Jan. 18th, 2012

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Tonight I had the first vegetarian dinner I've had in a LONG time...if ever?

I had some Buitoni garlic marinara sauce that I got free a couple weeks ago with the purchase of the tortellini we usually buy, and since it's a refrigerated sauce it doesn't keep for all that long. So I was looking for something to do with that, since I haven't really been in the mood for tomato-based pasta dishes, and I ran across a fried ravioli recipe that I kept from back when HEB had its Italian-themed month a few months back. The recipe called for using frozen ravioli, and I ended up choosing the porcini mushroom ravioli since it was the only non-primarily-cheese ravioli I could find at the store yesterday. So we had fried mushroom ravioli with garlic marinara sauce tonight. I even did the bread crumbs myself -- grinding up two slices of bread in my food processor (in hindsight, I should have done 3, as the last few ravioli ended up with little to no breading) and mixing in some Italian seasoning with the crumbs. I'm sure that was cheaper than buying Italian bread crumbs, the excess of which would surely just sit until the next time I encounter a recipe that needs them....and who knows when that might be?

The recipe specified to heat the oil to 360 degrees, and to check the temperature with a candy thermometer, which I don't have. So I ended up just guessing when the oil was the right temp, and I think I ended up with it just a little too hot, as the breading started to look overdone much more quickly than the recipe listed as a cooking time. I think I need to add a candy thermometer to my Christmas/birthday/"things I need to remember I want" wishlist, because the last time I tried to fry something in oil (years ago) I ended up burning it to beyond edibility.

My ravioli came out not looking particularly pretty, but Andrew and I both liked them enough to be willing to eat them again. Ian also ate several, before handing over his plate and gesticulating wildly that he wanted Corwin's pizza. (Corwin had tried one bite, and declared he didn't like it, so we let him have a piece of the pizza left from the weekend.) In Ian's defense, the ravioli piece he rejected was one of the more overdone ones; the rest of his had been lightly breaded and not so overdone. So mostly a hit...but not one I think I'll be making very often.


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