Jun. 17th, 2012


Jun. 17th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Potty-training: Meh. He pees in the potty sometimes; other times he just sits and cries and fights to get down...and promptly pees in the bathtub not a minute later. He's pooped in the potty once.
Words: He has lots. Many of them start with B. New words he repeated today: red, two. I think these may be his first "concepts" -- as opposed to nouns and verbs.
Utensils: Learning to use an adult spoon. He's pretty successful with it. Still likes his toddler fork, though.
Weaning: Still nursing.

Making his bed: This is the first (and easiest) of the goals I set for Corwin this summer. He has learned to make his bed by himself, in the sense of pulling up the sheet and blanket and making the bed look neat. He's NOT, of course, putting the sheets on the bed himself or anything so advanced as that. He also has to turn his pajamas right-side-out, fold them, and put them under his pillow. He's not doing so great with the folding (they mostly end up looking like wads), but at least I am no longer dealing with wrong-side-out pajamas scattered all over the floor in his room.
Riding his bike: The goal is for him to be off his training wheels by the time school starts so that we can bike to school. This one is not progessing too quickly. His training wheels have been raised up, but he still prefers to ride with a lean so as to be on 3 wheels rather than actively work on balancing and using only 2 wheels. Andrew is now threatening him with removing the training wheels altogether. We'll see.
Swimming lessons: Corwin has now had 4 lessons (with 4 to go) and he is no longer terrified of putting his face in the water and getting his face wet. I'll count that as progress. He still says he doesn't like it, but he will dunk his head under the water of his own volition now, and no longer requires a ton of coaxing and cajoling to do it. This also means he's holding his breath (even if only for a second or two), which means I am 100x less worried about him in a swimming pool. I may even get brave enough to take both boys by myself sometime this summer!
Scissor practice: I'd intended to have Corwin practice cutting paper this summer (perhaps by printing out some shapes and having him cut one out each morning), since that is the one "academic" skill he seems to be weak in, but so far this one has been sorely neglected. I need to get on the ball with that one.

Weekend report:
Friday: Skipped my bike ride. Went through one of the three boxes in our bedroom that we haven't yet unpacked from our move (all contain clothing of mine). Most of what was in there was still too small and went straight back into the box, which has now been designated as a giveaway box. I was able to move a handful of things back into the closet where they might actually get worn. If we did anything else noteworthy on Friday, heck if I can remember it.
Saturday: Bike ride in the morning. Worked in the afternoon. The parking garage let me in without balking. :)
Sunday: Father's Day. Took Ian on my bike ride this morning for the first time in a few weeks. It was HARD with the extra 30 lbs to pull. I only did one loop (instead of my usual two) and was exhausted when I finished -- left me wondering if I've really been improving my fitness levels at all with all this bike riding. *sigh* After that, we went to lunch for Father's Day at Pallotta's Italian Grill with Andrew's mom, his sister, and her husband. It was yummy, but Ian was done about halfway through the meal, so Andrew and I ended up having to trade off running around outside with him because he did NOT want to sit still any more. That was frustrating. This afternoon Ian and I napped, and after naptime we all went outside and let Corwin get some bike riding practice in. We were outside for about 45 minutes, and that was all the heat we could stand. (Ian actually asked to go in; Corwin still wanted to stay out longer, though.) I fixed chili for dinner, and for once both boys ate all of their dinner. Corwin didn't even complain about it, for once. After baths and bedtime routines, Andrew and I went through some more stuff in our room and got rid of more things we don't need any more. Yes, my pack rat husband actually agreed to part with some stuff -- amazing! Then I called my dad, and chatted with my parents for a bit. They're thinking about coming to visit us for a weekend sometime in July.


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