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Yesterday, August 4, was Andrew's and my 11th wedding anniversary. We're in the double-digits now, folks! :)

My parents came to visit for the weekend. The visit was actually planned before we found out Andrew was going to need to have surgery, but the timing worked out great. They were here to stay with Andrew and the boys while I worked yesterday, and then they were able to feed the boys dinner and get them put to bed while Andrew and I went out for the evening.

Our outing yesterday evening was looking a bit iffy, because I started to come down with a bit of a scratchy throat due to drainage on Friday, and it was not improving on Saturday. I was doing okay in the morning, but the throat kept bothering me more and more as the afternoon progressed while I was at work yesterday. Once I got home, I decided that we were going to go out even though I wasn't feeling great, because I was not so miserable as to be totally out of commission, and who knows when we'd next get another opportunity to go out together for fun and have it not get cancelled, since that's been the story of our life lately. *fingers crossed for Dragoncon at the end of the month!*

So we hit up Red Robin for dinner. Not quite our anniversary celebration restaurant of choice, but Andrew remembered them having a caesar chicken salad wrap on the menu that he liked and seemed likely to be reasonably low in fat. Well, it's been a long time since we last ate at a Red Robin -- the menu was different, the chicken caesar wrap was no longer on it, and they no longer use glass for their drinks -- my tea came in plastic. One of the things I really liked about Red Robin was that they have good tea, and it was served in glass. Oh well. Andrew tried a different chicken dish and said it was fine, and we treated ourselves to their ice cream pie at the end. Andrew was going to only eat a couple of bites, but ended up eating a fair bit more than that, and said he still felt fine afterward. So hopefully he'll have an easy transition back to more normal eating.

After dinner, we headed over to the home of our friends Tim & Jamie for Tim's birthday party. I had a lot of fun chatting with folks and playing Apples to Apples. Apparently I win that game a lot -- though I honestly have no recollection of this miraculous ability. But I really enjoy word play, and I did win last night. So *shrug*.

All in all, it was a fun night, and I'm glad we went out. Throat HURT when I got home, though, and I didn't sleep well last night because of it. But once I got up today and had some breakfast, it started to feel much better. Still scratchy, but not too bothersome, and I can still feel the drainage. I'm really not sure if this is a cold or just an allergy attack of some sort. I tried taking a Claritin this afternoon, but not sure it helped. I'm gonna try to get myself to bed around 10:30 tonight (so 20 mins from now) so that I can get a little extra sleep before I'm on my own with the kids all day tomorrow. And supposed to do grocery shopping -- we'll see if that gets done.

[ETA: And Ian has still not nursed. I'm declaring us done. He did ask once today, but I told him he hadn't nursed in almost 4 days, and he didn't need to start back up again. And he moved right along to something else and didn't even fuss at me about it.]
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I've spent all day today feeling like I might be getting sick. Scratchy throat that has come and gone throughout the day, and pressure behind my eyes for a while this afternoon as well. Hoping it's just allergies, or something mild that I can fight off, since I'm supposed to work tomorrow afternoon and then Andrew and I are supposed to go out to a friend's birthday party after I get home -- a night out *together* with other adults, for the first time in ages. My parents are coming for the weekend to be here with Andrew and the kids while I go to work (since Andrew's not yet supposed to lift Ian) and then babysit for the evening while we're out. Tomorrow is also our 11-year wedding anniversary. We were gonna go out to celebrate that on Sunday, but have decided to postpone those plans until Andrew is a bit more recovered from his gallbladder surgery.

I made pumpkin muffins this morning (with some "help" from the boys), and have so far eaten 3 of them today. They are yummy and I can't seem to stop eating them. Glad my parents are coming tomorrow to help eat 'em, since Ian and I are the only ones here who like them, and I have 2 dozen mini muffins and 1 dozen regular sized muffins (minus the 3 regular-sized ones I ate and the 2 mini-ones Ian has eaten).

I watched the first hour and a half of Olympic coverage tonight with Corwin, and it left me wondering if there were actually any Olympics today. :P The first half-hour appeared to be a Bela Karolyi retrospective, mostly focused on the 1996 women's gymnastics team. Then they showed a bit of women's volleyball, and then a reasonably long segment telling us what swimming events they are going to show at some unspecified point later in the evening. Then a cut back to more women's volleyball. After that was women's springboard diving, and then it was 8:30 and I put Corwin to bed. I've since turned the TV off in favor of computer time -- I think I may just be getting Olympic'ed out after watching each night this week so far.

Andrew's gone off to an RPG session at a friend's house this evening, so it's just me here with the kids tonight. Computer time, then shower, then reading and/or bed sounds like my agenda for the rest of the night, I think. There are some towels in the dryer that I'll have to put away before I can take my shower, too. Yay for housework. :P

[ETA: Also, today makes 2 days in a row that Ian did not nurse. I wonder if that means we're done.]
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Wow, I'm getting to be a posting fiend! ;)

Let's see, what happened today that's worth recording here?

This morning, we had Ian's class at The Little Gym, and then from there we headed over to The Woodlands Children's Museum with some friends from The Little Gym, and the boys played there from about 10:45 'til noon. They both looked like they had a lot of fun, and Corwin has declared he wants to go back tomorrow. (We can't; he has a swimming lesson.)

Ian had another day where he did not nurse at all. I wonder when he's going to start going more than one day in a row.

Corwin did his second scissor practice tonight after dinner. After he'd finished the "assignment," he started cutting up some of the rectangles into smaller pieces (practicing the technique I showed him of only closing the scissors halfway and then sliding them along the paper before opening and closing them only halfway again, in order to get a smoother edge). After a few minutes of that, he started to complain (calmly) that his finger was red; I asked if he was ready to stop, and he said no, but his finger was red. After a few more times of him repeating this, I finally went over to look (expecting a pressure spot where the scissors had rubbed), and what he had was a small CUT on his finger that was BLEEDING. *sigh* I don't know if he didn't recognize that he was bleeding, or what, but I told him telling me his finger was red was not the appropriate message in that situation. :P I took him off to the bathroom, washed it, and put a band-aid on it, and all was well after that.

I went on a bike ride tonight, like a good girl trying to stick to an exercise routine. My legs are tired since I've been done. Hopefully that mean's I'm accomplishing something? :)

I think that's about all that's noteworthy about today. Nothing exciting here....move along.
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Morning: Grocery shopping
4:30: Karate for Corwin, "playdate" for Ian with Henry in the waiting area while Corwin's at karate. Henry is the younger brother of Corwin's karate friend Evan, so this is pretty cool. :)
Evening: bike ride for me.

11:00: Start getting ready for Corwin's swimming lesson. Yes, it really takes me nearly an hour to get the 3 of us ready and out the door. It feels like WAY too long, but I don't easily see anywhere to speed up the process.
12:00-12:30: Swimming lesson, and I play in the pool with Ian.
12:30-2:00: come home, bathe boys, eat lunch, get Ian in bed for nap.

9:30: Mom/Baby class at The Little Gym for Ian (and Henry!). Evan and Corwin have "playdate" in the lobby during class. They had an absolute blast last week -- it was Evan, Corwin, and one other little boy out there. Turns out that the younger sister of a boy (Jacob) who was in Corwin's preschool class is also in this mom/baby class, so I'm wondering if Jacob will be an addition to the group this week, now that his mom knows Corwin is there. I'm hoping we can do some after-class playdates this summer with Evan and Henry, but so far scheduling hasn't worked out for that.
Evening: bike ride for me. [Bike ride did not happen this week on Wednesday due to high winds and thunder.]

Repeat Tuesday. This past week, Andrew's mom (who is in Houston this month) came over for a little while in the afternoon after Ian's nap. We mostly just sat and chatted and caught up a bit, and let Ian get used to her again since he hasn't seen her in a while.

Friday: Andrew has alternating Fridays off, so this day will vary. This week was NOT his Friday off, and we were just boring and stayed and played at home. I needed the break from go-go-go-ing after having company all weekend and then stuff to do every day during the week.

Weekend update for the weekend just past:
Saturday: I got back on the horse bike and got my ride done in the morning. Saturday afternoon, I worked. Major problem occurred when I got there, scanned my parking card, and had the gate to the parking garage not open. I hit the help button to talk to the campus police, who promptly informed me that my parking permit expired in May and had not been renewed. I told him that yes, it had been renewed (sadly, did not think to show him my SUMMER PERMIT that I had with me IN THE CAR, that shows it expires in August), but he insisted it hadn't and that I absolutely MUST renew it before next weekend. So I emailed my extremely wonderful supervisor (who has taken to dealing with all the parking stuff on my behalf because I can get precisely nowhere with our parking office over the phone, and it's silly for me to drive all the way downtown with both my children in tow to go deal with them face to face, which is what they always insist must happen if I call them), who tells me she talked to them yesterday and they have now fixed their mistake. Guess I'll find out next weekend. Aside from that, the workday was uneventful.

Sunday: Exercised in the morning. Cooked bacon & eggs & biscuits for lunch. [This is only notable because lunch is usually a cold meal at our house.] Took Corwin to the pool in the afternoon. I would have preferred to take the whole family, but Andrew is currently on a hardcore antibiotic that says he needs to limit sun exposure and he is still tired from fighting the infection, so he stayed home with Ian. Almost as soon as we got to the pool, Corwin got ambushed by a boy from his preschool class, Sean, who was super excited to see Corwin. So the two of them played in the pool together for an hour, and I met and chatted with Sean's mother for a while. She got my number (I had foolishly left my phone at home, and don't tend to carry pen and paper to the pool either, so I have no contact info for her), so hopefully the two of them will be able to have some (planned) playdates this summer, too. After the pool, we all headed over to Andrew's parents' house for dinner with his mom, sister, and brother-in-law (also a Sean). Corwin and I went with Sarah and Sean out to their garden, ostensibly to pick blackberries, but there weren't very many to be had. We got a handful of blackberries, but Corwin ended up having a blast helping pick green beans, as there were a ton of those ready. The blackberries got eaten (by the boys, as there weren't enough for the rest of us) along with homemade snickerdoodles for dessert, and I now have a ton of fresh green beans and a cucumber to fix sometime this week.

Monday (today): Grocery shopping, karate, and a bike ride. Also, got to wash the kitchen trash can, as something in the bag (best guess: a rotten banana) had leaked out, leaving a wet mess in the bottom that I found when I went to take the trash out. Somehow, cleaning the trash can got me motivated to pull out the Magic Eraser, and I spent some time scrubbing walls and doors with that. Also: Ian did not nurse at all today. 2nd day (though not in a row) that that's happened.


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