Jul. 20th, 2012

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Last Saturday night/Sunday morning, Andrew woke up around 2 a.m. with severe abdominal pain. After waiting long enough for my sister-in-law Sarah and her husband, Sean, to get here to stay with the kids, we headed off to the ER where he was diagnosed with gallstones, given drugs for pain, told to avoid fatty and spicy foods, and told to contact his primary care doc and/or the surgeon recommended by the ER ASAP. I have an absolutely awesome sister-in-law+hubby, because they were more than willing to take the kids over to their house on Sunday morning after we got home at 7:15 a.m., barely functioning on about 2 hours of sleep. So we got to nap Sunday morning and have a little time to ourselves in the afternoon to try to become more human (it only partially worked) before having to go back to being responsible for children again.

We met with Andrew's primary care doc on Wednesday afternoon, and the verdict is that he needs to have surgery to have his gallbladder removed. Sarah was further wonderful for staying with the kids while we went to Andrew's appointment, and then drove around getting more prescriptions filled and picking up records from the ER. (The kids did some pretty cool artwork with construction paper, markers, and scissors with Sarah -- she's an elementary school art teacher during the school year!)

We now have an appointment Monday afternoon to consult with the surgeon, and I assume the surgery itself will get scheduled during that meeting. In the meantime, I'm struggling with trying to keep the kids' schedules as normal as possible (Corwin had Vacation Bible School this week, so that was an added challenge to keep up with), come up with low- or non-fat ideas of things to feed Andrew, and feeling like I am almost-but-not-quite a single parent, since Andrew has not been at his most helpful while he's feeling bad and dosing himself with narcotics on a semi-regular basis. Andrew has been doing well enough to go to work yesterday and today, and said he didn't actually need to take his pain meds at all today, so at least I have been able to let up on the worrying-about-him front a little bit. (I don't like it much when people I love are in pain.) Stress is definitely getting to me, though. I'm looking forward to work tomorrow afternoon, just to get away from being responsible for 2-3 other people for a few hours. Our friend Judith is going to come over to stay with the kids and Andrew while I'm working, just to make sure there's an adult-not-on-narcotics around. :) I'm very glad I decided to still work tomorrow instead of taking the day off -- I need a break. (I just hope I still feel that way after working tomorrow -- hopefully it will be a low-stress day.)

In the midst of all this, I have totally fallen off the exercise bandwagon, which is adding to my stress I think. Unfortunately, there just isn't any time for me to get bike rides in with Andrew not wanting to be alone with the kids. Maybe if he keeps feeling better I can get some rides in this weekend. We'll see.

And now, I should probably head off toward bed, since Ian has been waking early the last couple of days.


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