Aug. 26th, 2012 09:11 pm
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Yesterday was "Shop for Corwin" day, which meant that in the morning we made a family trek down to IKEA to pick up a shelving unit to go in Corwin's room, and in the afternoon Corwin and I went shopping just the two of us for shorts, pants, and t-shirts for school, since many of his size 5 clothes are starting to look small. Those two tasks pretty much ate our Saturday.

Today, I had an overly ambitious agenda:

-move the toy bins out of Corwin's room
-vacuum Corwin's room
-assemble the bookshelf and associated storage drawers in Corwin's room
-re-organize Corwin's room a bit -- move all his books off his nightstand onto the shelves, move his clock onto his nightstand and get his new lamp (it's blue! with stars! that glow in the dark!) set up on the nightstand as well. Move toys from the bins that he wants to keep in his room into the drawers in the shelving unit.
-Take the tags off all the clothes we bought yesterday and do two loads of laundry to get all the new stuff (plus whatever else is dirty) clean for the week.
-Make waffles for one meal today, so that we have leftovers for first-day-of-school breakfast tomorrow.
-Maintain a state of cleanliness in the kitchen and breakfast room.

It turns out that the shelving unit did not come with the anchors required to anchor it to the wall, so a mid-day trip to Home Depot was required to acquire a stud finder and anchors. That set us back a bit. We got the shelving unit assembled and one of the sets of drawers. Still have a second set of drawers plus 4 "storage cubes" to assemble. I got started on the laundry but did not finish it. Got the lamp set up on the nightstand, but did not get the clock moved due to the plug being behind Corwin's bed and still having childproofing plugs in it....that are hard to pry out when you have no leverage. I did the one for the lamp and that was all I was up for for this evening. The storage bins are currently plopped in the hallway -- all those toys still need to be sorted through, with the bins ideally being relocated to the living room to allow us to contain some of the toy clutter out there. I vacuumed Corwin's room before Andrew assembled the shelving, so that the floor space and baseboard where the storage bins had been would be clean before we put the new shelving in place, but his room needs another good vacuuming now that everything is set up -- the assembly process left a bit of detritus behind, plus I fished a lot of dust out from behind his nightstand when I moved it to set up the lamp and found a bunch of books had fallen behind it.

I did get the waffles cooked, though, so there will be yummy breakfast tomorrow! :)
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