May. 10th, 2012

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If it can go wrong today, it is.

I'm still sick (Day 3!). Ian pooped either as we were driving to preschool or as we were walking in to drop off Corwin, so I had to change a poopy diaper in the back of the van after we dropped off Corwin. One I finished with that, noticed it was 9:28; giving me 2 minutes to make the 15-minute drive to The Little Gym for Ian's class that starts at 9:30. I picked up my full Coke to take a sip before pulling out of the parking spot, and promptly dropped it, spilling about 1/4 of it in my car. Cleaned up as best I could using the Kleenexes we keep in the car, pulled out of parking spot at 9:31.

We were late to Ian's class, of course, but the class itself went okay. I didn't really feel like being there, but he was going a bit stir-crazy yesterday when we were home all day due to my feeling crappy, so I figured giving him 45 minutes to run around not-at-home would overall be a good thing. So we went.

Got home from class, parked car, got cleaning wipes to wipe down the area where the Coke spilled, and noticed that the auxiliary cable that connects my ipod to the auxiliary input is frayed in one spot, leaving the wires exposed. So need to order a new one of those. There's probably Coke in with the wires now, too, since Coke got all over the ipod when it spilled. Still seemed to be working okay, though. *shrug*

Now I am home, and Ian wants my attention, of course. Off to give it to him.

Also, we have (had?) a babysitter lined up so we could go to a concert this weekend, but I'm seriously wondering if we are gonna be healthy enough to go out Saturday night. Andrew was feeling drainy last night and went to bed early, so he may be coming down with this cold, too. I haven't seen or gotten to chat with him today to ask how he's doing, as he is in an all-day meeting at work.


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