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I've tried a few new recipes in the last week, so should bother to write about them.

First was Mushroom Risotto, which I made last Monday after Andrew & I got home from his afternoon appointment, since the boys were still off at Corwin's karate class with their aunt. It was a hit with all the adults (including Sarah), though Corwin ate two bites before declaring he didn't like it, and Ian didn't even bother to try his. I didn't even mind that it had Spinach in it.

Tonight I made two new dishes:

Low Calorie Italian Baked Chicken
This one was a hit with Andrew and me. The kids seemed to think it was merely OK. They both ate a few bites of their chicken, but didn't finish. Corwin said he didn't like the sauce. Ian just got up in the middle of the meal and walked off, which is something he's been doing a lot of lately, since he figured out how to undo the strap on his chair. We're trying to nip that one in the bud, so once he gets up, he's done. I think he might have eaten more, since he did eventually come back to the table and put up a big fuss when we wouldn't let him have his plate back.

Easy Italian Vermicelli
I made a few small changes to this one as I cooked it. I didn't have either Italian style green beans (couldn't find any) or Italian style tomato paste (the one I found had HFCS), so I put in a teaspoon of Italian Seasoning instead. I used penne pasta, and olive oil instead of cooking spray. And added a little water at the end to try to thin the sauce a little. This one was just NOT a hit. Andrew ate all of his but wasn't crazy about it, and the rest of us didn't finish it. It ended up being a really thick sauce, even after I added water, and the flavor just didn't seem quite right. Not sure if it was the green beans, or what.


Jun. 27th, 2012 10:08 pm
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I've really fallen off the bandwagon of trying new dishes at dinner time lately, so this week I've been making an effort.

Yesterday, I made a pork chop and potatoes dinner (Barbara's Pork Chop Dinner, except the recipe I had omitted the carrots and cauliflower and added dijon mustard and mushrooms) in the crock pot; it was a flop. I think I was the only one that liked it, and I don't like it enough to make it for (mainly) me to eat. Andrew's not wild about pork chops most of the time (though sometimes if they are well-cooked, he says they're not too bad) and the sauce for this dinner was dijon mustard-based, which is also not a flavor he loves. Corwin seemed to think the potatoes were 'okay' but that was about all. I got him to eat 3 bites of pork chop, but he didn't want any more after that. Ian never tried his pork chop at all, nibbled a few bites of potato, and declared himself done. So this one will not go into the rotation. Sad face. :(

My in-laws are on vacation right now, so we are keeping an eye on their garden while they are gone. This mainly involves checking on it every few days to make sure the timer for the sprinkler hasn't given up, and picking anything that's ready to be picked. This afternoon's haul was pretty small - one tomato and some green beans. Since my family hasn't been wild about plain steamed green beans (and I am still figuring out exactly how long to steam them for), I decided to try Garlic Parmesan Green Beans tonight. This one was a hit with Andrew and sort-of with Corwin -- he initially said he really liked them, but then proceeded to eat them really slowly. Ian had one and didn't want any more. I tried them also, but I just don't like green beans to begin with, so my opinion doesn't count. (I ate the two I put on my plate to try, but no more.)
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Remember those New Year's Resolutions I made back in January? 

1) Do the grocery shopping during the week so that we don't have to squeeze it in during our already packed weekends any more.

I've been keeping up with this one.  Tuesday morning is our usual grocery shopping day now, though occasionally it ends up being Tuesday afternoon after preschool or Wednesday morning instead.

2) Try to cook something new for dinner once each week, at least long enough to find some new dishes we like and can throw into our rotation so we don't feel like we're eating the same things week in and week out... [exposition cut]

I've fallen off the wagon a bit with this one; I got lazy over the past few weeks and started reverting back to old standbys that are easy to throw together.  I tried to make up for it a bit this week, though, and fixed TWO new dishes. 

On Friday, we had Chicken Paprikash, a crock pot recipe that Andrew picked up as part of a booklet of "Healthy Crock Pot Recipes" distributed at work by our health insurance company.  It was really easy -- throw boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the crock pot, and mix together cream of mushroom soup and paprika, and put the mixture in the crock pot with the chicken.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours, remove the chicken, and stir 1/2 cup fat free sour cream into the remaining liquid.  I ended up having the crock pot ready to start about 7.5 hours before we wanted to eat, so I did it for the 1st 2 hours on high, and then turned it down to low for the rest of the cooking time.  I think this may have been a little too much cooking, as the chicken thighs were so falling-apart done that I couldn't remove them before stirring in the sour cream.  The chicken mostly shredded in the course of my stirring in the sour cream.  Fortunately, I had also cooked some rice to serve this over, so we had chicken-paprikash-and-rice for dinner.  Everyone but Ian liked it. (And I'm not sure Ian bothered to try his.)  I used low-fat sour cream instead of fat-free because the only fat-free that the grocery store had was in a HUGE container, and I only needed a half-cup.  This one will definitely go into the rotation since it was so easy.  I may try it with cream of chicken soup, though, to see if it comes out a bit more chickeny that way (even if the lack of mushrooms makes Andrew pout at me).

Tonight, we had Chicken & Roasted Garlic Risotto, a recipe I got off of a Cambell's soup can, of all places.  This one was really a hit, as even Ian liked it, and both Corwin and Ian had seconds.  I should clarify -- Ian liked the rice and peas, but didn't eat his chicken.  Yes, you read that right -- this dish included peas.  And even *I* ate it!  This one involved browning some chicken breasts, removing them from the pan, adding cream of mushroom with roasted garlic and cream of chicken soups along with two cups water, adding instant rice (I used instant brown rice instead of the white rice called for) and a cup of frozen peas and carrots (I used a frozen peas and mushrooms mix because the grocery store had no frozen peas & carrots when I was there last week), adding the chicken back to the pot, and cooking for 15 minutes (the recipe says 5, but the brown rice required 10, and the chicken wasn't quite done after 10 so I left it for another 5 minutes additional).  I suspect it could be fixed without the chicken and served as a side along with a different protein, and I could change up the veggies for variety.  The only drawback is that it fixes 2 cups of rice (you need that much to absorb both soups plus water), which leaves us with lots of leftovers.  I'll have to see if the kids like it as much as leftovers or not.

3) Re-adopt a more frugal financial mindset; we're not in trouble financially, but over time I've gotten away from really asking myself if I needed something or REALLY wanted it/would use it enough to make it worth its cost. Also, we now have two kids, and I need to keep my spending on them in check as well...

Still struggling with this one.  Andrew's annual raise goes into effect this month, so we'll see if that helps any.  I need to get him to fill out the paperwork to direct deposit some of his paycheck straight to savings, but he's grumbling about doing that.  (Unfortunately, HR paperwork for his job is one thing I can't do on his behalf.) 

4) Finish last year's resolution to get the boxes of china in my dining room unpacked from our move. My sister spent a couple evenings helping me with that last year, and we got through 4 of the 7 boxes. Still 3 more to go, though; I'm disappointed I didn't get them done last year -- I had a whole year.

Done.  My sister helped me when she was here for a long weekend in March.  Thanks, Rebecca!
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This week's crock pot experiment ought to make those of you familiar with my eating habits very proud! It had both broccoli (which I have been training myself to eat small amounts of when it's steamed) AND cheese in it. And I liked it!

It's one of the more labor-intensive crock pot dishes I've tried, as it involved browning ground beef to add about halfway through the cooking time (I cooked it ahead of time, put it in the fridge, and then nuked it to warm-ish before I put it in the crock pot), and cooking pasta to add about 30 minutes before it was done. I also had to add cheese and tomato paste at the 30-minutes-to-done mark. Neither of those things was difficult, it just meant this was not a "throw-it-all-in-the-pot-and-forget-about-it" recipe.

Andrew and I both liked it; the cheese flavor wasn't really noticeable to me at all. The broccoli wasn't a strong flavor, either. Unfortunately, it was not a hit with either Corwin or Ian. I'm not sure why, as they both like all the individual parts. But Corwin had 2 or 3 bites and then didn't want any more, and Ian nibbled on his but threw most of it on the floor. Oh well...I'll keep this one in the rotation for Andrew and me, and feed the kids leftovers or something.
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This past week's new crock pot recipe was Creamy Chicken, which really should have been described as "Creamy Chicken Soup" instead. The basic recipe called for 3 chicken breasts, chopped onion, (not nearly enough) mushrooms, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup (undiluted) and 14 1/2 oz of chicken broth (which I upped to 2 cups, since it seemed silly to keep the ounce and a half that would have been left in the box if I had only used the recommended 14 1/2 oz). It DID say you could add cubed processed cheese spread (i.e. Velveeta) to it if you wanted to, and I assume that would have thickened it....but not being a cheese fan and the fact that anything called "processed cheese spread" just sounds repulsive to me, I opted not to. I cooked some rice instead and put that in our bowls with the soup.

The chicken breasts cooked enough to be falling apart with only minor help from a knife, so it was a reasonably good chicken soup. We added pepper after it was done (the recipe called for salt & pepper to taste; we opted not to add salt since there was plenty in the cream of chicken soup already), but it still seemed a bit bland to my taste. Can anyone suggest some additional spices to add next time? I'm not experienced enough with going "off-recipe" to really know what would go well in a "creamy" chicken soup.
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Tonight I had the first vegetarian dinner I've had in a LONG time...if ever?

I had some Buitoni garlic marinara sauce that I got free a couple weeks ago with the purchase of the tortellini we usually buy, and since it's a refrigerated sauce it doesn't keep for all that long. So I was looking for something to do with that, since I haven't really been in the mood for tomato-based pasta dishes, and I ran across a fried ravioli recipe that I kept from back when HEB had its Italian-themed month a few months back. The recipe called for using frozen ravioli, and I ended up choosing the porcini mushroom ravioli since it was the only non-primarily-cheese ravioli I could find at the store yesterday. So we had fried mushroom ravioli with garlic marinara sauce tonight. I even did the bread crumbs myself -- grinding up two slices of bread in my food processor (in hindsight, I should have done 3, as the last few ravioli ended up with little to no breading) and mixing in some Italian seasoning with the crumbs. I'm sure that was cheaper than buying Italian bread crumbs, the excess of which would surely just sit until the next time I encounter a recipe that needs them....and who knows when that might be?

The recipe specified to heat the oil to 360 degrees, and to check the temperature with a candy thermometer, which I don't have. So I ended up just guessing when the oil was the right temp, and I think I ended up with it just a little too hot, as the breading started to look overdone much more quickly than the recipe listed as a cooking time. I think I need to add a candy thermometer to my Christmas/birthday/"things I need to remember I want" wishlist, because the last time I tried to fry something in oil (years ago) I ended up burning it to beyond edibility.

My ravioli came out not looking particularly pretty, but Andrew and I both liked them enough to be willing to eat them again. Ian also ate several, before handing over his plate and gesticulating wildly that he wanted Corwin's pizza. (Corwin had tried one bite, and declared he didn't like it, so we let him have a piece of the pizza left from the weekend.) In Ian's defense, the ravioli piece he rejected was one of the more overdone ones; the rest of his had been lightly breaded and not so overdone. So mostly a hit...but not one I think I'll be making very often.


Mar. 9th, 2010 08:26 pm
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I made chicken noodle soup from scratch for dinner tonight. It turned out pretty well, but a little bland. I think I need to experiment with spices a bit. I used thyme, salt, and pepper tonight, but even with extra pepper in my bowl I still thought it was a bit bland. Anyone have suggestions? Aside from the spices, it was your basic chicken, noodles, carrots, celery, and onion soup.

I gave Corwin a bowl for his dinner tonight as well, and told him he had to try it. If he tried a few bites and didn't like it, he could have something else, but he at least had to try a few bites or he was going to go to bed hungry. The only thing in it he hasn't had before is the celery, and he loves carrots, chicken, and noodles. Well, he started out insisting he didn't like it (before he'd even SEEN it, much less tried it), and then once he got the bowl in front of him kept saying he didn't like the broth. So I finally got him a fork and let him try it with that so that he didn't have to have any broth. He tried a bit, declared it good, and proceeded to go to with a combination of fork and spoon and eventually finished all of it except for a bit that he spilled at the end when he hit the side of the bowl with his fork.

I was in the bathroom when the spillage occurred, so I heard Andrew fussing at him about it from the other room.

Well, turns out I was the one who needed the lesson about not spilling soup. *sigh* After we were all done and I was trying to get the last of the leftovers out of the pot and into a storage container, I lost my grip on the pot and it hit the container, tipping it over and spilling the soup all over me and the floor. Fortunately, it was container 3 of 3, so we didn't lose ALL the leftovers, but even so -- I wasn't expecting THAT big of a cleanup when I set out to make soup from scratch. :P


Dec. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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This is one of those days where I feel the need to post about my accomplishments. It'll probably be boring for most of you.

Today, I:
-put away a load of laundry that was in the dryer from yesterday
-did a complete load of laundry (all except for the putting away of Corwin's clothes, as I folded them after he was in bed)
-took Corwin to Target where I bought miscellaneous stuff we needed
-went to Randalls to pick up baby wipes (and stood in the Express checkout line behind a woman buying $100+ worth of groceries -- and WAY more than 15 items. *grump*)
-found the bike shop and ordered Corwin's tricycle for Christmas
-baked Spritz cookies for tomorrow and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards
-cooked dinner
-got Christmas stockings hung and the banisters decorated to my satisfaction
-updated my Christmas card address list with all the folks who have so far responded to my request for updates. I think about a 3rd of my list must have moved in the last year. Y'all stay put, y'hear!!!

Now I am wasting time because I am TIRED, when really I should be trying to make a little more progress of some variety before it's time to shower and head to bed. I have to be at work at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Stuff I wanted to get done today but haven't yet (and may not): pay bills, vacuum the kitchen (after I spilled little candy cookie decors while baking), clean off the bar, buffet, and mantel, put up Christmas decorations on the mantel and buffet, and wrap Christmas presents.

I think my list is just too long.
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I have been meaning to post a Corwin update for several days now, but it keeps getting put off in favor of Christmas prep of one sort or another.

He is crawling fairly regularly now. And standing. And making attempts at walking. )

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth! )

He eats food. Read about all the fascinating minutiae here! )

And last, but not least, he sleeps, too! )

I'm thrilled that we finally seem to have settled into a (fairly loose) schedule that works for us! Now I just need to work on coming up with more activities for us to do during the day to keep him entertained so he isn't bored and fussing at me so much.

The pictures you know you wanna see are back here! )


Jan. 4th, 2007 06:38 pm
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Andrew and I just had a really easy yet yummy (and at least mostly healthy) dinner. It consisted of a premade Vegetable Stew that we picked up in the refrigerated foods section at HEB (made by Canyon Specialty Foods, and Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits from the frozen bread aisle.

I was especially impressed with the stew -- we picked that one as it seemed to be the only premade soup option that had meat in it (beef), but I ate everything in my bowl, even the beans. That's pretty impressive. So I've had corn, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, and I think some bell peppers of one sort or another. Since it was refrigerated, it was pretty much like eating a homemade stew -- the meat was even fresh and flavorful, and not dried out like the meat in most canned soups I've tried. There were a few other varieties in the store, of which I'm probably willing to also try the minestrone (the other options that I can remember are broccoli and cheese [which Andrew would love but I'm not likely to touch] and Texican chowder, which looks like it has too many peppers in it for either of our tastes). But I suspect that Vegetable Stew (and maybe the minestrone, if we try it and I like it) will be going on our list of easy things to fix for after the baby's born. Basically, stick it on the stove at medium heat and stir it a few times until it's hot (about 15 minutes). The biscuits cook in 20 minutes, and it's merely a matter of sticking frozen dough in the oven. So, EASY! :)
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Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! :)

I didn't get any additional cleaning done today (I cleaned the guest/baby bathroom yesterday and started moving some of the baby stuff into it, and gave Sprite's former bedroom a good going over with the vacuum cleaner and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in prep for having the carpets cleaned and the room painted in the next week or so), but I did bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (yum!), go to the grocery store, do a few loads of laundry, and finish wrapping Christmas presents today. So I haven't been a completely lazy bum.

I'm going to go get ready for Christmas Eve church in a few minutes, and Andrew I will open our presents after we get home. I never did get to decorate this year, but I at least got to do some baking, which helps with the Christmas spirit quite a bit. I really do enjoy baking, but I have to feel like I can spare the time to do it.

Tomorrow we'll be spending Christmas Day at Andrew's parents' house with his family, Bob & Nancy, and Ralph. :)
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Well, we ended up once again not going out and doing anything fun this weekend. Instead, we did more useful home improvement type things.

Saturday -- shopping )

Sunday - installing ceiling fans, with pictures )

It was once again quite the productive weekend. I didn't really do very much cleaning, though (aside from the usual laundry and dishes, and maintaining the cleanliness of the bar and breakfast room table). Oh well. Next weekend we go to Austin for [ profile] beckyboo83's graduation, and the weekend after that I'll have to get lots of housecleaning done, in prep for [ profile] gwentevis' visit and hosting Carly's shower.

Last night

Jan. 25th, 2006 09:52 am
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I had a good night last night.

Mindy and Lee came over last night, and Mindy fixed dinner for the four of us. It turned out well (not that I expected it wouldn't) and I even ended up eating some corn and a few green beans. Yay for me! :) I don't know if I'll ever be good at or enjoy this veggie-eating thing, but at least I'm trying now. I'm also bringing fruit with my lunches again, which is good because it fills me up a little more and I'm finding that I have the "hunger shakes" far less often at the end of the workday. :)

Mindy did most of the cleanup in the kitchen after dinner last night, too, (don't worry, I did help!) so I wasn't even left with a big pile of dirty pots and pans to deal with, so that was very nice. Made for a very relaxed evening overall.

Even better was the fact that I couldn't log onto WoW after Mindy and Lee went home (even was down, so I couldn't even check on my server status), so I ended up using the time to do some of the filing that needed doing in the office upstairs. I got enough of it put away that I feel like I can actually sit down and do some of the financial work I need to do up there. Tasks include the following:

-reconcile most recent credit card statement so I can pay that bill
-rebalance money in retirement accounts
-finishing tallying up sales tax paid for 2005 so we can deduct it on our income taxes

I know that list likely sounds scary to a lot of folks, but family finances are something that I actually enjoy working on, as odd as that may be. I like working with numbers, and it's kinda fun to work everything out and then see where we stand when I'm done. :) Some part of me thinks maybe I should have taken after my dad and been an accountant, but these days it sounds like a lot of the things he's asked to do as an accountant don't really involve numbers any more -- at least not in the nitty gritty sense. Maybe what I'd really prefer is the role of bookkeeper, but that kind of position generally doesn't require a degree and gets paid squat.

In addition to filing, I made tea so that I'd have some to take to work today. And showered, and read a bit more in Memoirs of a Geisha. I was rather shocked to see that one of the key events in the movie isn't even in the book -- it seems the movie writers made it up whole hog. I really want to write a short review/comparison of the movie and book for either the library's web site or the library's newsletter, but I'm starting to fear I'd have to watch the movie again to do a good job of it. And I didn't really like the movie enough the first time to want to sit through it again. So we'll see.

And then I went to bed, relaxed and happy. :)
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I haven't written a weekend update in a long while, so here ya go:

Friday night, we skipped out on a party we could have gone to, and stayed home playing World of Warcraft. I was tired after my sleep-depped three-day week (trying to get back to getting up at 6:30 on a regular basis after regularly sleeping 'til close to noon for a week and a half was not fun!) and didn't really feel like going out, drinking, etc. Especially after getting sick New Year's Eve after only 2 1/3 hard ciders and a wee bit of champagne. I don't know what my body's deal with alcohol tolerance these days is. If I'm drinking mixed drinks, I can have 2-3 and be fine. I'm wondering if throwing that wee bit of champagne into the mix was what did it. *shrugs* At any rate, now I'm wary about drinking.

Saturday we met up with folks at Dave & Buster's for lunch and games for [ profile] zhaph's birthday, and followed it up with board games and dinner at [ profile] mahtab's. No especially exciting stories to tell, but Andrew and I both enjoyed ourselves. I hope Phil had a good day! :)

Sunday we stayed home and played World of Warcraft again, and I leveled my hunter to 50. We also did a Zul'Farrak run with [ profile] mahtab, [ profile] zhaph, and [ profile] sirbobsalot, which was a lot of fun. We'll plan to meet up again tonight and do the same, hopefully getting a bit earlier of a start.

In addition to WoW'ing, we also accomplished some useful stuff around the house yesterday, namely:

list of accomplishments )

Unfortunately, there's still lots more that needs to be done. But then, isn't there always?

Now I must buckle down and face my five-day workweek. Ack...I have to be here five whole days this week! At least next weekend is a three-day weekend. Yay MLK Day! :)
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Today was a good but long day.

I went to bed early last night (10:30, on a Friday night!) and so managed to actually get out of bed right around 8:30 like I was supposed to. On the way to meet Carly at her place this morning, I stopped by the bank to deposit some checks that arrived yesterday. I got to Carly's a little later than planned (10:15 instead of 10:00), and the two of us went wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping. We went to Special Occasion Dresses up at 249 and 1960, and didn't end up finding anything there. So then we trekked over to BridesMart where Carly found a dress she liked and we managed to pick out the bridesmaid dresses (well, actually, they're the two-piece separates, but you get the idea). Unfortunately, I suspect that it is the (or very close to the) most expensive dress I've ever bought (with the exception of my own wedding dress, but my parents paid for that). Fortunately, since I got to help pick it, it's a style and color (purple) that I wouldn't mind wearing again if an appropriate occasion arose. Problem is I've got a couple of dresses like that sitting around now -- I also still have the one from Mardi Gras a couple years ago. And not nearly enough formal occasions to wear these things to. Ah well. ;)

The dress shopping took longer than either one of us had anticipated, so I didn't get home 'til about 5:00. At that point, I veg'ed on the couch with Sprite for a while watching a really bad movie (The New Kid) that happened to be on TV (it had Eliza Dushku...thus, the watching) and then went and grabbed some fast food for dinner. Then, I baked a batch of Spritz cookies to take to [ profile] mahtab's party tomorrow. Finished the cookies around 10:00, and have been veg'ing on the couch with Andrew since then. We're getting ready to go to bed now. Early for a weekend, I know, but I was up earlier than usual for a Saturday, and it's been a busy day for me. I'm actually kinda wiped. Ah well....if I go to bed now, I might wake up early enough tomorrow to get a bit of housecleaning done before we head to Jamie's.

I will see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire one of these days. I WILL!!!


Jul. 18th, 2005 09:13 am
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Had a good, but busy weekend.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

I went to bed with a mild headache last night (which I knew on some level I shouldn't have done, but the headache was mild so I hoped it would go away on its own, and I didn't want to take Exedrin -- because it has caffeine in it -- right before bed), and woke up with the headache still there this morning, as per usual. I took some Excedrin with my morning pill barrage -- five pills ingested this morning. That seems like a lot to me. At least the headache is gone now. I don't know if it was because of the headache or what, but I dreamed that I was having a clarinet lesson with the teacher I had in high school. We were working on the piece of music that I played for my UIL solo my senior year, only I was the age I am now and hadn't looked at the piece between then and now. I was trying to sightread it and pull it off as though I'd been practicing, but I wasn't doing very well. There was someone else (a random person my mind made up) at the lesson with me, who was doing much better than I was. Whee for dream stress!

It looks like tonight I'll be trying to put a further dent in laundry, paying bills, and finishing up resizing those pictures that I scanned on Friday. I'm probably going to post them on one of my web spaces, rather than trying to email them, 'cause they'd make for a rather large email.
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I was such a housewife this weekend. Well, in the sense that I cooked a lot, anyway.

Saturday, I spent the four hours necessary to make a chicken stew -- it's a variation on a Brunswick Stew recipe that I got from Bob, leaving out the beans and okra, since I'm not particularly fond of either. After I finished cooking it and Andrew and I ate some for an early dinner (if I spend four hours in the kitchen making something, darn right I'm gonna eat some of it!), we took most of what was left up to Dawn & Bryant (who, for those who don't know, have a now three-week-old baby, Jack). I was glad we decided to do that, as D&B were VERY appreciative. Jack has gained the weight he needed to, but he's having trouble figuring out breastfeeding since he wasn't doing it for the first three weeks of his life. Apparently whatever is required to try to teach him this is very time-consuming. And he eats about every three hours, so they spend about two hours feeding him and get an hour off in between. So yeah...they were glad to have the food, since that schedule doesn't leave much time for cooking. And we got to meet baby Jack -- he's so little! He's almost 8 lbs now (but still gets heavy after you hold him for a while). I'm not sure I've actually spent any time around a child that young before (aside from my own siblings, but I don't really remember that). Anyway, it was cool to meet Jack, and see D&B briefly. They're obviously very tired, but happy.

On the way home, we stopped at Barnes & Noble and fed our book addiction. Got lots of books to entertain ourselves on upcoming long plane flights.

Sunday, upon getting up, I cooked waffles. Yup, another hour in the kitchen, but yummy results, and now there are leftover waffles for breakfast this week. Then I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor, put away some (but not all) of the random clutter downstairs, and boxed up the Halloween Muffy Vanderbears and Hoppy Vanderhares that I got from Mindy. I still need to put away the Christmas ones, but there are only three of those, and I need to find a smaller box for them. I want to get them put away before Jonathan comes to visit, 'cause I'd be upset if he decided they were toys to be played with and they got messed up (they've thus far been sitting on the dresser in the guest room). I imagine Mindy might be upset as well if that happened. So yeah...need to finish putting those away before we leave on Friday.

Then we went to the mall and I got a suitcase for the trip, since the one I have is way too big, but Andrew's suitcase isn't big enough for both of us for 10 days. We hit the grocery store on the way home to get what we needed for the week, and some munchie type things for me to take on the plane (since airplane food is such a hit-or-miss thing for me). Otherwise, we did laundry and played World of Warcraft.

Overall, a productive yet still mostly relaxed weekend. I could've done lots more in terms of getting the house cleaner, though. Too bad it can't just learn to clean itself! ;)
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Yay! They're starting on our house sometime in the next two weeks! *bouncebounce* :)

We had our pre-construction meeting tonight, which in itself wasn't all that exciting...they basically just went over with us the decisions we've already made and then walked out to the lot and showed us where our electricity, cable, telephone, water, sewer, and gas lines would be coming from, and explained to us about easements on the property. Apparently we ended up with a pretty good lot; neither of the electrical boxes is on our property, and we only have a seven foot easement along the back fence in the back yard. That may end up being more space than we think it is (as we know we have a small yard), but knowing Andrew and me, I don't see us doing anything fancy with it anyway. The time frame they gave us today was that they'd start work on our house sometime in the next 10-14 days, and construction is currently running about 15 weeks. That puts tentative completion right at the end of June, which is also right when our lease here is up. So it looks like we'll be doing month-to-month here for July, just to be safe and make sure we don't end up without a place to stay for any period of time. Plus if it ends up being ready right at the end of June or beginning of July, we'll have a little time to get our move taken care of. :)

I made waffles for dinner tonight and there are enough leftovers for breakfast and/or lunch tomorrow :) Unfortunately, tomorrow is the big day that I'm dreading at work tomorrow. Send positive thoughts my direction between 3 and 4:00...hopefully I won't end up the blubbering librarian when I have to tell someone *else* bad news. :P

Well, I'm off to call the Becca now and see if she's around to talk to me :) Oops, she just called me. Interesting timing ;)
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Had HR meeting today. Get to meet with my boss and the main culprit tomorrow morning to hear her side of the story. Overall, not looking forward to it.

Stress is definitely taking its toll. I'm not sick, but my body is definitely acting strange in some ways. Plus my emotions are getting out of's almost like PMS'ing except it's the wrong time of the month for that. As I was driving home from work today was fantasizing about getting home and crawling into bed with Andrew and snuggling and eventually making love, but when I got home he was fixing dinner so that was out. However, I was happy anyway because he was thoughtful enough to fix me dinner because he knew I was stressed out. Well, turned out he wasn't fixing me dinner, he was fixing *him* dinner (leftovers from two nights ago, and there wasn't enough left for both of us). At that point, I just started was just up and down emotionally too fast for my body to deal with. He did end up doing a substantial part of fixing my dinner anyway, and we snuggled later so we're good now, but just an example of my emotional state. I hate it when I get like that. I don't think I've ever had a continuously elevated stress level for this long before.

Positive stuff: Todd's coming to Houston this weekend to visit his parents (who just moved here a little over a month ago) and is probably going to visit us for lunch on Sunday before he heads back to Austin. I'm looking forward to's been too long since we last had a good talk. Aside from that....umm...we stopped by House of Pies after grocery shopping tonight and I got another piece of coconut cream pie. Yum! :) Thank you Andrew! :)
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Andrew and I didn't get up 'til noon today, and boy was it nice. Andrew usually wakes up on weekend mornings long before I do, fidgets and snuggles me for a while, which is more annoying than not because he keeps moving around and causing me to have to move around when I'm still mostly asleep, and then finally gets up and leaves me to sleep for a couple more hours. This morning we a both woke up at about the same time, making for lots of luxurious semi-awake, non-fidgety snugglage :)

The rest of the day was spent by Andrew playing Mega-Mek online and me doing various useful stuff about the house -- doing laundy, doing dishes, making tea, treating Solomon's fish water, and cleaning off one of the many cluttered horizontal surfaces in our apartment. To be fair to Andrew, he did help with the laundry, and he also helped cook dinner. I'm very proud of us -- we didn't eat out at all this weekend. Of course, I bought my lunch three days last week while I was on jury duty, so that probably used up any savings we got by not eating out this weekend. Darn taxes! :P We also got up off our butts and went out and walked around the apartment complex several times, since it was another gorgeous day outside. I wish I'd gotten a chance to spend some time outside yesterday as well.

All in all, a very nice productive yet restful day off.


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