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Today I was on the go constantly from 8:30 this morning until 5:00 tonight. Before that, really, as I was only home for a half-hour in between dropping Corwin off for school and leaving to take Ian and our neighbor's daughter to preschool just after 8:30. After I dropped off the preschoolers, I filled up the gas tank and stopped into HEB where I picked up the sour cream I forgot to get when I was grocery shopping yesterday. I had brought along a cooler to put it in, and good thing I did since I didn't get into the house again 'til just after 5:00 tonight.

Those two errands were mainly designed to kill time before my hair appointment at 10:00. My color is all touched up now, and should be looking good for the wedding we're going to this weekend. I finished at the hair salon at 11:30, and headed up to Market Street to check out the lingerie shops there -- I need a new longline strapless bra to go under the dress I'm planning to wear to the wedding. I struck out -- the lingerie shop I've been to in Market Street before is no longer there, and the one that is there didn't have what I wanted. So then I headed to the mall where I gobbled some fast food lunch, got new jeans and socks at The Gap, and then killed the last half hour I had wandering the mall looking for various odds and ends that I've been meaning to shop for. Tried another lingerie shop in the mall, but they also said they didn't carry longline bras, and I'd probably need to try David's Bridal (joy). I tried on a dress at NY&C (since a different dress would let me avoid the bra issue altogether) but ultimately decided it was a no-go. Then it was time to go pick up the preschoolers.

We had a 2:50 appointment for Corwin's well check this afternoon, so I rush-rush-rushed to get Ian from preschool in time to get Corwin from school early enough to get to the appointment on time. I was so focused on being quick that I left my purse at the preschool in my hurry, sitting in the spot where I put it down to wake Ian from his nap. We had to stop back by the preschool to pick it up in between getting Corwin and going to the doc. We managed to be <5 minutes late for the appointment, which turned out not to matter because WE DID NOT GET SEEN UNTIL ALMOST 4:30!! (The official explanation is that the doc was seeing 2 newborns with 105 degree fevers. Not good.) During the time we were waiting, though, I had nothing but my own wits with which to entertain Ian because I couldn't get in the house to get any toys for him during the brief time I was home after picking him up...because that's when I discovered I was missing my purse with my housekeys in it.

Corwin's well check went fine. He's 84% on weight and 94% on height these days. He's 48.5" tall -- half an inch shy of no longer needing to be in a car seat! Only other real news of note is that his vision check was 20/40, and the doc says that means it's time to get him to an eye doctor. We were expecting that one of these years, since Andrew & I are both very nearsighted, and I got glasses originally in the 2nd grade (Andrew says not 'til middle school for him). But it's slightly earlier than we really expected.

On top of the saga at the doctor's office, we got Corwin's GT test scores today and they were not as expected. They qualified him on a probationary basis for GT Language Arts, but not at all in math, science or social studies. He did poorly on the "nonverbal" test.....and I"m not even sure what that really tests. But a good score on that is required to qualify for GT in math, so his 97% score on the math test combined with the fact that my kindergartener understands the concepts of multiplication and division (!) counts for nothing. So I'm faced with figuring out now how to appeal this, and figuring out what the school is willing to do for my kid so that he doesn't continue wasting time and treading water as he has done this year. I was kinda counting on GT to help with that. Me being one who hates confrontation, this isn't a fun prospect. I'm hoping we can reach some sort of accommodation so that we don't have to move him to private school, simply because that rearranges so many of the plans I have for the next few years -- I'd have to go back to work full time, which would mean day care for Ian and me not being able to be a stay-at-home parent to support Corwin's private school education. On top of that, I suspect the odds of him being able to go to private school next year are rather low, as I think they do all their admissions stuff during the fall semester. I would of course research to confirm that before writing it off, though. Anyway, guess I'll be calling the school tomorrow and starting the process of having a discussion about all this.
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I'm at work this afternoon, but since it's the last day of finals for the semester, we're not very busy. Most of the questions we're getting are of the "Where do I return my books?" variety; nothing very challenging. We did have one Ask A Librarian email question this morning asking how to find a particular kind of psychology article, and that caused us to do a double-take: "Really?! It's 8:30 on the morning of the last day of finals and you haven't even found your ARTICLE yet?!" Ah, well, it's their problem. We did answer the question, of course.

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Day 7

Nov. 10th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I skipped posting Day 6 yesterday. Bad me!

Yesterday, Corwin's school had a Storybook Parade, where all the kids dressed in a costume and carried a book that their costume was from. Corwin went as the "stalking and lurking adventurous cat," Slinky Malinki. Essentially, this means he wore the black cat costume that Ian wore for Halloween -- and Ian put up such a fuss about Corwin wearing the cat ears that I had to go dig out some old Cheetah ears I still have from a costume I wore in college for Ian to wear.

Ian was quite the sight yesterday -- he was wearing a Cars shirt that is really a pajama top of Corwin's. It was size 6 when I bought it last year, but has shrunk so much that it now fits Ian, who normally wears 2T these days, just fine. And the cheetah ears. I took some pictures on my ipod, but I haven't bothered to try transferring them to the computer yet to see if they're worth posting. Maybe tonight.

Since it was just Ian and me who needed to get up to the school yesterday morning for the parade, we went on the bike. That was a good decision both logistically (avoided the whole trying to find a parking place in the street and cajoling Ian to walk instead of staring at trees, bugs, and cracks in the sidewalk) and in that it got me a little bit of exercise. :) I haven't been doing too well with my exercise regimen lately. Motivation has been lacking, and being sick this week hasn't helped.

I went to bed at 10:15 last night, which is late compared to what I had been doing this week (9-9:30ish). Fell asleep just fine, but then spent a couple hours awake in the middle of the night coughing. I contemplated just getting up, but I really wanted the sleep. I finally found a position on my stomach that alleviated the coughing...and then Ian started coughing. Fortunately, he didn't cough for long and I was able to fall back asleep after that. Ready for my family to be healthy again!

Today I'm at work all day, so doubtful there'll be much of interest for me to post about tonight. But you never can tell!
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Today had been lovely, right up 'til the point where I realized about 4:30 that I had a scratchy throat. I've even been feeling energetic enough that I was going to try to go to my exercise class tonight, but now I'm not sure if I'm really up for it.

Ian and I did the grocery shopping this morning. The grocery store has Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths up all over the place already. It's November 5, for crying out loud!

This afternoon, Corwin had his first Destination Imagination meeting after school today, so I didn't have to pick him up 'til 4:00 (as opposed to the usual 3:05). That was lovely for me, because Ian slept all the way up 'til 3:45. I literally heard him make a noise a few seconds before my phone alarm to remind me to pick up Corwin went off. I used naptime today to work on building my Lego Vampyre Hearse and got almost all the way done with it; just a little bit more to go. Hopefully I can knock it out this evening.

Corwin was really excited when I picked him up after his meeting, and he said he'd had a lot of fun. Destination Imagination is supposed to help the kids work on their creativity and problem solving skills. DI for K-2nd grade isn't competitive, but the kids get a project to work on and they'll do an "exhibition" sometime in the spring. Corwin said today they made up a story about Roy G Biv's birthday party, and that over the next few months they're going to be putting together a play that they'll perform for the exhibition.

The downside came when I was picking Corwin up, and the parent leaders of Corwin's team told me they were going to be meeting on Tuesdays from here on out. Corwin has gymnastics at 4:15 on Tuesdays, and we won't be able to get there on time if he's at school until 4:00 for DI. Not to mention having two extracurriculars crammed into one afternoon sounds like a recipe for an overtired kid. And on the personal inconvenience side -- Tuesday is preschool day for Ian, and I pick him up at 2:00. Ian has his nap (such as it is) at preschool on that day, so he'll lose the opportunity to sleep late (and I'll lose the extra quiet time). Ah well. I'll need to look into whether there's another gymnastics class Corwin can switch into; we may end up just switching back to the 4:30 karate class on Mondays that Corwin was in last year.

Okay, I need to run off and give Ian a bath now and start herding the kids in the general direction of bed. Cross your fingers that my scratchy throat is just a fluke and I'll be feeling better tomorrow!
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I've tried a few new recipes in the last week, so should bother to write about them.

First was Mushroom Risotto, which I made last Monday after Andrew & I got home from his afternoon appointment, since the boys were still off at Corwin's karate class with their aunt. It was a hit with all the adults (including Sarah), though Corwin ate two bites before declaring he didn't like it, and Ian didn't even bother to try his. I didn't even mind that it had Spinach in it.

Tonight I made two new dishes:

Low Calorie Italian Baked Chicken
This one was a hit with Andrew and me. The kids seemed to think it was merely OK. They both ate a few bites of their chicken, but didn't finish. Corwin said he didn't like the sauce. Ian just got up in the middle of the meal and walked off, which is something he's been doing a lot of lately, since he figured out how to undo the strap on his chair. We're trying to nip that one in the bud, so once he gets up, he's done. I think he might have eaten more, since he did eventually come back to the table and put up a big fuss when we wouldn't let him have his plate back.

Easy Italian Vermicelli
I made a few small changes to this one as I cooked it. I didn't have either Italian style green beans (couldn't find any) or Italian style tomato paste (the one I found had HFCS), so I put in a teaspoon of Italian Seasoning instead. I used penne pasta, and olive oil instead of cooking spray. And added a little water at the end to try to thin the sauce a little. This one was just NOT a hit. Andrew ate all of his but wasn't crazy about it, and the rest of us didn't finish it. It ended up being a really thick sauce, even after I added water, and the flavor just didn't seem quite right. Not sure if it was the green beans, or what.
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Yesterday, Ian turned 1!

We had a family birthday party for him on Saturday afternoon; he had a grand time and enjoyed all the attention. I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing and sea critter gummies on top for decoration, and they went over much better with Ian than the carrot cake did with Corwin when he turned 1. Ian's birthday cupcake was demolished and devoured (though he was ultimately not allowed to have the gummy on top, after he tried to shove the entire thing in his mouth at one time).

Aftermath: Now if only we could get Corwin to let Ian play with his birthday presents!

As for his birthday itself, it was a pretty low-key day. Corwin had preschool, and we had Ian's class at the The Little Gym in the morning. Ian didn't feel much like participating in class that day, but he did enjoy climbing and exploring the gym, as well as trying to chew on anything he could find that would fit in his mouth. It left me wondering if he isn't working on some more teeth finally, though we can't see anything yet. Ian's buddy Miles came over to play in the afternoon. Nothing special for dinner, but he did get to devour another cupcake for dessert. :) Oh, and he got a runny nose for his birthday. :(

Today he had his 1-year checkup. He is 31 1/4" long (94%), 21 lb 12 oz (58%), and has a head circumference of 46.5 cm (63%). After looking him over his doc says he's a perfectly healthy little boy, but likely suffers from allergies. His runny nose is clear, and he has been sneezing and his eyes were red. So she recommended we try starting him on children's Zyrtec to see if that helps any. I'm not thrilled about him being on a daily maintenance drug already at 1 year old, but I do know that allergy meds help, and if it will cut back on the number of runny noses/allergy attacks that turn into sinus or ear infections, it will be worth it.


Corwin missed all three days of preschool last week due to being sick. When I asked his teacher yesterday if they had covered anything we needed to work with him on at home to catch up, she basically laughed at me and said he's so far ahead of the rest of the class academically that we don't need to worry. Apparently she's been having him read to the class sometimes, and often has to tell him to wait, don't say anything yet, when she asks the class a question so that the other kids get a chance to answer. It's starting already....I really hope he gets a teacher who can challenge him and keep him interested when he gets to kindergarten. I don't want him to skip a grade (because I think socially he is right where he needs to be with his peers) but I DO want him in some kind of GT program with other kids who are on par with him. I briefly looked at private school options and got frightened by the price tag ($13-14k/year)....but that was just a very surface look-see and I haven't gotten any further than that. I'd really rather keep him in public school, though, at the very least so that I can continue to be a stay-at-home parent for Ian while he is little. (Thought: I wonder if private school librarians are also required to teach for 2 years before they can be a librarian...)


Jul. 23rd, 2011 08:21 pm
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I so wish I could cut and paste from ICQ on my iPod right about now.

Corwin sometimes uses ICQ to type gibberish to Andrew while he's at work, and I think [ profile] ehcnalava gets some as well from time to time.

Yesterday morning, Corwin was up before I was, and asked if he could use ICQ to talk to Andrew. I gave permission and forgot about it. It turns out he actually had a (brief) conversation with Andrew on ICQ. At age 4!!

Well, when I got up, Corwin told me that his dad had asked him what he had for breakfast, but he didn't answer because he hadn't had breakfast yet and he didn't know how to type that. When I got the iPod and scrolled back through the conversation, it turns out that Andrew had asked him 4 questions, the first 3 of which he had read well enough to answer correctly (the 4th was what he'd had for breakfast, which he obviously read but didn't answer).

Question: Do you have permission to use ICQ?
Answer: Yes

Question: What time did you get up?
Answer: 7:07

Question: Was your diaper dry?
Answer: No

I so wish I could cut and paste the convo (especially as the answers to the questions were actually interspersed with gibberish, and my memory of the questions is probably not verbatim) but I can't cut and paste from ICQ on the iPod, and its history is "selective" so I can't even pull up that part of the convo to retype. (But I betcha it'll be there on Monday!)
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For those few of you who still read this...

I am still pregnant. Ready to be done. Due date isn't 'til October 2, so I technically still have just under 2 weeks to go, but I'm really hoping for this one to come early. I feel like a whale. I told Andrew the other night we should just scrap the name we picked out and call the baby Jonah. :P

I don't remember feeling this cumbersome and achy with Corwin. Doesn't mean I didn't...but I don't remember it.

I'm done with work for now; I'm supposed to go back at the beginning of April. So 6 months of weekends off....of work, at any rate. Not that taking care of an infant isn't a darn lot of work! But at least in terms of scheduling stuff, I'm free on the weekends for the foreseeable future. Right now, though, I just have no energy for doing much, and what energy I do have I have been trying to put into getting the house cleaned up and organized. "Ferociously nesting," says Andrew.

Corwin is still doing very well. Preschool has started back up again, and he's going on Mondays and Wednesdays this year. So far, he seems to like his new preschool just fine. I'm enjoying that he's capable of telling me a lot more about what he did while he was there than he was last year. I feel like I'm getting more details from him, at any rate, though I know I'm not getting everything (and never will).

He's also taking a gymnastics class at The Little Gym, which so far he seems to love. And I'm definitely seeing improvement each time he's incremental, but it's there. I kinda wish the class was twice a week instead of just once, as I think he'd progress faster with more exposure, and he likes it enough that I don't think he'd mind going twice.

We had to take him to the doctor a couple weeks ago, and he weighed in at 43 lbs and 42" tall. Compared with his measurements at his well check last April, he's grown nearly 2" since then. No wonder I think his pajama pants are looking short! I guess I'm probably gonna need to go buy him new clothes for winter soon, as I suspect all his stuff from last year is gonna be too short, too.

He is fascinated by numbers. He can count past 100, can read four-digit numbers correctly, and can do very basic addition and subtraction. He does still have trouble counting objects in front of him because he tends to lose track of which ones he's already counted once he gets up to around 10, but if you remind him to slow down and focus he does it correctly. He very recently started doing more than just scribbling with writing implements -- and what is he doing but trying to WRITE numbers? He's been very intently working on learning to write 1, 4, and 5. To be fair, he's been writing a few letters, too (capital A and H are the main ones), but he's definitely more focused on the numbers. He's also been practicing circles and ovals. But he hasn't yet tried to draw a picture of anything.

He also knows all his letters, both upper and lower case, and most of the letter sounds. I'm trying to work on applying that to reading words with him, but aside from a few that he's memorized, we're not making a lot of progress on that front yet. We've been working a lot on the "what letter does 'word' start with?" but he seems to be having trouble hearing or distinguishing the beginning sound to identify the letter. For example, if I ask him what 'bird' starts with he'll just guess random letters, but as soon as I ask him what letter says 'b' he gets it correct. He does spend a lot of time asking me how to spell various words, and some of them seem to stick. His memory amazes me -- we've been reading some nonfiction from the library, and right now we have out a book on Apatosaurus. It's a chapter book (short chapters...the whole book is 40-something pages) with quite a few words in it, compared to most of the picture books we've read, but we've read it enough that he can complete many of the sentences in it as we are going along. One page has a map of part of the western US (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana) and he can identify all of those states correctly (and Mexico, too). He's just a sponge....seems to soak up everything. I wonder how much of it is going to stick, long term.

And now that I've rambled for a while, I really should get to bed, so I can get up to get him to gymnastics in the morning.
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I forgot to mention in my previous post that on Monday I also got a pedicure. The combination of summer and not being able to reach my feet all that well any more (and that will only get worse over the next 3 months) means constant open-toed, slip-on shoes. And that means I want my feet to be pretty. So now I have purple toenails! Pretty!

I also have a hair appointment for Sunday afternoon -- gonna redo the purple streaks finally! :)

I just finished re-reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels (with the exception of the most recent one, An Echo in the Bone which was new to me). Still excellent reads, though Echo was definitely a cliffhanger. I want to know what happens next, goshdarnit!

Potty training stuff )

I think he's also having a bit of trouble re-adjusting to just being home with me again. When we were in Austin there was always someone around willing to play, talk, or read with him; relatives are good like that. Now it's just me, and I can't give him attention every waking minute -- just not possible for my sanity or for getting anything useful done around the house. Doesn't help that he won't nap any more -- the hour of "quiet reading time" is just not enough for me to both unwind a bit and get much useful stuff done.

I tried to make Corwin an appointment with the pediatric dentist that our adult dentist referred us to, but it turns out that that pediatric dentist is leaving the practice later this month (and of course the receptionist couldn't say whether said dentist was retiring...or going into practice on her own....or moving elsewhere). My attempt to call our dentist's office to ask if they had any information or could make another recommendation was thwarted as they are closed this week for the holiday, so I'll have to try that again on Monday. Corwin of course has no real concept of what going to the dentist entails (I've told him he's going to get to sit in a special chair and hold his mouth open so his teeth can be cleaned. He asked if the dentist would use a toothbrush, and I tried to explain that to him, but not sure how good a job I did), and he is thus incredibly excited about being "old enough" to go. I'm trying not to discourage his enthusiasm, but we'll see how much he likes it once he experiences it. *shrug*
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I'm tired today.

Corwin woke up in the middle of the night (around 1:15 a.m. or so) crying again. I think he's having nightmares. It's not night terrors because he's awake, but he still isn't really able to tell me what he dreamed or what else is bothering him. I just get crying and "Corwin doesn't want to sleep" and "you don't want to sleep" (which translates to, "I don't want to sleep" -- he's still not got his pronouns figured out) over and over again. This was pretty much a rerun of the time a few weeks ago when he woke up at 5 a.m. I rubbed his back and sang to him until he had calmed down, but just when I was ready to leave the room he asked to go to the bathroom. So I took him. He was shaky and unsteady on his feet like he is when he's very tired. After he peed and I said it was time to go get back in bed, he climbed up in my lap (I was sitting on the edge of the tub) and started crying all over again and repeating that he didn't want to sleep. I took him back to his bed and tried to calm him down, but failed and eventually just left to see if he'd calm down on his own once he no longer had an audience.

He didn't. Just kept repeating that he wanted me to scratch his back and that he didn't want to sleep. After 10 or 15 minutes Andrew got up and took him to go listen to some music for a while, and some unknown by me period of time later put him back to bed. He went calmly that time, but talked to himself for a while before falling asleep. He must have been awake for at least an hour, maybe more like 1.5 hours. And he was up and playing in his room at the stroke of 7 this morning. Needless to say, I hope he's taking a nap for Andrew this afternoon.

I'm at work today in the library. I expected it to be a quiet day due to the Super Bowl, and indeed we're not that busy in terms of students actually IN the library. But my phone is ringing off the hook with actual reference questions today. Guess lots of folks are studying at home before the game instead of driving here.
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Two days ago, just out of the blue, Corwin said, "Corwin went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday." Now I know that for him, "yesterday" is still a pretty nebulous term that might mean yesterday, or last week, or several days ago, or last month. But he hasn't been to the Renaissance Festival since last YEAR, and while we have talked about going (and had friends who stayed with us Saturday night and went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday), we hadn't had any conversation about it at all on the day this statement ensued.

On a similar note, early last week Corwin and I went to Target to get (among other things) a stool for his room so that he can reach the light switch on his own. He picked out a green plastic stool, but we had also looked at some wooden stools, one of which was red with car cut-outs on the side. I was surprised he didn't want that one, but he was adamant while we were in the store that he wanted the green plastic one, and seemed perfectly happy with it after we got home as well. Well, on Monday or Tuesday (don't remember which day now), he suddenly, out of the blue, said, "Corwin wants the red stool with the cars," and started whining and fussing about it. Made no sense to Momma brain at all.

We went to Bob & Nancy's house on Wednesday evening for dinner, and while we were there Corwin made the mistake of touching the glass cover on their fireplace while the fire was burning, and he found it to be rather hot. This morning when I went in to get him up he was talking about their fireplace and when it was okay to touch it or not, and somehow this got us onto a discussion about how they probably didn't have a fire this morning because Nancy was at work at her office, where she works with Grandpa Wally and Judith. Dad works in a different office with other people that Corwin doesn't know. Then he says, "Corwin plays with Judith and Grandpa Wally and Nancy. And Corwin plays with Pugsy, too. But Pugsy stays home with Jamie."

The workings of a 2-year-old's brain continue to mystify me.

And last but not least -- I hate it when he requests a song and I can't for the life of me figure out from his description what song it is that he wants. And then he whines and complains because I'm not playing the right song for him -- when I would if I could. *sigh* This morning it was "the birds are singing." No CLUE what that's a snippet of.

[EDIT: Apparently "birds are singing" refers to a Joe Scruggs song called, "Aunt Lucy." That phrase appears in the 2nd line of the song and never recurs.]


Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:24 pm
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Corwin seems to really be enjoying preschool so far. He was so excited when I dropped him off this morning that he didn't even say "bye" to me. It tugs at my heartstrings a little, but I know he's developing independence like he should and that he's just so excited about his day that being separated from mom isn't really on his mind. And I am thankful that he's not a crier. :) He's told me he mostly plays with Jack and Noah in his class, and that Jack was out of town today. I need to figure out a way to get acquainted with some of these kids' parents, but I'm not sure how to do so with the advent of carline -- see the next paragraph for my rant about that.

Today was the first day of "carline" -- where instead of parking and going in the building to drop off or pick up our children, we all sit in line in our cars to pick up/drop off under the covered area of their circle drive, and the staff help the children get in/out of the car. This morning when it was pouring cats and dogs and we arrived at school about 10 minutes early and there were only about 7 cars ahead of us carline was very welcome -- meant I didn't have to get Corwin out of the car and into the building in the rain. Though we were already fairly soaked from getting to the car since there's no covered parking at our apartment, but who's counting right? This afternoon, though, I was less than pleased. I arrived at 1:55 and got in the line (out in the street; I couldn't even get in the parking lot at that time), and it was about 2:15 when I finally drove out with Corwin. On previous days when I have arrived at 1:55 (before carline started), I was able to get out more quickly than that. Even if not by much, at least I was DOING something other than sitting in the car polluting the environment while it idled. *sigh* Apparently carline is supposed to somehow be more convenient, but I can't say that I see how. Yes, there is less trying to dodge kids and parents in the parking lot, but it doesn't save time and it can't be good environmentally to have that many cars (mostly SUVs and minivans) idling for 20+ minutes to pick up their kids. Getting there earlier seems moot since they don't start bringing the kids out 'til 2:00. I'd get out of the parking lot earlier, but I'd probably spend an equal amount of time sitting in the car to get there early enough to be near the head of the line. Plus, you know, I'm paying for child care for my kid until 2:00, so I shouldn't HAVE to be there at 1:45! :P

Okay, rant over.

Naptime is still an issue for us. He seems to be napping somewhere in the range of 2-3 days a week, usually at the beginning of the week. He slept yesterday, and today I didn't get him in bed 'til shortly after 3:00. And he proceeded to take an almost 3-hour-long nap He got up just before 6 (after I went and made a concerted effort to make lots of noise outside his room). We decided to let him stay up until 9, since having him go to bed 2 hours after he got up just seemed silly. But even with not going to bed 'til 9, he's still carrying on and talking and stuff and it's after 10:30. *sigh* I just wish we could figure out a way to get him to nap consistently. Unfortunately, on preschool days, getting him in bed for nap before 3 is fairly unrealistic. We get home from preschool around 2:30, he eats a small snack and talks to me for a bit (as it is hard to talk to him much in the car -- his voice is quiet and hard to hear from the drivers' seat, plus he gets distracted by all the cars around us and starts telling me about them rather than his day), then we go potty and do his naptime routine. They're supposed to have a nap at preschool, but that starts at 12 or 12:15 which is just too early for Corwin. We have trouble getting him to sleep at 2 at home (and there have been preschool days already this year when he didn't nap after he got home); I don't see 12:15 happening.

I was gonna say something more, but it's now slipped my brain. Gonna go stick my head in and tell Corwin to quiet down and go to sleep and then try to go to sleep myself. I'm hoping I'll be able to get us moving early enough tomorrow to make it to the library for storytime. But we'll see. Odds of Corwin sleeping past 8 tomorrow morning, even with being up as late as he is? Still virtually nil.

Oh, I remember what else I was gonna say. We haven't had a pair of wet underwear in about a week. I've probably just jinxed the streak by saying that, but I'm still excited about it! It's been nice not having to do a warm load nearly every day to clean that evening's wet underwear. :) Corwin has 4 pairs of summer pajamas, and he actually wore all 4 of them before I had to do laundry yesterday! :)

Busy day

Sep. 1st, 2009 03:11 pm
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I've decided that I am no longer going to plan trips to Austin. An impending Houston-to-Austin drive apparently does bad things to my car. *sigh* Immediately prior to my last trip to Austin is when my Civic's check engine light came on and I ended up buying a new car rather than pay for the repairs needed to make the Civic travel-ready again.

This morning, immediately after I backed out of the parking space to take Corwin to preschool orientation, the new car started beeping at me and one of the warning lights was on. I pulled back into a parking space and pulled out the owner's manual -- apparently the pressure in one of my tires is low. PROBABLY not a huge deal, but I didn't have time to do anything about it at the time because we didn't have more than a minute or two of time to spare to get to the preschool on time (and I'd already used that looking in the owner's manual). I did get out and do a visual inpection, and the tires all looked fine to me (nothing obviously flat).

After orientation I left Corwin in his classroom with his teachers while I tried to do a more thorough inspection of the tires. Visually, I still couldn't see a darn thing wrong with them -- none of them looked low, and I couldn't see any nails or such (we were at the new house last night briefly, so we could have run over something there). So I pulled out the tire pressure gauge I carry in my glove box, and TRIED to check the pressure in the tires. Unfortunately, I have the FAIL when it comes to using that thing, as I can never get the same reading twice. I know I'm not doing something right, but I can't seem to get the hang of how to do it properly (and Andrew has tried to teach me). Around this time, the man who was parked next to me was coming out to his vehicle and asked if I needed any help. I explained to him what was going on, and he said he thought my tires looked fine as well, and that I was probably fine driving on them until this evening. So I'm gonna have to get Andrew to check my tire pressures this evening and help get that remedied tonight, or else determine what I need to do tomorrow to get it taken care of before we drive to Austin in the evening. *sigh* It just seems like it is always something.

On the other hand, Corwin had a blast playing in his classroom at preschool; he was happy as a little clam, and his teachers were surprised that he wasn't upset when I left to go to the parent session. I was hoping he'd react the way he did -- he was great at being dropped off for mother's day out last year at the end of the school year; I was hoping that being in a new place wouldn't trigger a new round of fussing at being dropped off. Apparently there were plenty of fun toys to be played with, so I guess he didn't need mommy. In fact, he fussed when I came to pick him up after checking the tires because he didn't want to leave yet.

From preschool, we went to the mall and got my engagement ring cleaned and inspected. We were supposed to have had that done in July in keeping with the warranty requirements, but we moved in July and that just got forgotten in the shuffle. I only remembered a couple weeks ago when Andrew and I were at the mall and we walked past the store and my brain went "oh, crud!" Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind that I was late. Yay!

Then we went downstairs to the children's playscape area and let Corwin run around for a half-hour or so. It was so nice being there now that school has started and it's no longer overrun with older kids who are really too big and rough for it -- it's obviously designed for children under age 5, but no one seems to enforce this (unlike at Memorial City Mall, where there was a security guard there for just that reason).

Then we hit the grocery store (and the Buddy Buck machine) to get more yogurt for Corwin since we were completely out and HEB didn't have any on Sunday when we shopped. The HEB I hit today didn't have the kind of yogurt we buy either, so I ended up getting a couple containers of HEB brand yogurt for Corwin to try. Corwin got a 20 point sticker out of the Buddy Buck machine; too bad he doesn't yet have any concept of how awesome that is (most of the stickers range from 1-5 points).

Then the bank to deposit a $1.62 refund check from AT&T related to the cancellation of our landline, and then a stop in the apartment office to pick up a package -- our new digital camera! It's a Canon Powershot SD780IS, and it is TINY! It's only slightly larger than my cell phone. Currently I'm charging the battery so that I can try it out and familiarize myself with it a little bit before Dragoncon. When we finally got back to the apartment, [ profile] kaerukami was waiting for us with a couple of books he's letting Andrew borrow for reading on the airplane, and pest control had already been here, so I don't have to worry about that this afternoon.

I thought surely Corwin would be tired enough to take a nap this afternoon between playing at preschool this morning and running around the playscape at the mall (not to mention walking around with me at all the various stops we made), but apparently I was incorrect. He's been talking and carrying on for over an hour now, so I need to go let him get up and play. Wish I could figure out the magic formula for wearing him out enough to sleep at naptime.
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Something, presumably in the apartment, keeps biting Corwin. And he's having allergic reactions to the bites. :(

Thursday evening during Corwin's bath, we noticed that he had a bite on his left leg just below the knee, it was looking bruised, and most of his lower leg was swollen and red. But he wasn't acting bothered by it at all. Friday morning it still looked the same, so I called his doctor and ended up taking him in Friday afternoon. Doc said it wasn't a dangerous spider bite, but looked like he was having an allergic reaction to whatever bit him. He said to give him some Benadryl.

So we gave Corwin Benadryl at bedtime Thursday night, he slept like a rock all night, and the leg looked much better in the morning. The swelling was gone and the redness was mostly gone, but the bruising was still there. It's continued to look better since.

Well this afternoon we were over at [ profile] mahtab's house, and as I was taking his shoes off to get him ready for his nap I noticed that his right ankle was swollen and red and that he had several bugbites in the area. But it didn't seem to be bothering him any -- he had been running around and jumping (his new skill for the day is jumping -- he's been practicing for about a week and today he was consistently getting both feet off the ground at the same time for the first time) and generally acting fine, so I didn't think it was sprained or anything. So we gave him some more Benadryl at bedtime tonight and I'll see how it looks in the morning. If it is still swollen and red in the morning, I'll see about a trip back to the doctor to examine the ankle for sprain or breakage or such -- but just based on his behavior I'm doubtful that's the case.

So tomorrow on my agenda is calling the apartment management to ask them about exterminating our apartment. I know generally in apartments it just results in the bugs moving on to someone else's apartment, but in this case they're eating my kid and he's apparently allergic, so I'm quite happy to have them go visit someone else. They just exterminated outside about 3 weeks ago, and I have noticed fewer bugs in the apartment since then, but the allergic reactions have just started in the past week.

Something finds my son yummy, and I don't like it. :(


Jun. 9th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Corwin ate tacos for dinner tonight! Meat and all. :)

Usually when I fix tacos I give him just chips and cheese because he doesn't eat the meat or lettuce if I put it on his plate. Tonight he asked for meat and lettuce on his tacos, so I gave him a spoonful of meat and Andrew gave him a small amount of lettuce. He picked around the meat and lettuce for a while, but eventually did try it and ended up finishing everything on his plate! Wonder how long it will be before it happens again?

Today I started my hunt (with the help of an apartment specialist at the brokerage company our realtor works for) for our temporary housing. The first response I got was for a short-term furnished rental, usually used as temporary corporate housing. The monthly rent on a 3-br apartment was over $3700. My jaw hit the floor. Too bad we don't have a company paying for our relocation to cover that rent for us. :P So we'll definitely be going for an unfurnished place and using our own furniture. Unfortunately, there are far fewer places where you can get a 3-month lease on an unfurnished apartment. I got a list back tonight of some options on that front, so I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow, and possibly visiting some places Thursday morning while our buyer's inspection is occurring.

I bought Corwin new shoes today. They were size 9 1/2. My son continues to be a giant for his age.
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To tide you over 'til I can get around to posting pictures of the house, I bring you the cute Corwin pic of the day:

He's reading 'How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?' )

Busy day

May. 21st, 2009 03:17 pm
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I finally have a few minutes to sit down and breathe today.

This morning I dropped off Corwin for his last day of Mother's Day Out at 9:00 and headed straight to the car dealership for an oil change on my car (both in preparation for heading to Austin tomorrow and because it's the last chance I'll have to do so without having to drag Corwin along until next September). After the oil change and new windshield wiper blades I headed home to meet our realtor, who was already in the house working with the photographer getting pictures taken for our listing. Finishing up the pictures and the paperwork for the listing took until noon, at which point I gobbled some lunch and then headed off to the university to pay for my parking for the summer. This involved a stop at the Galleria to get my parking permit and card from Andrew since I drive his car to work on the weekends and forgot to get my stuff out last night. So I paid for my parking and stopped to chat with my former boss for about 10 minutes or so (as neither my current boss nor the library director were in their offices at the time I was there) and then headed back home to pick up Corwin. We hung out in his classroom for a few extra minutes because the kids were eating cookies that someone's mom had brought and taking pictures with the teachers (in all my busy-ness I totally forgot my camera, so I'm hoping Morgan's mom will remember to email me the picture she took on her camera). Then home and got Corwin in bed for his nap and now I am finally sitting still. Corwin is still carrying on up in his bed though, so maybe he's not going to take a nap today. *sigh*

I'm feeling more sadness than I think I should about Corwin's last day of Mother's Day Out. I think it largely has to do with the fact that he has been enjoying it so much, and also that he's not likely to see his teachers again (unless we are still here in the fall, which I hope we aren't). And he doesn't seem to understand what "last day" means enough to be sad about it himself. I think he's going to miss a couple of the kids from his class, too, but I'm hoping maybe we'll be able to get together with them for some playdates or something this summer, which should help. I'll also miss having the time to myself, but I don't think that's at the root of how I'm feeling. It's almost like I'm feeling what I think Corwin should be feeling if he understood what was happening. Whee for being a parent! ;)
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He pedaled his tricycle on his own today for the first time! He even got it started from a full stop by himself once, though I couldn't get him to repeat the accomplishment.

He's starting to use complete sentences some of the time when he speaks. He has said things like, "Dada ate all his food." His cadence when speaking still doesn't sound natural much of the time, but the words are coming. He's also starting to use the word "the." Next thing I'm ready for him to figure out is how to properly use the pronouns "I", "me", "mine", "you", and "your(s)". Right now, he generally repeats whatever he hears me say, which means he usually gets them backwards. My mom the former elementary school teacher says he just needs time and he'll figure it out. And I'm sure she's right. :)

Potty training progress behind the cut )
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Comcast did refund my $1.99, and I didn't have to make any additional phone calls or write any letters to get it done.

The handyman who was supposed to come on Tuesday rescheduled for 9:30 this morning because of the flooding that happened on Tuesday. He didn't show up today, and after I called and left voicemail and emailed, I got a call from his wife to say that he came down with the flu yesterday. She thinks it just a normal flu and not the dreaded swine version, but regardless he is out of commission for the time being. He's supposed to give me a call when he's feeling better. Yay for more delays. :P

I talked to our realtor (the one we had decided to work with when we thought we were going to be putting our house on the market around this time last year) this morning, and she's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to meet with us, go over current house value, and talk about when we might actually be able to get on the market.

Convection oven repair is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and the flooring people are supposed to be out on Monday to do the warranty work on our Pergo.

I sent a complaint email to the President of the AC company that told me we needed new evaporator coils on both our AC units, and asked for the money I spent on the inspection back. I sent that last night, so still waiting on a response. If I don't get one in a day or two, then I'll get the BBB involved.

My MRI for my knee is scheduled for Thursday morning next week.

Tomorrow, in addition to meeting with the realtor in the afternoon, I'm hoping to get Lowe's trip in to get new filters for our air returns and various gardening supplies to mulch our beds and plant some seasonal flowers for color.

Corwin is starting to figure out how to sing. He knows all the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Row Row Your Boat" (minus a few of the pronouns and "connecting" words) and I can tell he's attempting the tune and rhythm when he "sings" them. It's so cool to watch him make all these discoveries and watch how his language is coming together!


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