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Today I took Ian to his class at The Little Gym, and then aired up my tires afterwards. They were all low, so I'm thinking it's just the temperature change. If the pressure sensor goes off again anytime soon, then I'll worry more specifically about it.

Came home, did a load of laundry and put away two loads of laundry. I've had one hanging out in the guest bedroom for two or three days now because I'd been avoiding it. I also washed (by itself) the shirt I tie-dyed for Corwin yesterday. (He was more interested in playing with the sidewalk chalk than dyeing his shirt, so I had him pick the colors for his shirt and then let him go do what he wanted.) It came out nicely I think, and Corwin is happy with it, too, so happiness all around.

Bacon & eggs & biscuits for dinner again tonight. I'd intended to do a crock pot meal, but forgot about it until it was too late.

Tomorrow morning Corwin runs his laps for the Boosterthon Fun Run fundraiser they're doing. I won't get to be there to cheer for him because they're scheduled to run at 8:30, and that's right when I start loading up the car to take Ian & Lera to preschool. Ian has his Thanksgiving Feast at preschool tomorrow, but there's nothing in particular I need to do for that, aside from send the fruit tray I signed up for. And I don't have to make him a lunch, which is nice. Apparently Ian actually eats when they have special meals like this at school -- Corwin never did, so I always had to send him a lunch anyway.

I'm planning to take the car in for an oil change/maintenance and get it washed tomorrow, before we drive it to Austin next week.

I watched this week's episode of Revolution this evening. I enjoyed some of the deadpan dialog between Miles and Strausser in the woods. :)

And now, off to shower and bed. :)
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