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This is the transcript of a conversation that Corwin had with Andrew over ICQ this afternoon. Everything that Corwin typed, he came up with ENTIRELY on his own. He asked me how to spell "where" and "other" but the spelling of those two words was the only input I had.

Corwin (3:02 p.m.): hi daddy
Corwin: daddy
Corwin: daddy
Corwin (3:04 p.m.): daddy
Corwin: daddy
Corwin: daddy
Andrew (3:05 p.m.): Hi corwin
Corwin (3:06 p.m.): daddy
Corwin (3:08 p.m.): daddy where'd you go
Andrew (3:08 p.m.): I'm running around at work talking to people.
Corwin (3:09 p.m.) taik to me
Corwin (3:14 p.m.) y are you taiking to other people
Andrew (4:18 p.m.) Because I have to for work to get done.

Andrew said to me after he got home this evening, "He IS still 4, right?" Crazy kid.
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For those few of you who still read this...

I am still pregnant. Ready to be done. Due date isn't 'til October 2, so I technically still have just under 2 weeks to go, but I'm really hoping for this one to come early. I feel like a whale. I told Andrew the other night we should just scrap the name we picked out and call the baby Jonah. :P

I don't remember feeling this cumbersome and achy with Corwin. Doesn't mean I didn't...but I don't remember it.

I'm done with work for now; I'm supposed to go back at the beginning of April. So 6 months of weekends off....of work, at any rate. Not that taking care of an infant isn't a darn lot of work! But at least in terms of scheduling stuff, I'm free on the weekends for the foreseeable future. Right now, though, I just have no energy for doing much, and what energy I do have I have been trying to put into getting the house cleaned up and organized. "Ferociously nesting," says Andrew.

Corwin is still doing very well. Preschool has started back up again, and he's going on Mondays and Wednesdays this year. So far, he seems to like his new preschool just fine. I'm enjoying that he's capable of telling me a lot more about what he did while he was there than he was last year. I feel like I'm getting more details from him, at any rate, though I know I'm not getting everything (and never will).

He's also taking a gymnastics class at The Little Gym, which so far he seems to love. And I'm definitely seeing improvement each time he's incremental, but it's there. I kinda wish the class was twice a week instead of just once, as I think he'd progress faster with more exposure, and he likes it enough that I don't think he'd mind going twice.

We had to take him to the doctor a couple weeks ago, and he weighed in at 43 lbs and 42" tall. Compared with his measurements at his well check last April, he's grown nearly 2" since then. No wonder I think his pajama pants are looking short! I guess I'm probably gonna need to go buy him new clothes for winter soon, as I suspect all his stuff from last year is gonna be too short, too.

He is fascinated by numbers. He can count past 100, can read four-digit numbers correctly, and can do very basic addition and subtraction. He does still have trouble counting objects in front of him because he tends to lose track of which ones he's already counted once he gets up to around 10, but if you remind him to slow down and focus he does it correctly. He very recently started doing more than just scribbling with writing implements -- and what is he doing but trying to WRITE numbers? He's been very intently working on learning to write 1, 4, and 5. To be fair, he's been writing a few letters, too (capital A and H are the main ones), but he's definitely more focused on the numbers. He's also been practicing circles and ovals. But he hasn't yet tried to draw a picture of anything.

He also knows all his letters, both upper and lower case, and most of the letter sounds. I'm trying to work on applying that to reading words with him, but aside from a few that he's memorized, we're not making a lot of progress on that front yet. We've been working a lot on the "what letter does 'word' start with?" but he seems to be having trouble hearing or distinguishing the beginning sound to identify the letter. For example, if I ask him what 'bird' starts with he'll just guess random letters, but as soon as I ask him what letter says 'b' he gets it correct. He does spend a lot of time asking me how to spell various words, and some of them seem to stick. His memory amazes me -- we've been reading some nonfiction from the library, and right now we have out a book on Apatosaurus. It's a chapter book (short chapters...the whole book is 40-something pages) with quite a few words in it, compared to most of the picture books we've read, but we've read it enough that he can complete many of the sentences in it as we are going along. One page has a map of part of the western US (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana) and he can identify all of those states correctly (and Mexico, too). He's just a sponge....seems to soak up everything. I wonder how much of it is going to stick, long term.

And now that I've rambled for a while, I really should get to bed, so I can get up to get him to gymnastics in the morning.


Aug. 12th, 2009 10:54 pm
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Corwin has for the last few weeks been exhibiting one of the steps in language development that has always fascinated me in theory. He's actually LEARNING the language, and not just repeating what he hears other people say.

How can I tell? We're getting incorrect formations of the past tense. A lot. Things like "I runned outside" and "Mama gived it to Corwin." He's applying the -ed rule to all his verbs, not just the ones he's heard us use!

Even more fascinating to me is that he's also using "be" instead of conjugating it properly. Today he said "The siren be on the firetruck." And I had another example from a day or two ago that I've since forgotten. I'm impressed that he somehow knows that "be" and "is" and "are" are all the same thing well enough to misuse them.

Mostly, I'm just fascinated that he's applying the rules incorrectly -- thus proving that he is applying the rules and has moved beyond mere repetition. Watching his language develop is just a fascinating experience for me. :)
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He pedaled his tricycle on his own today for the first time! He even got it started from a full stop by himself once, though I couldn't get him to repeat the accomplishment.

He's starting to use complete sentences some of the time when he speaks. He has said things like, "Dada ate all his food." His cadence when speaking still doesn't sound natural much of the time, but the words are coming. He's also starting to use the word "the." Next thing I'm ready for him to figure out is how to properly use the pronouns "I", "me", "mine", "you", and "your(s)". Right now, he generally repeats whatever he hears me say, which means he usually gets them backwards. My mom the former elementary school teacher says he just needs time and he'll figure it out. And I'm sure she's right. :)

Potty training progress behind the cut )
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Comcast did refund my $1.99, and I didn't have to make any additional phone calls or write any letters to get it done.

The handyman who was supposed to come on Tuesday rescheduled for 9:30 this morning because of the flooding that happened on Tuesday. He didn't show up today, and after I called and left voicemail and emailed, I got a call from his wife to say that he came down with the flu yesterday. She thinks it just a normal flu and not the dreaded swine version, but regardless he is out of commission for the time being. He's supposed to give me a call when he's feeling better. Yay for more delays. :P

I talked to our realtor (the one we had decided to work with when we thought we were going to be putting our house on the market around this time last year) this morning, and she's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to meet with us, go over current house value, and talk about when we might actually be able to get on the market.

Convection oven repair is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and the flooring people are supposed to be out on Monday to do the warranty work on our Pergo.

I sent a complaint email to the President of the AC company that told me we needed new evaporator coils on both our AC units, and asked for the money I spent on the inspection back. I sent that last night, so still waiting on a response. If I don't get one in a day or two, then I'll get the BBB involved.

My MRI for my knee is scheduled for Thursday morning next week.

Tomorrow, in addition to meeting with the realtor in the afternoon, I'm hoping to get Lowe's trip in to get new filters for our air returns and various gardening supplies to mulch our beds and plant some seasonal flowers for color.

Corwin is starting to figure out how to sing. He knows all the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Row Row Your Boat" (minus a few of the pronouns and "connecting" words) and I can tell he's attempting the tune and rhythm when he "sings" them. It's so cool to watch him make all these discoveries and watch how his language is coming together!
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Jack Jill up hill
Fetch pail water
Jack fell down, broke crown
Tumble after.
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I got to sleep in a bit this morning (thank you, Andrew!), and when Andrew and Corwin came up at about 9:30 to tell me to get up, the first thing Corwin did was say "Turn on light." Which impressed me, as it's the first time I've been consciously aware of him getting those words in the right order -- usually he says "light turn on." After the light was on, Andrew put Corwin up on the bed where he immediately laid down on my chest and snuggled adorably. Andrew thought we were cute, so crawled in and laid down, too, and kinda snuggled on my other shoulder. This made Corwin unhappy, 'cause he thought Dad should lay on the pillow instead of on me. So Corwin was messing with the pillows, and after inspecting all our pillows started going on about "blue pillow." I had no clue what he was talking about (all our pillows have maroon pillowcases) until Corwin started looking in the crack between the mattress and the headboard and Andrew told him the blue pillows were in the guest bedroom.

Well, I'd been sick a few weeks ago and had taken a pillow from the guest bedroom to bed with me to help prop my head up a bit at night. Corwin was remembering THAT, and trying very hard to find it this morning. Well, after Andrew told him the blue pillows were in the guest bedroom, Corwin jumped down off the bed and was out the door, saying, "see pillow! see pillow!" Maybe it was cuter when you were there. :)

Anyway, I could hear Corwin and Andrew over in the guest room talking about stuff ("grandpa pillow") while I was getting myself up and presentable. Sometime while I was in the bathroom they came back over to our room and when I came out of the bathroom the blue pillow was on our bed and Corwin was flopped on top of it, just as comfortable-looking as can be.
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I haven't taken the time to make a post in a while. Since I need to be getting to bed soon, here's the quickie update version:

behind a cut to save you from scrolling )
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I need to go read some books about toddler sleep, I think. *sigh*

Corwin is finally asleep. At 12:15 a.m. After we originally put him to bed at 8.

The last few nights he has talked and banged around for a good long time, finally going to sleep in the realm of 10 or 10:30. He then wakes at his normal 7:45-8:00, and crashes hard at naptime. He's sleeping right up until 4, and then is cranky when he gets up (but generally de-crankifies after he's up a while). I haven't thus far tried to wake him earlier than 4 since he has shown a remarkable tendency to be a crankypants for the rest of the afternoon if awakened early the few times in the past that I have done so. If he doesn't take a nap for some reason (talks and plays through it), then he goes out like at light at 8. But he's cranky in the evening like he really needed a nap.

Tonight he talked and banged around for a while and then started fussing. It was pretty much like the episode we had in the middle of the night not too many nights ago, except that he never went to sleep first this time. He desperately wanted mama. Dada's attempt to comfort him was insufficient and resulted in Corwin saying "Mama" and signing "please" the entire time. I could get him calmed down, but my leaving the room would result in screaming like the poor kid was being tortured somehow. He finally fell asleep after I laid down on the floor and told him repeatedly in a stern voice to "lay down" and "stop talking" and "stop banging" as required. *sigh* NOT something I want to add to the regular bedtime routine.

Hey, on the bright side, he has added more new words to his vocabulary in the last two hours. :P There were several "up"'s (complete with ending 'p') and I've now forgotten what the other couple were. Oh, I think he said "rag" a time or two as well.

Part of me wonders if the difficulty sleeping is related to the vocabulary explosion somehow. If so, it will hopefully blow over on its own in a few days once talking stops being so new, right? In the meantime....will look for books tomorrow.

I'm taking my sleepy brain off to bed now, since I'm going to be awakened by Andrew's alarm at 5 a.m. in just over 4.5 hours now. I can usually fall back asleep afterward, but it's annoying to have that additional interruption on nights like this when I didn't get to bed at a normal time (or was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night). As I know Andrew would say, at least I don't have to GET UP when that alarm goes off, right? :P

Was mostly just writing this to kill a few minutes to make sure Corwin was going to stay asleep before I go crawl in bed. Sounds like he is. Hopefully I haven't jinxed him by writing this.

I hope you are all asleep and no one reads this until sometime tomorrow morning. :P
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I'm not sure we've hit 'language explosion' just yet, but Corwin is definitely starting to incorporate new words into his spoken vocabulary. In the past two days he has added "Hi," "Bye," and "Bob" (though Bob still has no ending consonant...*sigh*). He's been practicing Hi and Bye all day today off and on (well, in the time he was home...not sure what he did at MDO). He also attempted to say, "nap" a few times today, and "out" is also part of his vocabulary and has been for a while...I just didn't recognize it because it, like all the rest of his spoken vocab, has no ending consonant. If he would figure out how to use those, it would make his speech so much more intelligible! It's hard to figure out what your kid is referring to when he keeps saying "ow" but is obviously not in pain. ;)

I even got him to say "Hi Dada" a couple of times today (though never actually to his dad, *sigh*). But it's a start on combining two spoken words together. He's definitely doing the toddler two-word sentences, but thus far they've always included at least one sign and never two spoken words.
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In non-potty news, I am pleased to report that Corwin can take his shoes off by himself now, and is expressing interest in trying to put his own pants on, though he hasn't quite figured out how to do it yet. He is very good about standing up and holding onto something while we pull his pants down and then lifting each foot in turn so we can pull them off. Essentially, he can't dress/undress himself yet (except for removing his shoes) but he's very good at participating and helping us do it.

This morning he fed himself almost all of his yogurt with his spoon. I had to scrape out the bowl for him for the last two bites, but I nearly had to pry the spoon out of his fingers to get him to let me do that. So it seems he is finally ready and interested in utensils, particularly the spoon (he's been stabbing stuff with the fork for a while now). This makes me happy. I think maybe I can finally reintroduce applesauce to his diet. :)

On the speech front, he still doesn't have a very large spoken/signed vocabulary (though his comprehension is excellent). Now that he's to the point where he should be gaining spoken vocabulary, he is finally interested in learning signs. He's picking up signs very quickly now, such that I am constantly having to go look up new ones to introduce (and try to remember them myself...ack!). In the past few days he's learned "shoes," "socks," and "car." And he's not picking up spoken vocabulary very quickly at all. He still doesn't use ending consonants, and I can't seem to interest him in repeating even words that contain sounds I know he can make (b, d, g, m, w, c, n). Guess we will keep trying and talk to his doctor when he's two if he isn't making progress by then.
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Corwin can now tell the difference between a cat and a dog. :) Every time he's pointed at a picture of a cat this morning and I've asked him what it is, he's said, "meow." So now dog is "guh" and cat is "meow."

I'm curious if all other four-legged animals are still "guh" or if he's going to start using different 'words' for them, too.

[EDIT: Sheep are definitely "baa" today. I think we've moved on to the phase of calling the animal by the sound it makes rather than by its actual name.]


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