Jul. 28th, 2009 03:15 pm
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Now that we've been here a couple of weeks, I can say I've found a couple of things to like about this place:

1) The light switches are low enough that Corwin can reach them to turn lights and fans on/off himself.

2) The complex has an exercise room with both a recumbent bike and the same weight machine I was using at physical therapy to work on my knees. I've been going up there 3x/week to work out; I like it that I can continue my routine here.

Unfortunately, the list of stuff not to like just keeps growing:

1) The arm in our cheap dishwasher came off the other day. Turns out it just snaps on and Andrew was able to fix it himself, but I'm still wondering why the heck it came off in the first place.

2) The right rear burner on my stove did not work. It's been fixed now, but the fix involved replacing a part, which means that the knob for that burner no longer matches the knobs for the other burners, and in fact the new knob is blank, which means I just have to guess where between "low" and "high" I have it set.

3) One dumpster for the entire apartment complex. Located at the front outside the entry gates. Means I have to either go for a reasonable hike carrying my trash in the Texas heat, or else put the trash in my car and drive it up there. I didn't realize when I picked this place that that dumpster was the ONLY ONE for the complex.

In other news, I had a dentist appointment today. My teeth are fine for another six months. Yay! :)

Not a ton else to report, really. Need to find motivation to stop playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and actually do useful things with my free time.
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We had a productive weekend!

I already posted about getting stuff moved to a storage unit on Saturday. Sunday we bought new hoses and a hose storage reel to try to see if we like, and acquired more file folders and printer paper. I started the process of excavating my desk, and got the guest bedroom vacuumed, the closet organized, and the bed made. And I vacuumed the second floor library as well. It was in dire need.

On the down side, Corwin got sick. He just has a cold (runny nose, congestion, etc.) but for some reason it has resulted in him not going to sleep at night. Last night he was awake until 10:30, mostly talking but occasionally building to crying. I had to go in his room twice, once to take him to the bathroom and the second time I just held him on my shoulder for 20 minutes. He went to sleep after the being held for 20 minutes. Tonight he went to bed about 8:20 and has been talking in some variety ever since. I think Andrew may have just gotten him up. Not sure what he's going to do with him.

Today I had my dentist appointment for a cleaning with the new dentist I originally went to back in July (after the dentist I'd seen a few months prior disregarded my comfort completely, barely said two words to me, and declared I had a cavity that must be filled as soon as possible). I have to say I was very pleased. The part of teeth-cleaning that I really hate is the polishing, because I really hate the taste/feel of the grit it spews all over my mouth. Well, it turns out there is a new polish they can use that doesn't result in any of the grit -- apparently the polish is contained in the little "head" that they use to apply it, so they're not having to get lots of extra on the tool in the process of applying it from the little container. At any rate, no grit was involved and I was very happy. :) And the cavity that's being watched hasn't changed and thus still doesn't need to be filled.

Corwin was supposed to go stay with [livejournal.com profile] scarlett_sage and [livejournal.com profile] asharperfocus during my appointment today, but since he's sick and had such a hard time getting to sleep last night and is generally being a mama's boy (not necessarily physically clingy, but wanting mama around more than is normal for him) we decided that he'd probably be much happier staying at home. So Andrew took the afternoon off work so he could be here with Corwin while I went to my appointment. Turned out Corwin took an excellent nap and Andrew was able to work from home pretty successfully. Dunno why he's having so much more trouble going to sleep at night. :(

I think Andrew just took him to the bathroom, and now he's screaming/crying about having been left in his bed again. *sigh* I hope he calms down soon so Andrew and I can get to sleep. I'm off to consult with Andrew as to whether I should get in the shower, or if I need to stay out to potentially go hold Corwin for 20 minutes until he can finally go to sleep. Sick children are such joys. :(
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So Monday I had my appointment with the new dentist, referred to me by my in-laws. It turned out to be an all-day proposition, as I had to drive all the way out to their new house in Spring to leave Corwin with them while I went to the appointment, then drive back into the 45/1960 area for the appointment, I was at the office for a good 2 hours for various reasons, and then I had to drive back to Spring to pick Corwin up and then home. I got home around 5:35, which happened to be almost exactly the same time as [livejournal.com profile] sirbobsalot arrived (earlier than expected) for carpooling to the movie later.

The dentist and his hygienist both spent a lot of time actually talking to me and getting a sense of my dental history (first dentist I've been to in Houston who talked to me about the TMJ I had in high school and my orthodontics) and the things I don't like about going to the dentist vs. what doesn't bother me. He also talked about referring me to an orthodotist who works on adults if I want to have something done about my lower front teeth, but he did say that shaving my teeth to make them narrower was a legitimate thing to do...but he explained that it would likely involve shaving just a little bit off of about 6 teeth, rather than just shaving down the one that's crowded out. It sounded a lot more logical the way he talked about it, though I'm still wary of doing it. However, his take was that my orthodontic work from when I was a kid did an excellent job and my bite is all lined up just as it should be. Trying to use braces to fix my teeth now would likely mess that up. He also said there's not a thing wrong with my wisdom teeth; they fit and don't have any decay....if there was something seriously wrong with them he'd advocate removing them, but even if they needed a filling he said he'd probably do it rather than remove the teeth. So that was all good....it was so nice to have folks actually TALK to me.

And the verdict on that cavity the other dentist wanted me to have filled? Yes, there's a cavity there, but it's not bad enough to need work at this time. He just wants to watch it for now. So I don't have to have a followup appointment for drilling! Yay!

I also really liked the office. It was the most unclinical dentist office I've ever seen. The patient cubicles (that's my one complaint -- the rooms were really just cubicles, so I could hear his discussions with the other patients clearly. Some people might take issue with this from a privacy standpoint, but I can't really imagine what would come up with my teeth that I'd be embarrassed to have other people in a dentist's office hear about. Especially if they couldn't see me to identify me anyway. *shrug*) are all facing a wall of windows, and it's nicely landscaped outside so you're looking out at what looks like someone's garden path. Rather relaxing, actually. :)

Of course, I haven't yet had any actual dental work done, so I'll reserve final judgment until whenever I go back to have my teeth cleaned.

Once we got home from the dentist, [livejournal.com profile] sirbobsalot, [livejournal.com profile] kaerukami and [livejournal.com profile] ehcnalava came over. Robert, Tim, Andrew and I went to see Dark Knight, while Jamie stayed at our house with Corwin. Dark Knight was good, though I don't think I'm as enamored of it as a lot of folks are. I think that may be due to the fact that I don't see very many movies, or am not a big enough comic book geek, or something, though. I enjoyed the movie....just am not feeling inclined to gush over it. :)

Yesterday, Tuesday, Corwin and I took the day off and stayed home and didn't do anything very newsworthy. Laundry and the like. :)
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Well, I've actually had a weekend worth speaking of, for once. It has been a busy one.

Friday evening, we re-dyed my hair, so I'm now a dark redhead again. It'll fade back to the color you're used to seeing on me soon enough, but I get to enjoy being dark and redheaded for a day or two first! :)

Saturday, I went to work in the afternoon as per usual. Nothing really worth mentioning happened; it's mid-Summer II session right now, so the library was a bit busier than it was last weekend (when it was dead). After work, [livejournal.com profile] ehcnalava and [livejournal.com profile] kaerukami came over to babysit for us while Andrew and I went out to a club, for dancing and that sort of thing. How amazing is that? We got to go OUT. And be ADULTS! Yay! They had an easy babysitting job, too, as we put Corwin to bed before we left (but after they arrived, so he'd not be totally shocked if he did wake up and found himself attended to by someone other than Mom or Dad), and he apparently didn't make a single peep the entire time we were out.

Today we went grocery shopping this morning, and then hosted the usual (though it hasn't happened for the last three weeks due to us being in Alabama for two of them and being lazy and taking the day off last weekend) group for boardgaming and conversation. We tried out Sucking Vacuum (whose title never fails to inspire the image of a vacuum cleaner in my head in spite of the fact I know it's a game set on a space station) for the first time. It played pretty well, though we had some trouble figuring out how exactly the rules for controlling Annabel worked. Then [livejournal.com profile] ehcnalava and I played Qwirkle while the rest of the group played Last Night on Earth. I enjoyed Qwirkle, though it took me just long enough to figure out the strategy that I made a pretty big strategic error near the beginning that I never recovered from....and [livejournal.com profile] ehcnalava thus defeated me roundly. After we finished our game (which was much shorter than Last Night on Earth), we played with Corwin for a while and chatted.

After we got Corwin to bed this evening, I spent the 40 minutes to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which for those not already aware (I wasn't until mid-day yesterday) is a three-part supervillain musical helmed by Joss Whedon (and starring Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris -- yes, Doogie Howser -- and Felicia Day). It's only available until midnight tonight (and no mention of in which time zone), though, so if you haven't seen it yet, you better get on it!

And the craziness isn't over yet. Tomorrow (that would be Monday), I finally have my dentist appointment with [livejournal.com profile] scarlett_sage's dentist, who I am paying out of pocket to see. This will be my initial consultation, and if he concurs that I do have a cavity (or heaven forbid, more than one!) I'll have to have a follow-up appointment to get it fixed at a later date. Corwin is going to stay with [livejournal.com profile] scarlett_sage while I go to my appointment; we're going to head up there in the morning and have lunch with her first. Then tomorrow evening (as a reward for my dental fortitude?!), Andrew and I are actually going to go to the movies!! We're seeing The Dark Knight with [livejournal.com profile] sirbobsalot and [livejournal.com profile] kaerukami. [livejournal.com profile] ehcnalava, who doesn't have any interest in the movie, has graciously agreed to babysit for us again. Hopefully Corwin will do okay with being away from Mom & Dad twice in one day. I'd forgotten about my dentist appointment when I made plans to see the movie, but he knows his grandma pretty well, and it'll be the third time in 3 days that he's seeing Jamie, so I think he ought to be all right.

And I think that about covers it. I actually felt like I have a life this weekend!
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So I never was able to find a dentist recommended by friends or family who takes my insurance, and I got about 6 different recommendations at least. I even checked my old family doctor in Austin, as I briefly contemplated making a midweek trip back to see him. Desperate much? Yeah.

Well, I've decided to go to my in-laws' dentist and just pay out of pocket for the privilege. Sallie doesn't sound like she's much more fond of dentists than I am, and since she is willing to recommend hers (and has been going to him for years), I'll take that as a positive selling point. I spent some time on the phone with his office staff this afternoon as well, and liked what I heard as well.

Unfortunately, he does want to do an initial consultation with me, so I'll have to do two visits (assuming, of course, that there is in fact a cavity in my mouth....) and pay for both. But I think it will be worth it. The difference between the time his office spent on the phone with me answering my questions and telling me about their practice and the rudeness with which my former dentist's office staff treated me just now when I called to ask about getting copies of my x-rays makes me even more certain that this is what I want to do.

I am thankful, though, that we are financially situated such that paying out of pocket for my dental work is possible and I'm not stuck having to play roulette with the dentists on our insurance. We'll be switching to a PPO when open enrollment comes around in 2009, so I'm not planning to pay out of pocket in the long term or anything.
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So neither of the dentists I got recommendations for after my previous rant take our insurance.

Andrew got a couple more names from one of his coworkers, but apparently the practice is going through a change in ownership at the moment and neither of those names come up when I search the insurance provider's web site either.

I am a not happy Paulina monster right now. So, Houston folks -- if you like your dentist, give me their name! I need more names to check!!! Surely somebody good out there takes our insurance...
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I just got home from a dentist appointment, quite possibly the worst one I have ever had. I will not be going back to this dentist ever again.

First off, the dentist was the one who actually cleaned my teeth, rather than a hygienist like I have always had in the past. Got a lovely lecture on how I need to floss regulary, but that's not what bugged me -- I know I need to floss more regularly, I just get lazy and don't.

What bugged me was this:

1) When she got to the polishing part of the teeth-cleaning process, I made my usual request for frequent rinsing because I HATE HATE HATE the taste and feel of the polish grit in my mouth. It is this step that makes me hate going to the dentist in general. That probably makes me weird, but I'm the one who's a picky eater and hates the idea of strange tasting things in my mouth. At any rate, she said no, she had to polish all my teeth before she could rinse me. Like hell I say -- I've never had a hygeinist refuse that request in all my years of going to the dentist. Only thing I can think is that she was pressed for time for some reason and thought it would take too long to rinse me frequently. This theory is somewhat borne out by 2).

2) When she was inspecting my teeth, she mentioned that I have a small cavity in one of my lower right molars. When she was done polishing me up, the mentioned the cavity again, and said something along the lines of "you should get it taken care of." She then walked out of the room, BEFORE the assistant had taken the little sucker thing out of my mouth to allow me to talk. At the end of the appointment (after the assistant had flossed me) I asked if the dentist would come back and talk to me about my cavity. The assistant didn't even try to go get her, just said she'd answer my questions. Well when I asked what was involved in fixing it, she went up front and go the front desk guy to come back and tell me how much it would cost, etc. But that's not what I wanted to know. *sigh* I wanted to know what kind of work getting the cavity fixed actually entails. He was able to answer that also, but I am still annoyed that the dentist wouldn't talk to me, or even apparently consider that I might have questions.

3) While she was polishing my teeth, and I was making obviously unhappy noises, she had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to have my wisdom teeth out, BECAUSE THEY ARE HARD FOR HER TO CLEAN. She got violent headshaking on my part for that question. I'll have my wisdom teeth out if and when there is something actually wrong with them or they are causing problems, and not before.

I have an appointment to go back in a month (on Friday the 13th of June) to get the cavity taken care of, but I think I'm going to cancel it and try to find another dentist to go to. I really don't want to see this particular woman ever again, as I really felt like she had no regard for my comfort or concerns whatsoever.
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Corwin had his 6-month checkup today. Here are his stats:

Height: 28" (95th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (90th percentile)
Head circumference: 18" (90th percentile)

He's still giganto healthy Baby of Doom. ;)

He's getting close enough to the max height and weight for his infant car seat (29" or 22 lbs) that we're planning to get him a convertible seat sometime this month. I want to get him one of the Britax seats, but I'm a little concerned that they won't fit in my car. Guess I need to research that and see if it's a grounded concern or not. Whee!

His doctor suggested we start giving him sips of things like water and EBM from an open cup; he said since he's still breastfed we could probably skip the sippy cup stage altogether if we wanted to. I hadn't even really considered doing that, but it might be worth it to skip the weaning from sippy cup to open cup down the road. I think we'll probably give it a try and see how much work it looks to be. I know with an open cup we'll probably have to assist him with drinking for quite a while. He also suggested introducing soft finger foods for him to play with. So maybe we'll try some of that in addition to the cereals and see if any of that goes any better.

He got three shots today, and is starting to get a bit fussy this afternoon. He's in his bed now, still fussing a bit but hopefully calming down to a nap.

His next appointment will be the 9-month checkup on December 7. At that one he doesn't get any shots, just a finger-stick to check that he's not deficient in anything important. :)

Andrew and I have been to our dentist appointments also. Both our mouths were given a clean bill of health. Yay!
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This turned out to be a long and busy weekend.

Thursday -- Dentist and World of Warcraft )

Friday morning )

Andrew worked late all week so that he could take off at noon on Friday. We got on the road around 1:30 for the drive to Belton, TX for the weekend's big event(s) -- [livejournal.com profile] beckyboo83's graduation from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Looks like I'll have to make a separate post about that later, though, since I have a reference desk shift at 11:00 today that I need to get stuff together for.
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Grrr, Arggh
I tried to make dentist appointments for me and Andrew today. We haven't been in...let's just say far too long, and it's time for me to overcome my fear of dentists and go see one. So I called the insurance company to find out what primary care dentist we'd signed up with, got the info, and called the dentist. Dentist office confirmed that they do have some Saturday/evening hours, but said I'd have to call again tomorrow to make an appointment because they hadn't received their April roster yet. *sigh* So now I have to re-motivate myself to try this again tomorrow. Joy.

While several folks have expressed interest, I haven't yet found anyone other than my sister who was willing to definitely commit to going with me. And I'd be paying for her, as a graduation present (which I don't mind doing at all!). I wish I could afford to pay for everyone who's expressed interest, but alas, we are not that rich! Unless I hear from someone else that they will definitely do the July show in Miami with me, I'm going to be trying to get tickets for [livejournal.com profile] beckyboo83 and me for May 27 in Las Vegas come Saturday. From the MGM Grand site, I've found the ticket prices are: $375; $265; $175; $75.

Tell me about Las Vegas!
So here's my next question for the group -- to be answered by anyone who's familiar with the area. I've been poking about at room rates for Las Vegas for those two nights (Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th). I'd assumed they'd be cheap, but it turns out rooms in Vegas are only dirt cheap if you stay there Sunday-Thursday nights. Friday is moderately expensive, and Saturday is obscene. Staying at the MGM Grand itself is right out (would be over $500 for the two nights); across the street at the Tropicana would run $300. Nearly three miles away (but still on the strip) at the Circus Circus is around $220 -- but I'm wondering what the transportation is like on the strip. What are our options for getting from someplace like the Circus Circus to the MGM Grand? A three mile walk sounds like a bit much. Does anyone have any nearby but cheaper places they can recommend?


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