of congestion too, but nothing terrible. Oh, and sneezing. I'd actually been wondering if I was imagining the scratchy throat simply because Andrew had one, but I don't think I am. Let's just hope my version of whatever this is stays mild.

I have to go to work this afternoon. Yay!
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Corwin had a runny nose yesterday, so I knew he was coming down with it. Today it is even worse...*sigh*

Lots of snotty details )

On the bright side, I seem to be pretty much fully recovered. I have a little lingering chest congestion, but nothing worth writing home about.

Sick. Ugh.

Jul. 28th, 2008 09:54 am
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I spent the weekend being sick, which meant Andrew got to handle the bulk of childcare duties while I laid around in bed feeling miserable or lazed about the house with little to no energy. Fortunately, he handled it with about as much grace as is possible to expect out of Andrew, and I was very appreciative. Yay for headcolds with sore-throat-causing drainage.

I did go to work on Saturday, and managed to muddle through that and hopefully not make my coworker sick (as she was leaving bright and early Sunday morning for a camping vacation to Yellowstone -- I'll be by myself next weekend as she will still be gone).

This morning I woke up to virtually no voice, which left me wondering how the heck I was going to deal with Corwin all day if I could barely croak at him. Fortunately, since I've been up a while and eaten breakfast, it seems to have mostly come back. I sound hoarse, but at least I sound. :P

[EDIT: Comic-Con was this weekend, and they had Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon, AND Shirley Manson all present. Makes me wish we'd picked that con to go to this year ... but then, I was sick all weekend so I guess it wouldn't have been that much fun after all. Oh well. I'm still looking forward to DragonCon...only a month away!!]


Apr. 19th, 2008 08:58 pm
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Went to work today. Functioned okay. My sore throat has pretty much disappeared as the day progressed, but I am still having plenty of runny nose, sneezing, and general foggy-headedness. I took a Claritin this morning in case it was allergies. Dunno if it made a difference or not.

Suspect I'll be fine for going to work tomorrow also. But need to not stay up too late tonight.

Andrew has been a wonderful hubby.

And in reply to a comment [ profile] onefishclappin made elsewhere: yes, working is less stressful than childcare....most days. :)
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Earlier today I was terribly disappointed that we couldn't find a babysitter for tonight so we could go hang out with some friends at a gathering we just got notified about yesterday. It's really just too short notice, but we did try.

Now that it's time for us to be heading out, if we were going, I'm kinda glad we failed in the babysitter search. I'm feeling more sick by the minute. :( Lots of drainage causing my throat to feel scratchy, drippy nose, itchy and scratchy feeling eyes, and I may be running a bit of a fever, as our thermostat is reading 77 degrees and I am wearing an acrylic/wool blend sweater and still feeling slightly chilly. Blah. And I'm supposed to work this weekend.

If I need to call in tomorrow it won't be the end of the world, as I'm only scheduled to be there from 9 to 2:30, and the other librarian will be there all day. She'd just be by herself in the morning if I don't go in. Sunday is another can of worms altogether, though. I'm supposed to be there from 1-6 by myself. So we'll see if I'm up to working when tomorrow and Sunday roll around.

I don't want to be sick. :(
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Andrew and I both still have the hacking crud. Mine seems to be more hacking; Andrew's seems to be more sore throat and drainage. Corwin seems pretty much better, and to have escaped the hacking cough altogether. Yay!

Corwin's taking his afternoon nap right now, which means I need to finish up here on LJ and get to work. I need to get as much cleaning done as possible, because we're meeting with Realtor #1 again tomorrow afternoon, to discuss more nitty gritty stuff and possibly signing a contract with her (at the very least, we're going to go over the contract). I'd like the house to be at least vaguely presentable for the realtor. Getting the Christmas tree taken down and the remaining decorations put away would be good as well. :) It's so hard to keep a clean house with a small child running around. Definitely hiring a maid service once the house goes on the market; I don't see any other way of keeping it clean enough for viewing on short notice.
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Andrew has the family cold now also, so ended up staying home from work today being sick with the rest of us. That said, I'm actually feeling reasonably decent -- pretty much functional, except for frequent stopping to blow my nose. :P I can only hope this lasts (or improves!).

For no good reason I can explain, I feel compelled to record what I got done today:

-slept in (with interruptions) 'til 11:30 while my hubby wrangled the baby
-went to Target and bought two humidifiers (one for Corwin's room; one for our room) and some Robitussin (guaifenesin 100mg) for Corwin to try (haven't given it to him yet; probably tomorrow).
-set up both humidifiers; so far Corwin does seem to be sleeping better with that.
-vacuumed the living room rug, breakfast room, and kitchen
-mopped the kitchen
-two loads of laundry
-unloaded/reloaded/am now running dishwasher
-made oatmeal for Corwin

And now I am off to bed, since if Andrew is going to work tomorrow, I'll likely have to be up at 6:30, if not earlier.
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We headed to Austin on Saturday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner with my family Saturday night. After getting Corwin to bed, Andrew and I ran off to the Gregorys' house for some socialization and game playing. We got home around 11:30 to find Corwin awake and drinking a bottle in my mom's lap. We all got to bed by shortly after midnight, and I was up again with Corwin at 2. He didn't sleep terribly well, as I heard noise from him after 3 and after 4 as well, but at least those times didn't require getting up.

Sunday, we all noticed that Corwin had a runny nose when he woke up. Since he otherwise seemed fine, we went ahead and took him to church that morning. After church and lunch, he actually took a nap! It wasn't even a struggle to get him to go to sleep -- surprised the heck out of me.

When he woke up from his nap, we headed out to Zilker Park to meet up with some of our other friends with kids. There's not a lot for Corwin to do there since he's not walking yet, but we were looking forward to being outside and spending time with friends we don't see very often. Corwin did spend some time in the kiddie swing, and he got to ride on the Zilker Zephyr (the park train) thanks to the generosity of the Haunspergers. He wasn't that enthused by the swing -- he swung for a little while, never looked thrilled, and decided he wanted mommy pretty quickly. He LOVED the train, though, if I can judge by the amount of smiling, babbling, and armwaving that went on while we were riding. I'm glad we took him for that alone.

Pictures from the park are here )

From there we headed to the Haunspergers' house, where we had Mangia Pizza for dinner. Yum! After dinner, I took Corwin home to put him to bed, and Andrew stayed and played a game of Talisman with folks. Once I got Corwin home, it became very clear that he was in fact getting sick. He was a BEAR to get to sleep for the night, and once I did so his breathing was "snifflesnifflesniffle." When I went and stood outside the door after he'd been asleep for about 15 minutes, he was mouthbreathing. I headed back over to the Haunspergers' to pick up Andrew, leaving my parents with strict instructions to call if anything came up that they couldn't handle. I ended up over there for a couple of hours waiting for Andrew's game to finish (it never did; they ended up calling it when I and [ profile] liz_gregory were both ready to go home and went to retrieve our husbands).

On Monday, Corwin was pretty miserable, so we ended up skipping the New Year's festivities and staying in with him at my parents' house, as detailed in my previous post.

Tuesday morning, I had a sore throat from drainage when I woke up. I stayed in bed for a good while while Andrew and my parents wrangled Corwin. Tuesday afternoon, we packed up our stuff and headed back here to Houston. Corwin conked out in the car almost immediately (having refused all naps offered prior to that), but he only slept for 45 minutes or so before being awake the rest of the trip. But he was at least pretty happy, so the drive wasn't a miserable one.

Today, I am definitely sick. Congestion is crazy ick. And I can't really take a decongestant because pseudoephedrine is potentially bad for my milk supply (which I can't afford) and the phenylephrine substitute doesn't work. So I feel bleh. Corwin is still congested also. We called his doctor's office, but they said unless he runs a fever or starts acting like either of his ears is bothering him, he doesn't need to go in. Fortunately, Andrew had planned to take today off work, so he's home to take care of us. But he's supposed to go back to work tomorrow; we'll see if that happens.


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