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I had an eventful day today.

On my way to work this morning, on the ramp from 610E to 59S, I came around a curve to see a car, facing me, up against the sidewall and partially blocking the left lane. One rear corner of the car was smashed into the wall, and there was debris scattered on the ground. No emergency vehicles were present, and I was going fast enough and startled enough that I didn't notice if there was anyone in the car or not. It took me a minute or so to process what I'd seen, and I ended up calling 911 to report the vehicle once I got to work (about 5-10 mins later). Even if there was no one in it, it needed to be moved since it was blocking a lane of traffic. Ever since, I've been trying to decide whether I should feel guilty about not pulling over and calling immediately once I was off the ramp.

I got a missed call a couple of minutes later from an unknown number while I was walking up to the library; I tried to return the call but it just rang and no one picked up. Then a couple minutes later, another missed call from the same number -- and it seems that my phone was failing to vibrate even though I double-checked that's how it was set. I tried calling it back again, but it still just rang and no answer. So I googled the number, and it looks like it belonged to HPD. The page I found featured many folks describing experiences just like the one I was having (callback after a 911 call, no answer if they tried calling the number back). So I stopped worrying about it, and about 20 mins later had yet another missed call from the same number, even though I had been sitting RIGHT NEXT to my phone the entire time and am absolutely certain it never vibrated. (Unfortunately, leaving the ringer on in the library is a big no-no.) So not sure what's up with my phone, and I haven't heard anything further about the car.

After that, I worked. The library was crazy busy, since it's two weeks before the end of the semester. And there was a jackhammer going outside for much of the time I was there. That didn't help things any.

After work, I headed over to the housewarming of newlyweds Melody & Griffin. It's been a while since I've gotten to catch up with them, so it was nice to chat and see their new house.

Then I drove home, had dinner with the family, and then built a small Christmas Lego set with Corwin. Ian really wanted to help, too, which resulted in lots of fussing when it came time to actually build with the pieces he'd been playing around with. We got our two Christmas trees up and decorated yesterday (not a huge feat, as we have a 4-footer and a 2-footer), and got the garland on the stair railings and the stockings hung. Now I just need to clean off enough horizontal surfaces to get the rest of our decorations up!


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