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Feb. 28th, 2013 09:17 pm
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I've had one of those days where I feel like I actually got a lot done, so now I feel compelled to list it for whatever few hardy souls are still reading things over here.

-took Corwin to school
-took Ian and our neighbor's daughter to preschool
-changed Ian's bedsheets
-started a load of laundry
-shredded a TON of old paper in our home office. Emptied out the 2nd box of old paper I've been hauling around since 2003, saved the 4 things in there that were important, and shredded the rest. Recycled the box.
-Vacuumed the office. It needed it. Badly.
-Picked up Ian and neighbor's daughter from preschool.
-Picked up Corwin from school.
-baked a loaf of zucchini bread for the playdate Ian & I are going to tomorrow. The 2nd half of the loaf will be for Corwin's birthday party Sunday afternoon.
-chopped veggies and chicken and got spices pre-measured for crock pot chicken soup tomorrow.
-cooked bacon & eggs & biscuits for dinner
-unloaded/loaded dishwasher twice and ran it once. Handwashed dishes once.
-folded & put away 2 loads of laundry that have been hanging out for a while
-moved the load I started this morning to the dryer and turned it on

Still to do before I sleep tonight:
-Handwash another load of dishes (mostly, the plastic mugs we're giving as party favors on Sunday. I need to deliver them to The Little Gym tomorrow, and they need to be washed before the kids use them.)
-Make Corwin's lunch for tomorrow.

Tomorrow Ian & I have a playdate in the morning, and then we need to go by The Little Gym to drop off the plates, napkins, and party favors for Corwin's party on Sunday. I'll make the crock pot chicken soup for dinner tomorrow, so aside from throwing everything in the crock pot and turning it on, all I'll need to do for dinner is cook some noodles to put in the soup at the end. Sometime tomorrow (not sure if it will be during Ian's nap or after I pick up Corwin) I need to bake a batch of Spritz cookies for Corwin's party on Sunday as well. And of course there will be all the associated dishes to do, and laundry (unrelated to cookies!) as well.


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