Alarm saga

Dec. 18th, 2011 11:41 pm
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Alarms went off Saturday mid-morning warning of Fire. They went off 3 or so times in a row. I was cooking at the time without the vent fan running, so we assumed the alarms were related to that (even though there is no detector near the kitchen) and didn't worry about it once they stopped.

Fire alarms went off again mid-afternoon, a couple of hours after the first event. I was NOT cooking this time. We took down the detector by the garage, and it gave the "low battery" warning while it was down, so we changed its battery, put it back up, and hoped that fixed the problem.

Fire alarms went off again just before midnight. Everyone was in bed at this time. We called the fire department who came out and said they couldn't find any evidence of fire or carbon monoxide, and suggested we change all the batteries -- apparently if you change one, you need to change them all. So we changed all the batteries, and ended up taking down the detector in our bedroom because it chirped after it was put back up with a new battery, and continued chirping 2-3 times even after the battery was removed and it was disconnected from AC power. Filippo thinks it might have a bad capacitor. We tried 2 different batteries and it chirped with the battery installed both times. [Note: try installing a battery again during daylight hours when not tired, just in case the chirping was somehow due to tired user error.]

All was quiet after this, until around 9 a.m. when the Alarm by the garage beeped and gave the "low battery" warning. Andrew changed its battery (again).

Around 9:00 p.m. (though not exactly 12 hours later) it beeped and gave the "low battery" warning again. We did not change its battery.

Alarm by the garage door and outside our bedroom -- Kidde KN-COSM-IB

Approx 11:00 p.m. -- alarm by the garage gave the "low battery" warning. I observed it, and noticed the green LED was flashing every 30 seconds. Checking the manual says this indicates the "standby condition" where the alarm is powered both by AC and battery backup. The one outside our bedroom was also flashing every 30 seconds. I did not change the battery.

Alarm in bedrooms and upstairs -- Firex i4618 (by Kidde)

I observed the one in the guest room and the one upstairs just after 11:00 p.m. also. Both had a steady green light with a flashing red light every 33 secs or so. According to the manual for this model, this indicates standby mode with the alarm operating properly. I did not check the alarms in the kids' rooms since folks were sleeping there. Alarm in our room is still disconnected.

3:20 a.m. -- Fire alarm KN-COSM-IB outside our bedroom has been beeping and saying "low battery" more's now doing it every 45 mins to an hour. I just got up and changed its battery...and it gave the "low battery" warning again immediately after I put it back up after putting the new battery in. Just took it down, too...and now there is no detector by our bedroom. Manual says it should beep "low battery" every minute if its battery is low. No explanation for what it means when it's doing it less often....which I guess confirms our diagnosis of "FUBAR." Wish we could at least identify which one is bad and causing the issues. Not sure if the one outside the garage/kids' rooms is giving the low battery alarm as well....the KN-COSM-IB models are the only ones that talk.

All the alarms in the house are hardwired in and connected to each other, so it's hard to determine which one of them is malfunctioning and causing the problem. We thought it was the one in our room, but we're still getting low battery warnings every few hours even with it down, and we replaced every single battery last night. Calling the manufacturer is on the agenda for tomorrow (as they don't provide customer service on weekends), thus these notes.


May. 14th, 2010 09:38 pm
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This morning we had our mid-pregnancy "big" ultrasound, and found out we're having another boy. So no shopping for girly stuff for me! :P (But I'll love another little boy just as much, and save $$ since we can re-use most of our existing stuff to boot!) Now we have to pick out a name.

This afternoon we had new evaporator coils installed for our AC unit because it had a freon leak. Fortunately, this is covered by our builder's warranty so we didn't have to pay for it. I think everyone (AC company included) agrees that this sort of thing should not happen to a 6-month-old system. :P Monday I get to begin the process of bugging the builder's warranty guy to get the water damage in Corwin's bathroom fixed. Hopefully that won't turn into an extended nightmare. But we'll see.

This evening we went to Carrabba's for dinner. Corwin ate like a little piggy -- LOTS of calamari, including the legs that I'm not a fan of, 1 1/2 chicken strips, and a reasonable amount of broccoli. Plus a cup of lemonade and a cup of apple juice. Not the most balanced meal ever, but much better than he has done the last couple of times we took him to a restaurant.

After dinner, we returned home to drop off our leftovers, and then ventured back out into the impending thunderstorm (yay, rain!) to shop for a nightstand and headboard for Corwin's room. We bought Corwin this twin bed frame (without the underbed storage part) and the nightstand that matches it:

The bedframe can be mounted high enough that our existing trundle should fit under it. And it approximates the color of the rest of the hand-me-down furniture that Corwin has. Furniture should be delivered Wednesday.

We still need a ceiling fan for his room (and our guest room), but the lighting store I want to go to closed early tonight and isn't open on Sunday. So not sure when we're gonna get that shopping done.
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Mother's Day sucked this year. Corwin was up too late Saturday night, and still awoke around 7:00 as usual on Sunday morning. So he was short a couple hours sleep, which led to him being a defiant pill to deal with all day. This made Andrew and me into grumps, too, which just generally doesn't make for a good day in our house at all. I made waffles for dinner, since those are a kind of comfort food for me; I figured if no one was going to spoil me, I may as well pamper myself a little, even if I did have to do the work. :P

This morning was much better. Even after getting put to bed at 7:00 last night, Corwin didn't come in to get me up 'til about 8:45 this morning. I guess he was finally bothering to make up for his sleep debt. And of course that meant I got to sleep in, too, which was GLORIOUS! :) Andrew was a bit annoyed that Corwin decided to sleep late for the first time in ages on a day when he had to get up early for work anyway.

Corwin and I ran errands this morning -- the main ones being to Home Depot for AC filters, and Pottery Barn Kids to pick up the finials for the curtain rod and tiebacks in Corwin's new room. These errands were broken up by lunch at Jason's Deli and playtime at the children's playscape at the mall. Which has a new sign at the entrance saying "Children under 6 only" and no longer has the 42" max height requirement. Yay for Corwin (who at 3 is already 41" -- he was going to outgrow the place by height long before he was too old for it developmentally)! We also stopped at the Crocs display just inside the mall entrance, as I was thinking about getting him some to wear for water play this summer. But after waiting 15 minutes for the clerk to check her inventory (elsewhere in the building) we were told that they don't have his size in the color he wanted. But she did give me a coupon for free shipping if I want to order them from their web site. So I need to look into that option.

We also met the new neighbors on the far side of our house this morning, as they were coming back from a walk as we were leaving for our errands. There is a newly 1-year old boy named Christopher living there. Lots of kids around age 1 here -- Christopher, Jack's little sister Taylor on the other side of us is 10 months, and just around the corner there is another little girl who recently turned 1. And across the street is a set of twins who I haven't managed to meet yet, but they also appear to be somewhere in the 1-year age range. Too bad Corwin's too old and my next kiddo will be too young to play with them (at least for a while still). At least there is Jack next door who is only 2 1/2 months older than Corwin. :)

We also met last Friday, around the corner, a set of 5 1/2 year-old twin girls, who were outside playing in their sprinkler. Corwin wanted to say hi, and the girls were very friendly and kinda took him under their wing. They played with him a bit in the front yard, and then took him in the back to show off their swingset and their garden boxes. Corwin actually interacted better with them than he does with Jack next door, but I think that's because they're old enough to have learned to share and have more patience with Corwin than Jack does. Jack tends to grab toys away from Corwin, not always even because he wants to play with them -- I've seen him grab something out of Corwin's hand and immediately just toss it away. His mom disciplines him for this behavior, but it still frustrates Corwin. Of course, Corwin is not good at standing up for himself yet, either, so maybe he'll learn that skill from interacting with Jack. Hopefully he won't un-learn sharing. :P

Our AC seems to be struggling in the last several days or so -- I noticed the upstairs was too warm in the middle of last week, but I had it set way high (mid-80s) and thought it may have just been the way it anticipates what temperature you want it at next. But then late Friday afternoon, the downstairs temp was about 3-4 degrees higher than where we had it set, which was uncomfortably warm. We changed most of the AC filters this weekend, but couldn't change one because we didn't have the right size filter on hand. Picked that up this morning, and hopefully Andrew will get it changed tonight. The AC did fine this weekend because it was cool, but this afternoon we're back up to 77 in the house when I have the AC set to 75. Gonna see how it does tomorrow after we get the last new filter in place, and if I don't see improvement I'll be calling the warranty folks for our house to get someone out to look at it. Our AC -shouldn't- be failing, as we're in a brand new house that was completed in November. *sigh* Ah well, at least if there IS a problem, it should be covered by the warranty.
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My "New Year's Resolution" for 2009 was to get our house on the market to see if it would sell, and if it did to get a new house bought and moved into. And I ACCOMPLISHED IT!! :) The only niggling detail left to be dealt with is getting our stuff out of the storage unit down by our old house. I have the next two weekends after we are back from London off of work, so I'm hoping we can rent a U-Haul and recruit some friends to get that stuff moved in the course of one of them. It will be almost exactly a year since we moved the stuff in.

Other big things that happened this year: Corwin started Mother's Day Out in February and loved it. We bought a treadmill, which we've discussed off and on for years. My 1999 Civic finally gave up the ghost (well, it merely needed $2k worth of work, but since that's about how much the car was worth, it didn't seem worthwhile to repair it), so we traded it in and got our new Mazda5 micro-minivan, which I am loving so far. And we got to ring in the new year here in London -- our first time back here since the summer of 1999, when Andrew's parents took us after our college graduation.

On the down side, Andrew's grandmother passed away shortly after Thanksgiving. She will be missed. :( No raises this year for either of us, due to the economy. And we had to miss our traditional New Year's party in Austin, which I am sad about -- but I just couldn't pass up the chance to get back to London.

The London trip has been pretty awesome. We probably have spent more money than we should have, but we both found leather stompy boots that we've had our eyes out for for years. We both have difficult-to-fit feet so ordering online wasn't a good option for us, and we haven't managed to find anywhere at home that stocked lots of different boots for us to try on. Camden Town was a dream come true on Thursday. I only wish we could have afforded more! :)

We hit the Portobello Road market today, where we saw some interesting things, but nothing that we felt the need to buy. We wandered into an old clock shop where we saw a VERY steampunk-esque clock, but sadly it was already sold. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. I probably didn't want to know how much it cost, since it was likely actually from the Victorian era. It had a standard clock face at the top, and underneath the clock face two dials -- one with numbers from 1-52 and the other with numbers from 1-31. Our best guess it that was keeping track of the week of the year and day of the month, but we weren't really certain. If I hadn't picked today to forget my camera, I would have taken a picture. [EDIT: The clock looked something like this one, but prettier and the two lower dials were different.

Another nifty thing we encountered in one of the antiques stores we wandered into were Victorian singing bird boxes (click the link for a video of one). I'd never seen them before, but apparently they are very very rich people. One of the ones we looked at was priced at 25k pounds.

Michael Jackson seems to be all the rage here -- we keep hearing his songs all over the place, and one restaurant we ate in seemed to be playing his greatest hits CD straight through. At the market today, we wandered past two guys singing Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer and accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar and bass (not bass guitar, but an orchestral bass). And at the little place we found to eat lunch, they had '80s music videos playing on the TV screen. I caught Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," and boy was THAT a trip down memory lane. It was one of my favorites back in the day. Apparently you have to be licensed to play recorded music publicly here (as I have gathered from looking at some of the licenses hanging on the walls while we waited to be seated in various places) so I wonder if '80s stuff is cheaper to license or something. *shrug*
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Today is the last day of the option period on our house, and the buyer hasn't notified us that he doesn't want it any more. The appraiser was here this morning for about 15 minutes, which my realtor says is a good thing; apparently if they take a long time they are hunting for stuff to include to get the house to appraise for the correct amount. So apparently our appraiser wasn't having to hunt, so it should appraise for the sale price. Odds look good that our sale will go through! :) (*fingers crossed, wood knocked on, etc.*)

I got to make another hasty trip up to Andrew's office today to get him to sign the contract amendment that says we'll take care of the various repairs that the inspection turned up. Fortunately, [ profile] ehcnalava was here babysitting Corwin while I went to my physical therapy appointment this afternoon anyway, and she didn't mind sitting in the house a while longer while I went to Andrew's office. So I was able to do a reasonably quick trip without Corwin in tow, which was nice. My realtor says she sent me the amendment yesterday, but I never received it so she had to resend it this morning; thus the trip up to Andrew's office being necessary.

I'm filling out the apartment application tonight for the 2 br + study (because it's essentially exactly the same as the 3-bedroom, available on the 1st floor, and $50/month cheaper than the 3-bedroom to boot) at The Landmark. I'm still not feeling terribly excited about it, but I doubt I'd feel excited about ANY apartment after living in a house for 6 years. I was chafing at the clause in the lease that requires management's consent for anyone to stay with us for longer than 7 days (I know why it's there, but it feels like they're saying I need someone to "mommy" me -- and I AM the mommy these days. *sigh*). Then I looked at the leases we signed at our old apartment (needed info for the application), and there permission was required for anyone to stay for more than 3 days -- I think we disregarded that at least a couple of times while we were there. Of course, in the new apartment I think it highly unlikely that we'd have any guests for more than 7 days -- we won't have a guest bedroom for one thing. We will have our sleeper sofa with queen size pullout bed if anyone does need to stay with us, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to sleep on that for 7 days, especially with our in-laws nearby with lots of crash space in their house.
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Well, we're getting showings. :)

Have had one each last Friday, Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday, today, and have one scheduled for 2-4 on Sunday [so we're definitely planning to be at Jamie's Sunday!].

It's really unnerving to know that your house is being shown but never see any evidence that anyone was there or get any feedback about what they thought.

We actually did see the couple who looked at our house tonight because we just went out for a tricycle ride and walk around the neighborhood. They looked to be more of our parents' generation, so I'd be really surprised if they wanted our house. One of our many reasons for moving is the "no bathroom on the first floor" thing and the fact that our moms are starting to have trouble getting up and down the stairs (and our remaining grandmothers also either can't do stairs at all or are reluctant to).
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Our house is not on the MLS yet; still waiting for it to show up.

In other MLS news, the house across the street from ours went up today as well. It had a renter in it up until 2-3 months ago, and since he moved out the owner has been doing a TON of renovation work on it. I'd been wondering if they were planning to rent it again or put it up for sale; now my query has an answer. Anyway, they've listed at nearly $50k higher than we are. Theirs is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house, about 500 square feet bigger than ours. Our realtor says we're aiming for a totally different market than they are; since we're priced so much lower we'll get young up-and-coming couples kinda like we were at the time we bought the house. Such couples can afford our price but likely not the higher one.

And in other, even better MLS news, the house that was on the market at a similar price to ours went under contract yesterday, so it's in the option period right now. I think it was only on the market for about a month, so that's hopefully good news for us. On the other hand....we're really gonna have to get a move on looking for the next place once we get back from Austin if the house is likely to sell that quickly. [EDIT: It was on the market for 17 days.]

I'll post the MLS link under a friendslock whenever it becomes available. Hopefully that will be before we get on the road for Austin. Our realtor should be by with our lockbox and yard sign in the next half hour or so. And now I should get back to cleaning up minor clutter and getting us packed, and we'll start lunch shortly. [EDIT: We have a yard sign and keybox now. Still waiting on the MLS listing, though]

Busy day

May. 21st, 2009 03:17 pm
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I finally have a few minutes to sit down and breathe today.

This morning I dropped off Corwin for his last day of Mother's Day Out at 9:00 and headed straight to the car dealership for an oil change on my car (both in preparation for heading to Austin tomorrow and because it's the last chance I'll have to do so without having to drag Corwin along until next September). After the oil change and new windshield wiper blades I headed home to meet our realtor, who was already in the house working with the photographer getting pictures taken for our listing. Finishing up the pictures and the paperwork for the listing took until noon, at which point I gobbled some lunch and then headed off to the university to pay for my parking for the summer. This involved a stop at the Galleria to get my parking permit and card from Andrew since I drive his car to work on the weekends and forgot to get my stuff out last night. So I paid for my parking and stopped to chat with my former boss for about 10 minutes or so (as neither my current boss nor the library director were in their offices at the time I was there) and then headed back home to pick up Corwin. We hung out in his classroom for a few extra minutes because the kids were eating cookies that someone's mom had brought and taking pictures with the teachers (in all my busy-ness I totally forgot my camera, so I'm hoping Morgan's mom will remember to email me the picture she took on her camera). Then home and got Corwin in bed for his nap and now I am finally sitting still. Corwin is still carrying on up in his bed though, so maybe he's not going to take a nap today. *sigh*

I'm feeling more sadness than I think I should about Corwin's last day of Mother's Day Out. I think it largely has to do with the fact that he has been enjoying it so much, and also that he's not likely to see his teachers again (unless we are still here in the fall, which I hope we aren't). And he doesn't seem to understand what "last day" means enough to be sad about it himself. I think he's going to miss a couple of the kids from his class, too, but I'm hoping maybe we'll be able to get together with them for some playdates or something this summer, which should help. I'll also miss having the time to myself, but I don't think that's at the root of how I'm feeling. It's almost like I'm feeling what I think Corwin should be feeling if he understood what was happening. Whee for being a parent! ;)


May. 18th, 2009 09:15 pm
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Tonight I have a headache. *sigh* I need to stop trying to avoid tromping down two flights of stairs and back up again and go take some pain meds instead of just sitting here suffering because I don't want to get up and walk. :P Reason #295854 to buy a new house, right? ;)

I finally got to see my orthopedist today, and I have been referred for 6 weeks of physical therapy on BOTH my knees. Because the right one pops at seemingly random times, and one of them happened to be while I was in his office today. Apparently my left knee is not aligned correctly and the kneecap has slipped a little, but there are no torn ligaments or anything of that sort. I'm supposed to call tomorrow to schedule my physical therapy. I won't be able to start until the week after next (or possibly late next week) because we're heading out of town to Austin on Friday and I'm planning to stay with Corwin until at least Wednesday. I'm a bit worried about what Corwin is going to do while I have therapy; I'm hoping he can just go along and play quietly or read a book in the room with me while the physical therapist does their thing. Otherwise, I'm not sure what we'll do, as driving him up to his grandma's house or having her come down to our house multiple times a week sounds like a bit much to ask (as it is nearly an hour one way). And I don't think I know anyone else who's not working during the week who could watch him. I'm rather annoyed that I have finally managed to get this diagnosis just in time for Corwin's last week of Mother's Day Out.

On the house front, Andrew and I got a lot of decluttering done this weekend while Corwin stayed with Andrew's parents. We got a bunch more things moved to storage, and Andrew's desk decluttered and de-dustified and the toys downstairs all moved into our under-the-stairs closet and our bedroom mostly decluttered and de-dustified. Really the only things left to be finished are my desk (because piles of paper are my standard modus operandi and I haven't managed to create enough drawer space to stash them all in) and the top of the refrigerator and the bar. I'm supposed to be working on my desk this evening, but instead I am sitting here typing and suffering with a headache. :P

This morning, we had the windows washed and this afternoon the flooring guys finally came and did the warranty work on our Pergo flooring.

Okay, Excedrin now. Really.
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As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to go take my shower and get ready for bed, since I have to get up for work tomorrow.

I watched Dollhouse tonight. Maybe mild spoilers )

Regarding our house progress: we finally got the handyman out today. One of his many jobs was to install blinds in four of our windows that have up til now had either nothing or those temporary paper blinds that we put up when we first bought the house. This meant that Corwin and I had to go buy blinds at Lowe's this morning. When the handyman got to installing them, he said that the blind for the 3rd floor window had been cut too short. *sigh* No idea how that happened as I told the girl who cut them that both sets of blinds needed to be cut to 58 1/4" wide. No clue why she would have changed her settings between jobs. But she did, so we had to go back tonight and return the too short ones and buy another set. The handyman will be back again next Friday to hang them and do touchup painting and one other job that he wasn't able to finish today.

Corwin was horribly cute as usual. He kept calling the handyman the "AC guy" (because we had an AC guy out a couple weeks ago -- I'm sure you recall my rant on that topic) and I kept correcting him: "No, this is Daniell, the handyman." Finally he compromised and started calling him the "handy guy."

We had our convection oven repaired on Tuesday. That embarrassed me, as it turned out the reason the convection fan was making a horrible banging noise was that the fan cover was bent and thus the fan blades were hitting it. The solution for this was removal of the cover (involved a few screws), bending it back into shape, and replacing it. For this, I paid $92. I so wish that rather than just assuming the problem was something horrible and ignoring it for several years (because we never use the convection oven; it was our former housemate who discovered the problem because she used it) I'd taken the time to look in there myself. Oh well. *shrug*

Still waiting on my floor to be fixed. This is the problem with warranty repairs, I think. The guy from the company that installed our flooring came out on Monday and looked at it and said he would call me to schedule a time to have the work done. Not having heard from him since and it now being Friday, I gave them a call this afternoon. The relevant guy was out at an appointment, so I left my number and was supposed to get a call back later. No call came this afternoon.

Our deep cleaning from the maid service is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20. So I anticipate us going on the market on Thursday or Friday that week. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (I'm a bit frightened, especially since as soon as we get on the market we get to start figuring out where we go if the house sells....i.e. we get to start the new house shopping process.)

In other news, my parents will be here tomorrow night. They are coming to Houston to attend my brother's girlfriend's graduation from the UT Houston Medical Branch (or whatever it is properly called....I don't have the announcement in front of me) where she has gotten her Masters. That's Saturday afternoon, and my parents will be staying with us Saturday night.

I think that is all the news with us for the moment. :)
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There's a "probable" case of swine flu at the university where I work. As of 5:00 p.m. today they hadn't yet gotten test results back from the CDC to confirm it or not. So I'll be checking email tomorrow morning to make sure the university isn't closed. Apparently administrators are going to be available all weekend to handle results if they are received. Whether the university closes or not if the case is confirmed is apparently up to the Health Department. So we'll see. Tomorrow could be entertaining if the university is open -- either dead quiet due to scared people staying home, or lots of panicky people asking questions.

We went to Lowe's this morning, and then worked in the yard after we got home. I've pulled out the pansies we had in the back beds and planted vinca, which are supposed to do well in full sun. I planted a couple new begonias in the bare spots in the front flower bed as well. Then we mulched both back beds and part of the front, until we ran out of mulch. We also put down some more dirt in the back yard in the spot where we're trying to get grass to grow. A lot of it got washed away in Tuesday's rainstorm, so it needed replenishment. I bought way more vinca than I needed, though, so I think I'll be going back to the store on Monday to get some large flower pots to plant them in. Unfortunately, they'll have to go on the back patio because our front porch definitely does not get "full sun."

We talked with the realtor this afternoon, and we still have a ways to go in terms of removing clutter and depersonalizing. But she was very happy with the progress we've made since last year at this time. :) We're looking at putting our house on the market for $210k or so. So we'll see how it goes. Current timeline looks something like this:

Monday, 5/4: Flooring guys come and fix Pergo.
Tuesday, 5/5: Oven repairman comes to fix convection oven.
Somewhere in the range of 5/8 to 5/12: Handyman is hopefully recovered from the flu and we get our odd jobs taken care of.
Week of 5/18: Maid service does deep cleaning, we get house on market!

In the meantime, I need to additionally schedule to have our windows washed and try to clean outside the front door where the doorframe is really dirty. And we have to finish our decluttering and depersonalizing. AAAAAAGGH!

One quirky thing I noticed on the report the realtor gave us when I was perusing it in detail after she left: the only two houses in our neighborhood that have sold recently were on the market for 4 days and 6 days respectively. All the others either expired or were terminated (i.e. they were taken off the market and did not sell). I'm not sure I'm prepared for our house to sell in a week....but I do want it to sell!
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Comcast did refund my $1.99, and I didn't have to make any additional phone calls or write any letters to get it done.

The handyman who was supposed to come on Tuesday rescheduled for 9:30 this morning because of the flooding that happened on Tuesday. He didn't show up today, and after I called and left voicemail and emailed, I got a call from his wife to say that he came down with the flu yesterday. She thinks it just a normal flu and not the dreaded swine version, but regardless he is out of commission for the time being. He's supposed to give me a call when he's feeling better. Yay for more delays. :P

I talked to our realtor (the one we had decided to work with when we thought we were going to be putting our house on the market around this time last year) this morning, and she's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to meet with us, go over current house value, and talk about when we might actually be able to get on the market.

Convection oven repair is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and the flooring people are supposed to be out on Monday to do the warranty work on our Pergo.

I sent a complaint email to the President of the AC company that told me we needed new evaporator coils on both our AC units, and asked for the money I spent on the inspection back. I sent that last night, so still waiting on a response. If I don't get one in a day or two, then I'll get the BBB involved.

My MRI for my knee is scheduled for Thursday morning next week.

Tomorrow, in addition to meeting with the realtor in the afternoon, I'm hoping to get Lowe's trip in to get new filters for our air returns and various gardening supplies to mulch our beds and plant some seasonal flowers for color.

Corwin is starting to figure out how to sing. He knows all the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Row Row Your Boat" (minus a few of the pronouns and "connecting" words) and I can tell he's attempting the tune and rhythm when he "sings" them. It's so cool to watch him make all these discoveries and watch how his language is coming together!
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We had A LOT of rain here this morning. I was awakened somewhere in the realm of 3:45 a.m. by a particularly loud clap of thunder, and don't think I ever fell properly back asleep after that. Andrew was awake, too. Corwin, however, did not make a peep; we didn't hear a thing out of him until his usual wake-up time around 7 a.m.

Andrew got up after his alarm went off at 5 a.m., and after he had been up and about for a while he came in to tell me that the street was flooded so high that the sidewalk was covered, so he wasn't going to be going anywhere any time soon. We went out for a walk around 10:00 to reconnoiter the area; at that point our street was clear of water. However, as soon as we got around the corner we could see that the street was still flooded at the t-intersection, and once we got around that corner we could see that the entire entry street was under water except for one high spot.

I regretted not having taken the camera out with me, so we walked back home and I went back out again by myself with the camera. Turned out the water was receding quickly as by the time I got back around the corner the entire flooded street had cleared. Several cars drove through it (braver souls than we) while we were out the first time, so my best guess it that a drain or drains were clogged and the force of the cars moving the water also moved the blockage(s). I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly all that water went away.

Anyway, I didn't get any dramatic water shots on the camera, but you can see in several of the pictures how high the water line had gotten. I continue to believe we picked very well when we chose our lot!

Pictures behind the cut! )
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Well, we are now one step closer to getting our house on the market. Our new frameless shower enclosure has been installed in the master bathroom, replacing the old grungy gold-framed one that had a big crack in one of the glass panels. I'm posting pictures, just because.

Pictures and text back here )
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I haven't taken the time to make a post in a while. Since I need to be getting to bed soon, here's the quickie update version:

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Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:08 pm
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You're getting this rant because Andrew is in a meeting all day and doesn't have ICQ open at his desk so I can't even send him my rant in comments for him to read later. :P

Last Thursday while Corwin was at MDO, I drove to a couple glass places to talk to them about replacing the glass or installing a new shower enclosure in our master bathroom. One of our existing pieces of glass has a big crack in it so definitely needs to be replaced. On top of that, the glass is dirty and waterstained and the caulking around the existing frame is looking rather grody and my attempts to clean it haven't accomplished much. And some of the gold-colored finish is also coming off part of the frame around the shower door down at the bottom...probably a side effect of my attempts to clean down there. *sigh*

One of the places I visited said they would send someone out today or Tuesday to take measurements so they could give me a quote for the work. I told them today between 10 and 1 while Corwin was at MDO would be great, or any time on Tuesday. Corwin is home sick today with a cold, so didn't end up going to MDO after all. But they called me at 2:00 (exactly when I would have been out picking up Corwin if he weren't sick) to say they'd be here in 45 mins or so. SOOO not according to my instructions. And to top that off, it's now 3:15 and they haven't showed yet.

The other place I visited I left some guessy-guessy numbers for them (as I hadn't measured before I went out....which I probably should have done, but oh well) and they were going to call me with a quote. I called them back Thursday afternoon after I got home and did measure to give them the more accurate numbers, but the person I needed to talk to was on the phone. I was told she'd call me back but she never did. Until today at 1:30, with an estimate based on my guessy-guessy numbers. *sigh* I asked about redoing the estimate with the new numbers, or been better sending someone out to measure, but she didn't want to do that. Just said the numbers she had given me would be close enough as they were within an inch or two of my new numbers. So yeah, they do not have my confidence, and I suspect have just knocked themselves out of the running for the job.

I need to call a couple more glass places now for estimates, but have been holding off thinking I'd do it after the guy who's coming to measure has gone (so he doesn't catch me on the phone, which I'm sure is exactly what would happen were I to try to call now). But at the rate they're going Corwin's going to be awake before he ever gets here. *sigh* *grumble*

End rant.
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We had a productive weekend!

I already posted about getting stuff moved to a storage unit on Saturday. Sunday we bought new hoses and a hose storage reel to try to see if we like, and acquired more file folders and printer paper. I started the process of excavating my desk, and got the guest bedroom vacuumed, the closet organized, and the bed made. And I vacuumed the second floor library as well. It was in dire need.

On the down side, Corwin got sick. He just has a cold (runny nose, congestion, etc.) but for some reason it has resulted in him not going to sleep at night. Last night he was awake until 10:30, mostly talking but occasionally building to crying. I had to go in his room twice, once to take him to the bathroom and the second time I just held him on my shoulder for 20 minutes. He went to sleep after the being held for 20 minutes. Tonight he went to bed about 8:20 and has been talking in some variety ever since. I think Andrew may have just gotten him up. Not sure what he's going to do with him.

Today I had my dentist appointment for a cleaning with the new dentist I originally went to back in July (after the dentist I'd seen a few months prior disregarded my comfort completely, barely said two words to me, and declared I had a cavity that must be filled as soon as possible). I have to say I was very pleased. The part of teeth-cleaning that I really hate is the polishing, because I really hate the taste/feel of the grit it spews all over my mouth. Well, it turns out there is a new polish they can use that doesn't result in any of the grit -- apparently the polish is contained in the little "head" that they use to apply it, so they're not having to get lots of extra on the tool in the process of applying it from the little container. At any rate, no grit was involved and I was very happy. :) And the cavity that's being watched hasn't changed and thus still doesn't need to be filled.

Corwin was supposed to go stay with [ profile] scarlett_sage and [ profile] asharperfocus during my appointment today, but since he's sick and had such a hard time getting to sleep last night and is generally being a mama's boy (not necessarily physically clingy, but wanting mama around more than is normal for him) we decided that he'd probably be much happier staying at home. So Andrew took the afternoon off work so he could be here with Corwin while I went to my appointment. Turned out Corwin took an excellent nap and Andrew was able to work from home pretty successfully. Dunno why he's having so much more trouble going to sleep at night. :(

I think Andrew just took him to the bathroom, and now he's screaming/crying about having been left in his bed again. *sigh* I hope he calms down soon so Andrew and I can get to sleep. I'm off to consult with Andrew as to whether I should get in the shower, or if I need to stay out to potentially go hold Corwin for 20 minutes until he can finally go to sleep. Sick children are such joys. :(
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Today was "stuff moving day." We moved a LOT of boxes of stuff into a 5x10 storage unit, with generous help from [ profile] kaerukami, [ profile] echnalava, and [ profile] sirbobsalot. I knew the 5x10 would be fine when I rented it, so was vastly amused when Andrew first saw it and got this "uh-oh" kinda look on his face. It was fun to see his amazement once we started getting stuff in there and how much would actually fit in that space. Tim turned out to be excellent at packing stuff in, so I didn't have to supervise the 2nd trip (which turned out to be a good thing as my going along would have required driving a 3rd vehicle as there were only three seats available between the two SUVs). Instead I stayed home and played with Corwin with Jamie.

I thought getting stuff moved into a storage unit would make getting the rest of the house cleaned up and organized feel less overwhelming, but I was wrong about that. It still feels pretty overwhelming. I think it is the fact that I have to have the WHOLE HOUSE cleaned and organized and ready to be shown, not just some small section of it. Andrew keeps telling me I need to compartmentalize better, but I have trouble shutting out the fact that the rest of the house is looming while I am focused on getting one part of it taken care of. My goal for tomorrow is to get the guest bedroom vacuumed, the bed made, and the closet as cleaned out/organized as possible. My sister is coming next weekend to babysit for us so we can go to Andrew's company party Friday night, so I need to have that room ready for her. Anything else I get done in addition to that will be gravy.

I'm also really tired tonight from the labor of packing/organizing and moving stuff. I'm hoping after I've had a good night's sleep maybe things will feel less overwhelming to me. For now, I'm going to go enter codes that I have been saving up for months into the Pampers web site (enter enough codes from diaper packages and we can get free stuff) and then I'm gonna go read for a while to unwind and then go to sleep.


Dec. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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This is one of those days where I feel the need to post about my accomplishments. It'll probably be boring for most of you.

Today, I:
-put away a load of laundry that was in the dryer from yesterday
-did a complete load of laundry (all except for the putting away of Corwin's clothes, as I folded them after he was in bed)
-took Corwin to Target where I bought miscellaneous stuff we needed
-went to Randalls to pick up baby wipes (and stood in the Express checkout line behind a woman buying $100+ worth of groceries -- and WAY more than 15 items. *grump*)
-found the bike shop and ordered Corwin's tricycle for Christmas
-baked Spritz cookies for tomorrow and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards
-cooked dinner
-got Christmas stockings hung and the banisters decorated to my satisfaction
-updated my Christmas card address list with all the folks who have so far responded to my request for updates. I think about a 3rd of my list must have moved in the last year. Y'all stay put, y'hear!!!

Now I am wasting time because I am TIRED, when really I should be trying to make a little more progress of some variety before it's time to shower and head to bed. I have to be at work at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Stuff I wanted to get done today but haven't yet (and may not): pay bills, vacuum the kitchen (after I spilled little candy cookie decors while baking), clean off the bar, buffet, and mantel, put up Christmas decorations on the mantel and buffet, and wrap Christmas presents.

I think my list is just too long.
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So I was unable to put out my lighted Halloween decorations this year (well, technically, I did leave them out, but they were never lighted) because when I tried to put them out two days before Halloween, I plugged them into the socket on the front porch and they failed to work. In investigating this, I discovered that our water softener was also not working, meaning that its outlet in the garage wasn't working any more either.

Today, I finally got around to calling an electrician about it, and the first thing he asked me was if the non-working outlets were outside, in the garage, in a bathroom, etc. I confirmed that they were, and he said I needed to check all the GFCI switches, particularly the ones in the bathrooms. Well, I reset them all and none of them made any difference. BUT, before I called the electrician back, I checked with Andrew to confirm whether the outlet in the garage was a GFCI outlet or not. He couldn't remember.

For anyone who's been in our garage, you've probably noticed all the plywood we have stacked under the shelving up against the wall that the garage shares with the house. The only outlet in the garage is on that wall, and you guessed it, behind the stack of plywood. That's the one design flaw with the shelving we had built in our garage. So, checking to see if that outlet was GFCI required Andrew and I to move enough of the plywood tonight that we could see behind it to check the outlet. We did, and lo and behold it was a GFCI and it did indeed need to be reset.

It was a darn lot of work, but cheaper than having an electrician out. And means we don't have serious BAD problems like a burned out wire or the like. We'll have to remember that's a GFCI outlet for future case something like this happens again.


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