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Ian had his 1-month checkup today. He's now 11 lbs 9 oz and has grown another inch, so he's up to 23 3/4" long.

He's also had some greenish poops, and has been exceptionally fussy and acting like his GI tract is bothering him, so they did a test on his poop (as he was kind enough to produce one while we were in the doc's office) and found a trace of blood. Doc thinks he may have a milk protein sensitivity, so I get to try cutting out dairy from my diet for a month. Needless to say, I am thrilled. She says it's not a serious sensitivity, though, so she thinks I should be fine just cutting the big ones -- milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. but I don't need to scrutinize the ingredients list on everything I eat. So there's that.

But I love milk. And ice cream. And there is an almost-full half gallon of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip ice cream sitting in my freezer calling my name. And I am going to have to watch Andrew eat it. :(

And I like pizza, too. There goes the easy "I couldn't cook dinner tonight so let's order pizza" option. Also, feeding large groups of people just got harder.

But if it results in a happier child, it is worth it. And if it doesn't....well it is only for a month, right? Just so long as I don't become lactose intolerant during the time I'm not eating the stuff. That would suck.

Also on the bright side, if it is a milk protein intolerance, it is something he should grow out of in theory. Most kids apparently outgrow it by 6 month or so, though at least one web site I looked at said it could be a problem as long as age 3 or so.

Part of me wonders if Corwin had this issue, too. He had some green poops, and was a pretty fussy baby. (Not colic fussy, based on what I have read of colic, but he slept horribly and was not an easy baby.) Ian sleeps fine at night, but he makes a lot of noise, including sounding like he's grunting and straining in his sleep. And he's getting fussier during daytime hours, especially afternoon and into the evening.

So hopefully this will help.

I've had a headache off and on all day, too. *grumble* I'll probably try to take something for it before I go to bed. Which will be soon, as Ian has been asleep since 9:15 already.


May. 18th, 2009 09:15 pm
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Tonight I have a headache. *sigh* I need to stop trying to avoid tromping down two flights of stairs and back up again and go take some pain meds instead of just sitting here suffering because I don't want to get up and walk. :P Reason #295854 to buy a new house, right? ;)

I finally got to see my orthopedist today, and I have been referred for 6 weeks of physical therapy on BOTH my knees. Because the right one pops at seemingly random times, and one of them happened to be while I was in his office today. Apparently my left knee is not aligned correctly and the kneecap has slipped a little, but there are no torn ligaments or anything of that sort. I'm supposed to call tomorrow to schedule my physical therapy. I won't be able to start until the week after next (or possibly late next week) because we're heading out of town to Austin on Friday and I'm planning to stay with Corwin until at least Wednesday. I'm a bit worried about what Corwin is going to do while I have therapy; I'm hoping he can just go along and play quietly or read a book in the room with me while the physical therapist does their thing. Otherwise, I'm not sure what we'll do, as driving him up to his grandma's house or having her come down to our house multiple times a week sounds like a bit much to ask (as it is nearly an hour one way). And I don't think I know anyone else who's not working during the week who could watch him. I'm rather annoyed that I have finally managed to get this diagnosis just in time for Corwin's last week of Mother's Day Out.

On the house front, Andrew and I got a lot of decluttering done this weekend while Corwin stayed with Andrew's parents. We got a bunch more things moved to storage, and Andrew's desk decluttered and de-dustified and the toys downstairs all moved into our under-the-stairs closet and our bedroom mostly decluttered and de-dustified. Really the only things left to be finished are my desk (because piles of paper are my standard modus operandi and I haven't managed to create enough drawer space to stash them all in) and the top of the refrigerator and the bar. I'm supposed to be working on my desk this evening, but instead I am sitting here typing and suffering with a headache. :P

This morning, we had the windows washed and this afternoon the flooring guys finally came and did the warranty work on our Pergo flooring.

Okay, Excedrin now. Really.
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We are at the beach. Our house is SUPPOSED to have internet access, but thus far it has been terribly spotty. We had it the day we arrived (Saturday), and for an hour or so around dinner time on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, we were over at the other house (which is also suffering with really spotty internet access) eating dinner during that time, so not able to DO anything with our internet. This afternoon, it seems to be working.....but I'll make no guarantees as to how long it might continue to do so.

Aside from lack of Internetz (which is driving both Andrew and me crazy), we are having a good time. Corwin seems to be strongly water aspected (whatever that means) like his mother. He LOVED the ocean yesterday. He was a little tentative about going in the water at first, but by the time we were ready to go back to the house and get cleaned up he was about waist-deep in the waves and pointing out to sea and trying to go out further (Andrew and I had a good grip on him and weren't about to let him). He likes playing in the sand, too. We had a sand-covered boy when we left the beach. Andrew's dad took some pictures, so I'll try to post some whenever I get copies (it may be a while).

We took him to the kiddie pool today, but he didn't like that nearly as much. Unfortunately, the kiddie pool was 2 feet deep (rather than 1 foot like I was expecting) which is chest height on Corwin. So all he could really do was walk around, and he slipped a couple of times and got his head in the water. He didn't cry about that, but he didn't seem very happy about it, either. I think we'll go back to the beach tomorrow. Easier to clean up after the pool (no sand), but I think we all had more fun at the beach.

This afternoon I'm cooking my mom's chicken & rice dish to feed the group for dinner tonight. I think that's something on the order of 14-16 people. Whee. I need to go get started on that soonish.

I've had a really bad headache off and on since we've been here. I suspect it's sinus related because right now, when my head isn't hurting, I still feel a bit of sinus pressure and have a slightly runny nose. I took a Claritin a little under an hour ago, so we'll see if that helps any. Fortunately, Advil has so far been sufficient to knock it out when it rears its ugly head (another reason I suspect sinus/allergies, as Advil doesn't do much for my usual headaches).
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Corwin and I are back home in Houston now. It was a good trip, and I got to see everyone I intended to, plus a few folks that I didn't. Saturday was a rather trying day, but that's 'cause I ended up with a visitor I didn't particularly want who showed up 40 minutes into Corwin's naptime, and 20 minutes into MY badly needed naptime. I didn't get a nap as a result, and had to sit and talk with her instead. And of course Corwin slept for 2.5 hours for the first time all week. I was sitting there trying to be sociable and just thinking about all the sleep I could have been getting. *sigh* It's a long story, but no, I couldn't just tell said visitor to go away and come back later.

I had a bad headache to boot, which didn't make me any happier. I think it may have been an allergy thing, as it was accompanied by weird-feeling itchy eyes, and went away once I got in the shower that evening (after resisting all the ibuprofen and caffeine that I was throwing at it). It came back again on Sunday after I'd been up a while, but dissipated once I got back to Houston.

The big news I came home to is that the AC unit for the 3rd floor has given up the ghost. The fan seems to have stopped working. So I am at home today awaiting the arrival of a repairperson. And avoiding the 3rd floor as the thermostat was reading 90 yesterday evening around 8 p.m.

I feel tired and braindead today, but I should get to work sorting through the pile of mail that showed up while I wasn't here. Need to call our insurance agent about our flood insurance policy, also, as we got a notice about renewing that last week. The notice doesn't show the huge price increase that I suspect should be there due to the fact that we're now in a flood zone and didn't used to be. But it does have a blurb on the back about how if your flood zone has changed since the policy was issued, you need to call your agent. So yay for calling to get a much bigger bill than the one they sent me. Joy.

[EDIT: Yay! Good news on the insurance front. They are grandfathering us, so rather than having our bill increase by an order of magnitude, it is only going up by about $30/year. Apparently we're being transitioned from Flood Zone X on a Preferred Policy to Flood Zone X on a Standard Policy (as opposed to our true Flood Zone AO on a Standard policy, which WOULD be drastically more expensive).]

[EDIT #2: AC is now fixed as well. Apparently the unit had a bad run capacitor.]

I think that is all the thrilling news here. I'll post a few pictures from my trip when I can spend time up on the 3rd floor again without melting, since my photo-editing software is on the desktop up there.
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I'm at work today. I have a headache this afternoon, and no Tylenol on me. *sigh* No drugs of any kind, actually, other than some Sudafed, which isn't helpful.

Andrew and I are going to DragonCon over Labor Day weekend this year. We have our memberships and our hotel room booked already. Corwin will be staying with one or both sets of his grandparents (details still need to be worked out as to whether he'll be staying in Houston or Austin, and if Houston, where), and we still need to make our flight arrangements (these are dependent on whether we're flying out of Houston or Austin). But we're going! :) Yay for an adult vacation!
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Head is better today. I had the headache still when I woke up this morning, but it went away on its own a couple hours after I got up.

Tomorrow I get us ready to head to Austin for family Christmas stuffs. We'll head that direction after Andrew gets off work in the evening.

I might bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies during one of Corwin's naps. We'll see how motivated I am and how much other stuff I need to do to get us ready to go.

We're taking double layered pajamas for Corwin (his fleece sleepers plus short-sleeved onesies to go underneath) and the space heater, so hopefully he won't sleep badly there due to being cold. I may take a long-sleeved onesie also just in case, though I suspect that would be overkill.

More blahs

Dec. 19th, 2007 05:39 pm
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I went to the doctor this morning, and ended up seeing the nurse practitioner rather than my doc since that's how they could fit me in. Basically, the NP said my breast looks fine, and there's no infection at this time. If infection sets in, then I can call and since she's seen me she can call in the antibiotic for me at that time. So, I have a sore breast but apparently no mastitis (yet).

So I got home from the doctor and my head started to hurt. I took Tylenol, which I think helped for a little while. I took one of my 800mg Motrin at around 3:45, but two hours later and I don't think it's helped at all. If anything, I think I'm starting to feel slightly queasy and like I might be coming down with a full-fledged migraine. I haven't had one of those in a long while, so I'm hoping not. Want Andrew to get home soon so I won't be solely responsible for a small child if it (the headache, not the child) does get out of hand.

Christmas cards got mailed today, and our packages got mailed last Friday. We have one person left to shop for, and that's it. I've actually been pretty on top of Christmas this year, with the exception of decorating. That hasn't really happened. We have a small Christmas tree and a festive tablecloth, and that's about it.
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Another HOA board meeting tonight, at the same house as last time. And I now have another headache. *sigh*

Off to take a shower and probably some pain meds. I hate being sensitive to chemical scents. :(
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So I went out for a couple hours this evening to have dessert with some friends I haven't seen in a while, and while I was there I mentioned to them that *knock on wood* Corwin had not yet been sick in his 8 months of life outside the womb.

Well, tonight lo and behold, he woke up crying and screaming around 11:30 just as Andrew and I were about to crawl into bed, and when I unzipped his pajamas to check his diaper, Andrew said, "What are those bumps on his chest?" *sigh* He's got a pimply rash on his torso. I'd been putting A&D ointment on it earlier today assuming it was a heat rash from his diaper (as it seems to have started at the waist). But now it's all the way up on his chest -- definitely not diaper heat rash. :P

No fever though.

So we're watching it, and will see if it spreads or gets worse, or he starts running a fever. We're having a horrible time getting him back to bed and sleep so far (thus this post at 12:15 a.m.). This does not bode well for me having an "awake" day at work tomorrow (or possibly even going to work tomorrow, depending on how the rest of tonight goes and how Corwin is in the morning).

He calmed down listing to music with Andrew and watching the pretty colors flash on the computer monitor along with the music, but he's crying pretty good again now that he's back in his bed. We gave him some Tylenol 15-20 minutes ago, so I think it would be kicking in by now if the rash is itchy or he's otherwise uncomfortable.

We gave him zucchini this evening for the first time, but he had this rash (the stuff I was putting A&D ointment on) much earlier in the day. So I'm sure it's not a reaction to zucchini. We also introduced broccoli this week, but he hated it. So he had about 1 bite on Wednesday, three bites yesterday, and three bites today. Dunno if that's enough exposure to broccoli to cause an allergic reaction or not. Monday and Tuesday he had carrots, which were also new, but he last had them on Tuesday, so it seems a bit late for a reaction to be showing up. In sum...I'm doubtful it's a food reaction.

At this point, I don't think it merits an afternoon/weekend call to his doctor. But I needed to vent. We'll call if it spreads/looks a lot worse, or he starts running a fever. Otherwise, I'll probably just call his doctor on Monday.

Also, my parents are visiting this weekend. So I'll consult my very experienced mother tomorrow.

Yay and whee. I think he's quiet now, so I'm gonna try this going to bed stuff again.

Oh, and I have a headache tonight. Just so you know.
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Just cancelled my WoW account, since I haven't touched it in months and don't see myself having time to do so in the near future. Since my characters and their stuff (aside from the money and crafting stuffs that Andrew looted) will hang around indefinitely should I decide to start playing again, I feel just fine with this decision. If anything, I wish I'd cancelled it sooner. :P

I also just cancelled our gym memberships, since we haven't used those in months either, and they were eating up a fairly large chunk of cash every month...which we no longer feel justified in throwing away on the off chance we might go, now that we no longer have my income. Between the two things, I've freed up almost $100/month. Too bad the gym membership is set up in such a way that they get to charge you for two more months after you cancel. That bugged me the previous time I cancelled my membership. They probably make a killing that way.

Random notes:

I have a headache today.

Corwin is in Size 2 diapers as of yesterday.


Apr. 6th, 2006 08:53 am
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Andrew is in safety training at work all day today, so I don't have him to chat with today.

I also have a headache on the right side of my head, behind my right eye. It started last night, very shortly before I went to bed. I took my contact out of that eye, and it felt like there was something in my eye. I inspected it, but couldn't find anything...and my head started hurting at about the same time. I didn't take anything, cause I figured it was just whatever happened to my eye when I took my contact out...but when I woke up this morning, it was still there, and worse than when I'd gone to bed. I took Excedrin this morning before driving to work, and it's dulled the pain a bit, but it's definitely still there. I'm not sure if it's sinus or migraine...but either way, owie!

I think that's all the complaining I have for now, so I should go get some work done!

[Edit: I took another Excedrin around 1:30; headache is still hanging around 45 minutes later. This is annoying. I'm debating taking a Sudafed to see if that helps (I didn't take an Allegra D today, so I won't be OD'ing on pseudoephedrine).]


Feb. 13th, 2006 09:08 am
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This past was a crazy weekend for me.

This headache was not the companion I wanted )

Today, I woke up without the headache, but I still didn't sleep well last night, for some reason. I took some Sudafed once I got to work, because I can feel some twinges again. I need to be functional today, because I have three classes to teach. I'm really not looking forward to the rest of today -- three classes, and no real time for lunch. My classes run 11:30-12:45, 1:00-2:15, and 4:00-5:15. So I'm getting off work late, today, too.

I'm vaguely wondering if it'd be worthwhile to go to the doctor about this particular round of headache. Thing is, I'm not sure if they'd be able to do anything for me, since I'm not snotty or stuffy or anything like that. If there's gunk in my sinuses, it's just sitting in there and not bothering to come out. Which I suppose is the problem. But what would the doctor do about that? Ah well, I can't go 'til tomorrow anyway, so we'll see how today goes and how I'm doing tomorrow morning.
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I'm definitely feeling better, but my cold has moved down into my chest, and now I have a lovely productive cough and possibly a sinus infection. I have a doctor appointment for tomorrow at 1:45 to get an antibiotic if I need one. I was scheduled on the reference desk from 8-10 this morning, so didn't get to call 'til then. I bet I could have been seen today if I'd been able to call earlier. Ah well. Such is life. At least I'm not thoroughly miserable any more.

I'm also have some discomfort with my contacts; not sure if that's still due to pressure in my head, or just not having worn them since last Wednesday. I'll probably take them out in a bit if they don't start feeling better. I'm also headachy, still. It's been almost constant, though mostly low-grade, since Saturday. It gets better right after I take Excedrin, and I feel better for a few hours, and then it comes back. And since you're only supposed to take 2 Excedrin in 24 hours, I've been just dealing with it a bit.

In addition, we're still experiencing the same internet problems today that we had on Saturday. One of the things we can't access is my personal email (the unc/rice one; I haven't tested springmail). So if you need to tell me anything urgently today, calling or posting here is probably your best option. [EDIT: Internet problems seem to be fixed, for now, anyway. So email me to your heart's content!]

I've also been practicing my worry-wart tendencies and worrying about folks living in the path of Hurricane Katrina. I have at least one friend with family in New Orleans (hi [ profile] geognome4!), and in addition to worrying about them because they're a friend's family, I've also met and liked them. So I hope they come through it okay. Plus, I like the city! *crosses fingers*

In addition, Andrew's aunt and grandmother drove in from Mississippi, and are staying at his parents' house. We're going to try to go up and see them tomorrow night, if they haven't left again already by then. I was too sick to go up there this weekend, and since I'll be leaving work early for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, we'd be able to spend more time up there if we go tomorrow rather than tonight. I haven't checked on a map yet where they live vs. where the hurricane is going, but hopefully it will miss them as well.

Other friends are further inland and preparing for wind and rain, but should come through it okay. My best wishes are with everyone.
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Well, here I am, working the reference desk on Saturday afternoon. When I woke up this morning I felt like crap again. Didn't sleep all that well due to congestion (I didn't take a Sudafed again last night), woke up with a headache this morning in addition to the congestion, and kept staying in bed "just a little bit longer" hoping I might manage to sleep just a little bit more, but it didn't happen. Even after taking a shower I was still miserable, and the thought of going to work for 4.5 hours and being in charge of the library for all that time was overwhelming. I snapped at Andrew over something stupid, and then burst into tears, which didn't help since I can't cry properly when congested. Fortunately, a Sudafed and two Excedrin have made me much more functional, and so far I'm doing okay with this work thing.

Of course, I got here, and the librarian I was relieving informed me that all our EBSCO databases are down, which is a BIG problem. I spent some time trying to hunt up their technical support number (since I couldn't get it from the site since I couldn't connect to it, and the logical place where I KNOW I'd find the number is on the hard drive in my office, which I can't access from here), finally found it, and turns out they think everything is fine. So then I called the Academic Computing Lab here, and it turns out that the main campus is having internet problems again, and when the internet is down for them, it's down for us, too. So for the time being, we have spotty internet access -- I can access some things, but not others. So that could make my shift this afternoon fun, though it hasn't been too bad yet.

Only 3.5 more hours to go. Wish me luck!


Jul. 18th, 2005 09:13 am
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Had a good, but busy weekend.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

I went to bed with a mild headache last night (which I knew on some level I shouldn't have done, but the headache was mild so I hoped it would go away on its own, and I didn't want to take Exedrin -- because it has caffeine in it -- right before bed), and woke up with the headache still there this morning, as per usual. I took some Excedrin with my morning pill barrage -- five pills ingested this morning. That seems like a lot to me. At least the headache is gone now. I don't know if it was because of the headache or what, but I dreamed that I was having a clarinet lesson with the teacher I had in high school. We were working on the piece of music that I played for my UIL solo my senior year, only I was the age I am now and hadn't looked at the piece between then and now. I was trying to sightread it and pull it off as though I'd been practicing, but I wasn't doing very well. There was someone else (a random person my mind made up) at the lesson with me, who was doing much better than I was. Whee for dream stress!

It looks like tonight I'll be trying to put a further dent in laundry, paying bills, and finishing up resizing those pictures that I scanned on Friday. I'm probably going to post them on one of my web spaces, rather than trying to email them, 'cause they'd make for a rather large email.
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First off, yes, everything you have read about the annoyance of the y and z keys being switched is true. Please bear with me if my y's and z's are mixed up while I'm here. Some of the punctuation is different as well, so that might end up looking weird, too. This does bad things to my ordinarily fast typing speed.

The flight over here wouldn't have been that bad, except that I got a terrible sinus headache shortly after takeoff that didn't go away until we were in Düsseldorf and I took Excedrin for the second time. Once we finally got to the hotel in Bonn, we laid down to nap for about 3 hours, then got up and got dinner and wandered around in the area looking in the windows of the closed shops. Now we're hanging out in a little Internet cafe near the hotel. These machines are pretty nice -- they're equipped with a webcam (that there's no point in me trying to figure out how to use, at the moment, anyway) and they have ICQ (but no one is on right now).

A few interesting/weird observations so far:

I was amused getting off the airplane in Amsterdam and seeing the big No Smoking signs hanging from the ceiling, directly above a bunch of tables equipped with ash trays and people standing around them smoking.

For [ profile] ravenessasashes: while we were waiting for our connection from Amsterdam to Düsseldorf, a girl sat down across from us wearing a Hollister, CA t-shirt. "Amo el sol caliente de California, Hollister," it said (in English, that#s "I love the hot California sun."). We didn't try talking to her, though, 'cause I was suffering really badly from the headache at that point.

Ordering a peperoni pizza here gets you a pizza with peppers on it!

Our hotel room is on the 4th floor and unairconditioned. And there is no fan. Yes, I am complaining about the heat.

Well, our time here is about up, so I should post this and get going. Take care everyone!
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I apologize to those who called and/or emailed me yesterday, and hoped they'd get to communicate with me. I had a really bad day healthwise, had virtually no voice, and barely went near my computer.

A nice detailed description of my sickness, cut for the faint of heart )

Needless to say, I didn't go to work today. I got up around 8:00, took more Sudafed, and ate some jello. I'm now waiting to see if my stomach is going to accept the jello before I try to eat something else. Andrew's working from home today to take care of me if I need it. So far, I'm doing much better today, but I was so bad off yesterday that he doesn't want me to be here by myself if I don't have to be, a sentiment that I appreciate. It sounds like he may need to go in to the office this afternoon for some kind of training, though, so hopefully I'll still be doing about like I am now by then, so he can go.
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A couple of people asked how my class at the gym was last night. It turns out they do provide mats, so I was fine on that front. The classes I went to last night were an AbXPress class at 6:30, which continued into a weights class at 7:00. The AbXPress class did exactly what it sounds like -- a very intensive ab workout, which I am definitely still feeling today. I also discovered just how much of a wimp I am strength-wise -- during the exercises that were supposed to strengthen the obliques (I think that is the right name -- stomach muscles on the side of your body), I was having more trouble with holding myself up on my elbow than I was with the actual ab muscles (though those were hurting too -- I was definitely working them). After the ab workout was the weights class, which I also felt like I got a lot out of. We did a lot of lunges with weights, as well as arm exercises with the weights, and I was definitely feeling it by the time we were done. I'm surprised my muscles aren't more sore today, though. I can tell that I did something with them, but they aren't owie! sore, just kinda stretchy sore if that makes any sense. The abdominals are the worst...every time I use them, they kinda twinge a little and feel like they're taking their time straightening themselves out. Definitely kinda uncomfortable.

On top of the sore muscles, I have a headache today, and the Excedrin I took with lunch doesn't seem to be having much of an effect on it. Pretty sure that's not related to last night's workout, though.
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First a question:

If you've had a cd player or mp3 player or am/fm reciever installed in your vehicle recently (as in the past two or three years), who did you have do it? Did they do a good job? I'm looking for recommendations/evaluation/feedback, etc. Is using Best Buy likely to turn out okay?

I got a toll tag this weekend, so all you people who were reminding me can stop now. :) Unfortunately, my commute still took me 40 minutes this morning. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I left 20 minutes later than usual (we overslept this morning and didn't get up 'til almost 7:00) and the traffic on 59 was backed up more than it usually is. Maybe tomorrow will be a more reliable test.

I'm trying real hard to develop a headache this afternoon. Just took some Excedrin, so hopefully that will take care of it. I have to do a second desk shift from 2-3 (I already did 11-12 this morning), so I'm praying the Excedrin will kick in soon.

Andrew and I are starting our fencing class tonight. Hopefully that will be enjoyable :)
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I've been annoyed because I was unable to access livejournal all day today, in any form or fashion. I couldn't get my journal to load, [ profile] spritenox's journal to load, my friends page to load, or her friends page to load, nor could I access the main page. ALL DAY! I've been able to access it pretty well from home this evening though, but it's still iffy. Hopefully I'll be able to post this tonight and not have to save it for tomorrow. At least I'm already logged in tonight, which is better than I was managing to do last night.

I haven't really done much that's noteworthy today. I got an email from a friend of mine from high school, Hilary, letting me know about a Yahoo group for our graduating class that Chelsa formed recently....that was cool, but nobody who's joined it has really posted much of anything of note. Hilary was the only one -- she's getting married in May! :) I think that qualifies as exciting! :) At any rate, I'm very happy for her...

Ummm...I'm really stretching for anything else to comment on today. I have a vague headache this evening that started just before I left work, but it feels completely different from and less painful than the one I had most of the weekend. I think I'm gonna go watch some Buffy and then take my shower and maybe head to bed a little early tonight. Snuggling is good... :)


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