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Tired. Should go to bed instead of writing this. I've been exhausted the last few nights. It's a combinations of a couple of things:

1) being responsible for 95% of the parenting responsibilities; Andrew is picking up some slack now, but I still have to do everything that involves lifting and/or possibly getting hit in the stomach, in addition to being a SAHM.

2) Staying up to watch the Olympic coverage until it is over at 11, and then staying up for another hour to get some computer time in before bed. I need either a DVR (not worthwhile as this is seriously the first time I've ever really truly wished I had one) or my computer in the living room (also, not really doable). Usually I hit the sack around 11, earlier if I'm tired.

Andrew has gone back to work this week, and his recovery seems to be proceeding apace. I'm ready for him to be able to lift again, but really -- I'd rather he take the time to heal.

Corwin had a playdate this afternoon with a boy from his preschool class, Sean. We ran into Sean and his mom at the pool a few weeks ago; she got my number but I did not get hers due to not having my phone or pen & paper with me that day. She finally called me last weekend. The playdate today was at Sean's dad's house (they're divorced, and he's home right now due to being between jobs -- he starts a new one on Monday), and it sounded like it went well. At any rate, Corwin got himself invited back tomorrow. Having a couple hours kid-free while Ian was napping this afternoon was nice; I'll take it again tomorrow. Need to try to have Sean over here next week though, to keep up with the whole reciprocation thing. I really wish his mom had called me sooner.

Okay, tired. Bed.
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