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Nov. 6th, 2012 08:06 pm
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Today is Election Day. Hopefully by later tonight the wait will be over. Fingers crossed for the outcome I prefer! :) Andrew & I voted last week on Thursday, so it's been pretty anticlimactic since then.

Today, I am sick. Drainy with a scratchy throat. And unenergetic this evening. I really feel like watching some mindless TV, but the only shows I have been following lately are Bones and Revolution (both via Hulu). Unfortunately, I watched the latest ep of Revolution this afternoon, and the latest ep of Bones is currently only on Hulu Plus; I'll have to wait 'til next week for it to be free. Revolution is....hard to watch. It's both very violent and very emotionally wrenching. And the science feels 'off,' too, though I'm hoping ultimately they'll be able to explain that. Since I'm not an electrical engineer or anyone else who knows the intricate details of how it all works in the real world, it's not TOO terribly hard to suspend disbelief. Though I'd still like to know why there are no alternative energy sources in use (steam, diesel, etc.). For some reason, in spite all of the above, I'm hooked. Guess I want to know what happens. And Billy Burke (Miles) is pretty easy on the eyes, too. :)

I took Corwin to the doctor after school today. He has a sinus infection, so gets a round of antibiotics. I'll pick those up tomorrow; we had gymnastics after the doc appointment today, and both boys were pretty much "out of control" all afternoon. No way sick, run-down me was spending extra time sitting in rush hour traffic to then drag them into the grocery store to pick up a prescription. Ugh.
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Ian is allergic to mosquito bites. He got two more on Saturday evening which also swelled up, though not quite as dramatically as the one next to his eye. We saw the nurse practitioner today. Turns out that we had the right idea with the Benadryl, but we didn't give him enough of it. All the bites are looking better today; most of the swelling seems to have gone down, but they are still red. We're to keep dosing him with Benadryl until the spots look normal again, and for 24 hours after that. I need to find a good bug repellant that is safe to use on a 1-year-old; the pharmacist at HEB today recommended Avon Skin So Soft, which I remember using some as a kid. Guess I need to find out if anyone I know sells Avon, or knows someone who does that they can refer me to.

The mosquitos were terrible this weekend; enough so that apparently they made the news (I missed the report myself). They're still bad tonight; I got swarmed in the 15 minutes I was outside near dusk to allow Corwin to ride his scooter for a few minutes.

Corwin has a cold (or POSSIBLY just allergies), but they won't prescribe antibiotics until it's been a full 10 days and he's not improving. So we get to wait 'til the end of this week on that one. Hopefully he'll get better without them; I'd always rather not give drugs unless they're really needed. I did get him cleared for preschool this week, with a note saying as much, so hopefully he won't get sent home for having a snotty nose.
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Corwin has been congested with a chest cough for almost a week now. He started presenting a runny nose on Friday. This morning, the snot was lovely shades of green, so he may have progressed to a sinus infection. I suspect I'm going to be taking him to the doc tomorrow, and that we'll end up with a round of antibiotics. Fun!

Yesterday, we noticed that Ian had a red welt next to the outer corner of his left eye. We couldn't tell if it was from a bite or if he'd scratched it or what happened. It didn't seem to bother him any, so we didn't worry too much. This morning, the redness had spread toward his eye, and his upper eyelid was also red and swollen and he could only open his eye about halfway. As the day progressed, it looked like the redness/swelling was getting worse. We tried a dose of Benadryl, but it didn't seem to help at all. So Andrew was going to make phone calls and possibly take him somewhere to be seen this afternoon. I'm at work, so not very helpful.

Why oh why must my children manifest weird things on weekends?


Jan. 8th, 2010 03:20 pm
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I'm sick, and this description might be TMI ) If I'm not feeling substantially better after the weekend, I guess I'll look into making a doctor's appointment.

And Corwin has a runny nose today, to boot. He told me before naptime that he was going to go straight to bed with no book and no singing (even though his behavior had been reasonably good and he hadn't been threatened with this as consequences at all), and when it got to be time for the naptime routine he crawled straight into his bed, said again he didn't want a book or singing, let me cover him up and give him a kiss, and leave the room. And he didn't start crying because I took him at his word, either. He babbled for a few minutes, and then went to sleep. So I'm pretty sure he's sick, too. Fun!

And now, I'm off to summon what little energy I have left to cook the chicken soup I got ingredients for at the store this week. I figured between Andrew and I having two full days at home this weekend and nowhere we were likely to want to go due to weather (i.e. shopping errands), I'd finally have the time to make a 3 hour stew. Sadly, I lack the energy or strong desire to make it now, but I need to get busy anyway since I won't have the time again any time soon. At least chicken soup is good when I'm sick. :)

Why, oh why must we be sick when we actually have time to get things accomplished around here?
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We had a productive weekend!

I already posted about getting stuff moved to a storage unit on Saturday. Sunday we bought new hoses and a hose storage reel to try to see if we like, and acquired more file folders and printer paper. I started the process of excavating my desk, and got the guest bedroom vacuumed, the closet organized, and the bed made. And I vacuumed the second floor library as well. It was in dire need.

On the down side, Corwin got sick. He just has a cold (runny nose, congestion, etc.) but for some reason it has resulted in him not going to sleep at night. Last night he was awake until 10:30, mostly talking but occasionally building to crying. I had to go in his room twice, once to take him to the bathroom and the second time I just held him on my shoulder for 20 minutes. He went to sleep after the being held for 20 minutes. Tonight he went to bed about 8:20 and has been talking in some variety ever since. I think Andrew may have just gotten him up. Not sure what he's going to do with him.

Today I had my dentist appointment for a cleaning with the new dentist I originally went to back in July (after the dentist I'd seen a few months prior disregarded my comfort completely, barely said two words to me, and declared I had a cavity that must be filled as soon as possible). I have to say I was very pleased. The part of teeth-cleaning that I really hate is the polishing, because I really hate the taste/feel of the grit it spews all over my mouth. Well, it turns out there is a new polish they can use that doesn't result in any of the grit -- apparently the polish is contained in the little "head" that they use to apply it, so they're not having to get lots of extra on the tool in the process of applying it from the little container. At any rate, no grit was involved and I was very happy. :) And the cavity that's being watched hasn't changed and thus still doesn't need to be filled.

Corwin was supposed to go stay with [ profile] scarlett_sage and [ profile] asharperfocus during my appointment today, but since he's sick and had such a hard time getting to sleep last night and is generally being a mama's boy (not necessarily physically clingy, but wanting mama around more than is normal for him) we decided that he'd probably be much happier staying at home. So Andrew took the afternoon off work so he could be here with Corwin while I went to my appointment. Turned out Corwin took an excellent nap and Andrew was able to work from home pretty successfully. Dunno why he's having so much more trouble going to sleep at night. :(

I think Andrew just took him to the bathroom, and now he's screaming/crying about having been left in his bed again. *sigh* I hope he calms down soon so Andrew and I can get to sleep. I'm off to consult with Andrew as to whether I should get in the shower, or if I need to stay out to potentially go hold Corwin for 20 minutes until he can finally go to sleep. Sick children are such joys. :(
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We're in Austin; got here sometime between 9:30 and 10:00.

Verdict from Corwin's doctor is that he has a virus of some variety. He also has a rash on his torso (which we didn't notice during bath time last night and Andrew didn't notice when he dressed Corwin this morning) which is apparently not a big deal at all but usually accompanies some viral infections. The rash looked more irritated tonight than it did when we were in the doctor's office this afternoon (possibly due to riding in the car for nearly 3 hours...*shrug*), so we'll have to see how it looks tomorrow. Doesn't so far seem to be bothering him, though. Corwin is also probably contagious and so should be kept away from other young children (i.e. approx. his age or younger).

So we're not sure at this point whether he's going to get to partake of any of the New Year's kiddo activities or not. Will probably largely depend upon whether he continues to act like he feels fine, and how the other relevant parents feel on the subject. I'm impressed how he has managed to get sick for New Year's two years in a row; at least this year barring something really unexpected happening he should be fine staying with my parents while Andrew and I go to the party proper.

12 Happy Days of Christmas? How about "I'm happy to be in Austin?" Whee, blarg!
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We were supposed to be heading to Austin this afternoon after lunch to be there in time for dinner with my family this evening. BUT, Corwin is now on Day 8 of a cold and not sounding better (in fact, he sounds worse to me, though he isn't acting like he feels especially bad...aside from sleeping past 9 this morning). Normally I wouldn't worry about it as he doesn't have any really disturbing symptoms, but since we're planning to go out of town I went ahead and called his doctor this morning, and the nurse thought we should have him seen due to the aforementioned going out of town. He now has a 4:15 appointment (the earliest available was 1:45, but that's right in the middle of naptime).

So we won't be getting to Austin until late tonight or tomorrow depending on how the appointment goes. I'm pulling for tonight, but we'll see.

He's not allowed to be sick and cause us to miss New Year's again this year! :P
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We're home.

Had Thanksgiving in Austin as usual. Was nice to see most of my extended family for Thanksgiving. Corwin had a bit of trouble adjusting to Austin this time around. He cried for nearly a full half-hour the first three times (bedtime, nap, bedtime) we put him to bed at my parents' house, then just for a few minutes the rest of the time. He was too distracted by the people to eat Thanksgiving dinner and only ate a few bites of pineapple and nothing else that was on his plate. But later when it was just the immediate family for dinner he decided he really did like mashed potatoes and roasted turkey. He even ate broccoli and rice casserole at one meal (and then refused to touch it as leftovers at subsequent meals).

He was mostly settled by Saturday, but I opted to leave him home with my parents while Andrew and I went down to [ profile] liz_gregory and [ profile] brittonblog's place for an "Eat the leftovers" game night, since I didn't want him to AGAIN not eat anything due to the new surroundings and lots of people, and then have trouble going to sleep in his pack and play in a strange place as well. Turns out this was a good decision on my part, as when we got home my parents said they were pretty sure he was getting sick as his nose started running after we left and he had hardly eaten any dinner, even the things he liked. And sure enough....he woke crying at 4 a.m. and Andrew and I got up with him. He was drooling like a madman and obviously congested enough that he was having trouble sleeping. I hunted up the old diaper rags my mom still has around from when we were kids (as I'd neglected to pack any), took him to the bathroom, washed his face, suctioned out his nose, gave him some water to drink and a diaper rag to take to bed with him for wiping his face, and propped up the head of his bed with books. He fussed a little once I put him back to bed, but did go back to sleep and (while he did make noise a few times) woke for the morning around 8:00. Obviously still sick. Poor guy.

We had a miserable drive back to Houston today. We hit the post-Thanksgiving traffic jam on I-10 and it took us nearly an hour to get from the 71/I-10 junction to Sealy. Traffic started moving again on the other side of Sealy. Poor Corwin had been trying to doze off most of the trip, but would wake up pretty quickly due to congestion, and by the time we got moving again on the other side of Sealy he was closing his eyes like he was going to go to sleep, but after a minute or so he'd just start crying, with his eyes still closed. We couldn't tell for sure if he was asleep or awake. Let me just say, it was really hard to concentrate on driving with that going on. Fortunately Andrew was able to more or less keep him calm until we could get home. Once we got home we go the car unpacked and ourselves more or less settled in, and then did dinner, bath, bedtime in quick succession since the poor little guy was so tired and so miserable. He was to bed by 7:30 and has only fussed once briefly since then.

I, on the other hand, got to make the grocery store run for the week (it was just going to be a quick trip for milk, but given the odds of one or both of Andrew and me coming down with Corwin's cold in the next day or two, I figured it the better part of valor just to do the week's grocery shopping so we won't be forced to leave the house later on if we're miserable too), and had to move the car seat back to my car once I got back from shopping. Now I need to shower and get to bed, and stop procrastinating by writing this lj post. No telling how well Corwin will sleep tonight, and I get to be home alone with him all day tomorrow as per usual.

I did get to go shopping on Friday and Saturday. The big exciting purchase for me was BRAS, which may be TMI for some of you. Oh well. Let me just say that it is SO NICE to have real, non-nursing bras that fit again. :) [ profile] beckyboo83 and I went shopping for the bras and other clothing type stuffs on Friday afternoon (nothing was especially crowded then). Saturday Andrew and I went to Toys R Us and Terra Toys to shop for gifts for Corwin, and we got all his presents save the tricycle we want to get for him. We were unimpressed with the selection at Toys R Us so we'll try to find something we like online and order it.

Think that's the trip in a nutshell. Now off to shower and bed for me. 'Night all! :)
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...and Corwin is sick again. I got home from work yesterday evening to find a boy with a runny nose; Andrew said it was running after Corwin got up from his nap. Today, he's running like a faucet, and he and I didn't get a very good night's sleep last night either. He was making various noises off and on all night long which kept me awake, and I actually got up with him once a little after 1 a.m. when his noisemaking turned into full-on crying. The area under his nose was all crusty so I took him in the bathroom and cleaned that up and changed his (slightly wet) diaper and then put him back to bed. He fussed a little at being put back to bed and then seemed to go back to sleep (but of course he was still tossing and turning a lot and making noises from time to time). As seems usual for Corwin-with-a-cold, his nose is just running clear.

I had finally made him an appointment to get his hair cut for 10:00 this morning, but I had to call and cancel that. Annoying, as Corwin is getting rather shaggy, but I figure the last thing they'd want is drool and snot all over their chairs and the like.

Guess I am finally starting to experience a more 'normal' amount of childhood illnesses? I think I was spoiled by him only getting sick once in his first year.


Sep. 7th, 2008 10:22 pm
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Hey, I've already spammed you today. What's one more post, right?

So, in my first post of the day I mentioned that I was still tolerably healthy.

Well, I take it back. I can't believe I said that. Got through work okay today, though I was sneezing a fair bit. But since I've been home this evening, things have been steadily going down hill. Breathe, what's that?

It didn't help that Corwin started crying when I put him to bed tonight and didn't stop for a very long while, in spite of us trying to comfort him, giving him Tylenol, etc. A couple of friends have suggested ear infection. He's never had one before (so presumably not prone to them) and we haven't noticed him tugging at his ears or anything like that. Of course, that doesn't mean he hasn't got his first ear infection. Gonna see what he's like tomorrow and call his doctor then if it seems warranted. He did finally stop crying and go to sleep after Tylenol, calmly sitting upstairs in my lap listening to music and watching Andrew play EVE Online, and then crying in his bed for another 10 minutes or so. It's also possible it's teething related, as he is cutting his eyeteeth right now. But he is sick -- he's had a clear runny nose all day.

Blah. Not looking forward to being home just the two of us all day tomorrow. :( Andrew has to go to work because he's got some things that really have to get done, but I may ask him to come home early if I or Corwin are much worse than we were today. I don't fancy trying to drag Corwin off to the doctor on my own if it's needed when I feel half-dead myself. :(
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So Andrew and I are finishing up getting ready to leave for DragonCon tomorrow. We're spending the night tonight with Corwin at Andrew's parents' house (saves us from having to get up butt-early tomorrow to drive up there in time to drop Corwin off and get to the airport on time), and we'll leave from there in the morning to catch our flight. Flight leaves at 12:40, so I'm guessing we need to be at the airport sometime around 11?

Of course, Corwin is still suffering from his runny nose which needs to be wiped fairly regularly, and he's drooling enough that a bib is prudent, but still not the copious rivers like last time. In general he doesn't act like he's feeling bad, though he does seem to cry over little things that he ordinarily wouldn't. Some of that could be tiredness, too, though -- he's been sleeping fine at night, but his naps for the last several days have been terrible. He's been sleeping about 45 minutes and then waking up and crying. Yesterday I went and sat and rocked him in his room for around 15 minutes trying to get him to calm down so he could go back to sleep, but he never stopped crying that entire time. He did stop once I gave up and brought him downstairs to play. *sigh* It's really frustrating that he doesn't yet comprehend that crying makes him more congested. :(

And on top of that, there is Hurricane Gustav threatening the Gulf Coast. At this point, landfall seems to be projected for Monday, which is when we should be flying home from Atlanta. So now I'm also worrying that we'll end up stuck in Atlanta for an extra day or something because our plane doesn't want to fly through a hurricane. (I assume hurricanes result in flight cancellations...) And then of course there is the chance that Gustav will be the one that actually does visit Houston, and we won't be here to prepare for it (board up the house and the like). And we are supposed to help Ralph board up Bob & Nancy's house also in the event of a hurricane while they are in long as it doesn't occur this weekend while we are also out of town. *sigh*

So, rationally, we keep an eye on the weather while we're in Atlanta, and if it looks like the hurricane is actually going to come here, we reschedule our flight back and come home early. Otherwise, we pack extra clothes in case we have to stay an extra day in Atlanta due to flight cancellations. And my worries about Corwin are probably just typical mom worries about being away from him overnight for the first time -- just exacerbated a bit by him being not totally healthy. He's going to be with his grandparents, though, who love him and are perfectly qualified to take care of him having raised three kids of their own already. He'll be in the same town with his pediatrician, and we're leaving them with a "consent to treat" note in case of emergency. So everything SHOULD be fine. So says my logical brain. :)

Momma brain just wants to hold onto Corwin tightly and not leave him.
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So I haven't really posted in a while. Sorry about that. I have pictures from my trip to Austin with Corwin a week or so ago, but I haven't done any editing or such on them yet so they aren't ready to be posted. It was a good trip, though -- I got to see all three of my girlfriends that I wanted to see while I was there, Corwin got to go to Radijazz again and play with Matthew and Alex, I got to meet my sister's boyfriend and actually spend some time hanging out with her and my brother, and Corwin got to spend time with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. :) I even managed to get a pedicure somewhere in there -- I haven't had one of those since [ profile] liz_gregory's bachelorette party, unless I've just completely forgotten something. Oh, and my dad grilled steaks for us on Saturday. :)

Corwin seems to be getting sick again, which is absolutely terrible timing on his part as we have been planning for months to leave him with his grandparents for 4 days starting on Thursday so that we can go to Atlanta for Dragoncon for our first adults-only vacation since he was born. So far it seems to be just a clear runny nose and some sniffling (and not nearly as bad as the last time he was sick -- i have to wipe it occasionally, but it's not a faucet and he's not drooling bucketloads). So we'll see. Hopefully he'll be on the downside of whatever this is by Thursday. I really don't want to have to cancel a trip Andrew and I have been looking forward to for months.

In more exciting news, he finally used the sign for "more" today (to ask for more Cheerios to put in his chair instead of eating them, *sigh*). And he's using "milk" more often as well (he used it the one time I previously wrote about, and only once or twice since then). In fact, I had a mini-conversation with him as we finished reading Goodnight Moon before his nap just a bit ago. When we got to the end of the book he pointed at the endpapers which are just plain yellow and I said "yellow." Then he flipped back a page and pointed at the blank white page. I said "white," at which point he signed, "milk." I said, "Yes, milk is white. Very good." There are very definitely some connections being made in his brain, and it's exciting to get the occasional glimpse of them. In this case, he's thinking about things that aren't visibly present right at that moment, AND possibly starting to learn his colors.

He's also starting to climb. He has been having a grand time lately climbing into the rocking chair in his bedroom, sitting in it for a few seconds, getting out and then climbing right back in again (lather, rinse, repeat). I've caught him trying to climb into the rocking chair in the living room, which results in immediate time out (as it isn't very stable when weight is on the front edge and I'm afraid of it tipping over on him and/or our laptop). And he can climb onto the couch as well.

He'll be 18 months old tomorrow. :)
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Corwin had a runny nose yesterday, so I knew he was coming down with it. Today it is even worse...*sigh*

Lots of snotty details )

On the bright side, I seem to be pretty much fully recovered. I have a little lingering chest congestion, but nothing worth writing home about.
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Corwin seems to be sick with something. He was running a low-grade fever off and on during the day today (highest temp reading was 101.2 rectally) and generally acting really fussy, whiny, and clingy most of the time. Other than that, we can't really tell what's wrong. His nose runs more than usual when he cries, but it only runs when he cries, and it's not a fountain. He doesn't really seem stuffy, and he's not displaying any noticeable signs of his ears hurting. His appetite has been fine, and he's babbling as usual, so I don't *think* it's a sore throat. He's drooling more than usual...but we can't see any signs of emerging teeth to blame this on.

He had no nap to speak of (was quiet for 15-20 mins after we put him down, then started crying and we couldn't get him to calm back down again to go back to sleep), so I put him to bed for the evening a little earlier than usual (shortly after 7 rather than shortly after 7:30). I gave him some Tylenol about 15 minutes before bed (he hadn't had any at all prior to that) and he was so tired he went out like a light. Almost but not quite fell asleep while nursing, and barely whimpered when I put him in bed and left the room. He slept 'til around 9:30 or so and then I started to hear him being restless over the baby monitor. Around 10 he started fussing in brief spurts...around 10:20 or so he was fussing enough that I went in to comfort him. He calmed down while I was holding him on my shoulder, but started out and out crying as soon as I put him back in bed. Since it hadn't quite been long enough for him to have more Tylenol, I gave him some infants' Motrin and we are now sitting up with him waiting for that to kick in and him to be un-upset enough to go back to sleep. I'm not looking forward to the rest of this night.

I'll call his doctor tomorrow morning. Dunno if he'll need to be seen or if this is just something that will pass on its own. Not looking forward to being alone all day tomorrow with the sick boy, though, either.
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We headed to Austin on Saturday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner with my family Saturday night. After getting Corwin to bed, Andrew and I ran off to the Gregorys' house for some socialization and game playing. We got home around 11:30 to find Corwin awake and drinking a bottle in my mom's lap. We all got to bed by shortly after midnight, and I was up again with Corwin at 2. He didn't sleep terribly well, as I heard noise from him after 3 and after 4 as well, but at least those times didn't require getting up.

Sunday, we all noticed that Corwin had a runny nose when he woke up. Since he otherwise seemed fine, we went ahead and took him to church that morning. After church and lunch, he actually took a nap! It wasn't even a struggle to get him to go to sleep -- surprised the heck out of me.

When he woke up from his nap, we headed out to Zilker Park to meet up with some of our other friends with kids. There's not a lot for Corwin to do there since he's not walking yet, but we were looking forward to being outside and spending time with friends we don't see very often. Corwin did spend some time in the kiddie swing, and he got to ride on the Zilker Zephyr (the park train) thanks to the generosity of the Haunspergers. He wasn't that enthused by the swing -- he swung for a little while, never looked thrilled, and decided he wanted mommy pretty quickly. He LOVED the train, though, if I can judge by the amount of smiling, babbling, and armwaving that went on while we were riding. I'm glad we took him for that alone.

Pictures from the park are here )

From there we headed to the Haunspergers' house, where we had Mangia Pizza for dinner. Yum! After dinner, I took Corwin home to put him to bed, and Andrew stayed and played a game of Talisman with folks. Once I got Corwin home, it became very clear that he was in fact getting sick. He was a BEAR to get to sleep for the night, and once I did so his breathing was "snifflesnifflesniffle." When I went and stood outside the door after he'd been asleep for about 15 minutes, he was mouthbreathing. I headed back over to the Haunspergers' to pick up Andrew, leaving my parents with strict instructions to call if anything came up that they couldn't handle. I ended up over there for a couple of hours waiting for Andrew's game to finish (it never did; they ended up calling it when I and [ profile] liz_gregory were both ready to go home and went to retrieve our husbands).

On Monday, Corwin was pretty miserable, so we ended up skipping the New Year's festivities and staying in with him at my parents' house, as detailed in my previous post.

Tuesday morning, I had a sore throat from drainage when I woke up. I stayed in bed for a good while while Andrew and my parents wrangled Corwin. Tuesday afternoon, we packed up our stuff and headed back here to Houston. Corwin conked out in the car almost immediately (having refused all naps offered prior to that), but he only slept for 45 minutes or so before being awake the rest of the trip. But he was at least pretty happy, so the drive wasn't a miserable one.

Today, I am definitely sick. Congestion is crazy ick. And I can't really take a decongestant because pseudoephedrine is potentially bad for my milk supply (which I can't afford) and the phenylephrine substitute doesn't work. So I feel bleh. Corwin is still congested also. We called his doctor's office, but they said unless he runs a fever or starts acting like either of his ears is bothering him, he doesn't need to go in. Fortunately, Andrew had planned to take today off work, so he's home to take care of us. But he's supposed to go back to work tomorrow; we'll see if that happens.


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