Mar. 29th, 2012

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I'm at loose ends this evening. I'm feeling ready to go to bed, but I can't 'cause I have to take Corwin to the bathroom in another hour and a half or so. I'm losing interest in most of my Facebook games, and have already played through the ones I still care about. I've been working on some filing ([ profile] geognome4, you motivated me with all your talk of going through bags and boxes!) and bill-paying the last couple of evenings, but I got the bill-paying done for tonight and can't find any motivation to work on the filing. My current reading material is a biography, and I'm just not feeling like reading biography tonight. Since I can't think of anything I'm just dying to do, I guess I can try to write a short update, since I've gotten bad about writing here lately.

Ian has another mosquito bite, this one on his leg.And here I ramble! Lots! )

In happier news, he had his 18-month well check on Tuesday. He's now up to 27 lbs and 35" (or so...not sure the measurement was 100% accurate) tall. That's 100th percentile on height, and 80th on weight. Crazy tall kid! (I suspect he's more like 34+ inches, and not quite 100%, but even so, he's still going to be another tall one like his brother, and all the rest of my male blood relations.)


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