Day 5

Nov. 8th, 2012 08:44 pm
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Today I definitely would not be posting, were it not for this National Blog Posting Month thing. I don't think I really did much of interest. Here's the list, in bullet points:

- Took kids to school
- Got everything set up to cancel our current alarm monitoring contract and switch to a new company that will monitor us for less than half of what we're currently paying. I thought it was "too-good-to-be-true" but the new company has gotten lots of good reviews on our neighborhood message board, and they do have some upfront start-up costs that we did not have with the previous company. However, they'll pay for themselves in about 6 months, and there's no contract with the new company so we can always switch back if they turn out to be not as good as advertised. This is a change I've been wanting to try ever since this time last year when I first heard good things about the new company, but we still had a year left of our 3-year-contract with the current company.
- Did dishes and two loads of laundry
- Showered
- Picked up kids from school
- Helped Corwin with homework and practiced his spelling words
- Fixed dinner (bacon & eggs & biscuits! enjoyed by all!)
- Took Corwin to Family Night at the Book Fair at his school, where we bought a bunch of books. It was nice to have a little one-on-one time with him, too.

And I think that about sums it up. NOT an overly exciting day. Given that I'm still a bit sick, that's a good thing.
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Well, actually, I'm at work this afternoon, but I LIVE in the new house now!

This is long! And overly detailed, too! )

Most annoying design flaw we've discovered so far: no light switch by the garage door, so we come in the house into a pitch dark hallway when we come home at night. We'll probably put a night light in the hall there as a solution for now, but may eventually end up hiring an electrician to add a switch in that spot.

And here's our to-do list! )
-garage shelving/storage
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New house pictures are up in the Facebook album:

Great day!

Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:05 pm
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I had a really awesome day today. It totally feels like today was Saturday and not Friday, but then I have to work on Saturdays so not really. *shrug* It felt the way a good Saturday should feel? It was Andrew's first Friday off in about a month, so we got to spend lots of good family time together today.

I broke the news to Corwin this morning that I had failed to find a pumpkin costume for him yesterday when I went looking, and he took the news surprisingly well. When I asked what he wanted to be instead, he immediately said, "a cat." Which is what he was last year, so I already have the necessary pieces. Yay! This morning we had to go buy him a new black t-shirt for his costume (since the one he had last year is not in his drawer, so I can only assume it got packed away with the too-small stuff and is inaccessible in our storage unit), and then we went over to Sears and picked out a new refrigerator for our new house. It's almost exactly the same as the one we had at the old house, except it's black because the new place comes with black appliances. I think it might be a tad smaller than the old one (sadness!), but the only way to get a larger one was to get a through-the-door water/ice dispenser, and we don't really have any desire for one of those. Now I just need to buy a dryer and our appliance needs will be taken care of.

After buying the refrigerator, we took Corwin over to the playscape in the mall because he was a bundle of energy this morning and DEFINITELY needed to spend some time running around. Andrew and I enjoyed just sitting and watching him enjoy himself. :)

Then we headed home for lunch and naptime (during which he did not sleep, *sigh*), and then headed back out again to go visit our new house. The kitchen countertops have been removed, and we should be getting countertops with the correct bullnose edge installed sometime this coming week. Our construction supervisor seems to think that the house will be essentially finished by the 30th, which leaves a couple of weeks for inspections and finishing up minor things before our scheduled November 13 closing.

After we visited the new house, we decided to take Corwin to the playground in the new neighborhood. Andrew missed the turn for the one we were aiming for, but this resulted in us stumbling across a new playscape to explore. It was fairly small, but Corwin had a blast climbing up the ladder and going down the slide. (Aside to [ profile] onefishclappin: There are *three* play areas we have found so far in our new neighborhood, so we won't be at a loss as to where to go next time your family visits!). When we finished up at the playground, I wasn't ready for family exploring time to end, so we headed off to Old Town Spring to check out a game store that we've noticed a time or two as we drove past. Turns out they have an incredibly cramped space (so much so that I could hardly walk through it carrying Corwin and my purse at the same time without knocking stuff over), which didn't win them any brownie points. They did get points for having gaming tables outside on the front porch, though. With weather like today's, it would have been great to sit outside playing games.

Then we decided to head to Carrabba's for dinner, so I got my belated birthday dinner today, too. From there, we came home, bathed Corwin, and put him to bed. The little guy was exhausted -- busy day and no nap.

I'm still congested and prone to sinus headaches as a result, but I'm fairly functional most of the time. Nighttime is actually the worst -- I wake up after sleeping a few hours and I can barely breathe. Once I'm up and have cleared out my head, I'm not doing too badly. Here's hoping the weekend brings further improvement!
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I'm getting all excited. My house is really starting to look like a house!

We went for a visit this evening, and all the tile is in, kitchen countertops are in, light fixtures are in, many of the electrical finishes (outlet covers, light switches, etc.) are in, walls are all painted, and electricity is on!!!

Oh, and I like the paint color much better now that the walls have been filled in. Very glad I don't have to debate with myself whether to ask them go to back and repaint a different color. :)

Pictures are still being edited; not sure I'll get them up tonight but they should be there tomorrow!


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