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So I've managed to go almost two months without a post here. Bad me! They've been a busy couple of months, so I'll see how much of it I can recap.

My parents and my sister and her husband came and stayed with Corwin and Ian over Labor Day weekend while Andrew & I travelled to Atlanta for Dragoncon. We missed the last two years due to being pregnant with Ian and nursing him, so this was our first adults-only vacation since he was born. In spite of none of the folks we know and like to hang out with being there this year, we still had a great time. Met a few new folks, saw bands we liked, shopped and spent way too much money, and enjoyed sleeping on whatever schedule we felt like as opposed to one dictated by children. We even had a few good meals -- in particular I enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta (which somehow I had previously not even known was RIGHT THERE) one of the restaurants in the Marriott whose name I have since forgotten.

Unfortunately, the odds of us going again next year (2013) are small, as the host hotels all sell out within minutes of going on sale, and the on-sale times for the Hyatt & Marriott (hotels we wanted) were times I was not at home to try to grab them due to the vagaries of chauffeuring my kids around. So, we have no room, and don't really want to do the overflow hotels again. We did that the first year we went, and have since had a much better time staying in the Hyatt. We may look around for something else that looks fun to do as an "adult" vacation. Suggestions are welcome. :)

Corwin started kindergarten
Corwin has started kindergarten, and so far he is loving it! Since Corwin has already been reading for more than a year, he already knows all the sight words they're supposed to learn in Kindergarten (in fact, I think he's already mastered the entire Kindergarten curriculum in terms of reading, and is probably somewhere in 1st or 2nd grade level, at least). So his teacher has started him on spelling words. The first batch of 5 we had two weeks ago were too easy, and Corwin knew them all already. We got the 2nd batch last week late for various reasons, and there was a list of 10 more complex, and fairly random (i.e. not rhyming or spelled similarly) words. I emailed with the teacher and we agreed that Corwin would just work on the first 5 this week, and he learned all 5 of them in 2 days. I was really proud of him. (The words were: went, with, said, little, and play.) Math so far hasn't been anything he didn't already know, either, but he's getting lots of practice writing the numerals and the number words, and since handwriting is one skill that he DOES need to develop, that's fine by me. He loves both his classroom teacher and his art teacher, and hasn't said anything bad about anyone else either. He's still taking gymnastics at The Little Gym one afternoon a week, and he signed up to participate in Destination Imagination as well, which I'm hoping will provide him something intellectually challenging to work on. His team hasn't gotten started yet (we're supposed to get notice next week of when the first meeting will be) so I don't know all that much about it yet.

Ian started preschool
Ian is going to preschool from 9-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year. He's in the 18-24 month old class, at the same preschool Corwin attended for the last two years. So far, he seems to be liking it a lot. He cried when I dropped him off for the first 3 or so class days, but has been excited and gone right in since then. There was an incident a couple weeks ago where he got bitten on the stomach by one of the other children, and since then he's been a little more reluctant about going to class, but this has expressed itself more in clinginess than outright crying. We brought back a stuffed fox from Dragoncon for him, and he immediately adopted it as his lovey and carries it around in the crook of his arm much of the time. Since preschool started right after we got back from Dragoncon, he has been taking the fox to preschool with him. Apparently he got bitten after the child tried to take his fox from him, and Ian refused to give it up. Ian is actually napping at preschool (something Corwin almost never did), and his teachers say he's a happy kid who likes to play and has been enjoying himself.

Shameless Plug
Ian's preschool is doing a fundraiser to raise money for a new playground. They're selling Yankee Candle stuff. Just in case you missed my pleas for help on Facebook or G+, here's one more opportunity to place an order. Take a look at the online Fall/Winter 2012 catalog and send me an email or private message with what you want to order. I can collect money through Paypal or in person the next time I see you. I have to turn his order in on Tuesday, October 16.
End Shameless Plug

Ian turned 2
Ian had his 2nd birthday on September 27. He has a ton of single words, though he's not using ending consonants very much or combining words together (aside from phrases that never get separated, like "stop sign", "thank you", and "Buddy Bucks"). He had his two-year well check the following Wednesday, and his doctor pronounced him to be developing normally. I don't have his height and weight numbers handy right now, but his weight was 65% and his height was still 99%. I think he was 37.25" tall (don't quote me on that), so by Corwin's old pediatrician's rule of thumb (double their height at age 2) he's on track to be about 6'2" tall as an adult as well. Both my boys are gonna be taller than me! We also had them do a blood test for allergies, and the results came back that he's allergic to Timothy Grass and Bermuda Grass. So we've started him on a Claritin and Nasonex regimen to try to help with that. For some reason, remembering to give him a dose of Claritin in the morning is really difficult. Now that I'm typing this, I realize I forgot again this morning (remembered yesterday, forgot the day before that). I need to come up with some kind of system to remind myself to give him the medicine.

That Garbage concert we were supposed to go to back in April finally happened. The rescheduled date was October 9, last Tuesday. My wonderful sister came to stay with us for a couple of days so that she could babysit that night, since how else do you find a babysitter for a late concert on a TUESDAY night, during the school year no less? The concert was amazing, as expected, particularly the encore.

The show opened with a 45-min set from the Screaming Females. Andrew and I had watched a couple of their YouTube videos online, one of which was quite twisted with gratuitous but unrealistic violence, a couple days previous, but otherwise we didn't know anything about them. The verdict is that Marissa's guitar playing is in fact pretty awesome, but she looks like a flailing 12-year-old on the stage. Their music sounded good, but we just weren't grabbed by them. Definitely the '90s rock vibe going on, though.

Garbage's set started just after 10:00, and opened with Supervixen. They didn't actually get to anything off their new album 'til about halfway through the set, and then we were treated to Control, Blood For Poppies, and Automatic Systematic Habit (not necessarily in that order, or all in a row). I'd say somewhere around the 2/3 or 3/4 mark, a rather large shot of Scotch appeared with Shirley's "stash" on the stage, and she promptly drank it. After that, she got a lot more talkative and punchy. They plowed through all the songs I'd seen on other setlists from the tour as being part of the encore, finished out with Vow, and then left the stage, leaving me wondering what the heck they were going to do for an encore...or if we were actually going to get one. Well, we did, and it was as doozy! :) It started out with a duet with Marissa Paternoster of the Screaming Females -- a cover of Patti Smith's Because the Night. Then, they did One, which is one of the extra tracks on the deluxe version of the new album. Then, Shirley decided to take requests. We learned that she cannot in fact sing everything in the Garbage catalog cold and a capella as she struggled with a brief snippet of Silence is Golden. :) But then someone requested "Cup of Coffee" and she demanded her lyric book from back stage, took one glance at it, and started singing. Duke pulled the keyboard part out of thin air, so we got treated to the whole version of that one, and it was lovely. She also got the band to sign a tour poster and signed an LP of NYKOP for a couple of folks in the crowd. Then finished out the show with I Hate Love and You Look So Fine. I really enjoyed the fan interaction during the encore -- it felt kinda like some of the fan interaction we get at Dragoncon, with much smaller-time bands. My only real complaint about the whole thing is that House of Blues is small like a club, and had bars like a club, but unlike club shows, there were NO CHAIRS. So we were on our feet for about 4 hours straight, a large chunk of that crammed in a crowd of people like sardines. My lower back hurt by the time the show was over. I continue to swear by the advantages of being 5'10" and wearing 3" (possibly 4" -- I haven't measured them) platform boots. I like being able to see!

I took an approx. 2-month hiatus from riding my bike after Andrew's gallbladder surgery. There were a couple of weeks when I couldn't go because he didn't want to be left alone in the house with the kids, and that period of time was long enough to get me out of the habit and lose my motivation. I started riding again last week, and got rides in on Tuesday and Thursday while Ian was in preschool, and Friday morning since Andrew was home. This week I missed Tuesday because Becca was visiting, but I did go for a ride on Thursday, and I'll try to get another one in tomorrow (Sunday). It's much easier now that it's not so hot outside! I've also started taking some dance/exercise classes at a gym in Old Town Spring (got a good Groupon deal for them!) so we'll see how that goes. I went to my first session Thursday evening, and I used some muscles I definitely don't use very often. I am still sore today!

I'm still working weekends at the library. That's where I am today.

We took pictures at the pumpkin patch at the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm last Sunday. My sister-in-law posted some previews of them this afternoon, and boy did they come out cute!

I'm sure there's more I could ramble about, but I have an Ask-A-Librarian question to answer, and I'm sure I've rambled here for more than long enough.
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