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Oh boy, was today a doozy.

Corwin seemed to be doing better health-wise, in that his nose had pretty much stopped running, though he was still a fountain of drool and bibs were still needed for that. However, behaviour-wise he was a pill. )

I hope we have a better day tomorrow. I don't think I can take another day like today.
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I have been meaning to post a Corwin update for several days now, but it keeps getting put off in favor of Christmas prep of one sort or another.

He is crawling fairly regularly now. And standing. And making attempts at walking. )

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth! )

He eats food. Read about all the fascinating minutiae here! )

And last, but not least, he sleeps, too! )

I'm thrilled that we finally seem to have settled into a (fairly loose) schedule that works for us! Now I just need to work on coming up with more activities for us to do during the day to keep him entertained so he isn't bored and fussing at me so much.

The pictures you know you wanna see are back here! )
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We tried introducing Corwin to bananas on Monday evening. I know evening is not the best time for introducing a food, but I HATE bananas (the smell of them is almost enough to make me gag sometimes), and I wanted to introduce them at a time when his dad was around to eat some too so he wouldn't automatically hate them because I do. So evening it was. We cut the banana into small pieces rather than mashing it, to see how he'd do with finger foods.

Well, he wasn't able to pick up any of the pieces on his own (no pincer grasp yet, and they were too small for the full-fist grab), but he really seemed to like the pieces that his dad put in his mouth for him. For the first time, it looked like substantially less was coming back out than what went in. He still didn't eat more than maybe half an inch worth of banana, but we were impressed.

The aftermath )

So....gas seems to have been his problem. No idea if it was actually due to the bananas or not, but we're going to wait a while before we let him have them again. I haven't seen any other symptoms of allergy, so maybe his gut just isn't ready for banana yet? I've racked my brain as to whether I've eaten anything unusual or new in the last couple of days, and I can't come up with anything. So I don't think it was anything I ate.
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Corwin had his 6-month checkup today. Here are his stats:

Height: 28" (95th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (90th percentile)
Head circumference: 18" (90th percentile)

He's still giganto healthy Baby of Doom. ;)

He's getting close enough to the max height and weight for his infant car seat (29" or 22 lbs) that we're planning to get him a convertible seat sometime this month. I want to get him one of the Britax seats, but I'm a little concerned that they won't fit in my car. Guess I need to research that and see if it's a grounded concern or not. Whee!

His doctor suggested we start giving him sips of things like water and EBM from an open cup; he said since he's still breastfed we could probably skip the sippy cup stage altogether if we wanted to. I hadn't even really considered doing that, but it might be worth it to skip the weaning from sippy cup to open cup down the road. I think we'll probably give it a try and see how much work it looks to be. I know with an open cup we'll probably have to assist him with drinking for quite a while. He also suggested introducing soft finger foods for him to play with. So maybe we'll try some of that in addition to the cereals and see if any of that goes any better.

He got three shots today, and is starting to get a bit fussy this afternoon. He's in his bed now, still fussing a bit but hopefully calming down to a nap.

His next appointment will be the 9-month checkup on December 7. At that one he doesn't get any shots, just a finger-stick to check that he's not deficient in anything important. :)

Andrew and I have been to our dentist appointments also. Both our mouths were given a clean bill of health. Yay!
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Corwin has his 6-month checkup tomorrow. More vaccination shots, yay! :P Andrew and I also have dentist appointments tomorrow -- Andrew's is in the morning before Corwin's appointment, and mine is in the afternoon after Corwin's appointment. *dread*

I made oatmeal for Corwin today, but I wasn't very successful in feeding it to him. I had trouble getting him to open his mouth for the spoon after the first couple of bites. Telling him to open wide and say "ahhhh" has no apparent effect. :P I wonder if he's just not really ready for solids. We'll ask his doctor tomorrow.

He took two naps in his bed today. They were only about 30-40 minutes each, but hey, they were naps that didn't require Mama's presence. I caught him sleeping on his tummy during the second nap. My mom keeps asking me if he sleeps on his tummy; I guess now I can tell her he does, at least occasionally.

We had an HOA board meeting tonight. The guy whose house it was at smelled strongly of air fresheners; I noticed the scent as soon as I walked in the door. I felt fine while I was there, but now that I'm home I have a headache. *sigh* Darn sensitivity to scents. He didn't have the air fresheners at the previous meeting I attended, so hopefully it won't be a regular thing. If it is, I may have to try hosting the meeting at my house. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how well that will work with Corwin - whether he'll let Andrew feed him a bottle and put him to bed and the like if I'm nearby.
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This part is probably only exciting if you're also a parent, or you're one of Corwin's relatives. )

Sunday (yesterday) wasn't terribly exciting. Nothing really to report. We hung around the house, and cleaned up a little.

This afternoon we had the usual gang (minus [ profile] staticeel and plus [ profile] kaerukami's wife Jamie) over for board games and pizza. Corwin actually took a half-hour nap around 4:30, which I found impressive. We put him in bed around 1:30 also, and he stayed there for about an hour, but it was storming at the time and I'm not sure he really slept -- there were stretches when he was quiet, but he was also making noise and fussing periodically, so no way to tell if he was asleep or just laying quietly during those times. It was nice to see folks, and I had fun with the games. :)

I don't know what it is with our pizza delivery places around here, though. We have pretty much quit ordering from Sarpino's, in spite of their pizza being excellent, because there is always some problem with our order -- either they can't find our house in spite of having the directions in their computer, they screw up the credit card payment (once they denied all my cards when the problem was really that their card machine wasn't working, and once they doubled the tip), or they deliver us a pizza with green peppers on it instead of beef (and this happened more than once!). Pizza Hut is the fall-back option, and we had gotten decent service from them up until recently. A few weeks back when my cousins + gf were visiting we ordered from them and it took them over an hour to deliver. Tonight, it took them an hour to deliver (when we'd been quoted a 35 minute delivery time) and got two of the four pizzas we ordered wrong. Basically, we got two each of two of the pizzas we ordered, and none of the other two. It's very frustrating.

Tomorrow I need to call the university and figure out when I need to go in to get my keys, pay for parking, and do any other administrivia that's required for starting work in theory this coming weekend. This was probably my last free weekend for a while. My current plan is to stick it out through this semester and see how it goes; if Andrew and I hate it, I'll consider resigning again at that point; if it turns out to be not a big deal, then I'll probably keep at it indefinitely.

I'm off to take a shower now. Might hop on WoW after that.

I'm sad that we missed DragonCon this weekend. :(
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We tried introducing Corwin to solid food today, starting with some brown rice cereal. It didn't go too well.

Corwin tries to decide what to do with the first bite )

He hasn't lost his tongue-thrust reflex yet, so most of what went in his mouth came right back out again. What little bits did make it to the back of his mouth caused his gag reflex to kick in.

He'll kill me for posting this when he's a teen )

Ultimately, I'm not sure how much, if any of the cereal actually made it into his tummy. We'll try again next weekend and see if he handles it any better. (I also fear I may have made it a little too lumpy for him...will try to water it down a little more for the next go-round.)

In other news, Corwin has been starting to look like he's having trouble straightening his legs in his 9-month footed sleepers. So last night we tried one of his 12-month sleepers.

He's got a little room to grow, but it's NOT massively huge )

Corwin turned 6-months old today.


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