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Today I was on the go constantly from 8:30 this morning until 5:00 tonight. Before that, really, as I was only home for a half-hour in between dropping Corwin off for school and leaving to take Ian and our neighbor's daughter to preschool just after 8:30. After I dropped off the preschoolers, I filled up the gas tank and stopped into HEB where I picked up the sour cream I forgot to get when I was grocery shopping yesterday. I had brought along a cooler to put it in, and good thing I did since I didn't get into the house again 'til just after 5:00 tonight.

Those two errands were mainly designed to kill time before my hair appointment at 10:00. My color is all touched up now, and should be looking good for the wedding we're going to this weekend. I finished at the hair salon at 11:30, and headed up to Market Street to check out the lingerie shops there -- I need a new longline strapless bra to go under the dress I'm planning to wear to the wedding. I struck out -- the lingerie shop I've been to in Market Street before is no longer there, and the one that is there didn't have what I wanted. So then I headed to the mall where I gobbled some fast food lunch, got new jeans and socks at The Gap, and then killed the last half hour I had wandering the mall looking for various odds and ends that I've been meaning to shop for. Tried another lingerie shop in the mall, but they also said they didn't carry longline bras, and I'd probably need to try David's Bridal (joy). I tried on a dress at NY&C (since a different dress would let me avoid the bra issue altogether) but ultimately decided it was a no-go. Then it was time to go pick up the preschoolers.

We had a 2:50 appointment for Corwin's well check this afternoon, so I rush-rush-rushed to get Ian from preschool in time to get Corwin from school early enough to get to the appointment on time. I was so focused on being quick that I left my purse at the preschool in my hurry, sitting in the spot where I put it down to wake Ian from his nap. We had to stop back by the preschool to pick it up in between getting Corwin and going to the doc. We managed to be <5 minutes late for the appointment, which turned out not to matter because WE DID NOT GET SEEN UNTIL ALMOST 4:30!! (The official explanation is that the doc was seeing 2 newborns with 105 degree fevers. Not good.) During the time we were waiting, though, I had nothing but my own wits with which to entertain Ian because I couldn't get in the house to get any toys for him during the brief time I was home after picking him up...because that's when I discovered I was missing my purse with my housekeys in it.

Corwin's well check went fine. He's 84% on weight and 94% on height these days. He's 48.5" tall -- half an inch shy of no longer needing to be in a car seat! Only other real news of note is that his vision check was 20/40, and the doc says that means it's time to get him to an eye doctor. We were expecting that one of these years, since Andrew & I are both very nearsighted, and I got glasses originally in the 2nd grade (Andrew says not 'til middle school for him). But it's slightly earlier than we really expected.

On top of the saga at the doctor's office, we got Corwin's GT test scores today and they were not as expected. They qualified him on a probationary basis for GT Language Arts, but not at all in math, science or social studies. He did poorly on the "nonverbal" test.....and I"m not even sure what that really tests. But a good score on that is required to qualify for GT in math, so his 97% score on the math test combined with the fact that my kindergartener understands the concepts of multiplication and division (!) counts for nothing. So I'm faced with figuring out now how to appeal this, and figuring out what the school is willing to do for my kid so that he doesn't continue wasting time and treading water as he has done this year. I was kinda counting on GT to help with that. Me being one who hates confrontation, this isn't a fun prospect. I'm hoping we can reach some sort of accommodation so that we don't have to move him to private school, simply because that rearranges so many of the plans I have for the next few years -- I'd have to go back to work full time, which would mean day care for Ian and me not being able to be a stay-at-home parent to support Corwin's private school education. On top of that, I suspect the odds of him being able to go to private school next year are rather low, as I think they do all their admissions stuff during the fall semester. I would of course research to confirm that before writing it off, though. Anyway, guess I'll be calling the school tomorrow and starting the process of having a discussion about all this.
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