May. 19th, 2012

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Thursday morning was Corwin's preschool graduation. Andrew had the day off work. We went out to dinner at Red Lobster (Corwin's choice) to celebrate in the evening. I vacuuumed the hall, kids' bathroom, laundry room, and both boys' bedrooms before picking Corwin up from his last day of preschool. I skipped my bike ride due to feeling drainy. Ian had a runny nose.

Friday Ian woke up with a massively runny nose, Now with Pretty Colors! In the morning, Andrew and I exercised (bike for me, treadmill for him). I got to ride without Ian; riding is massively easier when you're not pulling an extra 30 lbs of weight. After lunch, I got to make a solo trip up to the preschool to retrieve Corwin's water bottle that we'd forgotten the previous day, and stopped by my friend Amie's house to pick up a box of greeting cards she was giving away -- she's disbanding a card business she used to run. Now I have Lots. of. Cards! After that, Andrew went and got his car inspected and spend a $20 certificate we had for Best Buy (new Xbox controller rechargeable battery packs!). Once he got home, I vacuumed. No more dust bunny convention in the entry hall, office, or dining room!

Saturday -- that would be today -- we both exercised again. Ian is still snotty. I took Corwin on a Target run where we picked out a kiddie pool and a water slide to play with in the back yard this summer. We also picked up some other odds and ends. I also cleaned the master bath. Master bath got vacuummed (yay!!!!). Our bedroom was also supposed to get vacuumed today, but I didn't get that far. Maybe I'll go try to work on that a bit now. Also, I boiled eggs and made iced tea. And cooked dinner -- bacon & eggs & biscuits. Also, checked work email, but there was nothing pressing to be dealt with.

And there you have it, the list of my accomplishments so far in my 4-day weekend.


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