Jul. 1st, 2012

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I've thought of tons of things over the course of this weekend that I wanted to write about, but of course now most of them have slipped my mind.

Friday was Andrew's Friday off work. I did my bike ride in the morning (with Ian) -- just under 30 minutes for 4 miles. At least this time I felt like I kept up a steady pace over the course of the ride, as opposed to crawling like a snail for some of it like I did the last time I rode with Ian. After the bike ride, I took the Mazda to be inspected. It is now legal for another year. After lunch, Andrew went to get the massage that we gave him a gift certificate for for Father's Day. I am now officially envious (if I wasn't before). Friday evening I had to myself, as it was Andrew's turn to go to board game night at our friends' house.

Saturday I went for another bike ride in the morning. Back to the same ol' 34 minutes for 6 miles time I've been doing. I wrapped the birthday present for the party Corwin was going to in the afternoon, and then I went to work. Excitement at work was that we had new computers in the lab, and the new logins we have for non-student users didn't work. Turned out the issue was that we had been given an incorrect password, but unfortunately our IT librarian had to actually come in to the library in order to figure this out.

Sunday (today) I skipped my bike ride, because my legs have been tired and achy for the last several days running, so I figured maybe I needed to give them a break. They have been feeling better today, so we'll see how I do once I go to bed -- the achiness has been keeping me awake a bit. Slept in late for me these days, got up, cleaned up the kitchen, and made waffles for lunch. Andrew fried bacon -- and I think he did a better job than I usually do! Then I cleaned up the kitchen again.

Corwin had a makeup swimming lesson this afternoon at 3, so I took him to the pool for that. While he was having his lesson, I tried to swim a few laps. I could do one length of the pool no problem, but pretty much had to take a break at the end of every length. The swimming was tiring me out much faster than I'm happy about. However, it has literally been years (I couldn't even tell you how many) since I last spent any time in a pool that didn't involve a child hanging off of my body, so I guess I was doing reasonably well? I suspect I got tired so quickly because I'm not used to the kind of breathing that swimming requires. I wouldn't mind doing it more regularly, but I think the chances of that happening are fairly slim. After I swam for a bit, I ended up helping Corwin's teacher work with him on back floating; by the end of the lesson we actually got him to float on his back with no hands supporting him for a few seconds! Hopefully he can keep improving from there -- he is very scared of being in the water when he's not touching the bottom or holding or being held onto. At least over the course of these swimming lessons he has gotten used to putting his face in the water, which is a big step forward. He's definitely made progress. He has one more lesson left -- another makeup, that won't be until next Sunday.

For dinner tonight, we ordered pizza. After the kids went to bed we unpacked the last big box of clothing that was in our bedroom. It was mostly old t-shirts -- we ended up putting a fair number of them back into the closet for Andrew to wear when he exercises. But we're still getting rid of a bunch of old Beer Bike and MOB t-shirts from our Rice days....really no need to hang onto them any longer since they aren't getting worn. 1 and a half boxes worth of stuff will be going to the local women's shelter tomorrow -- and we have a really big empty space on the floor in our bedroom that we need to figure out what we want to do with now. We have actually come up with a few ideas -- now to see if we can afford to implement them!

Lastly, I had a nightmare last night that I actually remember: I was back at Rice, and it was finals week. I had finals in both Biology and Chemistry, but I hadn't been to either class all semester, so I wasn't even sure what day the finals were. So I was trying to both study frantically and find someone I could ask when the final was, because I wasn't about to call the professors since I hadn't been to class all semester. On top of that, I had just gotten a tattoo on my lower right abdomen, and somehow getting the tattoo required me to have a 6" long, 1/2" diameter stent (in my dream, a metal tube) inserted in my abdomen in that area, so I was walking around with this tube sticking out, and it would periodically fall out and I'd have to shove it back in again. Fortunately, this didn't hurt, but it was incredibly annoying to have to deal with, especially while trying to study for finals that could be happening at any minute.


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