Apr. 30th, 2012

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This weekend needed an extra day, or something.

Friday I ran off to the mall after dinner to shop for shoes -- summer sandals and shoes to wear for riding my bike. I combed the mall for about 3 hours, found 2(!) pairs of summer shoes I liked in the 2nd-to-last store I looked in, and discovered that the mall is NOT the place to look for athletic shoes with stiff soles and without laces that tie. The one pair of Merrill's that I found with lariat laces turned out to be a red herring...when I asked to try them on, the lady brought me different Merrill's with regular laces. When I asked about the discrepancy, she told me the model I'd picked up with the lariat laces was last year's model, and this year's had regular laces. Turns out the label on the sample shoe did in fact match the label on the shoe boxes she brought me, but it was NOT the same shoe. *sigh* (And I had two pairs in two different sizes....neither of which was the same as the display, so I know it wasn't a case of the wrong shoe being in the box.)

Saturday I worked. I got 30 minutes to myself in the house after I got home, since Andrew had taken the kids to a birthday party that started at 5, and they hadn't gotten home yet. I ate dinner, did some dishes, folded some laundry, got Ian's room ready for him to go to bed, and watered my plants in the back yard. And it was a glorious half hour! ;) Once they were home and the kids were in bed, Andrew and I used the Xbox to stream the last Harry Potter movie, so now we've finally seen that!

Sunday Andrew got up with the kids and I got to stay in bed 'til 9. Funny how staying in bed 'til 9 seems like the height of luxury now, when I used to sleep 'til noon on the weekend on a regular basis. Kids, they really do change your life! ;) After I got up, we took turns supervising the kiddos while the other exercised and showered afterwards. I got the water bottle holder attached to my bike and got a slightly longer than usual ride in.

After lunch, I headed out shopping again -- this time to a bike shop to look for bike shorts, and then Academy to continue the hunt for shoes. I ended up with two pairs of bike shorts ($60/each on clearance, *sigh*: unfortunately for my pocket book, I tried these on before I tried on the cheaper $20-on-sale pairs, and the more expensive ones were vastly more comfortable. Guess it really is "you get what you pay for.") and two jerseys, chosen because they have POCKETS on the BACK! I had been thinking I was going to have to look for some kind of pouch to go on my bike to carry my keys and cell phone since the bike shorts don't have pockets, but then I saw the jerseys with pockets and I was sold. I bought clearance jerseys, too, but I still ended up spending $190 for four pieces of clothing. Then it was off to Academy, where I finally had success in the shoe hunt -- I ended up getting a $45 pair of Skechers with lariat laces. Not quite as "athletic" as I had been envisioning, but they have a similar footbed to some older Skechers I have worn into the ground, so I decided to give them a try. And at $45 they were about half what I had expected to spend on shoes, so got a little bit of savings there.

Once I got home, we ordered pizza for dinner and then took the kids outside to play 'til it arrived. We got Corwin to practice riding his bike for a little while; he seems to be going pretty well with his training wheels now, so I suspect it's time to raise them up a bit so he can start working on balance. Ian pushed his lion around for a while, and then had me take him for a ride on Corwin's scooter (this involves Ian standing on the scooter while I hold it upright and "drive" it around). When Corwin was done riding his bike, he and Andrew and a couple of girls a year or two older than Corwin all kicked a soccer ball around in the cul de sac.

Today I took the boys to get their hair cut this morning. We were treated to a girl with very long curly hair having a screaming tantrum about getting her hair detangled for almost the entire HOUR we were there (there were breaks in the screaming at least, but they were working on her when we arrived, and were still at it when we left). So not fun for me, though the boys didn't seem to notice or care. This afternoon we stopped at the Montgomery County Women's Shelter storefront on the way to Corwin's karate class to drop off some donations -- a box of baby blankets, 3 pairs of shoes I weeded out of my closet last night, and one pair of baby shoes that were Corwin's that are only lightly worn and already too small for Ian. It felt good to get that stuff out of the house. I still need to figure out what to do with the high chair and exersaucer -- I'd like to try to sell those since I don't know anyone personally to give them to, but not really sure where to start. Craigslist is probably my best bet, but I'm wary about having people come to the house to look at them. Alternately, there's a resale shop nearby that I could probably sell them to, but I doubt I'd get very much for them going that route.


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