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Hi everyone!

First off, for anyone who might be worried about Tropical Storm Edouard heading right for the Houston/Galveston area: there isn't much to be worried about )

The weekend: We had the Calkins/Van Newkirk family visit )

Unfortunately, I never remembered to get my camera out, so there are no pictures.

And the big (to me) news is that Corwin is weaning completely from nursing )

Other Corwin developments )

Speaking of which -- Corwin and I are visiting Austin next week. Current plan is to arrive Tuesday the 12th around dinner time, and depart Sunday afternoon of the 17th.
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Well, I've actually had a weekend worth speaking of, for once. It has been a busy one.

Friday evening, we re-dyed my hair, so I'm now a dark redhead again. It'll fade back to the color you're used to seeing on me soon enough, but I get to enjoy being dark and redheaded for a day or two first! :)

Saturday, I went to work in the afternoon as per usual. Nothing really worth mentioning happened; it's mid-Summer II session right now, so the library was a bit busier than it was last weekend (when it was dead). After work, [ profile] ehcnalava and [ profile] kaerukami came over to babysit for us while Andrew and I went out to a club, for dancing and that sort of thing. How amazing is that? We got to go OUT. And be ADULTS! Yay! They had an easy babysitting job, too, as we put Corwin to bed before we left (but after they arrived, so he'd not be totally shocked if he did wake up and found himself attended to by someone other than Mom or Dad), and he apparently didn't make a single peep the entire time we were out.

Today we went grocery shopping this morning, and then hosted the usual (though it hasn't happened for the last three weeks due to us being in Alabama for two of them and being lazy and taking the day off last weekend) group for boardgaming and conversation. We tried out Sucking Vacuum (whose title never fails to inspire the image of a vacuum cleaner in my head in spite of the fact I know it's a game set on a space station) for the first time. It played pretty well, though we had some trouble figuring out how exactly the rules for controlling Annabel worked. Then [ profile] ehcnalava and I played Qwirkle while the rest of the group played Last Night on Earth. I enjoyed Qwirkle, though it took me just long enough to figure out the strategy that I made a pretty big strategic error near the beginning that I never recovered from....and [ profile] ehcnalava thus defeated me roundly. After we finished our game (which was much shorter than Last Night on Earth), we played with Corwin for a while and chatted.

After we got Corwin to bed this evening, I spent the 40 minutes to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which for those not already aware (I wasn't until mid-day yesterday) is a three-part supervillain musical helmed by Joss Whedon (and starring Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris -- yes, Doogie Howser -- and Felicia Day). It's only available until midnight tonight (and no mention of in which time zone), though, so if you haven't seen it yet, you better get on it!

And the craziness isn't over yet. Tomorrow (that would be Monday), I finally have my dentist appointment with [ profile] scarlett_sage's dentist, who I am paying out of pocket to see. This will be my initial consultation, and if he concurs that I do have a cavity (or heaven forbid, more than one!) I'll have to have a follow-up appointment to get it fixed at a later date. Corwin is going to stay with [ profile] scarlett_sage while I go to my appointment; we're going to head up there in the morning and have lunch with her first. Then tomorrow evening (as a reward for my dental fortitude?!), Andrew and I are actually going to go to the movies!! We're seeing The Dark Knight with [ profile] sirbobsalot and [ profile] kaerukami. [ profile] ehcnalava, who doesn't have any interest in the movie, has graciously agreed to babysit for us again. Hopefully Corwin will do okay with being away from Mom & Dad twice in one day. I'd forgotten about my dentist appointment when I made plans to see the movie, but he knows his grandma pretty well, and it'll be the third time in 3 days that he's seeing Jamie, so I think he ought to be all right.

And I think that about covers it. I actually felt like I have a life this weekend!
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This part is probably only exciting if you're also a parent, or you're one of Corwin's relatives. )

Sunday (yesterday) wasn't terribly exciting. Nothing really to report. We hung around the house, and cleaned up a little.

This afternoon we had the usual gang (minus [ profile] staticeel and plus [ profile] kaerukami's wife Jamie) over for board games and pizza. Corwin actually took a half-hour nap around 4:30, which I found impressive. We put him in bed around 1:30 also, and he stayed there for about an hour, but it was storming at the time and I'm not sure he really slept -- there were stretches when he was quiet, but he was also making noise and fussing periodically, so no way to tell if he was asleep or just laying quietly during those times. It was nice to see folks, and I had fun with the games. :)

I don't know what it is with our pizza delivery places around here, though. We have pretty much quit ordering from Sarpino's, in spite of their pizza being excellent, because there is always some problem with our order -- either they can't find our house in spite of having the directions in their computer, they screw up the credit card payment (once they denied all my cards when the problem was really that their card machine wasn't working, and once they doubled the tip), or they deliver us a pizza with green peppers on it instead of beef (and this happened more than once!). Pizza Hut is the fall-back option, and we had gotten decent service from them up until recently. A few weeks back when my cousins + gf were visiting we ordered from them and it took them over an hour to deliver. Tonight, it took them an hour to deliver (when we'd been quoted a 35 minute delivery time) and got two of the four pizzas we ordered wrong. Basically, we got two each of two of the pizzas we ordered, and none of the other two. It's very frustrating.

Tomorrow I need to call the university and figure out when I need to go in to get my keys, pay for parking, and do any other administrivia that's required for starting work in theory this coming weekend. This was probably my last free weekend for a while. My current plan is to stick it out through this semester and see how it goes; if Andrew and I hate it, I'll consider resigning again at that point; if it turns out to be not a big deal, then I'll probably keep at it indefinitely.

I'm off to take a shower now. Might hop on WoW after that.

I'm sad that we missed DragonCon this weekend. :(
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Yesterday, Andrew and I went baby-stuff shopping. We picked up baby-proofing supplies from Babies R Us, and our big purchase was a MacLaren Volo umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller we used at the beach house had handles that were just a tad lower than either Andrew or I liked (we both felt like we had to hunch over just a little to reach them), and the stroller was narrow enough that we had a little trouble maneuvering Corwin in and out of it (and subsequently wondered how soon his body would be too wide to comfortably fit in it). Turns out the umbrella stroller at the beach house was one of the ones you can get at Babies R Us for $19.99 -- one of the real cheapo ones. So we looked at our other options, and ended up going with the Volo. It's the cheapest of the MacLaren line (which I've seen many positive reviews of online), but it can hold a child up to 55 lbs (as opposed to 35, for the next-in-line contender, a Chicco brand stroller), and had just that extra bit of height that made us feel more comfortable pushing it. I was a little concerned about the 5-point harness, given how much trouble we have getting Corwin to do "gumby-arms" to get him in and out of his car seat, but you can actually hook and un-hook the shoulder straps, so no gumby-arms required. Corwin still slumps quite a bit in it, as he doesn't have the torso strength and balance to sit on his own, but with the 5-point harness he's definitely not going to fall out, and I imagine in another month or so he won't have any problem with the sitting up, either. AND it's super-light (not quite 9 lbs) and super-easy to collapse -- it can even be done one-handed without having to bend over. :)

We also looked at Exersaucers, but decided not to buy yesterday. They're pretty expensive, and I didn't want to come home and find the same thing we'd just bought for $15 less on like I did with the play gym a while back. It's also really hard to tell which one Corwin will like the best -- it didn't help that he hadn't had a nap when we were at the store, so was too grumpy to give us any kind of accurate reading as to whether or not he liked any of the floor models. We or I will have to take him back sometime this week or next weekend to make a decision, I guess. It doesn't hurt that we have a 15% discount coupon that's good starting tomorrow, either.

The other thing I got done yesterday was boxing up all of Corwin's 3- and 6-month sized clothing, and got his 9-month stuff organized and into the easily accessible drawer. Next on the agenda is sorting through the stuff we have on loan from [ profile] liz_gregory (thanks, Liz -- I picked the boxes up from Dawn on Thursday) to see if any of it duplicates anything I recently bought, and figure out which things I want and which things I want to offer to [ profile] onefishclappin. Then all the 12-month clothes need to get organized and into their appropriate drawer, so as to be available whenever Corwin gets big enough to wear them.

Today we had [ profile] staticeel and [ profile] mahtab over for some gaming and dinner. We played Fury of Dracula, a cooperative board game based on the Dracula mythos. Since it was cooperative, it actually worked fairly well for something to do while Andrew and I were intermittently baby-wrangling also -- if one of us needed to step away, the other vampire-hunters could easily play our turn for us. It took a bit to get through all the rules, but once we actually got to playing, it was a lot of fun. I think Andrew and I are both thirsting to try our hand as Dracula now, though. After that, we tried out a party game that Jamie had, called "What's It To You?" (I think...I might be misremembering as googling that isn't turning up anything). I liked that one, too. :) Good short, quick game, and relatively easy to play even while juggling a fussy baby.

Speaking of Corwin, he hit another milestone today -- rolling over back to tummy. I didn't see it happen, unfortunately, but I'd left him on his back on his blanket in the living room while I went to put a load of laundry in the dryer, and when I came back in the living room, he was mostly off the blanket and on his tummy. We haven't gotten any repeat performances, yet. Good thing we are kicking the childproofing into gear, though. Tomorrow evening's agenda: vacuuming!


Nov. 11th, 2006 08:21 pm
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Why is it that my computer can run World of Warcraft with no problem, but it's choking to death on Heroes of Might and Magic V, a turn-based RPG?

HOMMV starts out running just fine, but the longer I run it, the more bogged down it gets, until eventually it is just crawling along and I can hardly stand to play it any more. And this with all the graphics set on the lowest possible settings. And rebooting doesn't help.

So I finally check the system requirements, and it turns out my machine meets the minimums, but not the recommended specs. It recommends a 2.4 GHz processor; mine is 1.67 GHz. It recommends 256MB of RAM on the video card; mine has 128. I do have over the recommended amount of RAM at least :P.

*sigh* I just want to know why a single-player, turn-based RPG has higher system requirements than a MMORPG. Seems kinda silly to me. :P
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Friday night after work we went over to [ profile] kashent's place for movie night with Dan & Erin, [ profile] tdanner, and his wife Carrie. We got to introduce Neel to the zaniness that is Labyrinth as it turned out he'd never seen it before. That has now been remedied :) Erin was evil and taunted me horribly by bringing a bottle of Blackthorn hard cider (this being cider that comes in a wine-type bottle, rather than in a six-pack -- I'd never seen it before). I had a sip of Andrew's, determined that it was quite good, and then successfully resisted the urge to have a glass of my own. I don't drink much or very often generally, but I do like my alcohol once in a while. Giving it up completely for 9 months is somewhat frustrating, especially as there's no conclusive evidence that small amounts occasionally are unsafe. Heck, my doctor said I could have an occasional glass of something once in a while, but I've read "no amount of alcohol has been proven to be safe" so many times that it has me a bit spooked. Whee! Being pregnant really is a minefield -- trying to figure out which rules/restrictions need to be followed to the letter and which can be bent occasionally, or even what the rules and restrictions actually are! They all vary from book to book and from person to person you talk to. Even the doctors disagree with each other on some things.

Saturday Andrew got a haircut and then he was kind enough to accompany me on a shopping trip to look for shirts to wear for DragonCon. I'm not particularly proud of my tummy right now -- I'm not really showing yet, but my tummy is flabbier than it really needs to be, and I'm not thrilled with the idea of walking around with bits of it showing. And it's only going to get bigger from here. Thus, shopping for non-midriff-baring shirts was required, as most of the cute form-fitting tees I have are short enough that they leave an inch or two gap between the bottom of the shirt and the top of my pants/skirts/whatever. We struck out in the first couple of places we looked, but eventually success was had and I ended up with 4 new shirts. :)

I also took my belly button piercing out on Saturday. I have finally given up on it. It's been looking worse instead of better since I had the flexible stuff put in (the top hole got all irritated, too, and it had previously been fine), so now I am just letting it heal up. So far it doesn't hurt at all, though I am still treating the area gingerly because I keep forgetting that there's nothing there now for me to catch and yank on. I assume from the lack of pain that it's not abscessing and is healing up like it should. I'd like to have it re-pierced sometime down the road -- hopefully a re-do will behave better.

Sunday we went to the grocery store, and then [ profile] min_phoenix came over and dyed my hair for me. So I no longer have two inches of roots and my hairs are all bright red again! :) Yay! :) I feel much more attractive now than I did before, even without getting a hair cut (which I had also intended to do this weekend, but it didn't end up happening). Hair dye is another one of those things that some people consider questionable for a pregnant woman, but everything I've read says it's probably safe, and if you are worried, just don't dye during the first trimester. I asked my doc last week if it was okay to dye my hair, and her response was along the lines of "Honey, there are pregnant women who work in hair salons for their entire pregnancies, and their babies are fine. You can handle a little hair dye."

[ profile] kashent also stopped by briefly yesterday afternoon to futz with our computers a bit. I think all the data Andrew wanted has been copied from his old hard drive to the new one now. After dinner, I spent the evening futzing with the demo version of Heroes of Might & Magic V. It's a decent game, but the little bit I played doesn't seem all that different from IV (aside from having animated cut scenes, which aren't even all that spectacular). Of course, there was no game manual or tutorial for me to go through, so I might be missing some things. It'll likely get picked up at some point, but I'm not sure it's worth paying $50 for right now.
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I'm having another one of those afternoons where I'm REALLY dragging. I want nothing more than to curl up and have a nap. But alas! Employers do not look kindly on napping during the work day. :(

I had a good trip last week/weekend, but I think I ended up pushing myself a little too much. I was doing decently well energy-wise until Saturday. I only got 8.5 hours of sleep Friday night 'cause I ended up being up 'til 11 and my parents started mowing the lawn at 7:30 on Saturday morning, so I didn't get any more sleep after that. I got home around 7:00 Saturday evening and hit the sack around 8:45. I was in bed pretty late Sunday morning, but when I finally did get moving we had to go to the grocery store and then up to [ profile] mahtab's for her birthday. I'm definitely glad we went, but I was really exhausted by the time we got home. I did a few Sudoku puzzles (I've figured them out now! Ha!), took a shower, munched some watermelon since I realized my fruit intake for the day was rather pitiful, and got to bed right at 10:00.

And now I want more napping.

One thing I learned while at Jamie's: Apparently I have mad L337 Duck Hunt skillz! We had a Duck Hunt tournament, and I being the only person present who had never SEEN the game before, managed to get third place (out of 8) in the tournament. Don't remember my final score, but I got all the way to Round 10 before I failed to pass the level.
cifarelli: (Ember)'ve managed to get blisters on your thumbs! But you can keep playing even so....bandaids are a wonderful invention!

In other news...we have tickets for Cats at the Hobby Center in December. My parents are visiting us the weekend of December 17/18, and are being kind enough to take us. :)
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My dad got a new job!!! :)

He's been miserable at his current job for a while now, so I was thrilled when my brother hopped on ICQ just now to tell me my dad got an offer for a new job yesterday, and is turning in his resignation at his current job today.

The best part is the company the new job is with -- Steve Jackson Games! That ought to amuse all my gamer geek friends :) Hopefully Dad will like it there.

Guess I need to call and interrogate him sometime this weekend, if he doesn't call me first. :)


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