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Remember those New Year's Resolutions I made back in January? 

1) Do the grocery shopping during the week so that we don't have to squeeze it in during our already packed weekends any more.

I've been keeping up with this one.  Tuesday morning is our usual grocery shopping day now, though occasionally it ends up being Tuesday afternoon after preschool or Wednesday morning instead.

2) Try to cook something new for dinner once each week, at least long enough to find some new dishes we like and can throw into our rotation so we don't feel like we're eating the same things week in and week out... [exposition cut]

I've fallen off the wagon a bit with this one; I got lazy over the past few weeks and started reverting back to old standbys that are easy to throw together.  I tried to make up for it a bit this week, though, and fixed TWO new dishes. 

On Friday, we had Chicken Paprikash, a crock pot recipe that Andrew picked up as part of a booklet of "Healthy Crock Pot Recipes" distributed at work by our health insurance company.  It was really easy -- throw boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the crock pot, and mix together cream of mushroom soup and paprika, and put the mixture in the crock pot with the chicken.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours, remove the chicken, and stir 1/2 cup fat free sour cream into the remaining liquid.  I ended up having the crock pot ready to start about 7.5 hours before we wanted to eat, so I did it for the 1st 2 hours on high, and then turned it down to low for the rest of the cooking time.  I think this may have been a little too much cooking, as the chicken thighs were so falling-apart done that I couldn't remove them before stirring in the sour cream.  The chicken mostly shredded in the course of my stirring in the sour cream.  Fortunately, I had also cooked some rice to serve this over, so we had chicken-paprikash-and-rice for dinner.  Everyone but Ian liked it. (And I'm not sure Ian bothered to try his.)  I used low-fat sour cream instead of fat-free because the only fat-free that the grocery store had was in a HUGE container, and I only needed a half-cup.  This one will definitely go into the rotation since it was so easy.  I may try it with cream of chicken soup, though, to see if it comes out a bit more chickeny that way (even if the lack of mushrooms makes Andrew pout at me).

Tonight, we had Chicken & Roasted Garlic Risotto, a recipe I got off of a Cambell's soup can, of all places.  This one was really a hit, as even Ian liked it, and both Corwin and Ian had seconds.  I should clarify -- Ian liked the rice and peas, but didn't eat his chicken.  Yes, you read that right -- this dish included peas.  And even *I* ate it!  This one involved browning some chicken breasts, removing them from the pan, adding cream of mushroom with roasted garlic and cream of chicken soups along with two cups water, adding instant rice (I used instant brown rice instead of the white rice called for) and a cup of frozen peas and carrots (I used a frozen peas and mushrooms mix because the grocery store had no frozen peas & carrots when I was there last week), adding the chicken back to the pot, and cooking for 15 minutes (the recipe says 5, but the brown rice required 10, and the chicken wasn't quite done after 10 so I left it for another 5 minutes additional).  I suspect it could be fixed without the chicken and served as a side along with a different protein, and I could change up the veggies for variety.  The only drawback is that it fixes 2 cups of rice (you need that much to absorb both soups plus water), which leaves us with lots of leftovers.  I'll have to see if the kids like it as much as leftovers or not.

3) Re-adopt a more frugal financial mindset; we're not in trouble financially, but over time I've gotten away from really asking myself if I needed something or REALLY wanted it/would use it enough to make it worth its cost. Also, we now have two kids, and I need to keep my spending on them in check as well...

Still struggling with this one.  Andrew's annual raise goes into effect this month, so we'll see if that helps any.  I need to get him to fill out the paperwork to direct deposit some of his paycheck straight to savings, but he's grumbling about doing that.  (Unfortunately, HR paperwork for his job is one thing I can't do on his behalf.) 

4) Finish last year's resolution to get the boxes of china in my dining room unpacked from our move. My sister spent a couple evenings helping me with that last year, and we got through 4 of the 7 boxes. Still 3 more to go, though; I'm disappointed I didn't get them done last year -- I had a whole year.

Done.  My sister helped me when she was here for a long weekend in March.  Thanks, Rebecca!
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Today I am happy because I got my hair cut and re-dyed, so I no longer have 2 1/2 or so inches of roots showing. I feel pretty! :)

[EDIT: And I'm even happier because the FSA claim reimbursement form was actually available when I wanted to print it tonight! See here for a previous rant on this subject.]


Oct. 28th, 2008 10:50 pm
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We have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to make any posts of any substance. I really don't have time to write one now, either, as I should be getting to bed. In a nutshell, here's what we've been up to lately:

Grandma's funeral )

Monday )

My birthday! )

Cruxshadows! )

Sunday morning I slept in, and then when I got up Andrew went back to bed for a nap. We had my birthday/halloween boardgame party that afternoon, and got to see Dan & Erin who were in town from Lafayette, along with Indraneel who I don't see enough of these days. I had fun!

This Monday, I took advantage of my sister's presence to partially clean my guest bathroom, which was starting to really need it. Then she went home around lunch time. Still need to find an opportunity to vacuum in there and scrub the tub, since I don't like to work in there while Corwin is sleeping right across the hall.

This week, I am trying to get back in the swing of normal daily life. I'm trying to get caught up on all the financial organization tasks I need to do (things like filing for FSA reimbursement, laddering some of our emergency fund into CDs, reconciling old credit card bills, etc.), as well as acquire a Halloween costume for Corwin, shop for belated baby shower gifts for friends who recently adopted a baby, and voting! Whee, busy!

I think this will be all for now, as I need to go sleep!


Feb. 21st, 2008 08:56 pm
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I am really really good at hitting web sites during their maintenance window, it seems.

Just tried to re-order checks for one of our checking accounts and got the following message:

"Check Order Application Unavailable
The check order system is not in service at the moment. We apologize for the interruption.
Please try again later."

It's really frustrating to keep bumping into this when I'm trying to get things done in the evenings.
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I have successfully downloaded the form to submit expenses to our Flexible Spending Account for reimbursement, and sorted through all our receipts and EOBs and gotten that all filled out and photocopied and squared away. Just need to take it all to the post office tomorrow to be mailed.

I continue to be annoyed at the web site in question, though: turns out there's an option to file requests for reimbursement automatically at the time the insurance claim is submitted. I tried to turn it on for 2008 (to save myself some of the hassle of all this paperwork), but what message did I get? "Your request could not be processed at this time. Please try again later." *sigh*

Still need to call the financial institution with regard to my 403(b) --> IRA stuffs. And get all our tax stuff organized for meeting with our tax preparer next week.

But it's after 10:00, so I'm going to go read in bed for a while until Andrew is done raiding on WoW, so we can call it a night. I'm currently in the midst of [ profile] cmpriest's Not Flesh Nor Feathers, which I finally managed to get my hands on.
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So tonight I tried to log onto the site to download the claim form for our Flexible Spending Account so I can claim the rest of our money for 2007. The site has a lovely message that the form is unavailable right now and to please try again later. *sigh* I thought the whole point of making stuff available online was for it to be retrievable at any time. Grrr, arrrgh!

Still working on figuring out what I need to do to rollover my 403(b) to an IRA as well. My HR person referred me back to the financial institution where my 403(b) is housed. And since I'd already talked to them once and they led me to believe I had to talk to my HR person...well...I've been procrastinating on calling them back again.

I thought as a stay-at-home parent I'd have more time to get things done. But taking care of a kid really is a time and labor intensive undertaking. Anyone who thinks stay-at-home-parents don't WORK is kidding themselves!
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I want to roll over my inactive 403(b) to an IRA. The paperwork required to do this is daunting. Andrew has rolled over at least 2 401(k)s to an IRA, and I don't remember it being nearly this complicated. Blargle!

Corwin has a new tooth poking through on the bottom. This is Tooth #7 for him. He has so far had a remarkably easy time with teething. He chews on things lots, but doesn't ever seem to be particularly cranky. *knock on wood*

I have a doctor appointment Friday afternoon to be checked out for general aches and pains. My right wrist really bothers my by the end of the day nearly every day lately. I don't think it's carpal tunnel as it is my WRIST that hurts, and it hurts when I try to hold something heavy or flex it to put pressure on something (scooping ice cream, or pushing my body weight up to get up from the floor). I suspect it has something to do with lifting Corwin all the time. My lower back has also been bothering me; it's worst at night. I don't know if something changed about me, or about my bed, but I have been waking up every morning with my back hurting for a couple of weeks straight now. It feels better after I've been up for a while, but it never completely stops bugging me. I may just be getting old, and putting a lot of wear and tear on my body with the lifting of the baby boy. None of it hurts persistently enough that I've wanted to take painkillers for it, and that's not what I want from the doctor. I want to find out if there's anything really wrong, and if there are things I can do to get some improvement, or at least prevent it from getting worse.

I should get to bed now, as Corwin is going to be up earlier than I want to be in the morning, as is usual.


Jan. 24th, 2008 01:35 pm
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Yesterday, Corwin and I went up to the university where I work to pay for my parking for the semester and visit with my co-workers. Almost everyone who saw him commented that he's on the verge of walking. He is pulling up on everything in sight, cruising (sometimes while holding on with only one hand), and letting go to stand without holding onto anything quite frequently. He also tends to stand and stare at a spot like he's thinking about trying to take a step toward it, but then he gets down on hands and knees and crawls instead.

He's still growing like a weed. His 12-month overalls are getting to be too short. They look a little (only a half-inch or so) short when he's standing, and tend to ride up to his knees when he is sitting or being carried. Not so good when it's cold outside. :( I think the 12-month onesies are starting to get more difficult to snap in the crotch as well, but they're still usable at this point. Separates (t-shirts and pants) are still fine in 12-month. My kid must be long-waisted or something. :P

I want to go order him a bunch of stuff from Baby Gap ('cause I have really liked some of the Baby Gap stuff he got as hand-me-downs and gifts) but it's so expensive. *sigh* Baby Gap and Carter's are my favorites I think. And Little Me for some things.

Also yesterday, after we left the university, Corwin and I went and hunted down one of the Houston locations of the credit union we're members of. It's one that started in Austin that I've been a member of since I was a little girl, and we've maintained our accounts there because they offer better interest rates and such than I've been able to find at any of the others I've researched. But their locations in Houston are lacking; they have two, both inside 610, and one of which is impossible to find -- Andrew I went looking for it a few years ago, before we had cell phones, and utterly failed to find it. Anyway, Corwin and I had more luck finding the other location, and I got a certified check from them to pay off our smaller (10%) mortgage. That check went in the mail today! Yay!

Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day. In the morning we're driving out to Katy to look at a house because it's one of the floor plans we're possibly interested in in Imperial Oaks. In the afternoon, our realtor is coming to walk through our house with us to help us decide what things need to be fixed up before we put it on the market. And in the evening some friends are coming over to play WoW cards with Andrew and I might sneak out to a movie with the other person in the group who's not so into the WoW cards. :)
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Just cancelled my WoW account, since I haven't touched it in months and don't see myself having time to do so in the near future. Since my characters and their stuff (aside from the money and crafting stuffs that Andrew looted) will hang around indefinitely should I decide to start playing again, I feel just fine with this decision. If anything, I wish I'd cancelled it sooner. :P

I also just cancelled our gym memberships, since we haven't used those in months either, and they were eating up a fairly large chunk of cash every month...which we no longer feel justified in throwing away on the off chance we might go, now that we no longer have my income. Between the two things, I've freed up almost $100/month. Too bad the gym membership is set up in such a way that they get to charge you for two more months after you cancel. That bugged me the previous time I cancelled my membership. They probably make a killing that way.

Random notes:

I have a headache today.

Corwin is in Size 2 diapers as of yesterday.


Feb. 10th, 2007 09:55 pm
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So I finally got to do some nesting today. Not as much as I would have liked, but isn't that always the case? At any rate, more progress has been made.

Bob came over last night and did our taxes. We owe $$ this year, so we won't be mailing off the return for a while yet. On top of that, one of the forms we require wasn't due to be "released in its final form" until today, so we'll have to pick up our return from Bob the next time we see him. But, the actual work of doing taxes is done and out of the way. Yay!

Today, we had [ profile] moonsinger and [ profile] dbroussa and their kiddos over this afternoon. I did a quick once-over cleaning job on the first floor before they arrived, so aside from the breakfast room table and our master bathroom, I'm actually feeling pretty good about the state of cleanliness in the house in general. They brought us baby gifts and a whole boatload of Alastair's clothes that he's outgrown. I think between what they brought and the stuff we've been given, we have all the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes our son will ever need. :) I washed and sorted and put away all of that this evening, and picked out a couple of 0-3 month outfits to take to the hospital with us (one short-sleeve legless onesie and one footed onesie, since we don't know what the temp might be like when we go home). I still need to pick out a couple of the newborn outfits that [ profile] onefishclappin sent to take to the hospital also, since we don't know what size he'll end up being.

We also set up the pack and play in the baby's room, for multiple reasons. So we could figure out how it works, so it can have time to do any off-gassing it's gonna do before Baby sleeps in it, and so I could see if the playyard mattress pad we got fits on the "mattress" that came with it, or if it was intended for a slightly thicker, separately purchased mattress. I suspect it was intended for the thicker mattress, since it seems rather loose on the pack-and-play's standard mattress. I contemplated registering for a playyard mattress, but when I tested the one available at Babies R Us, it didn't fit snugly in the pack and play, and a non-snug-fitting mattress is a safety-hazard. So I'm thinking about returning the playyard mattress pad, and buying some of the quilted sheets (made by the manufacturer of the pack and play we have) to see if they fit better and will serve the same purpose. We'll move the pack and play to our room when Baby arrives, as we're intending to use it as his bassinet for the first few months, and we want him to sleep in the room with us. But it doesn't need to be taking up space in there right now.

I wrote all the thank-you notes from my baby shower at work yesterday.

I also made some more progress on the closet shuffling, but it seems to be a never-finished project. Hopefully I'll get it done eventually. :)

Tomorrow, we will grocery shop, try to pick up the last few things I need for my hospital bag, and go to Babies R Us to get the rest of the things we need before baby gets here (changing pad and covers, pack and play sheets, diaper wipes, a few sidesnap t-shirts, and a second car seat base are the big things that come to mind at the moment). We also need to frame the art for the baby's room and hang that up, along with hanging a few of our existing pieces that I pulled out of the closet in the course of shifting (our Rice diplomas are in this category!). We may also hit Best Buy to spend a Christmas gift card, but we're gonna save that trip for last after we see how I'm holding up. I'd rather not spend Sunday evening in pain again like I did last week. :)
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I've double-checked my math on the IRS Form, and I did in fact get all my numbers right the first time. Yay! Now I just need to finish adding up sales tax stuff for the claiming of that credit.

Anyone from Austin remember the K-NACK baby? I saw one of those bumper stickers driving to work this morning (in Houston!). Wow....nostalgia! ;)
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I filled out IRS Form 8913 last night -- that's the tax form if you want to claim the refund of the Federal Excise Tax on long distance service based on the exact amount you spent rather than just claiming the standard amount. It hurt my brain ) seems like the government has made it as complicated as possible to claim the actual amount of Federal Excise Tax paid. And I suspect that if Andrew and I come out ahead claiming the actual amount, a lot of other people would also, because I think we really use very little long distance, and for the vast majority of the time period in question I had a minimal cell phone plan that only cost me $30/month.
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The only thing I really dislike about owning a house is the property taxes. Yes, I paid them tonight. Ow, that hurt!

The pants I ordered from Gap on Sunday arrived today, a good half-week sooner than I expected them. I tried them on. They fit. I don't have to pull them up after bending, squatting, sitting, or walking for any length of time. I am happy. Unfortunately, I could only justify buying two pairs. At an average of $50/pair, and a whopping two months left to wear them, I don't think I can justify more than that. Especially not after paying for property taxes. And baby furniture. And car insurance. Don't you just love how all the big bills hit in January, just after you've spent lots of money on Christmas presents? ;)

I still wish I could have gotten a pair of jeans, though. I miss wearing jeans.

While I'm complaining, let me add a gripe about Houston drivers and rain. A mere drizzle brings the freeway to a standstill. I crawled all the way home from work today, including on the toll road. Took me an hour, maybe slightly more. I swear, people are still expecting there to be ice on the roads, or something.

I get to work 'til 6:00 tomorrow -- my week for the 5-6pm reference desk shift. Excitement! I think I'm just gonna go in at 8 as usual and take the comp time. I'll use it to cover my doctor's appointment from last week, so I'll be able to use less sick time this month.


Jul. 25th, 2006 10:04 am
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I did end up leaving work early yesterday. I got home and went to bed where I proceeded to toss and turn and nap a little from 3:45 'til 6:45.

Once I got up, I munched some dinner and called my mom to talk to her about medical stuffs. Turns out she and my dad were able to dig up the medical records in question, so I was able to provide the insurance form with doctors' names and addresses and official diagnoses and everything. Unfortunately, filling out said form was enough work that I didn't get to bed 'til 11:00 again, and I still didn't sleep well. And all this so I can see if I qualify to have a little extra per month taken out of my paycheck for short-term disability insurance starting in September. Whee!

At least my sleep was lacking in nightmares this time around. I am feeling better today -- at any rate, my brain seems more than willing to function. Yay! :)


Jul. 24th, 2006 01:39 pm
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I'm SOOOOOO tired today. I swear, I'm about ready to go tell my boss I'm not feeling well and go home and take a nap. I probably won't, but the idea sure sounds nice.

[ profile] kashent dragged us over to his place late yesterday afternoon to meet a couple of folks he recently met who are new to Houston and trying to get to know people here. It was pretty low-key -- we ordered pizza for dinner and spent most of the time just sitting around talking and getting to know each other. We had brought games with us, but ended up not really getting to play any of them 'cause we spent too much time talking. Oh well...perhaps next time. :)

The down side to this was it was 10:00 when we got home, and I still had bills to pay and some insurance stuff I needed to deal with. I got the bills paid, and got to look at the insurance stuff just long enough to realize that it's going to be a lot more work to fill out the necessary form (basically my life health history in minute detail) than I was expecting. I can list off the health diagnoses I've had, but I have to come up with treatment dates, the name of the doctor who treated me, and the like, and some of the info dates back to the 7th grade (i.e. I'll probably have to call my mom to get stuff right, and I have no idea if she'll even be able to find the records if she doesn't have the information in her head). Whee! So I decided to leave that to be tonight's project and got to bed around 11:00.

Then I didn't sleep well. I managed to wake myself from an icky nightmare before it got to the uber-icky part sometime around 3:30 a.m., but then I couldn't fall back asleep. I just kept laying there thinking about the nightmare. I did eventually manage to stop mulling it over, but I still felt like all I did was toss and turn between then and when the wake-up alarm went off. So...not well rested today. Blech.
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I've been paying $8.00/month for 200 minutes of long distance, with some per minute charge for every minute over 200 (no idea what the per minute rate was, since I never came anywhere close to using 200 minutes).

This months bill notified me that my monthly charge for that plan was going to go up to $11.00/month in July. Well...this plan was $5.00/month when I originally signed up for it. No way in heck I'm paying $11.00/month for a bunch of minutes I don't use.

So I switched to the $2/month + $0.10/minute plan. I make so few long distance calls that I'd be really surprised if I spent $11.00 in a month on this new plan.

So...AT&T had me for $8/month even though I really wasn't taking advantage of what I was paying for. Now, they tried to charge me $11, and ending up getting $2 instead. Way to go!

This week

Mar. 20th, 2006 09:32 am
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So this week is going to be a crazy one for me:

Tonight, I'm meeting Carly for her second dress fitting, AGAIN. Hopefully her dress and the seamstress will both be present this time around :) Either before or after the fitting, I will pay bills that need paying before I head to Atlanta on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, I'm getting a laptop from work to take to Atlanta with me. I'll spend the evening packing for my trip and testing the laptop to make sure it works properly and isn't missing any parts that I need. If I feel that I can spare the time, I'll also probably go to the gym. I went Friday evening and walked on the treadmill for 2 miles (1/2 hour), but didn't make it back at all this weekend (though I did go out dancing Saturday night and walked around the outlet mall in Conroe with [ profile] min_phoenix on Sunday). Btw, outlet mall in Conroe = not exciting these days. There was a LOT of empty space in it, and nothing particularly interesting besides the Liz Claiborne outlet and a fair number of decent shoe stores. There were also a fair number of lingerie places, so if you need that sort of thing, it might also be a good place to go. But as far as out-of-season clothing, which is what I was after -- not much. :(

Wednesday morning I'll go into work for a thrilling 8 a.m. desk shift, and take care of any laptop problems. I'm heading out of work around noon, and will catch my flight to Atlanta later in the afternoon. I'll be there through Sunday, attending the Electronic Resources & Libraries conference and visiting Amber, [ profile] spiritchaser1, and [ profile] martinhesselius when I'm not conferencing. Oh, and I'll be writing about the conference, too, in an effort to get my ideas down on paper while they're still fresh (thus, the laptop). I'm pretty excited about the trip, though I'm hoping I'll find some time to sleep in there somewhere, so that I don't end up being a total wreck :)

I get back Sunday evening, and am taking Monday off work as a comp day to recuperate. Since the conference runs through 5:00 p.m. Saturday, I can get away with that. :) I'll probably end up spending the day running errands -- grocery shopping, picking up new contacts from the eye doctor, exciting stuff like that!

At this point, I don't know if I'll have Internet access in Atlanta or not, so you may or may not hear from me while I'm there. :)

Good news

Feb. 22nd, 2006 10:19 am
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Good news part 1: I'm back at work today, finally. I feel decent at the moment, though I'm coughing and sound scratchy when I talk. We'll see how I hold up as the day progresses. I have an important 1:30 meeting to go to, but other than that I'll just be holed up here in my office.Possibly TMI details )

Good news part 2 (aka even better news!): Andrew has accepted a job offer! :) He had three interviews in the last couple of weeks, and ended up with two offers to choose from. He thought he'd have three (and in fact, would have preferred the position he didn't get an offer for, but they finally called back this morning and said they didn't have a project to put him on right now; maybe they would in a month or so). Both offers were for the same amount of money with roughly equivalent benefits, so Andrew chose the one that WASN'T in Pasadena; I think he preferred the job itself a bit over the other one also. As icing on the cake, the salary he was offered is $8k over what he was making before, so we should be able to increase our savings rate a bit. He doesn't have a start date yet, but he's going out to their offices to do paperwork and take his drug test today. So we should have income again in the next couple of weeks. *bounces* :) Tough decision now is what to do with it -- we have so many things we've been putting off while we were lacking in income, that it's going to be hard to prioritize them.

Home Sick

Feb. 19th, 2006 07:49 pm
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I feel like I've been under the weather in some sinus-related fashion for the last two weeks now, or thereabouts. First it was the excruciating headaches, then sinus pressure and drainage resulting in a sore throat, and today it seems the gunk in my sinuses has finally decided it's time to come out. So now I have a runny nose, sinus pressure, and some drainage (though the sore throat seems to have gone away, for the time being).

As a result of this, I've done a whole lot of sitting around like a lump this weekend.

Veronica Mars -- no spoilers )

Mundane weekend update )

Ah well. Here shall end my oh-so-exciting weekend update.

Last night

Jan. 25th, 2006 09:52 am
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I had a good night last night.

Mindy and Lee came over last night, and Mindy fixed dinner for the four of us. It turned out well (not that I expected it wouldn't) and I even ended up eating some corn and a few green beans. Yay for me! :) I don't know if I'll ever be good at or enjoy this veggie-eating thing, but at least I'm trying now. I'm also bringing fruit with my lunches again, which is good because it fills me up a little more and I'm finding that I have the "hunger shakes" far less often at the end of the workday. :)

Mindy did most of the cleanup in the kitchen after dinner last night, too, (don't worry, I did help!) so I wasn't even left with a big pile of dirty pots and pans to deal with, so that was very nice. Made for a very relaxed evening overall.

Even better was the fact that I couldn't log onto WoW after Mindy and Lee went home (even was down, so I couldn't even check on my server status), so I ended up using the time to do some of the filing that needed doing in the office upstairs. I got enough of it put away that I feel like I can actually sit down and do some of the financial work I need to do up there. Tasks include the following:

-reconcile most recent credit card statement so I can pay that bill
-rebalance money in retirement accounts
-finishing tallying up sales tax paid for 2005 so we can deduct it on our income taxes

I know that list likely sounds scary to a lot of folks, but family finances are something that I actually enjoy working on, as odd as that may be. I like working with numbers, and it's kinda fun to work everything out and then see where we stand when I'm done. :) Some part of me thinks maybe I should have taken after my dad and been an accountant, but these days it sounds like a lot of the things he's asked to do as an accountant don't really involve numbers any more -- at least not in the nitty gritty sense. Maybe what I'd really prefer is the role of bookkeeper, but that kind of position generally doesn't require a degree and gets paid squat.

In addition to filing, I made tea so that I'd have some to take to work today. And showered, and read a bit more in Memoirs of a Geisha. I was rather shocked to see that one of the key events in the movie isn't even in the book -- it seems the movie writers made it up whole hog. I really want to write a short review/comparison of the movie and book for either the library's web site or the library's newsletter, but I'm starting to fear I'd have to watch the movie again to do a good job of it. And I didn't really like the movie enough the first time to want to sit through it again. So we'll see.

And then I went to bed, relaxed and happy. :)


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