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I'm at work this afternoon, but since it's the last day of finals for the semester, we're not very busy. Most of the questions we're getting are of the "Where do I return my books?" variety; nothing very challenging. We did have one Ask A Librarian email question this morning asking how to find a particular kind of psychology article, and that caused us to do a double-take: "Really?! It's 8:30 on the morning of the last day of finals and you haven't even found your ARTICLE yet?!" Ah, well, it's their problem. We did answer the question, of course.

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I had an eventful day today.

On my way to work this morning, on the ramp from 610E to 59S, I came around a curve to see a car, facing me, up against the sidewall and partially blocking the left lane. One rear corner of the car was smashed into the wall, and there was debris scattered on the ground. No emergency vehicles were present, and I was going fast enough and startled enough that I didn't notice if there was anyone in the car or not. It took me a minute or so to process what I'd seen, and I ended up calling 911 to report the vehicle once I got to work (about 5-10 mins later). Even if there was no one in it, it needed to be moved since it was blocking a lane of traffic. Ever since, I've been trying to decide whether I should feel guilty about not pulling over and calling immediately once I was off the ramp.

I got a missed call a couple of minutes later from an unknown number while I was walking up to the library; I tried to return the call but it just rang and no one picked up. Then a couple minutes later, another missed call from the same number -- and it seems that my phone was failing to vibrate even though I double-checked that's how it was set. I tried calling it back again, but it still just rang and no answer. So I googled the number, and it looks like it belonged to HPD. The page I found featured many folks describing experiences just like the one I was having (callback after a 911 call, no answer if they tried calling the number back). So I stopped worrying about it, and about 20 mins later had yet another missed call from the same number, even though I had been sitting RIGHT NEXT to my phone the entire time and am absolutely certain it never vibrated. (Unfortunately, leaving the ringer on in the library is a big no-no.) So not sure what's up with my phone, and I haven't heard anything further about the car.

After that, I worked. The library was crazy busy, since it's two weeks before the end of the semester. And there was a jackhammer going outside for much of the time I was there. That didn't help things any.

After work, I headed over to the housewarming of newlyweds Melody & Griffin. It's been a while since I've gotten to catch up with them, so it was nice to chat and see their new house.

Then I drove home, had dinner with the family, and then built a small Christmas Lego set with Corwin. Ian really wanted to help, too, which resulted in lots of fussing when it came time to actually build with the pieces he'd been playing around with. We got our two Christmas trees up and decorated yesterday (not a huge feat, as we have a 4-footer and a 2-footer), and got the garland on the stair railings and the stockings hung. Now I just need to clean off enough horizontal surfaces to get the rest of our decorations up!
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Today had been lovely, right up 'til the point where I realized about 4:30 that I had a scratchy throat. I've even been feeling energetic enough that I was going to try to go to my exercise class tonight, but now I'm not sure if I'm really up for it.

Ian and I did the grocery shopping this morning. The grocery store has Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths up all over the place already. It's November 5, for crying out loud!

This afternoon, Corwin had his first Destination Imagination meeting after school today, so I didn't have to pick him up 'til 4:00 (as opposed to the usual 3:05). That was lovely for me, because Ian slept all the way up 'til 3:45. I literally heard him make a noise a few seconds before my phone alarm to remind me to pick up Corwin went off. I used naptime today to work on building my Lego Vampyre Hearse and got almost all the way done with it; just a little bit more to go. Hopefully I can knock it out this evening.

Corwin was really excited when I picked him up after his meeting, and he said he'd had a lot of fun. Destination Imagination is supposed to help the kids work on their creativity and problem solving skills. DI for K-2nd grade isn't competitive, but the kids get a project to work on and they'll do an "exhibition" sometime in the spring. Corwin said today they made up a story about Roy G Biv's birthday party, and that over the next few months they're going to be putting together a play that they'll perform for the exhibition.

The downside came when I was picking Corwin up, and the parent leaders of Corwin's team told me they were going to be meeting on Tuesdays from here on out. Corwin has gymnastics at 4:15 on Tuesdays, and we won't be able to get there on time if he's at school until 4:00 for DI. Not to mention having two extracurriculars crammed into one afternoon sounds like a recipe for an overtired kid. And on the personal inconvenience side -- Tuesday is preschool day for Ian, and I pick him up at 2:00. Ian has his nap (such as it is) at preschool on that day, so he'll lose the opportunity to sleep late (and I'll lose the extra quiet time). Ah well. I'll need to look into whether there's another gymnastics class Corwin can switch into; we may end up just switching back to the 4:30 karate class on Mondays that Corwin was in last year.

Okay, I need to run off and give Ian a bath now and start herding the kids in the general direction of bed. Cross your fingers that my scratchy throat is just a fluke and I'll be feeling better tomorrow!
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Today, I am happy that we spent a good day up in Spring with Andrew's family and Bob & Nancy and Ralph. I always enjoy family time, and wish we got to spend more of it. I'm also happy because Corwin is pretty enthralled with the tricycle Santa brought him. We took it up to Andrew's parents' house with us, and he got to "ride" it around on their very long driveway. He can't quite reach the pedals when they are at the "farthest away" point, so has been "walking" the trike on his tiptoes. We need to see if the seat can be adjusted any further forward for him.

The little (6" or so) plush dog that barks when squeezed is a big hit, too. :)
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Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I was happy that in spite of not having slept at all during naptime and thus being in "must not stop moving or I will fall asleep" mode, Corwin managed to behave well enough that we didn't have to leave in the middle of the Christmas Eve church service. And I was happy that I was successfully able to acquire the needed last-minute Christmas presents that I set out in the early afternoon to find. :)
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I'm having a stressball day. Glad I'm not doing the Week of Happy meme as I'd have a hard time finding something to feel happy about right now. On the other hand, maybe it would be good for me?

I thought I had a good handle on my Christmas shopping (ordered stuff I need for this weekend and for Christmas Day about a week ago; should have been plenty of time), but apparently I was wrong. Amazon has informed me they are unable to obtain one of the items I ordered and has thus cancelled it from my order. And the gifts I ordered for my brother and sister (and thus that I need by Friday morning at the latest) are "delayed" and will be here by December 24. But the order is being prepared for shipping, so I can't cancel them and go get them something else from a brick & mortar store, either. *grump*

[EDIT: Add to my Christmas shopping woes that one of my shipments from Amazon is showing as having been delivered on Saturday last, but I've seen neither hide nor hair of it yet. Have emailed their customer service and am awaiting reply.]

Corwin got down for his nap late (due to our need to go to a store that opened at noon) and woke up after less than an hour crying. I've just spent a good 20 minutes in his room holding him while he alternately cried and hiccuped, and am momentarily taking a break to see if he'll calm down on his own and go back to sleep (he needs at least 1.5 hours and preferably 2 hours to have had a good nap), but it's not sounding like he's going to. *sigh* Dunno if it's bad dreams or what, but he occasionally wakes up from his naps crying (though usually after a normal length nap) and is very hard to calm down. It usually takes me getting him up, getting him downstairs, and sitting in my lap and reading for a bit. He'll kinda cry and hiccup through the first book or two and eventually stop. Lovely day.

So much for getting the gifts I do have wrapped and Christmas card envelopes addressed today. Off to get my son up and see how long it takes him to finally calm down.


Dec. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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This is one of those days where I feel the need to post about my accomplishments. It'll probably be boring for most of you.

Today, I:
-put away a load of laundry that was in the dryer from yesterday
-did a complete load of laundry (all except for the putting away of Corwin's clothes, as I folded them after he was in bed)
-took Corwin to Target where I bought miscellaneous stuff we needed
-went to Randalls to pick up baby wipes (and stood in the Express checkout line behind a woman buying $100+ worth of groceries -- and WAY more than 15 items. *grump*)
-found the bike shop and ordered Corwin's tricycle for Christmas
-baked Spritz cookies for tomorrow and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards
-cooked dinner
-got Christmas stockings hung and the banisters decorated to my satisfaction
-updated my Christmas card address list with all the folks who have so far responded to my request for updates. I think about a 3rd of my list must have moved in the last year. Y'all stay put, y'hear!!!

Now I am wasting time because I am TIRED, when really I should be trying to make a little more progress of some variety before it's time to shower and head to bed. I have to be at work at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Stuff I wanted to get done today but haven't yet (and may not): pay bills, vacuum the kitchen (after I spilled little candy cookie decors while baking), clean off the bar, buffet, and mantel, put up Christmas decorations on the mantel and buffet, and wrap Christmas presents.

I think my list is just too long.
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...and to all a good night!

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Stolen from [ profile] omorka because it is teh awesome and [ profile] mahtab at the very least has to watch this:

YouTube vid behind the cut )

It's really nifty a capella Christmas caroling!
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This weekend was our annual trip to Austin for Christmas with my family. This year, my cousin Edward and his gf Marcia (who live in Seattle) were visiting my aunt and uncle in Seguin, so they hosted an extended family Christmas at their house as well. Since it wasn't on Christmas Day, we actually got to go this year (we are always in Houston with Andrew's family on Christmas Day).

Merry Christmas!

A few more pictures are here )

We got more presents at my parents' house later that evening. Corwin got a couple of 18-month size outfits, a three-headed dragon puppet, two Fisher Price carts with animals in them, a rocking ring stacker, and several cds that I requested that I remember loving as a child -- some Joe Scruggs and Leroy Anderson (composer of "Sleigh Ride," "The Typewriter," and "The Syncopated Clock," among others). Oh, and a very cute Baby's First Christmas ornament.

The biggest downside of the trip is that Corwin doesn't sleep well when he's not at home in his own bed. He actually slept great at night this trip, in spite of getting to bed late both nights. Friday we got to Austin about 10:15, and didn't him to sleep 'til almost 11:00. He slept straight through 'til 6:45 or so, but that's normal wake-up time for him and he refused to sleep any more after that, in spite of being about 3 hours short on sleep. And then he REFUSED to take a nap at all, all day. He dozed for about a half hour in the car on the way to Seguin, and that was it for napping on Saturday. We tried to get him to nap in his pack and play at my aunt and uncle's house, but it wasn't happening. Then we had to keep him up once we got back to my parents' house to participate in the second round of gift exchange. We thought about putting it off 'til this morning, but my sister had to work today so last night it was. He got to bed just after 8:00 last night, and was so exhausted that his protests were feeble and he fell asleep right away. He woke up once around 10:00, and then slept through 'til 6:30. And once again refused to nap, in spite of being obviously still exhausted. I FINALLY got him to sleep again around 11:30 when he just conked out while nursing, and he did take a 2 hour nap. But oh did we have to fight for it. I'm somewhat dreading the return trip this coming weekend for New Year's. The kid has got to learn to sleep elsewhere than his own room. *sigh*

More blahs

Dec. 19th, 2007 05:39 pm
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I went to the doctor this morning, and ended up seeing the nurse practitioner rather than my doc since that's how they could fit me in. Basically, the NP said my breast looks fine, and there's no infection at this time. If infection sets in, then I can call and since she's seen me she can call in the antibiotic for me at that time. So, I have a sore breast but apparently no mastitis (yet).

So I got home from the doctor and my head started to hurt. I took Tylenol, which I think helped for a little while. I took one of my 800mg Motrin at around 3:45, but two hours later and I don't think it's helped at all. If anything, I think I'm starting to feel slightly queasy and like I might be coming down with a full-fledged migraine. I haven't had one of those in a long while, so I'm hoping not. Want Andrew to get home soon so I won't be solely responsible for a small child if it (the headache, not the child) does get out of hand.

Christmas cards got mailed today, and our packages got mailed last Friday. We have one person left to shop for, and that's it. I've actually been pretty on top of Christmas this year, with the exception of decorating. That hasn't really happened. We have a small Christmas tree and a festive tablecloth, and that's about it.

The blahs

Dec. 18th, 2007 07:21 pm
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So I ordered 50 Christmas cards this year, because I was getting down to the wire and I didn't want to spend the time to write up the list of folks I wanted to send them to and put off ordering even longer. I figured 50 cards would be overkill, and I'd have several leftover.

I was wrong. I ended up with a list of 54 folks/families I wanted to send cards to. I ended up trimming the list slightly as it is too late to order more (and I can't order a batch of 4 anyway). But wow...54 seems like a lot!

In other not-so-thrilling news, I think I'm coming down with mastitis again. Sadly, I didn't realize this until 5:10 p.m. this evening...after my doctor's office was closed for the day. I'll call tomorrow unless I miraculously feel better overnight. I'm hoping my doc can just call in an antibiotic prescription for me without me having to go in, but we'll see.
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I hate it when my gift-wrapping train is derailed by a lack of tape.
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Andrew and I are back from Austin now. This was a more mellow trip than we have had in a while. We arrived at my parents' house Friday evening close to 8:00, after a drive made longer and more stressful than usual by lightning storms and very heavy rainfall along the way. Needless to say, we crashed once we got there, and didn't end up going out at all that evening.

Saturday we got a slow start, and didn't end up going out to hang out with people at all that day, either. Instead, after lunch at Threadgill's with my parents, we just relaxed at their house, chatting with them and reading (me) or playing computer games (Andrew). I tried a couple of different times to get in touch with [ profile] sunflowerkwm, but I'm guessing they must have gone out of town this weekend, as none of my attempts were successful. I do hope I'll manage to get together with her again sometime relatively soon.

Saturday evening my brother and sister came over, as that was pretty much the only free time [ profile] beckyboo83 had this weekend (her job as a nurse had her working Saturday, Sunday, and today). We had our family Christmas -- opened presents, took pictures (unfortunately, after [ profile] beckyboo83 left, so she isn't in any of them), ate chocolate truffles, and the like.

December 30, 2006

There's a couple more piccies back here! )

Sunday was New Year's Eve, so we headed out a little before 1:00 to spend the day with friends. We met up with people at Main Event, an entertainment center along the lines of Jillian's or Dave & Buster's, if you're familiar with either of those. Between me (7 months pregnant) and [ profile] onefishclappin (toting her 11-pound six-week-old son), we determined the only activity we could feasibly participate in was the black-light mini-golf, so a group of six of us did that. Then Andrew and [ profile] liz_gregory played a round of Laser Tag, while the rest of us joined another group that was bowling (we just sat and watched and chatted). I FINALLY got to hold and interact with baby Alex, which was really cool. :) We finally left there around 4, and Andrew and I headed down to [ profile] onefishclappin's house to spend some time with her and her hubby [ profile] krikwennavd, who wasn't going to be at the New Year's party that night for various complex reasons. The four of us plus their two kids went out to dinner, and then Andrew and I headed back to the north side of town for the New Year's party. A couple of people took large group shots that are supposedly going to be submitted to the Rice Owlmanac -- we'll see if they're any better about that than Andrew and I were about submitting our wedding picture ;)

We headed home shortly after toasting the new year at midnight, since that seems to be about when I turn into a pumpkin these days, and there wasn't anything terribly exciting going on to hold my attention. This morning (afternoon) we had New Year's dinner with my parents and my brother, and then we headed back to Houston, where we're now safely ensconced at home again.

Good news: I don't have to use a vacation day tomorrow after all, as the university I work for is a state institution, and Governor Perry has ordered all state offices to close tomorrow for a day of mourning for President Ford. That's my Christmas present from the governor, I guess. :)
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Here's a pic from today:

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today!

We spent it with Andrew's family, Bob & Nancy, and Ralph at his parents' house. There was a yummy roast, lots of presents, and much good fellowship to be had. I called my parents this evening to wish them a Merry Christmas as well; the only person I missed was [ profile] beckyboo83 -- my parents said I shouldn't call her since she had left their house not too long before to go home to bed, as she had to work a 12-hour shift today, and has to be at work again at 6:45 tomorrow morning. That's the down side of being a nurse, I guess. But she at least got paid time and a half, so I guess that helps a bit.
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Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! :)

I didn't get any additional cleaning done today (I cleaned the guest/baby bathroom yesterday and started moving some of the baby stuff into it, and gave Sprite's former bedroom a good going over with the vacuum cleaner and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in prep for having the carpets cleaned and the room painted in the next week or so), but I did bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (yum!), go to the grocery store, do a few loads of laundry, and finish wrapping Christmas presents today. So I haven't been a completely lazy bum.

I'm going to go get ready for Christmas Eve church in a few minutes, and Andrew I will open our presents after we get home. I never did get to decorate this year, but I at least got to do some baking, which helps with the Christmas spirit quite a bit. I really do enjoy baking, but I have to feel like I can spare the time to do it.

Tomorrow we'll be spending Christmas Day at Andrew's parents' house with his family, Bob & Nancy, and Ralph. :)

Busy day

Dec. 16th, 2006 05:40 pm
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I'm STILL sick. *sigh* Today seems to be the day of coughing. I am at least to the point where I feel pretty much okay...just wish I sounded okay, too.

Andrew's parents and Sarah came down today and we used their truck to retrieve our glider from USA Baby. It's now assembled and plopped in the middle of the living room due to us not having another good place to put it at the moment. We'll probably end up rearranging the furniture in the living room a bit to make it fit properly, but not today. It's just as comfy as I remembered, though, so I'm quite happy. I was even tempted to skip the rest of today's errands and just stay home and sit in my chair. But that wouldn't have been very practical.

Instead, we all went to lunch at Red Lobster, and then went over to Home Depot and got the paint and painting supplies to re-paint Sprite's former room/future guest room. Sarah's going to paint it for us while she's home for Christmas break; now we just need her to get back to us and let us know when will be a good time to do it. It's going to be a light blue.

From there, Andrew's family headed home, and Andrew and I went to Babies R Us to order the baby furniture. We left extremely frustrated. This is the second time in a row that they've told us we couldn't order what we wanted. I've NEVER encountered a place whose mission in existance seemed to be to make it as difficult as possible to spend large sums of money with them. The first time was when they told us we couldn't customize the glider we wanted to order. This time, one of the three pieces of baby furniture we wanted to order wasn't in stock in the warehouse. And for some reason, they won't allow you to order it if it's not currently in stock (even though they should be receiving more shortly). So we would have had to order the two pieces that were in stock now and order the third piece separately later, resulting in being charged ($80) twice for delivery. And no, we couldn't order all three pieces now and just have them wait to deliver until the third piece came in.

I think I'm going to look online and see if there's anywhere else we can order this particular furniture from. If not, I may see how amenable Andrew is to going and looking at furniture at USA Baby to see if there's anything there we like. We had a really good experience getting the glider from them, and frankly Babies R Us is doing a horrible job of convincing me I want to spend money with them, must less the large sums involved in buying baby furniture.

Then it was off to a store in The Village called "A Woman's Work" which specializes in nursing and maternity clothes. I picked up three nursing bras; I've gotten big enough that my current bras don't fit properly any more, and everyone I've talked to has recommended just going ahead and buying the nursing bras now rather than buying bigger regular bras and THEN going and buying nursing bras, too. So I did. I was very happy with the service I got there, and we were even there at the very end of their workday on a Saturday. So I'll probably go back when I get ready to shop for nursing tops in earnest a bit further down the road.

Now that we're home, I've been taking a quick break to type up this entry (which has gotten longer than I expected). I'm about to run off and bake some cookies to take to [ profile] mahtab's cookie exchange party tomorrow. And after THAT, Andrew and I are off to another Christmas party tonight. We're technically supposed to be there at 6:30 for dinner, but we already told the host that we wouldn't make that; we'd need to leave in the next 15 minutes or so to do that, and yeah -- I haven't even started the cookies yet. :P So we're just going to go by for a while after dinner.

I still don't know when I'm going to clean my house or decorate for Christmas. I'm starting to suspect that it's just not going to happen this year.
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I haven't written a weekend update in a long while, so here ya go:

Friday night, we skipped out on a party we could have gone to, and stayed home playing World of Warcraft. I was tired after my sleep-depped three-day week (trying to get back to getting up at 6:30 on a regular basis after regularly sleeping 'til close to noon for a week and a half was not fun!) and didn't really feel like going out, drinking, etc. Especially after getting sick New Year's Eve after only 2 1/3 hard ciders and a wee bit of champagne. I don't know what my body's deal with alcohol tolerance these days is. If I'm drinking mixed drinks, I can have 2-3 and be fine. I'm wondering if throwing that wee bit of champagne into the mix was what did it. *shrugs* At any rate, now I'm wary about drinking.

Saturday we met up with folks at Dave & Buster's for lunch and games for [ profile] zhaph's birthday, and followed it up with board games and dinner at [ profile] mahtab's. No especially exciting stories to tell, but Andrew and I both enjoyed ourselves. I hope Phil had a good day! :)

Sunday we stayed home and played World of Warcraft again, and I leveled my hunter to 50. We also did a Zul'Farrak run with [ profile] mahtab, [ profile] zhaph, and [ profile] sirbobsalot, which was a lot of fun. We'll plan to meet up again tonight and do the same, hopefully getting a bit earlier of a start.

In addition to WoW'ing, we also accomplished some useful stuff around the house yesterday, namely:

list of accomplishments )

Unfortunately, there's still lots more that needs to be done. But then, isn't there always?

Now I must buckle down and face my five-day workweek. Ack...I have to be here five whole days this week! At least next weekend is a three-day weekend. Yay MLK Day! :)


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