Mar. 8th, 2012

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I'm getting more and more impressed with Ian's attempts to do the things Corwin does.

This morning after we got home from The Little Gym, Ian went and climbed into Corwin's chair at the table and made it clear that he wanted to eat the rest of the Cheerios left in Corwin's bowl from breakfast this morning. I went ahead and let him have them (since he didn't eat well at either dinner last night or breakfast this morning). Once he finished eating them, he got down and carried the lid to the bowl to the counter by the sink, and then took the bowl over to the pantry where he stood and reached and eheheheh'd in the direction of the Cheerios box. So I refilled the bowl, and he got back in Corwin's chair to eat those as well. (He did have to get down every time he dropped one on the floor and go throw it away, though.) After the 2nd bowl of Cheerios, he got down and went and stood by the fridge and eheheheh'd for milk. So I got him his milk. When he finished it, he handed me the cup and nodded 'yes' when I asked him if he wanted more. BUT, while I was pouring more milk for him, he got up and ran off to the bathroom. He likes to move the stool to in front of the sink and stand on it to request for us to wash his hands (though sadly he is still too short to reach even with the stool...guess we need to get a two-step stool), and I heard the stool being moved. But when I got in there, I found him not in front of the sink but instead trying to climb up either onto or into the potty (the lid was open).

So I got the old potty seat out and put it on the potty, took his pants and diaper off, and let him sit on it. His diaper was wet, and he didn't pee when I used the old warm-water trick, but he sat up there just fine and looked to be enjoying himself (though he definitely thought the warm water was weird). When he was ready to get down I dried him off with toilet paper and let him help me flush (which he promptly wanted to do a second time....).

So very definitely trying to do things the way he sees Corwin do them. He could stand to stay put a little better while eating in the big boy chair, though. :P

Then at nap time today, I put him in bed with his musical seahorse (which usually sits in the rocking chair next to his bed and doesn't go in the bed with him) because he was eheheheh'ing toward it as I was about to put him in bed. Turns out that was a bad idea, as a few minutes later he started screaming from in there. I went to check on him, and found him standing up, holding the seahorse out over the side of the bed in the direction of the rocking chair. All he wanted was for me to take the seahorse from him and put it back in the chair; once I did that he laid down quietly. In retrospect, I think he originally just wanted to hold the seahorse before he got in bed (as he usually does so while I'm getting his sleepsack onto him) because I had sat on the seahorse today so he couldn't hold it. I was just amazed he was that persnickety about the seahorse's location -- neither laying it somewhere else in the bed and ignoring it, nor throwing it out himself was good enough. Guess he takes after his mother. :P


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