Jun. 27th, 2012


Jun. 27th, 2012 10:08 pm
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I've really fallen off the bandwagon of trying new dishes at dinner time lately, so this week I've been making an effort.

Yesterday, I made a pork chop and potatoes dinner (Barbara's Pork Chop Dinner, except the recipe I had omitted the carrots and cauliflower and added dijon mustard and mushrooms) in the crock pot; it was a flop. I think I was the only one that liked it, and I don't like it enough to make it for (mainly) me to eat. Andrew's not wild about pork chops most of the time (though sometimes if they are well-cooked, he says they're not too bad) and the sauce for this dinner was dijon mustard-based, which is also not a flavor he loves. Corwin seemed to think the potatoes were 'okay' but that was about all. I got him to eat 3 bites of pork chop, but he didn't want any more after that. Ian never tried his pork chop at all, nibbled a few bites of potato, and declared himself done. So this one will not go into the rotation. Sad face. :(

My in-laws are on vacation right now, so we are keeping an eye on their garden while they are gone. This mainly involves checking on it every few days to make sure the timer for the sprinkler hasn't given up, and picking anything that's ready to be picked. This afternoon's haul was pretty small - one tomato and some green beans. Since my family hasn't been wild about plain steamed green beans (and I am still figuring out exactly how long to steam them for), I decided to try Garlic Parmesan Green Beans tonight. This one was a hit with Andrew and sort-of with Corwin -- he initially said he really liked them, but then proceeded to eat them really slowly. Ian had one and didn't want any more. I tried them also, but I just don't like green beans to begin with, so my opinion doesn't count. (I ate the two I put on my plate to try, but no more.)


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